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Esayas Afeworki, the Arch Enemy of Eritrea and Eritreans Must Go!!

Esayas Afeworki, the arch enemy of Eritrea and Eritreans, did not join the Eritrean war for Independence from Ethiopia, as we were deceived to believe. When Esaya was a student at the university of Ethiopia,

Esayas Afeworki, the arch enemy of Eritrea and Eritreans, did not join the Eritrean war for Independence from Ethiopia, as we were deceived to believe. When Esaya was a student at the university of Ethiopia, Addis Ababa,in 1965, Eritrean Liberation Front (ELF) cadres visited the University in order to recruit Eritrean university students  for clandestine work of the  ELF. In the Cadres’ efforts, they managed to meet a group of seven students, and Esayas Afeworki was among them.

Right, after the ELF cadres left, the students continued the discussion, and according to two of those students, Esayas was the only one who negatively commented, saying that he does not want to be an instrument of Muslims. His comment showed his bias against Muslims and his eventual intensions. Esayas did not take very much time to be recruited by Ras Asrate Kassa, the then Ethiopian Governor of Ethiopia, in Eritrea, and the American CIA, according to the late Tesfamichael  Georgio.  He also, deceptively joined the Eritrean Liberation Front in 1966, for the purpose of sabotaging and disrupting the ELF from within, during its armed struggle for Eritrean Independence from Ethiopia.

That means, Isayas did not join the Eritrean armed struggle for the purpose of Eritrean liberation, as many of us were deceived to believe, but to intentionally sabotage and disrupt the movement from within, and also to espouse his dream of becoming the echelon of the movement. 

Within a short time after joining the ELF armed struggle, Esayas maneuvered his way up the leadership ranks, where he systematically and skillfully started to form a new political group for the  purpose forming his own political group, called the Eritrean Peoples’ Liberation Front (EPLF) from within the ELF, in 1970. 

Since  Esayas’s ultimate goal was to become the supreme leader of the Eritrean political Movement, he quickly mastered the psychological makeup of the Eritrean people, demographically, and he quickly started playing politics of divisiveness, distraction, illusion, and manipulation. By doing so, he weakened the homogenous fabric of the Eritrean society. He deceptively sliced and diced the country into highlands, lowlands, regions and religions. Such political scheme worked well for him for his agenda of “divide and rule.”

He was also the mastermind of continuous skirmishes and internal wars between the ELF and the EPLF. As a result of such internal wars, many combatants from both political fronts were unnecessarily martyred.

The damages Esayas Afeworki has caused to the state of Eritrea and Eritrean is immeasurable, unprecedented and unparalleled and cannot be reasonably described within the limited scope and content of this piece. We will, however, try to cover a few of the  highlights of the pre and post independence eras:


Highlights of pre-independence damages Issayas had caused to Eritrea and Eritreans :

When the Eritrean people were unsuspectingly focusing using on fighting the Ethiopian occupation army, with a spirit of obsessive nationalism, they failed to notice that Esayas  instigated mysterious internal wars between the ELF and EPLF, and he was mysteriously and  systematically liquidating the cream of the crop of the Eritrean political cadres,, from both Fronts, whom he felt would be a threat  to his  becoming the eventual supreme  Leader of Eritrea.

His most powerful ability was to create a highly secretive and potent security apparatus, which effectively operated unnoticed until the day of independence, without even the knowledge of some in the ranks, who were e supposed to be his comrades. The security agents have been secretly eliminating combatants and civilians with Essayas’s direct and in direct orders. In some cases, the ordered killers were immediately being eliminated to keep his dirty schemes leak proof. Essayas is a con artist, who outsmarted, out foxed, and out maneuvered  the Eritrean people, as a whole for over 40 years, without being seriously abated.

Such immense power is unprecedented, and it will shame all Eritreans for generations to come. Esayas, by nature, has a highly erratic mind, arrogant, vengeful, and iron fisted, and yet, he couldn’t face any serious challenges from any individuals or groups, which is very unusual phenomenon that no logic or common sense can answer.

 Even though more Eritrean political cadres were directly or indirectly killed in the hands of Esayas Afeworki than those martyred in the battles against the foreign enemy, Eritrean people failed to pay attention  due to their obsessive spirit of nationalism to pay attention to Esayas’s  internal sabotages for a long time. Esayas  became an expert in implementing  a socio-political  doctrine of falsehood and mistrust amongst the Eritrean people, which subsequently resulted in weakening the strong social, religious and cultural fabric of the Eritrean society, at large.

The most ironic aspect of the Eritrean war of independence was that despite the fact that Esayas has always been one of the main authors of the internal infightings of Eritreans against Eritreans, and the main architect of continuous secret disappearances of many gallant Eritrean fighters, no Eritrean, ever, had the nerve to stand up against him.

 In addition, he managed to always deceptively claim an unearned recognition and fame, when indeed, he, himself, had never fired a single bullet against the Ethiopian army of occupation. This clearly shows that Esayas’s concern was to make sure that he maintains a safe path to his eventual becoming the supreme leader of Eritrea, for life. All the bad things he has shown us from day one can attest to that. One of the biggest damages he has perpetrated against the Eritrean people is that he has completely destroyed our culture, our faith and spirit.   

Post Independence

After Eritrea gained its independence on May 24, 1991, Isayas Afeworki, the self proclaimed president of Eritrea for life, and a handful of collaborators, defiantly took power by betraying the Trust of and the Promise to their martyred colleagues and they have ended up destroying the country beyond repair, politically, socio-economically and diplomatically. A significant percentage of our people are either arbitrarily tortured, or imprisoned, killed or forcibly displaced leaving their loved ones behind. Eritrean youth and children above the age of 16 years, are conscripted by force, for a meaningless and un ending slavery in the name national military service. This military service was supposed to be eighteen months long program, but almost all of the Eritrean participants are intentionally kept in the program for multiple rounds, and some times, as even long as 20 rounds of service.  

This is a tactful scheme, whose main purpose is to keep them disturbed and restless, so that Esyas can stay in power, forever.  

Eritrea, is unusually a country which has closed its single university, and remains to be without a national constitution for 27 plus years. Esayas has denied Eritreans to invest their resources, their skills and professions for the service and development of their country. There is no economic planning for the welfare of the people, nor any health or social services. He does not believe in educational systems for the young people, and we can safely say that Eritrea is one of the few or the only country that denies its people the opportunity to get the benefits of the free American DV1, visa system. The lives and well being of Eritreans has never be in his DNA. In order to annihilate and displace the Eritrean people, he got us into unwanted war with Ethiopia, and despite their much lesser in numbers, he did not arm our combatants with relatively comparable weapons.  Eritrean farmers cannot farm and feed themselves and workers cannot work. Religious people cannot worship.  

He has always, single handedly, ruled the country by intuition and decrees, and he is always safely, in full control of the country, and its people . By keeping the wealth of the  to himself, the country is now teetering on the brink of economic bankruptcy. It is, therefore, incumbent upon all Eritreans to get rid of this greatest cardinal of sin, before he sells the country to the highest bidder.    

Long Live Eritrea, and Eternal life to our Martyrs.
Our Unity and eventual Victory is imminent.

Eritreans for Unity Democracy and Salvation in Eritrea,

Seattle branch.  




Review overview
  • Amanuel July 7, 2018

    His crimes are open, gruesome, devastating to the whole country and will be felt for many years. So no doubt he will bear the public outrage with out forgiveness no matter what happens. No question he will be trashed soon.

  • Hagherawi July 7, 2018

    Talking about Iseyas’ criminality is too late and little.
    There is a question, strangely, is never raised: why the ELF did not kill Iseyas ?.
    When Iseyas and about 20 of his comrades were near Segheneiti they ambushed and killed 3 ELF fighters who were going to see their families.
    It was easy for ELF to send a platoon of their army and annihilate the group or force them to hand over themselves to the enemy with which they had a channel of communication.
    Aden, Mogadishu, Khartoum and Beirut were cities in which Iseyas could have been easily targeted.
    On various occasions the ELF agents were just few meters away from him.
    Iseyas has never been on the hit list of the ELF.
    Does anyone know why the ELF never targeted ELF ?

    • Ermiyas July 7, 2018

      Hagherawi aka Arabawi savage rootless Arab slave dog also posing as an Eritrean “Christian” with multiple pen-names of Amanuel, Sol, Almaz, Wedi Hagher, and so on muslim shit gimmicks.
      Isaias was absolutely right to say that he didn’t want to be an instrument of the bastard savage Arabs and their rootless evil lowland muslim korakur Arab dogs. Death to evil ELF mendef korakur.

  • Habtegiorgis ABRAHA (I wish all of us who would like to contribute to the discussion, use our real names instead of reconstructed name, ... unaccountable opinions, pls.) July 7, 2018

    ሓቢሩ ዝኸይድ ሓበሬታታት፡
    “ብዛዕባ ናይ ኤርትራ ኩነታት ክከታተሉን ጸብጻብ ከቕርቡሎምን ካብ ዝቈጸሩዎም ሓደ ኢሳያስ ኣፈወርቒ ነበረ። ብርግጽ ነዛ መደብ እዚኣ ኢዩ ካኣ ናብ ተ.ሓ.ኤ ክጽምበር ዝተላእከ።” (ጀነራል ዳንኤል መንግስቱ፡ ብጊዜ ሃጸይ ኅይለ ስላሴ ናይ ኢትዮጵያ ናይ ጸትታ ሓላፊ፣ ‘መነሊክ’ ጋዜጣ፡ መግጋቢት 1993 ዓ.ም.ኢ/ 2001 ዓ.ም፡ ኣዲስ ኣበባ ካብ ዝተመዝገበ ቃለ መጠይቅ)

    ኣስመራ ኣሜሪካን ቃኘው ስተሽን፡ ናይ መሕለፊ መንነት ቊ. 0071፡ ኢሳያስ ኣፈወርቂ (

    ክእመን ክክሓድ፡ እዚ ዝዝረበሉ ናይ ምስጢር ስምምዓት’ዚ፡ ብፖሊቲከኛታት፣ ወይ ብናይ ጸጥታ ሰብ ሞያን ሰበስልጣንን ጥራሕ ዘይዀነስ፡ ኣብ ናይ መጽናዕትን ኣካዳሚያዊ ኢንስቲቱሽናት መዛግብ ከይተረፈ ዝተሰነደ ታሪኻዊ ነጥቢ ኢዩ። ትሕዝቶኡ ካኣ ብኸምዚ ዝስዕብ ይግለጽ፡

    “ኣብ ጊዜ ዝሑል ኲናት፡ ሀ) ፖሊትካዊ ዳይናሚክስ፡ ብፍሉይ ዝምድና ዓረብ-እስራኤል፣ ለ) ንጥፈታት ሶቭየት ሕብረት ኣብቲ ዞና@ቲ፣ ሐ) ድሕነትን ጸጥታን ናይ ነዳዲ መጓዓዝያ መስመር ብቐይሕ ባሕርን ብዝምልከቱ ትሕዝቶታት፡ ብናይ ዩ.ኤስ ጂኦ-ፖሊትካዊ ስትራተጂያዊያን፡ ኢትዮጵያ ፕሮ-ዩ.ኤስ ትርአ ነይራ። ተ.ሓ.ኤ ካኣ ተጻራሪት ናይ ዩ.ኤስን እስራኤልን ምንባራ ኣዕለል ስለ ዝነበረ። . . . ኣብ መወዳእታ፡ ነታ ብኣስላም ዝተዓብለለትን ፕሮ-ዓረብን ዝበሉዋ ተ.ሓ.ኤ ክምክቱዋ ወይ ከልምሱዋ ከምኡ ድማ ናይ ዩ.ኤስ ጥቕሚ ክከላኸሉን ምስ ማእከላይ/ ድሓን ዝዀኑ ዝበለቶም ኤርትራዊያን ጉጅለታት ሚስጢራዊ ስምምዕ መስረተት።” (ዶ. ጌታቸው መታፈሪያ፡ Ethiopia and the United States: History, diplomacy, and Analysis

    ዶ. ጌታቸው መታፈሪያ፡ member of American Association of University Professors, American Political Science Association, African studies Association, Association of African Political Scientists, Lecturer at University of Maryland Eastern US)

    ጽቡቕ ምሸት!

    • Hagherawi July 8, 2018

      Thanks a lot Habtegiorgis ABRAHA

      Iseyas’ supporters, many of whom happen to be ordinary EPLF members, refuse to believe that their boss was an agent of the enemy during Hailesellasie era.
      In the years following the demise of the old Monarch, and the advent of Derg to power, his mission came to end.
      All those who knew about this secret, within his Selfi Natzinet group and elsewhere were killed, The last survivor, ex-District Officer of Decamere, was killed in Addis Abeba in 1991.
      Iseyas’ horrible crimes during Ghedli and after is very much connected to this past. All those who ignored this sad fact paid the highest price.
      Iseyas implicated a lot of people in his crimes, divided people by religion and region. Now he is not alone, he is protected by many who fear justice, which makes removing his regime a very difficult task.

  • Ermiyas July 8, 2018

    The situation of Isaias and his old criminal gangs group can be described as “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”. Similarly, what happens in evil ELF mendef shit or in shaebia evil ghedli land stays in shaebia evil ghedli land.
    In both cases the dirty laundries are dirty laundries and they should stay in where the dirty laundries are. At least the Vegas’s good things can be taken out and speak about them loudly and proudly. The savage Islamic and barbaric Jebha ELF mendef or the shaebia evil ghedli land’s things are all about banditry, shames, savagery, disasters, brutal killings, betrayals to be hidden. Isaias’s EPLF and Weyane’s TPLF should be admired for wiping out the barbaric ELF mendef though.

    • Ermiyas July 8, 2018

      addition: Isaias’s EPLF and Weyane’s TPLF should be massively admired for wiping out the barbaric evil Islamic ELF/Jebha mendef garbage shit.

      • AHMED SALEH !!! July 8, 2018

        Ermiyas aka mr. halewlow
        Weyane faces the end of existence . your game is over incase you
        missed to recognize the reality that has been taken place at this moment .
        EVIL people do not survive for too long because GOD hates UGLY men .
        EPLF leadership will fellow the same fate as their next door cousins .
        Truth started to prevail . Now bad boys are in search of hiding place .

        • Ermiyas July 8, 2018

          Ayte savage evil Arab slave dog, your bloody Islam is a vicious CANCER to our beautiful/peaceful country and society. ROT in your vicious Islam HELL.

    • temesgen July 8, 2018

      100% i agree

    • Sol July 8, 2018

      Tekhlay Ermiyas, you are an ugly product of those old and dirty laundries.

  • temesgen July 8, 2018

    Ane Gin Zigermeni nay Ezom kebesa tigrigna eyu. Kurub nay abotatna abahagotatna atehasasiba aynet yeblnan. tigageyu alekum kitbehalu kelekum aytisemuun temeliskum dima chaw chaw kitiblu tirikebu. Higi win fetikan keyfetekan tigrigna ab hade merbeb etewu mis tigray. Enbi ente elkum gash barka kab eritrea kinfelya ena! ezia wedahankum

    • AHMED SALEH !!! July 8, 2018

      Your sinister dream to divide people had backfired but you refused to learn
      from mistakes made in ETHIOPIAN sociopolitical area .

      • Ermiyas July 8, 2018

        Ayte LEKHIBAT HARADI mushmush demented and ROOTLESS CANCEROUS aslamay, stop hallucinating from your dried up and fucked up fagnatura halal backside.

    • Ermiyas July 8, 2018

      Brother Temesgen, well said.
      The only goal of evil ghedli and the PFDJ mafia is how to destroy the proud God fearing peaceful people of highland Eritrea. The PFDJ is not color blind when it comes to applying its tyrannical rule over the people of Eritrea. I despise those who hold the view that the PFDJ favours the Ethnic Tigrigna and treats the Tigrigna people better than other Eritrean ethnic groups. I also despise evil ghedli for liberating the country at the expenses of the proud Habesha (tigrigna speaking “Christians”) people of Eritrea.
      Now, I am even going further and be blunt; who paid the colossal price to liberate the “bambula/fake” country???? even though it was already a free country with happy people. It was of course the highland Christians who paid the colossal price to Arabize the fake/bambula nation. Deki Halima savage evil muslim rootless lowland Arab dogs were just serving and taking orders from their barbarian Arab slave masters to Islamize poor Eritrea.

      • Tsehaye July 8, 2018

        Haw Ermiyas, thank you I agree with you 100% indeed. Please continue more and more.

        • AHMED SALEH !!! July 8, 2018

          Akli xibet hahaha

  • zeregabir Teaghes July 8, 2018

    It is not the time to write such. The trend looks bright for Peace.

    • Tsehaye July 8, 2018

      Haw Zeregabir, yes the trend looks bright for peace but we have the HASADAT Muslims to spoil it.

  • Simon G. July 8, 2018

    When isayas said Game Over, he meant for Eritrea.
    Think, he is selling Eritrea to Ethiopia and the is Betrayal II.
    Most HGDF followers do not have the capability to think. They are paralyzed and morally corrupted.
    He didn’t even bother to let the Eritrean people who is visiting them on Sunday.
    If this is not a disrespect, what it is then?
    You idiot Eritreans who are clapping for this fake peace, wake up and smell the coffee.

    • rezen July 8, 2018

      Simon G,
      I agree with every line, every word, you wrote – including your legitimate ANGER. When I posted my own anger, I noticed your input and immediately decided to write this note as my heart-felt reaction to your input. It is way over due that we Eritreans see the incoming terminating catastrophe of ERITREA as we know it. rezen

  • rezen July 8, 2018

    Subject: “Esayas Afeworki, the Arch Enemy of Eritrea and Eritreans Must Go!!”, July, 7, 2018, by Eritreans for Unity Democracy and Salvation in Eritrea, Seattle branch.

    Commentary, 7 July 2018
    The Article seems to be a draft for an essential book on the history of Eritrea; and in particular, about Issayas Afewerki Abraha’s craftiness who, single handily manipulated a country of five to six million believers> honest> innocent people. This may not – in fact, it’s NOT – a new phenomenon in the annals of human history. People are deceived continuously. In any case, let us concentrate on OURSELVES i.e. The people of a land named, by colonial master, as “ERITREA”

    In Eritrea, for seemingly time immemorial, we have sociological problem that prevented us [and still does] from THINKING in terms of common interest as HUMAN BEINGS but instead only in terms of narrow parochialism of RELIGION and REGIONALISM. The ‘FRATERNAL’ war to liquidate each other during the Liberation War is a glaring testimony of the deep problem of the Eritrean society. Eritreans preferred to fight against themselves in the middle of Liberation Struggle for an Independent Eritrea. The priority {unbelievable as it may seem] was to liquidate each other before attaining the desired Liberation from Ethiopia. It is upside down of logic!!! A first-year college drop-out, amazingly recognizing THAT CHARACTER FLAW among the Eritrean society, used it to advance HIS own objective.

    Yes, Issayas Afewerki Abraha was cunning enough to use the WEAPON of the Eritreans themselves to liquidate each other. And he succeeded to THIS DAY. But there is no permanency in Life. Issayas too will pay, in one form or another, for his cruelty and criminal adventure upon the Eritrean people. It is his character flaw that would defeat him – NOT DUE TO COHESIVE ERITREAN FORCE.

    But that would NOT be the end of the Eritrean problem. The only difference is that the NEW PLAYERS may very well be NOT Eritreans but foreign entities looking for strategic endeavor. Eritrea has always been a pony of various crusaders and there does not seem to be a chance for an independent, cohesive, and cooperative attitude in Eritrea. WE ARE WHAT WE ARE. WE CAN’T HELP IT. We will keep on pretending and insulting each other on the Internet.

    To fight (replace) Issayas Afewerki Abraha by a democratic leader takes us 80 to 90 liberation forces, to solve the problem of Eritrea, from a safe distance, in comfortable places in foreign countries around the Globe. In addition to that ‘effort’ we also have countless individual units composed of Highly Educated Eritreans, Graduates from Ivy League Universities around Globe, spending their time advancing their individual agenda in the name of “liberation of Eritrea”. Poor Eritrea! It seems, it is destined to be a permanent pony of a chess game in national and international politics.

    Such hopelessness was recently reflected in our excitement and HOPE, for any change in our own Land, when a young, dynamic, new Prime Minister of Ethiopia came to the international chessboard game, hoping that we will be liberated from our own indigenous Dictator, Issayas Afewrki Abraha!!! That is the measuring yard stick of our hopelessness!!! . Even if this strange HOPE is possible, are we really capable of having a democratic State, with a common trajectory to self-administration, free country, with common understanding of the concept of Democracy, Liberty, Freedom, Fraternity and common prism of ONE country??? Are WE ERITREANS CAPABLE of forging such a Society? The answer must come from ALL OF US as it is for OUR OWN LIFE. Needless to say, the DECISION IS OURS. Based on our failure, interested international nations can always use Eritrea for their own purpose. And we are accustomed to that Life – as attested by our own past and present characteristic history. THE END

    • Tsehaye July 8, 2018

      Haw Rezen, thank you and I agree with you 99.9% but by saying too much you complicate things.

      • rezen July 8, 2018

        Thank you, Tsehaye.
        I took note of your honest and helpful reaction. I will ‘try” my best to economize words, without losing the essence of my message. rezen

  • Gezae July 8, 2018

    Yemane G. Meskel
    Ethiopia’s Prime Minister, Dr. Abiy Ahmed, will arrive in Asmara this morning. This historic official visit, & the Summit that will take place between the two leaders of both countries, is the first of its kind for twenty years. It heralds a new era of peace and cooperation

  • Berhane Haile July 8, 2018

    I sayas is an evil person whose sole aim is either to hand over Eritrea to Ethiopia and if he did not succeed to destroy it. There are so many concrete examples that can be cited. Isayas could make Eritrea a trade zone of the horn of Africa and make a very wealthy and developed country. But since his intention is to make it a backward country he denied many investors and derailed countless industrial and agricultural projects. Eritrea gained billions of USD from its minerals but Isayas can’t provide adequate water and electricity not because it is expensive but he does not want to. The Italian government for example wanted to totally revamp the Asmara sewage system as a compensation after the independence of Eritrea. Isayas refused by saying “You can give us the money we can do it.” Of course the Italians refused because they cant let other companies do it with their own cash. The European Union initiated a project to construct and repair the road from Massawa to Teseney. Isayas said we can do it just give us the cash. The EU said OK, but the project which could have been finished within two years took him more than fifteen years to finish, because he used the cash for other purposes and tried to do the work through the warsay slaves. In general since Eritrea is a small nation with only five million people, Isayas could have left the people develop their country; alas Isayas wants a poor Eritrea. His slogan is, you can’t control rich people. He refused to let aid agencies to operate in Eritrea because he was afraid he will lose the loyalty of the people, he lost it anyway. This man a brutal man who relaxes when he sees the suffering of the people. That’s why he has imprisoned tens of thousands of innocent people in hellish dungeons without any court hearing. His greatest enemy is the Eritrean people: had it not been so, he would have left them say their opinion, leave them free to move inside their country, provide them with basic commodities. The day Isayas is removed, Eritrea and its people will have peace and justice; if not poverty and injustice will continue.