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Deadly explosion hits Ethiopia PM rally

BCEthiopia's new PM Abiy Ahmed says several people have been killed in an explosion that hit a rally he was speaking at earlier on Saturday. He described it as an "unsuccessful attempt by forces who do

BCEthiopia’s new PM Abiy Ahmed says several people have been killed in an explosion that hit a rally he was speaking at earlier on Saturday.

He described it as an “unsuccessful attempt by forces who do not want to see Ethiopia united”.

Mr Abiy was whisked away immediately after the blast, thought to be from a grenade thrown amid thousands of people in the capital’s Meskel Square.

Ethiopia has been riven by years of sometimes violent protests.

Mr Abiy only became prime minister after his predecessor Hailemariam Desalegn unexpectedly resigned in February.

He is the country’s first leader from the ethnic Oromo group, which has been at the centre of nearly three years of anti-government protests that have left hundreds of people dead.

One of their main complaints is that they have been politically, economically and culturally marginalised for years, despite being the country’s largest group.

The Ethiopian government has been accused of human rights violations including torture and extrajudicial killing of political dissidents.

However since taking power Mr Abiy has begun reforms to relax the state’s previously tight grip on power. These have included unblocking hundreds of websites and TV channels.

On Friday an Ethiopian rebel group suspended its armed resistance against the government.

Ginbot 7, based in neighbouring Eritrea, said Mr Ahmed’s reforms had given it hope that “genuine democracy” may be “a real possibility”.

Who is Abiy Ahmed?

Mr Abiy is believed to have huge support among the Oromo youth as well as other ethnic groups.

He is leader of the Oromo People’s Democratic Organisation (OPDO), one of the four ethnic parties which make up the ruling the Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) coalition.

Supporters of Bekele Gerba, secretary general of the Oromo Federalist Congress (OFC), chant slogans to celebrate Gerba"s release from prison, in Adama, Oromia Region, Ethiopia February 14, 2018Image copyrightREUTERS
Image captionThere have been massive protests in Oromia in recent years

The 42-year-old, who was born in the city of Agaro in Oromia and comes from a mixed Christian-Muslim family, joined the OPDO in the late 1980s.

He has served in the military, founded the country’s Information Network and Security Agency, which is responsible for cyber-security in a country where the government exercises tight control over the internet, and then became the minister for science and technology.


Source: BBC

Review overview
  • Michael Tesfamariam June 23, 2018

    Are you are now happy, gasping with pleasure? You got what you wanted to see Ethiopian goes down to flame. This is why many Eritreans and Ethiopians including myself, who genuinely love their countries and people were deeply skeptic about the prospect of the two countries when a sham and phoney protest was initiated and carried out in Oromo region with a sole intention to remove a democratically elected ruling party the TPLF and install a Muslim PM. There has been well orchestrated vindictive plot coordinated among the EU, HGDEF and the Gulf nations to eliminate World’s oldest Christian communities in Eritrea and Ethiopia and replace them with Muslim extremists led by this dim-witted PM Abiy Ahmed Shek Bilanden. I urge you all, including members of the so called lazy “opposition” to pause for a moment and think back if Ethiopia or Eritrea have ever experienced any kind of such terrible terror attack from inside since the dawn fall of the Derg regime. So why now? Well, some of you might well have thought Ethiopia under TPLF was heading toward a disaster, so you chose to become complicit when Issais and Amhara are engaged in the destruction of all the huge and significant political and economic achievements made in Ethiopia over the past 25 years under the leadership of late PM Meles. This chaos and bloodshed in Ethiopia is the direct result of the long and carefully planned political trap that was set up by the EU with their puppets the neo Derg called ESAT under the pretext of a manufactured human rights abuses by TPLF. The biggest winners out of this political mess in Ethiopia are Issais, the EU, Amhara, and Akologuzay led fake opposition movement in diaspora.

    Despite initially tried to remain neutral and inclusive voice for all victims of HGDEF, over the past few years, it became a platform for few regional extremists who were purposefully ent from Eritrea by Colonel Ghebredingil with a mission to convince Eritrean communities in diaspora that all the killing and rapes were committed by Issais as opposed to the overwhelming low ranking HGDEF officers from Akeleguzay. I am not blaming the whole region for all the crimes in Eritrea, but I am calling up on all open minded and honest citizens would to understand the fact that almost 90% of the criminal activities in Eritrea are carried out by individuals who associated themselves with Akoleguzay, they dominated all public services in Eritrea including police, national security, detention centres, immigration and so on. I know some of you are so desperate to lambast me as regionalist with evil intentions, but the fact of the matter is I am an Eritrean who not apologetic or politically correct as most of you tend to be. I must speak up my mind with direct and explicit manner when I see the freedom and justice of my country are being hijacked and manipulated for the sake of narrow regional, tribal, and religious benefits of few regional fanatics with malicious intent and programs.

    • k.tewolde June 23, 2018

      M.T.___ I understand,change is not readily accepted by everyone especially by those who are uncomfortable by the sudden jolt of their cage and continue to use the old stale divisive rhetoric like you.It is people like you who can’t stand the jubilation of a nation marveling at its new leader who speaks the language of hope,peace and unity will cowardly toss a hand grenade to create confusion and death among the innocent.My friend step out of the way,this revolutionary tsunami is about to sweep northbound washing the stench people like you left behind for decades.

      • Michael Tesfamariam June 23, 2018

        Don’t you even feel a slight shame, you still keep your head buried in the sand? I wonder what might be the “change” you are waffling about? What a babble! You better crawl before you start walking you little man, you have not even moved one step towards a change let alone to see “Tsunami” but i can see the nois of your empty barrels rattling us. Please I hate to say but don’t try to bite.more than you can actually chew. Lazy!

    • Wedi Hagher June 23, 2018

      “The biggest winners out of this political mess in Ethiopia are Issais, the EU, Amhara, and Akologuzay led fake opposition movement in diaspora.”

      Michael Tesfamariam

      Why you want implicate Akeleguzai in your problems ?
      If Tigray has problems with Amhara and Oromo it’s because Weyane used to rule with iron fist. Now things are changing and some of you are scared. Weyane and Higdef need to learn that the reasons for which people used to support them during “ghedli” are not there anymore. They need to earn legitimacy instead on oppressing people to remain in power.
      Tigreyans and Eritreans need freedom. They want elect their governments. You cannot continue imposing yourself on people by accusing Amhara, Oromo, Arabs, Muslims or Devil.

      • Michael Tesfamariam June 23, 2018

        ,,,,,,because it is exactly what it is. Do you think I should bow my head and keep pretending everything is fine while my people are suffering under some the thugs and goons such as Colonel Ghebredingil of Akele? No hell!

    • Simon G. June 23, 2018

      ኣንታ ‘ዞም ኣከለ-ጉዛይ ዝበሃሉ ፍጥረት: ሕጂ ድማ ንኢትዮጲያ ከይበታትንዋ ይፍራሕ ጀሚሩ?
      እንታይ ዝበለ ሓይሊ ድዩ ዘለዎም!
      ዝገርም ‘ዩ።

      • Michael Tesfamariam June 23, 2018

        They have no talent at all, but they are just lucky enough to have Issais and his defirmed wife. They can do whatever they want; they can rape Hamassien women and not run away in Asmara, they can remove indigenous Hamassenawian from their home and keep them in detention for no reason other than being Hamassien. In short they can literally do anything they want as long as Eritrea is under Issais family.

        • Simon G. June 23, 2018

          But, but Isayas is a naturalized citizen of Hamassien (since he is rally from Tembien Abi Adi, just like you, if I may say that).
          >90% of those idiot colonels/generals are from Hamassien (or should I say from Karneshim), and you are complaining about very few crooks of Akele-Guzay colonels/generals? Are you sure you are not Semere T.?

          Now, let’s be serious MT, were you married to a woman she happens to be from one of those Akle-Guzay towns or villages and she kick the hell out of you and left you with nothing?
          Come on, don’t blame the whole awraja because of her.

          • Michael Tesfamariam June 23, 2018

            Oh my God! Do you do that as well? I thought it was a crime fiction when I heard couples should normally get separated in Akele unless both of them are from the the region. Thanks for confirming it to me though It is too shocking to believe this is happening in Eritrea in 2018.

          • Simon G. June 23, 2018

            What are you smoking man? Don’t twist my word, this is straight forward question.
            I said, you are angry at the whole awraja b/c one women dumped the hell out of you.
            Get a life!

  • Danilo June 23, 2018

    ” unsuccessful attempt by forces who don’t see Ethiopia United ” who are they? That kind of rally of course, doesn’t deserve ending such way despite some slogans were not to be presented. The song which was present by it self exclusive excelling tgray sentiments plus were no mention how eritreans included on peace plea. I am not criticising the the rally but it is only my opinion. anyway, the attack must condemned.

  • Hagos June 23, 2018

    Michael Tesfamariam is still living in the old TPLF’s mind, please ignore him. Ethiopians march to freedom and democracy will not be stopped by parochial and retard Weyanes.
    Ethiopians have chosen their own path to freedom and democracy. May the people of Eritrea follow and walk side by side with the Ethiopians to build justice, freedom and democracy.

    Long live peace.

    • Michael Tesfamariam June 23, 2018

      Try to challenge me point by point if what i said was wrong. If you can’t come up with cogent argument just turn round and head straight back to the home care where you ecaped from.

      • AHMED SALEH !!! June 23, 2018

        GIVE UP , buddy
        Your masters game had been expired . The sad thing which bothers me is
        the weakness of our people who try to accommodate your alike haters .
        For too long your type promoted destructive way of thinking of mistrust and division among general population .
        An arrogant person with negative attitude can not distinguish between right
        and wrong .

      • Sol June 24, 2018

        Tekhlay, go and search for socially sick people like you to challenge you.

  • Simon G. June 23, 2018

    Simple question…
    Was Meles or isssays care for Eritrea?
    Need honest answer, no emotion please.

    • Michael Tesfamariam June 23, 2018

      No brainer, Meles!

      • Danilo June 23, 2018

        Okay!!! But why do you hate Akeleguzay Mr T.M.? I see self inflicted brain damage beyond repair.

        • Michael Tesfamariam June 23, 2018

          I don’t hate them at all I am just describing them. After all I don’t have the amount of hatred of need to espouse again them. Who can deny the fact that regional prejudice is deeply rooted part of Akele’s self-identity, which has been dragging the count back to stone age.

          • Simon G. June 23, 2018

            You still trying to sell that meaningless crap? Your uncle issayas has been using that for the last half a century. Some idiot ጨጓር ዳንጋታት used to believe that.
            Thanks to technology.

  • AHMED SALEH !!! June 24, 2018

    Fake Eritrean Michael Tesfamariam
    By the way your attempt to divert the subject worked for your wicked agenda . Regardless I have
    a question if you can answer honestly .
    Who do you think is responsible on this bombing ?
    Please spare us from WEYANE deceits to blame Eritreans for their failures .

    • k.tewolde June 24, 2018

      Now who is the ‘little man’ M.T. Thank you Ahmed,Simon,Danillo and company for chopping down the big man to size.You stripped him naked for the whole world to see his little wie………r.

  • Wedi Hagher June 24, 2018

    The sad part of T.M. story is that there are a lot of people like him.
    He is offended that Weyane are losing power, not because that will affect Eritrea, but because his interests are in Tigray are in danger.
    He could not control his emotions. This is a man many of us would think he is Eritrean.
    When Eritrea has problems with Tigray, it’s not difficult to imagine what people like him will be doing . This is a really serious issue. Any government in future has to consider what to do about it.

  • Solomon B. Sengal June 24, 2018


    People, please please carefully analyze things before trying to assume some body’s region, religion or who ever he is or want to be. Michael Tesfamariam is not from Tigray. The Tigray people don’t have such negative things to say against their closet neighbors and who have close connection through common borders, plus related through marriage family relation. If some one is talking about Hammasenian women raped by Akele-guzayian then he telling us from where he is actually. The only person who speaks on behalf of the Hammasenian women must have good knowledge about what he is talking. A Tigrayian can’t have an access for that kind of intimate knowledge from a long distance, unless he is a paid dishonest evil who sold his soul to fabricate lies and to plant divisive ideas to ruin peaceful existence among innocent people.

    However, this time it is not going to work as it deed after September 18, 2001 that every justice loving persons who demanded rule of law to govern Eritrean people and the ratified constitution to be implimanted. Then as you all remember, the ones stand for justice were called Akele-guzay regardless their region and religion by the supporters of the current DIA regime. But now no one is not going to buy this kind of plank labeling to extend life of the regime in power in Eritrea. Of course unless that person is brain dead.

    Go ahead please keep blaming for all the natural disaster that is happing around the world because of the Akele-guzay people. I am ashamed as Eritrean to hear such garbage from people who claims a learned one, but can’t think logic. As for as for me, I know from which corner is coming the trash. Finally I would like to challenge Mr. Michael Tesfamariam to include his photo with his comments to post, so we will learn the exact identity of this culprit lair and mean person who is bent to divide Eritreans and Ethiopians. No more lies!!!

    • k.tewolde June 25, 2018

      SBS,the filth and poison which comes out from the mouth of characters like M.T. has been cascading into the aquifer of the Eritrean society for so long,however the time has come finally,like you said brother, ‘No more lies!!!’

  • Sol June 24, 2018

    Here in assenna forum some of us call this guy NeFahito, some call him Mr many names and I personally stuck on a name(Tekhlay) which is he was using frequently in the past any how this guy doesn’t belong to any people in Eritrea or Ethiopia. As you said he is a paid dishonest evil who sold his soul to fabricate lies to create mistrust among the people to promote the divide and rule policy of his operators in the past he was crazy on insulting our Moslem brothers and currently he started to offend the decent people of Akeleguzay.
    We can’t blame Amanuel Iyassu for not stopping this sick person from polluting assenna pages because this guy as a paid agent and cyber virus is assigned to attack assenna 24/7.
    Exposing the mafia regime of Isayas is the worst headache for him so let’s do our home and avoid to fall in his trap.

  • Kafil June 25, 2018

    “We can’t blame Amanuel Iyassu for not stopping this sick person from polluting assenna pages because this guy as a paid agent and cyber virus is assigned to attack assenna 24/7.”


    Let Amanuel post his IP then he will be exposed. Something which Amanuel is not taking seriously… I don’t why .

  • Hidat June 25, 2018

    ክኩነን ዘለዎ ባርባራዊ ተግባር