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Esayas Afeworki, the Arch Enemy of Eritrea and Eritreans Must Go!!

Esayas Afeworki, the arch enemy of Eritrea and Eritreans, did not join the Eritrean war for Independence from Ethiopia, as we were deceived to believe. When Esaya was a student at the university of Ethiopia,

Esayas Afeworki, the arch enemy of Eritrea and Eritreans, did not join the Eritrean war for Independence from Ethiopia, as we were deceived to believe. When Esaya was a student at the university of Ethiopia, Addis Ababa,in 1965, Eritrean Liberation Front (ELF) cadres visited the University in order to recruit Eritrean university students  for clandestine work of the  ELF. In the Cadres’ efforts, they managed to meet a group of seven students, and Esayas Afeworki was among them.

Right, after the ELF cadres left, the students continued the discussion, and according to two of those students, Esayas was the only one who negatively commented, saying that he does not want to be an instrument of Muslims. His comment showed his bias against Muslims and his eventual intensions. Esayas did not take very much time to be recruited by Ras Asrate Kassa, the then Ethiopian Governor of Ethiopia, in Eritrea, and the American CIA, according to the late Tesfamichael  Georgio.  He also, deceptively joined the Eritrean Liberation Front in 1966, for the purpose of sabotaging and disrupting the ELF from within, during its armed struggle for Eritrean Independence from Ethiopia.

That means, Isayas did not join the Eritrean armed struggle for the purpose of Eritrean liberation, as many of us were deceived to believe, but to intentionally sabotage and disrupt the movement from within, and also to espouse his dream of becoming the echelon of the movement. 

Within a short time after joining the ELF armed struggle, Esayas maneuvered his way up the leadership ranks, where he systematically and skillfully started to form a new political group for the  purpose forming his own political group, called the Eritrean Peoples’ Liberation Front (EPLF) from within the ELF, in 1970. 

Since  Esayas’s ultimate goal was to become the supreme leader of the Eritrean political Movement, he quickly mastered the psychological makeup of the Eritrean people, demographically, and he quickly started playing politics of divisiveness, distraction, illusion, and manipulation. By doing so, he weakened the homogenous fabric of the Eritrean society. He deceptively sliced and diced the country into highlands, lowlands, regions and religions. Such political scheme worked well for him for his agenda of “divide and rule.”

He was also the mastermind of continuous skirmishes and internal wars between the ELF and the EPLF. As a result of such internal wars, many combatants from both political fronts were unnecessarily martyred.

The damages Esayas Afeworki has caused to the state of Eritrea and Eritrean is immeasurable, unprecedented and unparalleled and cannot be reasonably described within the limited scope and content of this piece. We will, however, try to cover a few of the  highlights of the pre and post independence eras:


Highlights of pre-independence damages Issayas had caused to Eritrea and Eritreans :

When the Eritrean people were unsuspectingly focusing using on fighting the Ethiopian occupation army, with a spirit of obsessive nationalism, they failed to notice that Esayas  instigated mysterious internal wars between the ELF and EPLF, and he was mysteriously and  systematically liquidating the cream of the crop of the Eritrean political cadres,, from both Fronts, whom he felt would be a threat  to his  becoming the eventual supreme  Leader of Eritrea.

His most powerful ability was to create a highly secretive and potent security apparatus, which effectively operated unnoticed until the day of independence, without even the knowledge of some in the ranks, who were e supposed to be his comrades. The security agents have been secretly eliminating combatants and civilians with Essayas’s direct and in direct orders. In some cases, the ordered killers were immediately being eliminated to keep his dirty schemes leak proof. Essayas is a con artist, who outsmarted, out foxed, and out maneuvered  the Eritrean people, as a whole for over 40 years, without being seriously abated.

Such immense power is unprecedented, and it will shame all Eritreans for generations to come. Esayas, by nature, has a highly erratic mind, arrogant, vengeful, and iron fisted, and yet, he couldn’t face any serious challenges from any individuals or groups, which is very unusual phenomenon that no logic or common sense can answer.

 Even though more Eritrean political cadres were directly or indirectly killed in the hands of Esayas Afeworki than those martyred in the battles against the foreign enemy, Eritrean people failed to pay attention  due to their obsessive spirit of nationalism to pay attention to Esayas’s  internal sabotages for a long time. Esayas  became an expert in implementing  a socio-political  doctrine of falsehood and mistrust amongst the Eritrean people, which subsequently resulted in weakening the strong social, religious and cultural fabric of the Eritrean society, at large.

The most ironic aspect of the Eritrean war of independence was that despite the fact that Esayas has always been one of the main authors of the internal infightings of Eritreans against Eritreans, and the main architect of continuous secret disappearances of many gallant Eritrean fighters, no Eritrean, ever, had the nerve to stand up against him.

 In addition, he managed to always deceptively claim an unearned recognition and fame, when indeed, he, himself, had never fired a single bullet against the Ethiopian army of occupation. This clearly shows that Esayas’s concern was to make sure that he maintains a safe path to his eventual becoming the supreme leader of Eritrea, for life. All the bad things he has shown us from day one can attest to that. One of the biggest damages he has perpetrated against the Eritrean people is that he has completely destroyed our culture, our faith and spirit.   

Post Independence

After Eritrea gained its independence on May 24, 1991, Isayas Afeworki, the self proclaimed president of Eritrea for life, and a handful of collaborators, defiantly took power by betraying the Trust of and the Promise to their martyred colleagues and they have ended up destroying the country beyond repair, politically, socio-economically and diplomatically. A significant percentage of our people are either arbitrarily tortured, or imprisoned, killed or forcibly displaced leaving their loved ones behind. Eritrean youth and children above the age of 16 years, are conscripted by force, for a meaningless and un ending slavery in the name national military service. This military service was supposed to be eighteen months long program, but almost all of the Eritrean participants are intentionally kept in the program for multiple rounds, and some times, as even long as 20 rounds of service.  

This is a tactful scheme, whose main purpose is to keep them disturbed and restless, so that Esyas can stay in power, forever.  

Eritrea, is unusually a country which has closed its single university, and remains to be without a national constitution for 27 plus years. Esayas has denied Eritreans to invest their resources, their skills and professions for the service and development of their country. There is no economic planning for the welfare of the people, nor any health or social services. He does not believe in educational systems for the young people, and we can safely say that Eritrea is one of the few or the only country that denies its people the opportunity to get the benefits of the free American DV1, visa system. The lives and well being of Eritreans has never be in his DNA. In order to annihilate and displace the Eritrean people, he got us into unwanted war with Ethiopia, and despite their much lesser in numbers, he did not arm our combatants with relatively comparable weapons.  Eritrean farmers cannot farm and feed themselves and workers cannot work. Religious people cannot worship.  

He has always, single handedly, ruled the country by intuition and decrees, and he is always safely, in full control of the country, and its people . By keeping the wealth of the  to himself, the country is now teetering on the brink of economic bankruptcy. It is, therefore, incumbent upon all Eritreans to get rid of this greatest cardinal of sin, before he sells the country to the highest bidder.    

Long Live Eritrea, and Eternal life to our Martyrs.
Our Unity and eventual Victory is imminent.

Eritreans for Unity Democracy and Salvation in Eritrea,

Seattle branch.  




Review overview
  • Tes July 8, 2018

    “Esayas Afeworki, the Arch Enemy of Eritrea and Eritreans Must Go!!”

    It obvious he has to go and eveyone who care about Eritrea know it. But who can we get rid off this monistor is more illusive than ever. Eritreans are unique people we can’t agree in a single issue or we are confused people . The topic was about Eseyas made extrime damage to Erirea and must go. But significant comments are go beyond the topic directed toward the past that ELF was this or EPLF that. The culprits of all the tragedy were ourselves. He out smat the entire population and still doing so whereas wasting our time apportioning blame to each other . The hot issue remain out of attention or left undelt . Half of the population is willingly turned to dancing robot and has stopped to think for itself while the other half spend fighting each other for pity issues. Eritrea slowly diminish and currently on sale (Asseb) as spare pary whereas here not seeking solution but argue on non topic. We can’t even agree in one obvious enemy no one to leave offuce.. The reason Eseyas selling the country by dividing in to parties is that the bidders won’t need the rest of Eritrea. In any functioning country and population if a simplest change to ther norm , they call day of rage and bring the government into account. Eseyas do everthing out of contempt and disrespect of the people but why we don’t react to any action by Eseyas is beyond me.
    There is rumor that Asseb had leases for 100years to Ethiopia and the garrantor is America. 100 year is very long and it would be very difficult to cancel international agreements once signed. As citizens what do we need to do? In my opinion at least we can call a day of rage! In this day of communication era when information is in real time it is ease to organise worldwide demo. We have two choice :to stay put and say nothing or to do something. The viable option is to voice louder your opposition to the lease.

  • Danilo July 8, 2018

    Well said Berhane, that is the fact. Also as many agree that the only five million people could have managed to prosperity if allowed peace fully. No need natural resources ,strategic ports , trade allowance from third party while have great human resources. Just peace we need peace and freedom.

    • Asmara Eritrea July 8, 2018

      Call me an optimistic if you like, but I cannot see how Eritrea will ever achieve peace in itself and indeed with its neighbours whilst Isaias is still around.

      I happen to believe peace in Eritrea will only come when Isaias is 6 feet under.

      Eritrea forever, death to dictatorship.

      • Danilo July 8, 2018

        That what I meant ASMARA ERITREA, peace with out the author of destruction that usually comes across the border spy, bandit esayas, home born, skilled evil mission to complete order to divide and destroy Eritrea for the sake of third party.

      • Michael Tesfamariam July 8, 2018

        Hahhahaha,,, Eritrea is always a peaceful country; it is not the lack peace and stability that forced you to flee your country, (given you are Eritrean), it is this selfish greedy economic ambitions and desperation you were inspired by. No matter how many times you are willing to position your ass to Amhara, they will never give the peace you are looking for.

        • Amanuel July 9, 2018

          Ab ertra wishtina snit wedi hirkam is always wedi hirkam. Aboka anadi.

    • Michael Tesfamariam July 8, 2018

      What a deluded person! Just keep praying and wishing, Issais and Amhara will offer you the peace you are yawning for.

  • meretse July 8, 2018

    News from inside Asmara: women in Asmara are told to dress zuria mandatory. We will see if ululating is part of it too. Boy! What is next?

    • Michael Tesfamariam July 8, 2018

      The next will be to make Eritrea part of Ethiopia, and Issais will be the governor. Bingo!

      • Simon G. July 9, 2018

        FOr the first time, I agree with you.
        That’s the plan DIA and your new PM, tripple-A are planning to do so. Otherwise, why they keep saying “No border”.
        Teh amazing thing is that the unprincipled HGDF parrots keep saying Game Over. Which game?

  • Hagherawi July 8, 2018

    ” Eseyas do everthing out of contempt and disrespect of the people but why we don’t react to any action by Eseyas is beyond me.”


    For some or should I say for many, he is not acting with contempt.
    They don’t see it as that. Take for example the case of Asamara University law student who back in early nineties, in a public meeting with Iesyas asked a few important questions about law and special courts. Iseyas replied with contempt to him, but people started laughing about it. There are a lot of similar cases, in Eritrea and abroad, where the tyrant replies like a thug and those present in the meeting burst in laughs and cheers.
    So in the end the problem of Iseyas is more about us than about him.
    Till early 2000, people were killed for saying something about him. There were those who thought of him like a God sent savior of the people. Venerated like god.
    The thousands who perished in Halewa Sewra died crying for justice, while many who could have saved their lives, either helped the monster or looked elsewhere.
    Now it’s the turn of whole country and yet there are still some who think, he is going to demarcate the border and lead the country for eternity. I feel sorry for them.
    Will we ever learn to make whoever want to lead this country accountable, regardless who he/she is ?

    • Sol July 8, 2018

      Take for example the case of Asamara University law student who back in early nineties, in a public meeting with Iesyas asked a few important questions about law and special courts. Iseyas replied with contempt to him, but people started laughing about it. There are a lot of similar cases, in Eritrea and abroad, …

      Brilliant Observation Hagherawi.

  • Gezae July 8, 2018

    My message for those useless idiots who benefit from Ethiopia and Eritrea no war no peace, I would like say to them your game is over, you better prepare to find other means of income to pay for your family food and clothes expenses and your house rent. Thank PIA and Dr. Abiy Ahmed the rest left is OURS home works.

    • Dawit July 8, 2018

      Mr Gezae,
      You above anyone else made the best comment of peace and good future to the two brotherly people. Your message is excellent and clear and also straight to the point.
      The rest so called opportunists opposition can find other games to amuse themselves.
      Alternatively. they can indulge in hide and seek old games but can never cheat or represent the long suffering people of Eritrea. They have made so much fortunes out of our misfortunes.
      Mr Gezae, as you rightly said now it is up to us to do our home works & to identify our enemies.

    • Sol July 8, 2018

      Gezae, it is only the predator Isayas who benefited from the no peace no war condition. I personally know families who left Bademe in 1981 and became refugees in Sudan when IA gave Bademe to his x-allies TPLF as a reward for their role on crashing ELF and in 1998 when he realized that Woyane are becoming an obstacle to accomplish his ambition or dream he waged war to retake the same Bademe that he gave to woayne in 1981 and there are still people like you worshiping him.

  • Hagherawi July 8, 2018

    Mr. Gezae

    Eritreans will benefit from peace with Ethiopia. Peace will limit Higdef’s options to only two:

    1. Impliment the constitution and let young Eritrean live in their own country in peace.

    2. Continue the policy of repression to keep in place a fascist régime at any cost.

    There is no much grayland left in the middle that can give you some space for manouvering.
    Even if you postpone border demarcation to kerp the whole country hostage, option 1 means it’s “Game Over” for Higdef.
    The dark chapter of Higdef history is beginning to end.

  • Amanuel July 8, 2018

    The end of dictators is always known tewaridka mot eyu.

  • Wedi Hagher July 8, 2018

    DIA is interested only in Badme, to show the world that the Weyane bowed to his will. He never mentions more than 12 villages given to Ethiopia.
    Dr. Abiy Ahmed want his country to have Ethiopia to sea.
    DIA cannot be trusted. He may give Aseb to Ethiopia completely disregarding Eritrea’s territorial integrity. It’s naïve to think he cannot or will no do that.

  • Michael Tesfamariam July 8, 2018

    ,,,,,,,,”Our Unity and eventual Victory is imminent.” Hahahahahah, I can’t stop laughing when i read this deluded concluding remark from a self appointed a despaired and hopeless group of clowns who do not know mortification.

    You used just one individua who deserted early during the armed struggle for independence to rewrite history about Issais. I and many Eritreans understand very well why would you want to pander with this outrageous conspiracy theory. Yes, Issais is th enemy of the people and the country, but what this has got to do with his initial intent when joined ELF or EPLF? Virtually all Eritreans perhaps including yourself, praised Issais as a hero during the 1990s following Eritrean independence. Now, after your daydream and wishful thinking of grabbing power in Eritrea faded away by the day, you came up with this ridiculous claim.
    But your delusion and fantasy beg one question , and perhaps you should answer it. So What?

  • Tesfai July 8, 2018

    Haku you need to elaborate and expand on this. What do you mean when you say:
    “Jebha was as evil, repressive and murderous as the Hgdefites.”

    Haku wrote:

    There is no doubt that Issaias is a totalitarian and repressive dictator. But Issaias was not born totalitarian, it is the Eritrean political situation and the Jebha, al Wahda and Shaebia political intrigues and suspicions that created him. In short, mieda Eritrea created him.
    Most of the left overs and the hopeless camps of Jebha have been churning and spreading such real or imagines garbage all their lives. This will not give the worthless and vengeful Arabist Jebha any life again. Jebha was as evil and repressive and murderous as the Hgdefites.
    The writer attempts to write about Issaias in the 1970s and how he created the EPLF that had finally liberated Eritrea but as a typical from the failed Jebha class, he does not want to inform the reader here about the murderous Arabist, sectarian and Islamist Jebha that had led to this. If the sectarian and Arabist leadership of Qiada al Amma and Jebha was murdering Issaias Afeworki’s comrades, do you really expect Issaias to bow and kiss Qiada al Ammas azz like many of you had done?
    With such garbage being repeated quite often from the losers in the Jebha camp, no wonder, young Eritreans had abandoned them and does not give a shit to the futile opposition in the Jebha camp.
    For your information, Jebha and its sectarian and Arabist ideology is long dead and buried six foot under, it has no place in future Eritrea. If you have any other worthy political programs to peddle as a worthy “belaroba” you are welcome.

    • Amanuel July 9, 2018

      Hi tesfay ab belabelo nay jebhan shaebian aykonan ninebir. Zihalefe halifus bkulu huluf dima aytehagosnan. Poletikegna zitikemelu tactic eyu nsu. Zegedisena mesel nay zega natey, natka nay kulna ember zimote aeximti alelka kemey neru aykonen. Esu nitaric temeramerti nigdefo. Niska bzeymikniat teasirka firdi sienka hatati zeybilka abzeyfilet esribet endabesbeska and Tim entele gin naybehaki niska zeykonka aneye bdewey moyte zeleku. Kabzia nilaeli tehifir tarik kithiluw aytikielin eya. Tisamamae yimesleni.

      • Amanuel July 9, 2018

        And should read ane Tim entele.