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Ethiopia not withdrawing troops from Eritrea front lines yet

The Ethiopian government has officially spoken to reports about alleged withdrawal of its troops from the frontline with neighbouring Eritrea. Some media reports late last week said Ethiopian troops were seen leaving the town of Shiraro,

The Ethiopian government has officially spoken to reports about alleged withdrawal of its troops from the frontline with neighbouring Eritrea.

Some media reports late last week said Ethiopian troops were seen leaving the town of Shiraro, a key front in the Ethio-Eritrea war, the town is close to the town of Badme, a central contention of the war.

But Defense Minister, Motumma Mekassa in an interview on Saturday with the Reporter newspaper said the movement of troops was a “normal routine for the military and nothing else.”

He added that: “there are no formal agreements between the two countries as far as withdrawing of troops is concerned.”

This is the second time the issue of troop withdrawal from the front lines have surfaced since leaders of the two countries signed a peace deal in Asmara in early July.

Reuters news agency citing local media in Eritrea reported that troops of the country had began withdrawing from the disputed area which have since the end of the war been highly militarized.

The Ethio-Eritrea peace deal followed a decision by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed to accept and implement a border ruling in relation to disputed territories between the two countries.

Abiy traveled to Asmara in July for talks that led to the cessation of hostilities between the two nations. It also marked the restoration of all diplomatic and trade ties between them.

Telephone lines have been restored, both sides have named ambassadors even though Ethiopia is yet to reopen its embassy in Asmara. The respective national airlines have began operations after two decades and families have since been united.

The withdrawal of troops and the subsequent demilitarization of the disputed territories is one of the eagerly awaited legs of the normalization of ties.

Currently PM Abiy continues with fast-paced democratic reforms at home despite security challenges whiles Eritrea also continues to reset its regional diplomatic affairs. After Abiy’s visit, Somali and South Sudan leaders have also visited.

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  • Danilo August 20, 2018

    I didn’t believe the withdrawal remorse as the gesture from the part of Ethiopia instead propaganda from Eritrean propagandists on intention to twist Eritrean attention which is already questioning were about the peace agreement lay. Now, as declared ” No border issue “, Ethiopian army is moving to do homework unlike the poor Eritrean army. Pity! ! Isn’t it? bearing in mind no longer treat to worry about. Lucky Ethiopia so far but for how long? God knows where it ____ends up?

  • Michael Tesfamariam August 20, 2018

    There is no sovereign country Called Eritrea anymore ever since this religiously zealot and political incompetent Muslim PM of Ethiopia put his legs in Asmara to meet up his henchman Issais. I feel sorry for those Eritreans who are being duped into believing that border settlement between the countries is somehow serves as a magic bullet for all the political and human tragedies in Eritrea. The fact of the matter is, Badme or any chunk of Eritrean land has never been and will never be an issue for which Eritreans have endured incalculable sufferings for the past 18 years. This is all about dissolving Eritrea as independent nationhood and uniting back into the greater Ethiopia. This was the mission Issais with the help of his European and American masters has been working tirelessly to dangle Eritrea off the cliff where it can easily fall down into some form federal association with Ethiopia. Europeans are heavily involved too; they have been doing everything they can to motivate Eritreans to leave their country in stead of helping them fight for their rights and dignities at home, they know Eritreans are always emotionally disturbed and economically desperate, too easy to deceive. Now who is to blame for the mess Eritrea is in? I guess most of you would like to dump all the blames into Issais as a strategy to avoid any national accountability. The truth is, Eritreans, especially those in diaspora who are abusing Eritrea’s tragedy for their own regional and ethnically motivated political agenda must be held equally responsible. Because they have no moral or logical justification for the degree of betrayal and self driven shameful political fantasy they have been pushing for years at the expense of the dying people at home. I want them all 70 plus wankers punished, and they will be punished.

    • Sol August 20, 2018

      MT, you right it is not fair to blame IA alone for the misery of Eritrean people. There are many individuals who for many personal reasons are doing the dirty job for him. Some of these individuals are working as cyber viruses to promote the divide and rule policy of IA.

  • Tesfai August 20, 2018

    Ethiopians will not withdraw from any Ethiopian territory or any disputed land under their control until a clear signature is signed for a full and comprehensive peace agreement. The Tigrayans are in full control of the army and security, therefore, nothing moves without their authorization.
    Anything else is lies from the Hgdefites to calm their nerves.

    • Ghirmay August 20, 2018

      You absolutely right without the authorization of Tigrayans nothing will move or materialize.
      The GAME will be OVER for idiots Eritreans soon. The Amaras & Oromos won’t be saving them.

    • Koko August 22, 2018

      Tirgray is no control to the military…it has never been.It is just a propaganda …it has been control of the majority of ethiopan..that is number 1 .Amhara 2.oromo and3. tirgray

    • Koko August 22, 2018

      We love Eritreans..we Ethiopan do not have problem with our people Eritreans…the problem was TPLF has so much issue because they hate Eritreans…I don’t know why you hate them so much….

  • AHMED SALEH !!! August 20, 2018

    Either you like it or not , the game of
    hide and run between Weyane and
    HGDF is over . Even Tigrai people started to question their leaders misleading information

    • Ghirmay August 21, 2018

      Since you were humiliated and chased away by the brave TPLF & EPLF,
      you are the bojbaj chicken wahid who has been bloody running and hiding
      unashamedly. But, as a moslem foreign mercenary I suppose that’ your poor
      nature to just keep parroting like a sick parrot and to deceive gullible readers. Drop dead.

      • AHMED SALEH !!! August 21, 2018

        Anta afaf Wahid
        TPLF dug it’s own grave as EPLF did
        to itself . Now HGDF
        started turned to
        punish you guys too.
        Watch funny show
        titled ” you reap what you sow ” .
        At the end we all became losers.Right.