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Eritrea’s Frightening MASSIVE MEDICAL DRAIN

Perhaps the ONLY positive achievement of the political regime that ruled for the whole 3 decades of the post-independence period was in the health sector, namely the significant reduction in under-five childhood mortality, maternal mortality,

Perhaps the ONLY positive achievement of the political regime that ruled for the whole 3 decades of the post-independence period was in the health sector, namely the significant reduction in under-five childhood mortality, maternal mortality, > 90% coverage in immunization of children. These remarkable achievements were made possible through the tireless hard work of health workers: from community health workers, health assistants, midwives, nurses, pharmacists, lab technicians, sanitarians, physicians, public health professionals … Not forgetting the support – both financial & technical – of donor organizations, both international and bilateral.

The world has long since moved on from the MDGs to SDGs; and consolidating the gains made & achieving the health-related targets of SDG and responding to the increasing health demands of Eritreans will crucially depend on a dynamic and robust health system.

The BEDROCK of a national health system is its health workforce.

How many of Eritrea’s different health professionals have fled in the last two decades is difficult to establish. The Ministry of Health of the state of Eritrea, like everything else in Eritrea, doesn’t have an updated date on health personnel.

(The following audit pertains only to medical doctors which I have been updating on a regular basis ever since I fled from Eritrea in 2006 & what is shows is both alarming & frightening)


Out of a national total pool of roughly 500 medical doctors, at least 240 have already fled (at least 14 of these since the signing of the so-called peace agreement & 4 in the last 8 weeks of 2019). Here are the details: in 3 parts

Part I: Veteran (older) physicians (my age and older, educated in Ethiopia or other foreign nations)

  • 26 Have already fled (including 11 general practitioners (GPs), 6 pediatricians, 2 radiologists, 3 ophthalmologists, 1 dermatologist, 2 Gynecology & Obstetric specialists, 4 surgeons


Part II: Orota School of Medicine & Dentistry Graduates (the YOUNG!) out of 354 total graduates 174 have left! By their batch


1st batch (graduated 2019): all 31 graduated doctors have left the nation

2nd batch (2010): 22 out of total 39 doctors have left

3rd Batch (2011): 22 out of total 39 left

4th batch (2012): 28 out of 49 left

5th batch (2013): 18 out of 39 have left

6th batch (2015): 19 out of 25 left

7th batch (2017): 14 out of 36 left

8th batch (January 2019): 12 out of 43 left

9th batch (August 2019): 6 out of 60 left


Part III: Orota School of Medicine & Dentistry: Doctors in dentistry: at least 11 left out of total 51:


1st batch (2014): 7 out of total 22 left

2nd batch (Jan 2019): at least 3 confirmed left out of 11 graduates

3rd batch (Aug 2019): at least 1 left out of total of 16 graduates


Review overview
  • k.tewolde January 3, 2020

    Eritrea today is a zombie nation and the campaign to achieve that started with the introduction of the impostor into the political and armed struggle of the Eritrean people by his mentors, my gullible people fell in love with him instantly and let him have his way with them despite the early warning from those who care,the rest is history.The scary part is not losing the force in the healthcare sector which we hustled more of us in diaspora as immigrants on our own,but the fact we are being given away like a bride by her father to become the grooms subservient and assume his name,that is terrifying!

  • Asmara Eritrea January 3, 2020

    What a tragedy! The loss of medical experts should galvanise all nationalist Eritreans to remove the beast from power. Only when Isaias is cut into a thousand pieces will Eritrea be at peace with itself and it’s neighbours. That time is 2020 and so far we have lost 3 days.

    As Eritreans, we have one enemy in the shape of the lunatic Isaias. And unless and until he is removed from power the very existence of our country is at stake.

    We should forget everything else and think/work hard 24/7 to eliminate Isiais. He has the blood of our brothers and sisters all over his body going back 5 decades. Those who were around him, grooming him to obliterate our nation and kill our people are as guilty as him wherever they may now be.
    Eritrea forever, death to dictatorship

  • Aba thimmer January 3, 2020

    Unfortunate, having a country with out health, social services, moral beliefs and basic needs. Doctors are fleeing the country as well as no profit care centres are closed. Apart, no rule of law nor management administration. All is done to suit claim ( Ethiopia) on eritrea thanks to iseyas and his supporters.

  • Almaz January 3, 2020

    Freedom of speech (writing) at Assena is in jeopardy. why are my comments being removed [possibly] by the modulator of the website… I believe I warrant an explanation. You should have my e-mail address. I appreciate it if you let me know the cause. It is healthy I believe, if everyone who has a concern about the wellbeing of Eritrea and its citizen heard here. Doing otherwise defeat the purpose of having an open —. If you continue this path your website runs a risk being a place for venting frustration. You know this action will not help us pass over the pinnacle.

    • admin January 4, 2020

      If you want your comments posted, stay on topic and make sure you are using one nick. Assenna has a zero tolerance policy against those who abuse this forum. Remember it is there to enable Eritreans to discuss issues of concern to them and the dictator in Eritrea is a priority. And don’t forget to be constructive.

  • Hidat January 4, 2020

    Almaz …ነዓይ ዉን ከምዚ ናትኪ እዬ ኣጋጢሙኒ።ትምኒት ርሑስ ሓድሽ ዓመት ንዓክን ነሙሉእ ሕዝቢ ኤርትራን