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Exemplary Eritrean Women in London Defy Heavy Rain to Make their Voice for Justice Heard – March 8

Review overview
  • kberet H. March 10, 2013

    well done our sisters and mothers, this victory. I hope it will pass a strong message to Hegdf and his blind followers.

  • salim hassan March 10, 2013

    well done our sisters ,mothers and …but Amanuel why only this image you should look around I am sure there were many others if not it should not be only a photo it should be a video not this excerpt/image are you tryihg to say only these kind of women hate the regime? As they are trying to blind the poeple of eritrea about the operation in forto YES THEY ARE SAYING ONLY LIKE WEDI ALI TRYING TO STEAL YOUR COUNTRY …… and you are targeting only these kind of sisters .Look around .

  • ahmed saleh March 10, 2013

    Let the voice of Eritrean women agony be heard loud . No
    more tears shed because of Hgdf thugs . Enough is enough.
    I admire the brave female patriots in London courage .
    Well done dear sisters .

  • Nahom March 10, 2013

    Viva to our mothers and sisters in London for their great stand on the side of the prescuted Eritrean women that are suffering under the fascistic regime of DIA.

  • habte March 10, 2013

    ohhhh my good ness the funniest “walk for fresh air” ever seen in the street of London , lol

  • Murad Ali March 10, 2013

    Well done our Eritrean Women in London.
    Well done brother Emanuel for the great coverage,
    No matter which dress and which language the message was loud and clear. It was directed at HEGDEF.
    Having said that I believe that slogans and chants in the host country’s language will have more impact and prove more effective as it will be easily understood by the targeted audience that is the people and politicians of that country.
    If in Rome it can’t be Turkish.
    Moreover, at this juncture of our history it does not help to single out certain names from our history for praise.
    The real heroes of our struggle are the unknown heroes who gave their dear lives without a fuss.
    Singling a person’s name for a praise is an insult for what that hero stood and fell for.
    Let’s leave individual praises to the Dictator and his tragic followers.

    Wad garhatoo ..samakooma lahasatoo?

    Wad Garhatou wad gerhatoo
    Samakooma la hassatoo?
    Masageen alabna labahlatoo
    Serheet forto ashra-atoo
    Mezahrat London jahjahatoo (made him lose his composure)
    Issat tefger mena la hameetoo (skull)
    Konat kayah deeb karshatoo (blazing bayonet to his belly)
    Hazeen hefoon deeb salatoo (bold head)
    Ha-gel fadyet la shantatoo (destitute with empty suitcase)
    Min Harrods sarkaya la badlatoo (a suit stolen from Harrods)
    Hobay lezgeb mina la jesatoo ( may craws feast on his carcass)

    Wad garhatoo ..samakooma lahasatoo?

  • rora eskindir March 11, 2013

    I am proud of you Eritrean women who stood up against the dictator in London. you are very articulate and very brave. a woman is the one who should stand up first because she is the one who becomes victimized first when there is no rule of law. our mothers, sisters and the wives are the ones who suffering under the dictatorship in Eritrea. so enough is enough! you are right sisters!

  • limos April 8, 2013

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