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Ethio-Eritrea and possibly of Oromia, Tell me more of the same!!!

By Obo Arada Aba Shawl June 5, 2016   Introduction I am getting familiarized with acronyms, abbreviations and logos and to tell you the truth, I am enjoying it to the maximum. Take for instance, my pen name.  What

By Obo Arada Aba Shawl

June 5, 2016



I am getting familiarized with acronyms, abbreviations and logos and to tell you the truth, I am enjoying it to the maximum. Take for instance, my pen name.  What is the difference between Obo and Aba? Between Arada and Shawl? People who were born before the onset of the Ethiopian, oh! Sorry before the EEO Revolution would/should know the names of Obo, Aba, Shawl or Arada. Those who were born after the Eway Revolution should find out or research about these popular names and titles.

I know the readers will curse me for using another acronyms and terminology of EEO and Eway Revolution. What do they represent and what do they mean? It is a legitimate question that needs legitimate answer, especially for the young and the elders who seek solutions instead of creating problems. In the old days, such type of people, we call them progressives or leftists.

In today’s world, if we follow the American Presidential campaign speech, we are either dealers or crooks. In today’s Ethiopia or Eritrea, in my opinion, the leaders are crooks and their followers are dealers. In that case, we are moving fast forward from reactionaries to dealers and from leftists to crooks. What a change? A revolutionary or a reformist, take your stand or choice!!!

Back to EEO and Eway Revolution. In the 1950’s and 60’s Eritrean adult youth were yearning for Employment, Ethiopian youth were searching for Equality and the Oromo youth were seeking Opportunity. That means that the true Ethiopian Revolutionaries mainly from the Student body of Universities and High Schools embarked on a Revolutionary Struggle to bring employment, equality and opportunity. In today’s Ethiopia, Eritrea and possibly for Oromia, the slogan is the same. The question is how do we get EEO (Equal Employment Opportunity)?

What is the difference from the past?

The very organizations who were pursuing their dreams of employment, equality and opportunity are now caught up by realities of unemployment, inequality and disadvantage. What is different this time is the fact that they are the power holders of land, labor and capital markets.

What about the intelligentsia? Where do they stand in terms of these markets?

One thing they all seem to have is the avoidance of the Eway Ethiopian Revolution. This is the Revolution which consummated hundreds of thousands of deaths, losses of resources and human trusts. The end result for all the mayhem and destruction by the DERG, the EPLF, the TPLF and the OLF was culminated at the London Conference, followed by the Algiers Agreement between EPLF and TPLF, and the formation of EPRDF between TPLF and OLF. That was not absolutely the purpose of the Eway Ethiopian Revolution. It was rather to implement the concept of EEO. For these to happen, the people needed freedom and liberty. Both are still missing. If missing, do we need another revolution or reform? That is what they call 60 thousand dollar question.

Tell me more

These days, I am witnessing books written and published; conferences being carried out promising visions; movies and faces being depicted as real as possible. But mostly they are all lies and fabrications. Why because the writers, producers or editors gather their information or their stories from sources of Disinformation. There are no researchers in our communities. Even if there are, they are insignificant. So tell me more about what is happening in our communities and societies, says my friend.

I told my friend that I am seeing what I have seen before and that I hear what I have heard before. That is Eritrea is a wonderland, that Ethiopia is a progressive country and that there is a promise that Oromia will soon become Ethiopia and so on and so forth. What a lie and a fabrication!!! The age of disinformation is going out soon. Thanks to the American Congress that they are going to write an Act of Disinformation. Then, our people will have some peace and tranquility.

Otherwise, there is no hope for all of us who dwell on bending guilty as perpetuated by many EPRP supporters, conditions of denial inculcated by EPLF cadres in the minds of Hafash and the lie and counter lies as constantly propagated by the TPLF and its allies.

No country can survive least to prosper with lies, denials or guilty consciousness which are rampant among its people.


Review overview
  • abe June 6, 2016

    Oromia will soon become Ethiopia????????????????????

  • Dembe June 6, 2016

    Why do the Arabs call the Habesha Eritreans “dollar”?
    The Arabs did not and do not see Eritrean Christians as human beings, except as human organ spare parts, sex slaves, free labourers, unworthy objects … and now listen to the interview — as the sources of cash — to the Arabs in Libya and the savage Arab police in Sudan and Arab Bedwins.
    Are Eritreans Arabic people? Shame if they are made to be.

    • Independent Slave June 6, 2016

      Dearest Dembe,

      The Arabs love us Eritreans ,you just need to see their action, they gave us bullets to kill Kaffir (unbeliever/christian) Ethiopia ,they love Eritrean men and women ,specially the bedouins…The real enemies are the Ethiopians ,that always provided us with love ,free education ,subsidized taaff grain,coffee and sugar ,allowed us to amass Ethiopian private riches and now after fighting them and “defeating” them using our tactical withdrawal and meKhalif strategies they are taking care of our refugees and sending them to Europe and North America.
      So, as you can witness Ethiopians are our our enemies ,If you asre not going to reason like Eritrean you are not Eritrean ,Mr. DEMBE.

  • weddi kebesa June 6, 2016

    Dembe stop talkiing shit belaming others why you do not ask yourself about the reason been our people in other countries and insaulted and tortured there .To be clear with you your brothers are the reason under Isyas leading of Eritrean tragidy (hiqqi zereba mot gereba) kul seb inda ammato gifaat ywordo so please everyone his duety is to look for soloution to fix the problems in Eritrea .
    If we begin Shabia’s criminal history more the Arabs and Ethiopian crimes together against Eritrean people .
    To Amaneal please be posotive not negative it is not good to hate spreader.

    • AHMED SALEH !!! June 7, 2016

      As the author of above article stated ; a country can not prosper with
      people inclined to convoy lies , denials and guilty consciousness .
      Criminals and their cronies always come with excuses to legitimate
      their activity until evidence caught them proven guilty in rule of law .
      In case Eritreans issues to jump on spewing racist rhetoric is nothing
      but to cover their self-contained guilt consciousness .
      Cowards of our time perpetuated the suffering and fate of their young
      generation from the beginning . And they show no courage to admit and
      regret for made mistakes because worthless people lack principled beliefs.
      Known commentators in this forum have reputation to deviate the subject
      for their wicked purposes attention . Leave mad dog alone to bark at the wrong tree .

  • saharawi June 6, 2016

    OBO ARADA ABASHAWL: please keep on writing to Assena so that we can share the wealth of wisdom that may enlighten us.
    The name seems funny and well known land-mark.

  • Kidane Beraki June 7, 2016

    Once again, The retarded “independent slave” tigrayan rears his ugly head only this time he is joined by one of his brothers in the name of “djembe.” Clean your house before trying to demoralize the indomitable Eritreans. Better yet, open your eyes and clean your nose because while you are stuck with your little brain, we Eritreans will solve our problem and march forward. Mark my word.