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Fetsum: A violent man dies a violent death

Fetsum:  A violent man dies a violent death Of all types of political structures, absolute monocracy offers the biggest threat to society. Dictators are basically children that cannot function without someone constantly reminding them of their

Fetsum:  A violent man dies a violent death

Of all types of political structures, absolute monocracy offers the biggest threat to society. Dictators are basically children that cannot function without someone constantly reminding them of their greatness. They quickly get angry and they honestly wonder why people do not blindly follow them when they navigate their nations to the cliff. Their stubborn nature does not allow them to see all possibilities to a given scenario; only their principle, a principle-not that can hardly define issues precisely.

Dictators generally resolve issues through different means of violence, but the extremists see no other alternative to killing. Although their ranks may differ from one another, human experiences under PelPot of Cambodia, Idi Amin of Uganda, Stalin of Russia, Hitler of Germany, Afwerki of Eritrea and Mengistu of Ethiopia are good examples of this conclusion.

The generic psychology behind the mind of dictators is simple and direct. They think they know everything: they are the best doctors, engineers, economists, anthropologists, historians, philosophers, etc. They are megalomaniac fundamentalists of their little individualist worlds: expensive economic, spiritual and technological burdens of society. Their ego does not allow public participation but only the power of the fist to control and silence the society under their mercy. They are the worst losers of opportunities. They ask questions like ‘Who do you think they are to defy authority?’ without questioning who they really think they were to expect people unconditionally accepting their authority. They do not understand that people do not resist authority unless defiance becomes the only solution for freedom from absolute dictatorship.

 Dictators never admit their mistakes and they think they are always right. They don’t like to hear different opinions and they habitually lie but in “free rider style”, meaning they cannot stand others questioning their lies. The farther away from prolific existence by choosing to oppress and humiliate, the more they isolate themselves from the drained masses, and the stronger they deny themselves the freedom of movement and peace of mind. As they continue to slave for their power, the time eventually arrives when they cannot even keep their closest supporters around: their images become their only means of comfort. That may also betray them when they wake up one day to see someone across the mirror reflecting another person. The image is no longer the good looking, the everlasting and the ultimate human potential they used to see, but a lonely and scared ordinary person: an impermanent omnipotent in regressive legacy. Life had slipped away on body counts, dirty money and polishing the gun as it seems about the current situation of the brutal Eritrean dictator.

People may misunderstand nature for something controllable by human beings. It  is, however, clear and perfect. It does not discriminate people, it treats them equally: if you breach human rights you lose your right and if you kill you get killed. The stronger the attachment to the self, the more terrified one becomes of dying. No one can be more afraid of death than self-obsessed dictators, the reason they cling to their power in the first place. The selflessness and patriotism they pretend to the public clash with history that persistently locates them in unexpected hideouts. They have no spiritually governed mind to be selfless but egoistic images that betray them when everything falls apart at the end of the day. They cannot even deliver a bullet of justice to themselves as they appear to be capable of doing all along before their downfall, but rather get caught in the most humiliating circumstances. Little do they know about mortality nor do they clearly understand the consequence of their evil activities. To the contrary, they act as if life was permanent and in control of their lives. They are brittle because “power over others is weakness disguised as strength” and that the best way to express loss of self control is through intense urge to control others. This logic applies to all controlling people in general.

The nature of dictatorship is such that it stays potent for a long time for many reasons. People have the tendency to accept it at first thinking it would solve their problems associated with their past experience. It probably takes about 10 years for society to start feeling the nature of a new government as such where some oppose it and some keep on supporting it. As dictators take the people for granted and continue messing up everything in society, the supporters slowly drift away becoming neutral observers of the situation until the suffering hits home. Then, the opposition grows becoming the majority. About 20 years after dictatorship, everything about the oppressors should have been manifested in different ways; from arrogance to insults, from corruption to mismanagement, from random arrests to random killings, etc. Yet the illusive confidence of the dictators increases proportionally.

Nothing stays permanent, however, and everything falls apart at the end of the day. This is what is happening in Eritrea at this moment in time. They abused every social norm and everybody in the society, they rendered kids parentless, they raped our young daughters, terminated lives illegally and unjustly, jailed in thousands and created incalculable suffering through wars and exodus. Alas, they went as far as denying Eritrea veterans of the struggle a place of rest in their country, confronted God by jailing Christian believers and went on messing with Allah as in the latest episode against our culture and our believers of Islam. The dictatorship has reached a saturation point where it can neither reverse the situation through reforms and redemption nor can it continue through force and regret after abusing every family one way or another. The time for their karma to radiate its unfortunate consequence has arrived. It is now up to the Eritrean people to fuel the internal resistance through massive demonstrations around the world in the midst of refusing to unite for change. This is the time to tighten the rope in the neck of the violent dictator who will soon die a violent death. This is indeed the time to carry our responsibility of securing a peaceful and prosperous future, of attaining justice so never for our society to repeat the unprovoked brutality it suffered for close to three decades. At this juncture where the dictator is about to face his imminent downfall through the challenge of our exhausted people, the least we can do is electing local baytos everywhere in the planet this November so that we can secure democracy in the country through mass based global leadership. Get prepared for unknown future otherwise and good luck.

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Review overview
  • alem November 2, 2017

    Very descriptive, explanatory, and vivid depiction of all dictators.
    Tnx for enlightening article

  • kokhob November 2, 2017

    Wedi Afom anbessa should kill all the terrorist murderer muslims before he dies and would be remembered as a hero of Christian Eritrea. Dictators, criminals and killers are not born but made by the evil muslim Islamic jihad Sewra.

  • k.tewolde November 2, 2017

    Get prepared indeed Fitsum,get prepared to take back what is righteously yours,get organized mentally,psychologically,politically,financially….elect your leaders don’t let anyone impose themselves upon you,pick somebody selfless and full of humility like Bitweded and the honorable Ustaz from Akriya who delivered the same message of defiance towards tyranny from among you,Hgdef broke the eerie fake peace and silence of the beguiled city with a staccato burst of AK-47 on Halloween by firing at its innocent inhabitants, the goblins and vampires came out to suck the blood of the defenseless innocent,we can’t stand around let that happen this time around,the people have breached the levy,lets push its banks wide open.It is about time.History is calling,let us be part of making it, the only eternal reward of life, the rest is pure illusion,today here tomorrow gone.

    • sami November 2, 2017

      The AK-47 should be fired at your diQala backside with precision and penetration..
      Your jihad taliban evil muslim father Hagi Musa Mohammed Nur (Ustaz) will soon rot and die in PFDJ’s prison just like his other old Saudi agents evil muslim cousins Abdella Jaber & Mustafa Nurhussein. You should be executed in your diQala crippled ELF shit wheelchair as well.
      Rot in your Islam diQala hell where you truly belong. Once a jihad crook always a jihad crook.
      How much do your savage Arab slave masters pay you for your non-stop nonsense show-offs?

      • Almaz November 2, 2017

        Sami, Kokhob,
        ተኽላይ ነፋሒቶ
        ኤሰያስ ከነው ምስበለ ጨርቅኻ ደርቢኻ ዓበድበድ ክትብል ኢኻ

    • Gezae November 3, 2017


      It is crucial to remember that although the main goal is to maintain divide and I believe it is not the end of it. Your so called failed oppositions have far more sinister aims. By raising hell in societies through demographic conflicts and terrorism you are still preparing for a total mess and letting the chaos and violence run its course so that the people will remain disarray. We don’t need to wait your polls to tell us that the people are deeply divided. We are absorbing these divisions are playing out on your media, in the political your arena, and in the communities every where. The main problem is how do we bring the people together from the place of division and separation mess you creating day on and day out?

      For sure it is hard to understand I don’t know what it will take to reconcile this people and country. Anyhow, we do have tips/ suggestions for how we can come together based on a process.I understand why the people feel that way. I know people feel grief when they experience loss; feel nearly paralyzed when they lose their sense of control and have no idea what will happen next. Sure, then they are angry when they feel betrayed.their brains either run rampant with worse case scenarios or they have a difficult time mustering energy to do their daily tasks.

      Hence, to counteract their effects of fear and anger need to feel safe enough to fully express themselves. Leaders need to create these safe spaces. This doesn’t fuel negativity; it creates the opportunity to find hope together. More important they themselves to wake up and be aware of. They can/should not constantly expect some knight in shinning armor of division and extremism to rally them; they must take the initiative themselves and be willing to peacefull and democraticaly fight for their own destiny.

      As such, as we know in many countries in Eritrea too, people younger than 30 years of age are a majority of the population. Thus the only solution is engaging young people to peacefully participate in their country’s open political process and giving them a stake in their country’s future is a critical factor in carrying out successful democratic transitions. So, through our youth programs, we increase the peaceful participation of youth in the political process and help develop the next generation of political, government and civil society leaders. So please rear you better stop your destructive jihadist and divisive preparations.

  • Asmerom November 2, 2017

    Whether we like it or not, Eritrea’s freedom starts with Isaias’s head. The first thing, the very first thing, that should happen to affect a change in Eritrea is to get hold of Isaias; then the revolution to change will begin in earnest. Eritrea has now a privileged class who will not give up perks willingly. With him out, the hope is they will panic and go after each other. Otherwise, this is a false start number two; let us hope the third time is a charm.
    Isaias and his goons are helping; they have closed all relief valves making an explosiion inevitable. The goons in diaspora are funny; after chewing their nails for a couple of days, they are all over the place relieving themselves; admitting and denying the same incident happened. There are clearly many people who want Isaias’s head urgently.

  • Gezae November 2, 2017

    It is true that when the people are discontent and angry from being powerless and dispossessed, the pressure will mount and it won’t go anywhere. The people want to vent out their frustrations. And the corrupted so called oppositions know that responding directly with repression only inspires greater desire to rise up, so instead of fighting it in a wise democratical way, they prefer to re-channel that pent up energy elsewhere. As a result with the occupy movement raging, the failed pre-paid group/s are given that golden opportunity—or, rather, they created one. The diversion was complete as the people were now more interested in regional or religiose issues. .
    Back in 19th century, Karl Marx claimed that religion and nationalism was being used to distract the masses from the fact that they were being oppressed under capitalism. If I were to apply this concept to Eritrea today, the culture wars going on now are distractions to keep the masses from undermining the power of the diaspora baboons.
    Their goal is simple: divide the masses and let them fight each other so that they will never come together to nuetralize power. Meanwhile, they themselves focus on expanding their own wealth and continue to implement institutional political casinos . The worst case scenario they want to avoid is to have the common people unite as one, so they must do everything they can to fragment them by creating as many divisions as possible for their livings.
    Now the occupy non sense movement faded away. Although I don’t have as much proof as with the rise of , I strongly suspect that the resurgence of social justice warriors around the same time is also the work of the extremist religious groups who want the regionalist to target fellow citizens over asinine cultural issues rather than the established order. What are they waiting next?

    • k.tewolde November 3, 2017

      Good try Gezae,I respect your unflinching loyalty to HGDEF regardless how you slice and dice your opinions including quoting Karl Marx,however,your ambush fails time and time again because you are exposed,You will do better as contributor to ‘Hadaas Eritra’.One thing is for sure,you are not a social justice warrior but a diaspora Asmara regime fan who enjoys a few perks from the moribund system.Simple!

      • Gezae November 3, 2017

        After independence, many of my freinds argued, we aren’t prepared for democratic governmtal system. Back then, I was outraged from that comment, refusing to believe them. But I realized I had a misconception about democracy, and I believe many Eritreans did, too. Personally, I thought democracy would bring us civil rights, freedom of speech, freedom of expression, freedom of an assembly, freedom of conscience and beliefs, etc. Now all of that I realized was very different from democracy.

        Presumably, the way I see later is that democracy is a great system, but not the first step in our/eritrea’s case. Meanwhile, I strongly believe in the necessity of treating humans as actual human beings. I believe in the necessity of granting citizens a right to speak up their mind, to oppose, to agree, to have their own beliefs, to tolerate and accept others, to be given a chance at a proper education; all these, in my opinion, should come first. Maybe that was why I went wrong the other time.

        We fought independence, and yes, we earned it, but above all, we then put up with democracy, and claimed we understood it well, but yet we never actually near by to it, since we never really dealt with real politics. We eagerly wanted it but we did not deal with it the way we were supposed to. Many of us tried, but mostly failed as we have seen people were split into religiose and regional politics daily. So we really are not ready for democracy. Even if we agree on and believe is capable of moving change in the way we are, we would then be just worst than the leaders we condom who are currently in power

  • AHMED SALEH !!! November 2, 2017

    Usually we visit this forum to read latest information and commentators feed back opinions and
    arguments . But for some reason it looks ASSENNA become preferred site for distractors with
    hidden agenda to propagate against Justice seekers movement .
    Myself I am tired to respond for some morons in this forum ,

  • fetsum November 2, 2017

    Dear Ahmed,
    don’t worry about the desperate riffrafs with hidden agenda. don’t let them destruct us from the main issue. Ignore them and stick to your gun till we change the situation. let them expose their ignorance, envy and hatred trusting in your people and yourself.

  • Simon G November 4, 2017

    You got it right, ሓው ፍጹም!
    መቸም ቅድሚ ሕጂ ወስ ኣቢለልካ ኔረ ምስ ባባ ኢሳይስ ብስልኪ ከምንራኸብ። እወ ነቶም ዘይትፈልጡ; ፍሊቲ መስመር ኣላትና። ትማሊ ምሸት ድማ ደዊለሉ ኔረ። ኣይሞተን ድማ: ስጋ ሂወት ሓፍተይ! ናብ ኣርእስተይ ክምለስ ግዳ:

    ብዛዕባ ኩነታት ምስ ሓተትኩዎ ዘገርም መልሲ ሂቡኒ
    እዚ ናይዘን ኣስላም ዲኻ? እዚ ደኣ ኣነ’ኳ ‘የ set ጌረዮ። ፈሊጠ ትምህርተን መንዚዐየን። ረብሻ ክምዝገብራ ስለዝፈልጥ። ከምታ ዝሓሰብኩዋ ድማ ጌረን።
    እንታይ ደኣ ኣንስቲ ጌርካዮም። ተብዓቶት ውን ኳ ኔሮም ዮም?
    ንምንታይ ደኣ ከም ኡ ትገብር ምስበልኩዎ።
    ቦርድ ኮይነ። ደሓር ከኣ ነዞም ዓያሹ ሰዓብተይ ኣስላም ጸጊበን መታን ክብሎም
    [Simon] ዋእ! ንምንታይ ደኣ ከም ኡ ትገብር?
    [Isayas] ናይ ኣከለ ጉዛይ ጥራይ ቤት ትምህርቲ ስለዘየላ ናብ ኣስላም ከላግበለን መሪጸ። ደሓን ናባኻትክን ክመጽእ የ። ኣጆኻ ሳይሞን!

    [Simon] እሞ ከምተጸበኻዮ ዶ ሰዓብትኻ ግዒሮም?
    [Isayas] ኣንታ ሳይሞን ካብኡ ናብኡ ኣብ መስከረም ዘይትር ኢ? ኣይትረኽቦን ዲኻ ነቲ ሙሽሙሽ ዋና ናይ መስከረም?
    [Simon] ኖኖ: ንሱ ደኣ ኣብ ዲሲ’ኳ ‘ዩ። ኣነ ኣብ ካሊፎርኒያ።
    ካብ ዓዲ ሃሎ ናብ ኣስመራ ዶ መሲሉካ ዩ ትርሕቀት።

    [Isayas] እንታይ ኴንካ ሳይሞን: መሃይም ጌርካኒ? ሰዓብተይ ርኢኻስ ኣነውን ከምኡ ዶ መስለካ ዩ?
    ዲሲ ደኣ ቲ መን ኢኻ ትብሎ: በዓል ጸሊም ቆቢዕ ዘለዎ ‘ኳ ‘ዩ

    [Simon] ኢሱ: መን ኢኻ በዓል ጸሊም ቆቢዕ ትብል?
    እቲ ‘ዳለይ ላማ’ ናይ ኤርትራ: ሓንሳብ ኢንጂነር ‘የ ይብል: ሓንሳብ ማተማቲሻን ‘የ ይብል።

    [Simon] Oh, I got it. ፍጹም ኣብርሃም ዲኻ ትብል?
    [Isayas] እወ ንሱ: ዋላ ‘ኳ ኣይወርደለይን። ነታ ቋንቋ ‘ኳ ይመልካ ይመስል. I give him credit on that.

    [Simon] ኣንታ ኢሱ: ንሱ ደኣ ኢንጂነር ‘የ ይብል ሓንሳብ ማተማቲሻን ‘የ ይብል ዘይኮነስ: ኢዩ ‘ኳ። ተማሂሩ ‘ኳ ‘ዩ ከምኡ ኮይኑ.
    [Isayas] ግደፈናን ‘ዶ። ንሕናስ ንጋደል ኔርና ምበር ካልእ እንዶ ‘ምስ ኮንና?

    [Simon] ኢሱ: ኢሱ: “ኡኖ ሞመንቶ ፖር ፋቮር”
    1. ፍጹም እውን ተጋዳላይ ኔሩ። ወረ የኽብረካ ኔሩ: ከምዘይሓልፍ። ማለተይ ‘ሲ: ከይፈልጠካ መን ምዃንካ
    2. ደሓር ከኣ UoAA መጠንቀቕታ ምስ ሃበትካ ደይኮንካን ናብ ሜዳ ዝወጻኻ?

    [Isayas] ሳይሞን: ሳይሞን: እዚ ሲ ኣይ ኤ ዝፈብረኹዎ ‘ዩ።
    ሕጂ ኣብዚኣ ተትመጽእ ኔርካ ብኽሳድካ ሓኒቐ ፈንጠረቕ መበልኩኻ ኔረ

    [Simon] ይኣምን። የግዳስ: ንስኻ ዓዲ ሃሎ ኣነ ኣብ በይ ኤርያ. Can you see the difference?
    [Isayas] Unfortunately, you are correct, Simon.

    [Simon] በል ኢሱ: ካስትመር መጺኡ ‘ሞ ክንሽቅል።
    [Isayas] ሕራይ በል ሳይሞን:ኣነውን ናብዛ ዊስከይ!!!!

    [Isayas] ቅድሚ ምኻድካ ግን: ኣይትንገሮም ግን ገለ 3ተ or 4ተ ሰባት ኣለው ዝጸል ኦም: ግን ከኣ ኣዝየ ዘድንቖም
    [Simon] ዋእ! በዓል መንደኣ ኮይኖም
    [Isayas] መን ኢኻ ትብሎ ‘ት ሳሆ:
    ሓደ ሓኪም ‘ የ በሃሊ:
    ‘ትሓደ እንታይ ምኻኑ ክርድኦ ዘይከኣልኩ: ሓደገኛ ዝመስል: መረጸ ‘ዶ ገለ
    ከም ኡ ድማ ዝሕጂ ንዛረበሉ ዝጸናሕና: ዳለይ ላማ ናይ ኤርትራ

    [Simon] ከም ተረደኣኒ ተኾይኑ:
    ኣሕመድ ሳልሕ
    ከ. ተወልደ ዮም ቶም ክልተ።
    ግን ዑስማን ሳልሕ ከይቅየመልካ። ሳሆ ‘ኳ ‘ዩ ንሱ ‘ውን

    [Isayas] ይፈልጥ: ንመን ኢኻ ንስኻ ክትምህሮ? But he is cool.

    [Simon] ሕራይ በል ባባ ኢሳያስ፥ ኣነ ‘ኸ?

    [Isayas] ናትካስ ደሓን. ናብ ኤርትራ ‘ሞ ክትዛወር ምጻእ: ብኣካል ክነግረካ
    [Simon] Yeah right! Thanks but no thanks!

    • k.tewolde November 4, 2017

      I couldn’t come up with such creative political satire in million years, Simon you must have been under the influence of fine aged California wine to come up with this intimate phone conversation with abu sheneb. I am glad you dismissed his casual invitation to visit,clever.

  • Fetsum abraham November 4, 2017

    Sinon g. U are a sick brozer and love u. U surprised me annd i could not stop laughing like a fool

  • Meretse November 4, 2017

    Dear Simon G,

    I can’t stop laughing. Before I say anything let me finish first laughing and laughing..