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ERITREA’S MISSING $1 BILLION There is over 1 billion dollar missing from the revenue of the Bisha gold mine since 2011. Where did all that money go? Who is managing the nations finance and how? It


There is over 1 billion dollar missing from the revenue of the Bisha gold mine since 2011. Where did all that money go? Who is managing the nations finance and how? It is public finance but it seems it’s on the hands of few. Who is benefiting from the revenues of Eritrean mining boom apart from the few parasites?

Couple of years ago we were bamboozled by the PFDJ ruling party how life will change in Eritrea with the mining boom and how prosperous Eritrea will become…. In fact the regime was bragging about how Eritrea became one of the fastest growing economies of the world with 11 to 17 % growth showing since 2011.

According to figures published by the Canada-based mining company,  Nevsun recorded revenues of $548 million from its Eritrean gold heist operations in 2011 and around $400 million for the year of 2012 (Gold was slightly down). The total revenues accruing to the Government of Eritrea are unknown. However, under the terms of Nevsun’s contract, an estimated 14.1 tons of ore were transferred to the Eritrean authorities in 2011 and 2012, potentially representing over $900 million on sales alone. It’s all opaque but let’s takes Nevsun’s figures at face value for the sake examination.

The Government of Eritrea’s share

The GoE earned over $900 million in cash flow from the Bisha gold mining in the last two years alone. It is a lot of money for any country live alone poor little Eritrea, where did it go? Who is responsible for managing of public finances?

Where on earth is all that money? There is almost 1billion dollar missing so far, so where did it go, on which bank is the cash stashed and by whom?

The GoE never released any financial report regarding the mining revenues; if it wasn’t for Nevsun’s reports we would have no clue regarding the mining revenues. By the way stakeholders and investors of Nevsun demand mandatory and regular release of reports regarding the company’s operations. After all without rigorous enforcement of transparency and checks there would not be any viable business to talk about.

Absolute power corrupts absolutely

So again the GoE said Eritrea is registering 11% to 17% growth each year since 2011, the question is who is benefiting from the double digit economic growth? Poverty and hardship has been worsening in Eritrea while the economy was and is seemingly growing by huge double digit percentages. IT IS ABSURED!

All we hear and see now days is lack of everything in Eritrea; lack of food and water, lack of health services and supply of medicine, lack of energy, lack of information and education…Almost every essential and nonessential item is under rationing in Eritrea; with birthing air as the only exception that is not rationed yet, may be even that will be rationed in the future, the way the country is going nothing would surprise me anymore.

Supporting foreign causes

There are many individuals and groups under the Government of Eritrea’s payroll. One of them is off course Dr. Berhanu Nega the chairman of the Ethiopian opposition group Ginbot 7 who recently admitted on record to have over $500,000 budget allocated to his organisation by the so called government of Eritrea. The UN monitoring group on Eritrea and Somalia has also documented many groups and individual directly or indirectly supported by Eritrea. Please check references 1, 2 and 3.

How low can Eritrea stoop? Well our corrupt rulers just showed us how low they are prepared to stoop; very, very low indeed.  Just look at the “smuggling and trafficking business” orchestrated by non-other than the so called GoE. The evidence is overwhelming and undeniable. In unprecedented scale, they are in the “business” of kidnapping and smuggling of Eritreans with all their limbs tainted in blood.

The complete takeover

“If you check all those PFDJ companies are licensed with individual’s name which allows them have complete grip of the finance and monopoly of every firm in the country. So whether you name it Seghen Construction Company, Red sea, Bisha, Shipping, GEDEC, Harena boat assembly, and many more to about 78 in number. Each manager is allowed to deal with their companies in full authority to personalize their power and even to level of putting their money abroad.So the collection of Eritrean resources by PFDJ appointed individuals has been going on for decades and its impact will be crystal clear when DIA is removed.” Wed Fayd

Parasite Isaias Afewerki (PIA) did work hard; he worked hard not for you or anybody else but for himself.  Whatever his motivations are he is an evil genius and we have to recognize that reality. Currently as I write this article PIA is the self-made head of the nation, head of the church, mosque, and chief justice.  He literally controls all the companies that somehow are still running as well as off course every soul living inside his state. So that is an absolute corruption for you, it can NOT get any worse than this, it’s a complete takeover and absolute power and corruption.

Not everybody is under ration or in poverty in Eritrea; the majority are under extreme poverty line but few blood sucking parasitic individuals or cliques are living life of riches and extravaganza, you may not see it with your own eyes for now but trust me they are living lavish life style at the expense the rest of us. While our children, brother and sisters work slavishly with no pay and zero human right, those parasites are living on the blood and sweet of our people.

Inherently corrupt system cannot fight corruption it is impossible. Corrupt systems fighting corruption is like criminals enforcing laws that will put them in jail, it’s unheard of.

Our people are considered resource that can be exploited at any given time for any purpose. They work for free; they have no rights what so ever, they are treated like slaves because they are slaves according to the head slave master and parasite Isaias Afewerki.

To oppose corruption in government is the highest obligation of patriotism. It is duty of the youth to challenge corruption, to fight corruption and eradicate corruption.

There is no legal government in Eritrea but an illegal mafia organisation sucking the blood out of our nation. Just because they claim to be authority and dressed like authority does not make them an authority. They have no legal bases to be authority; they are simply bunch of parasitic criminals dressed in smart closing for the sole purpose of power.











Eng. Philmon Yohannes


Review overview
  • Dawit Meconen July 23, 2013

    The crux of the problem facing Eritrea today is the people’s, at home and abroad, inability to figure out their cental problem.

    The woyane puppets, the so called Eritrean opposition, recites whateever woyane tells them the problem and its solution is. Nothing more, nothing less. And likewise the Isaias Afewerqi Eritrean puppets.

    The fact that there are four groups is not hard to decipher. But you can also regroup them into two camps by Nationality: Tigrai camp and Eritrean camp.

    Let me be explicite: Isaias and his inner circle, Hagos Kisha, Yemane Monkey, Yemene Geberemesqel etc., and woyane . comprise the Tigrai Camp, while the rest comprise the Eritrean.

    The mantle of the leadership of the two camps is effectively held by Tegaru. although the two Tegaru in the respective Camps incriminate and counterincriminate each other, the fact of the matter is it is all superficial and make-believe designed to maintain the Eritrean Camp divided unto itself until the decisive hour.

    The Tigrai Camp has cultivated strong relationship with the Western countries, who has also its own agenda with regard to the Security of the Red Sea and its coastal lines. Their crystal ball tells them that the number of Eritrean Christian group will likely dwindle in the future relative to the Muslims, and hence their resolve to preempt the fall of the entire Red Sea under the Arab control.

    We all know that the mother of all problems Eritrea is facing day is the illegal and unnecessary War of 1998. It was Isaias Afewerqi who, instead of pleading with the UNSC, violated the international Law and launched the war against Ethiopia under the false pretext of self-defense, a brazen lie, which was later refuted by the Claim Commission.

    But Isaias Afewerqi did not only launch the unnecessary and illegal war but he also purposely mismanged the war in order to crash the spirit of the Eritrean Defense Forces and for the Tegaru to take their revenge.

    Ignoring the information the local millitia was relaying, he puposely let woyane soldiers cross into Eritrean territory and wage a surprise attack on the Eritrean Defesnse Forces from behind with devestatting impact, the result of which was the fall of Tesene and Barontu into the hands of woyane, the dispalcement of close to One million Eritrean inhabitants, the rape of our girls and women, the dececration of our devine Martyrs by woyane soldiers, not to mention the hundreds of millions of dollars worth of material looting………………………….

    Yes indeed,Isaias Afewerqi not only purposely mismanaged the war in order his Tegaru trampled Eritreans under their feet as a revenge for his past pain growing up in Eritrea as a son of wederbaA, but also left no stone unturned to let our beloved Port Assab fell to his Tegaru. Thanks God, his ploy was quickly discovred and foiled by the Eritrean Defense Forces under Wedi Ali leadership, whom he killed this early this year……….. etcccccccccccccccccs.

    Lately, a veteran EPLF Tegadalay, asked me how we should organize our struggle against Isaias Afewerqi. My reply was:

    1. We must dispell the myth that Isaias Afewerqi is Eritrean Hero.

    2. With facts, we must inculcate in the mind of all Eritreans the fact that Isaias Afewerqi, his wife, his inner circle are all Tegaru, who has been working secretly for the good of his Tigrai.

    3. We must prepare booklets that highlight his origin, his atrocious crimes from the inception he joined ELF till today. Disseminate the booklets free to every households, in Eritrea and Abroad

    4. We must work hard to disable EriTv, his cardinal tool of disinformation.

    5. At his festivals, Seminars, Celebrations, every Tegadalai must paricipate to expose Isaias Disinformations, his origin, through facts and prying questions……………… gentle with all of your manners

    6. condemn woyane interference in our country, for occupying our integral territory

    7. Call upon all Eritreans to cease their association with woyane and Isaias Afewerqi


    • Tes July 23, 2013

      Please don’t use the same brush to all and call all are tegaru. Saba the wife of the evil is an Eritrean from Senafe, Akeleguzai. Get your fact correct.

      • Dawit Meconen July 23, 2013

        The Amhara have a proverb, ” The perpetrator may forget his crime but not the victim.” We, Eritreans shall never foreget what the ungrateful tegaru did to us. Never never ever shall I forget and I solmenly swear to keep it alive for ever and everrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

    • MightyEmbasoyra July 23, 2013

      So, does this mean you let the top Eritrean Generals free? These are as criminal as isayas, if not worse. What are you going to do with them? Your article is half cooked. You look like that you are blaming the Isays’s circle for being woyane rather than for their criminal act. Also, if you are as wrong as Saba’s identity for the rest, I doubt your article has any merit.
      You seem very educated but you may have some lack when it comes to Eritrean geography – or you tring to exclude some section of Eritrea?

      • Dawit Meconen July 23, 2013

        Only the enemy of Eritrea, the woyanes, Isaias included, would want to see the whole country on fire under the false pretext of Democratic Change.

        However,we, the patriotic Eritreans, differentiate between the arch enemies, Isaias Afewerqi and his tegaru kinsmen, from the unawaken Eritreans, whom he has deluded through his con artistry.

        Do you recall the so called Commands, whom the Israelis selected from among the uneducated Eritreans, brain-washed and trained them to wipe out our Liberation warriors?

        Yes, the Commands did inflict heavy damages on our warriors but our warriors never took them as their enemies but as deceived brothers, who had to be reawakened to their basic interest. Success came after long and rentless struggle but when it did, it was happy ending, which we must apply to our present predicament. Otherwise, we are going to play into the hands of out enemies.

    • HGDEF July 23, 2013

      Hey Good plan.But first and foremost exposing Tigraians should start right here. Start with NEW HOPE eriTIGRIA. Because if Isaias is really Tigraway, the Tigrians here will defend him.

      Secondly, it is good to know your limits, because if you are in the opposition and you condemn Woyane, the opposition themselves will take care of you. Don’t forget there is so much Asha dye Beraki in the opposition. They won’t let you cut their apple tree.

    • aba_chegora September 23, 2013

      Selam Dawit,
      By all measures issaias did more for eritrea than you will ever do for eritrea. Of course you are free to call isaias a dictator. However dont try to tell us he is dictator just because his grandparents hail from Tigray. Do you have any idea how many people in kebesa Eritrea have a tigray origin ? What makes you think you are more eritrean than any other eritrean who is related to tigray ? Does the so called “pure eritrean” exist ? Why on earth do you think you are more eritrean than hagos or yemane ?
      Any way, what you wrote is just mumbo jumbo which originated in unhealthy brain and you thinking is the reason why many people unwillingly chose to support Higdef. Historically it is impossible to be a tigrigna and not to have blood relation with the tigrai people simbly because both tigrigna north and south of the border are basicaly one family.

  • Mike Wedi Massawa July 23, 2013

    I will tell you a true story went I went to get a driving licence I saw Isayas son Abraham driving a brand new Nissan Murano, it’s a a juicy 3 litre automatic sports utility and then everytime I went to Hedmona I met generals and ministers spending money for their crew like there is no tomorrow, while the rest are struggling to pay rent and most eat once a day…shame on PFDJ.

    • aba_chegora September 23, 2013

      Mike wedi massawa,

      What is wrong with the son of a president riding a moder car ? Tell me one reason. You are simply jealous. Let alone the son of a president, many fools are riding nissan Murano. Get you facts straight.

  • TwoWayStreet July 23, 2013

    The Writer (Eng. Philmon Yohannes)
    Could you please elaborate how you came up with the $1billion figure. Don’t get me wrong I am not a fun of the current regime, just trying to make the facts right.
    Nevsun financial statement shows:
    2010 2011 2012 Total
    Revenue 0 547000000 566000000 1113000000
    Gross profit 0 443000000 434000000 877000000
    Net Income (17000000) 250000000 246000000 479000000

    Nevsuns profit for the last three years is close to 500million, i.e. half a billion. We know that Eritrea owns 40% of the Bisha mining. So if we that the 500million as 100%, Eritrea share will be only 200Million or If we take that the 500Million is the Nevsun’s share i.e 60% then Eritrea’s share will be 330Million.
    I might be missing some facts, if so could you please explain?

    • TwoWayStreet July 23, 2013

      Sorry guys the format is not presented as I wished. it was supposed to be a table.
      So Revenue is for 0 for 2010 547mil for 2011 and 566mil for 2012, the Net income is negative 17Mil for 2010, 250mil for 2011 and 246mil for 2012 making the three year net income as 479mil dollars.

  • Genet July 23, 2013

    My GOD! who are you?
    Did you read my mind? These seven points plan are the best ever!!! Keep talking brother and I am listening. If we keep up with these points, soon everybody from diaspora will follow. They will follow, either afraid of being discovered as Tegaru they are or they will go through the EriTv (toxic) withdraw process and recover from zombie mentality. The result is for sure, UNITY OF ALL ERITREANS.
    Thanks! these are the best plan. You have my vote. Where do I sign?

    • TwoWayStreet July 24, 2013

      Ghenet and Dawit,
      I have seen good comments from you guys before, but on this one I call you the Donald Trumps of Eritrea. Donald Trump put all his efforts on labeling Barack Obama, as a Kenyan and Non American who should does not have the right to run for president. Instead of pointing out to any bad Obama policies, and telling the American people on how his party will lead the US, and why Obama led America is going to be different from a Republican led America, he and his followers spent their time on non-sense.
      My Advice “Don’t spend your time on NON-SENSE”

      • Genet July 25, 2013

        Dear Twoway,
        I do appreciate most of your comments. However, comparing me to the narcissistic and moraly bozo Donald Trump is not fair. Donald is a filthy rich BRAT, who was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. Donald lives in the free world. He lives his life as he whishs. His behavior toward Obama is just acting badly and abusing his privilege.

        I am no Donald Trump.
        I am an Eritrean whos people are beeing killed in vain. I am frasturated, because most Eritren people are afraid to death for speaking the truth. Twoway, ask yourself, What type of Eritreans support the PFDJ’s leader, Isaias Afewerki? Have you tried to find out? if you did what did you find? Let me tell you, what I found, #1. opportunisitc cowherds from all over Eritrea and all walks of lives; #2 People who are aware of their Tigrai origin with or/and without bad experience in Eritrea. Pure psychological inferiority complex, identity crisis, they suffer from terrible anxiety and fear of the unknown. #3. The age old “viliager” mentality” Those are the people thinks Isaias Afewerki is thir son from their viliage. They think it their duty to protect this man no matter what. They go around saying “Wodi,Afom…”. They don’t know any better; they are the viliage idiots. Those are the Eritrean people who are keeping, supporting and financing the dictator. Now, For me, the people with identity crisis are the group I think are easliy persuadable because they don’t want to be Ethiopins. Although, they go to Ethiopia when ever they got the chance. Yes at this time while calling other Eritreans “Woyane, Woyane, Woyane..” They just want to be reasured that they are Eritreans no less than any other Eritreans. In the process of reasureing them “tough love” is part of it. Tell me, what should we do wth people supporting the dictator because of #1 amd #3? How do we persuade them?

        • TwoWayStreet July 26, 2013

          Dear Ghenet
          My comparison to Donald Trump and followers is not all rounded. It was on a very specific point, on trying to convince your respective audience that the leader of your respective country is not a citizen.
          If you try to convince supporters that 22yrs of rule is too much, or that they don’t have their representative in the government, or point out the diplomatic failures of the regime, there is a chance that they might listen, but if you say that Issayas is Ethiopian, there is no way that you can convince them, and even I will not be convinced even though I want him out of our politics. I don’t consider this as one of my reasons for wanting him out. Remember, the American people elected OBAMA twice with all those comments about his citizenship.
          On top of that it is the responsibility of a democratic Eritrea to grant or deny citizenship. Even my daughter MIGHT be denied Eritrean citizenship because she was born outside of Eritrea.

  • HGDEF July 23, 2013

    ኢሳያስ ኢዱ ሂቡ
    ኢሳያስ ናብ ኤውሮጳ መጺኡ ኢዱ ሂቡ
    ኣሳይለም ክሓትት ናብ ኢንተርቭዩ ቀሪቡ
    ከይዝ ንክሕግዝዎ ምስ ተቃወምቲ ተዘራሪቡ

    ጽን ኢልካ ስምዓና ኩሉ ዝበልናካ
    ከይዝ ክጽብቀልካ ተኣሲረ በሎም ኢኻ
    መን ኣሲሩካ እንተ ኢሎሙኻ
    ስመርርር ይኹን እቲ መልስኻ
    ኣበይ ቦታ እንተ ኢሎሙኻ
    ኣብ ፓልቶክ ዩትዩብ ብያላኻ ያላኻ

  • Hailu July 23, 2013

    Dear Philemon,

    Thanks for the message; this is very important and timely to expose any information that is linked with the Dictator.
    Many naive Eritreans who never thought Isayas will steal money will be challenged now and many Isayas fun will be sick to comprehend the reality.

    The Nature of dictators is they PRETEND TO BE HOLY and all whatever corruption, misery and torture they blame to their ignorant generals and other government authorities.
    Similarly, Isayas was doing same for long, but this two years many people exposed his real behaviour and how he is destroying the country and the people.
    This 1billion dollar is a cup from the ocean, what about the billions of dollars the HGDEf companies in Eritrea, all the diaspora money for the last 40 years and more.

    So a lot is to come and we will witness all as God willing.

    But a brotherly comment Philemon Would be nice if you could also attached a reference to the information so that some of us who are meticulous can find out more.


  • semere July 23, 2013

    As singer sung “U are zero I, am zero, we are all zero” . Man you are talking about amhara, tigray, tygrina and so on, please do not divid us, like what the polticians do, we are all from the same root.

    • Genet July 24, 2013

      Excuse me, But did you just say,”Man you are talking about amhara, tigray, tygrina and so on, please do not divide us..” If you believe amhara, tigray and tygrina are the same why do you think Eritreans are refugees in Ethiopia? We are not talking about East Africa, but about Eritreans and Eritrea’s issues. Just Checking.

  • Semhar July 24, 2013


    It’s better late than never!

    The time has come for change in Eritrea!

    Let’s march for freedom in Eritrea and all over the world!

    Please do not forget to bring our Liberation Flag for the freedom march!

    Thanks and may God bless ጅግና፡ ኤርትራዊ ስዉእ ስዒድ ዓሊ ሕጃይ (ወዲ ዓሊ and his courageous comrades who marched with their tanks from Sorona, Akeleguzay to FORTO, Asmera to liberate our land and our people.

    The mad dog, the evil spirit ሕስረት ዝለመደ ዕባይ እንዳ ስዋ Isayas and his blind followers the PFDJ and their burned flag will be smashed!

    Eritrea will be free and our liberation flag will rise up again!

    Let freedom ring in Akeleguzy!
    Let freedom ring in Barka!
    Let freedom ring in sahil!
    Let freedom ring in Senhit!
    Let freedom ring in semhar!
    Let freedom ring in Seraye!
    Let freedom ring in Denkel!
    Let freedom ring in Hamassien!

    2013 freedom will ring allover ERITREA!
    ERITREA will be the Land of the FREE and the home of the BRAVE!

  • Truly, Truly i say to you July 24, 2013

    Well Ato Philimon Johannes you asked where is the missing billions of dollar from the revenue Bisha Gold mine? Who is managing the nation finance? How?
    Do i give answer for your question by asking you another question? Well, i don´t like to ask you to tell me the reason why was the well Known G- 15 members of ministers imprisoned. But i ask you all to tell me, why is for instance Ahmed Haji Ali minister of energy and mine just recently imprisoned? I am sure most of you meek ignorants as you think it is because of Forto operation. This is absolutely nonsense! Well the minister like puppet may served by being instrumentalize, but that doesn´t mean anyone who serve Isayas regime could not be patriot honest or real citizens . In deed there are few meek. i believe Minister Ahmed Haji is one of them even Mustafa Nurhussein would be i saw him in one video how he patriotically responding until i categorically rejected every rummer i heard regarding his true original identity. Specially for Minister Ahmed imprisonment i no doubt like Betewoded Abreha because didn´t let Isayas to compromise Port Asab with Eritrean interest, As well Haji Ali also because didn´t late him to steal the Eritrean gold mine money, but rather because confronted Isayas to make audit and to be transparent it is he imprisoned him. But you stupid, ignorants so called oppositions only because this guy served the regime without exactly knows his imprisonment you are pleasing and applauding like PFDJ are doing.

  • Truly, Truly i say to you July 24, 2013

    Actually our sportsmen ministers, artists, businessmen, civil workers etc when defected and asked asylum your response is also the same, without knowing the cause you all are pleasing? But for us who knew Isayas´s behavior, we know as hate real Dekebat to who are intelligent, very honest, smart and patriot. In case if found few inside his administration, unless for instrumentalization we know too after using them, finally as tthrown them. Isayas so that his crime not to be known deliberately by spreading rummer against citizens to those he doesn´t trust them more systematicaly as enforcing them to immigrate to every sensible person this secret is very obvious. Mesfi Hagos Adhanom and others are few to mentioned. Isayas very well knows the more citizens if he imprisoning or killing inside country, the more dangerous as it will be for his power? this is why he pushing citizens to immigrate, be they are Pilots or Physicians, national soccer teem players or others. But you foolish oppositions because you see only in one direction, without understanding Isayas´s motive you applauding for every defection. What an ignorance!
    Brother HGDEF doesn´t mistake when says, “It is a sad reality that everyone has specialized in criticizing HGDEF but can’t see people who have other motives as long as they sing “down down Isaias”.