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Eritrea’s Afwerki Asks to Meet SC, Sanctions Proponents Want In, Rice in Mix?

By Matthew Russell Lee, Exclusive UNITED NATIONS, October 27 -- As the push for additional sanctions against Eritrea gathers strength in the UN Security Council, Eritrean president Isaias Afwerki has asked to come and personally speak

By Matthew Russell Lee, Exclusive

UNITED NATIONS, October 27 — As the push for additional sanctions against Eritrea gathers strength in the UN Security Council, Eritrean president Isaias Afwerki has asked to come and personally speak to the Council, Inner City Press was told Thursday by a Council Permanent Representative and the Deputy Permanent Representative of a Permanent Five member.

Both said there might be problems, in that other heads of state of neighboring countries, including Ethiopia and Djibouti, might then also want to address the Council. This happened earlier this year, at the foreign minister level, in a meeting in the UN’s North Lawn building exclusively reported by Inner City Press. (Click here for Inner City Press interview with Afwerki’s adviser Yemane.)

Thursday Inner City Press observed diplomats from Ethiopia and Djibouti going into the Security Council, followed shortly thereafter by US Ambassador Susan Rice. When Inner City Press asked, it was told “bilaterals,” not a Council meeting. More like “multi-laterals” or “Horn-wide,” said one wag.

Afwerki & Ban Ki-moon, new sanctions and impacts not shown African Union sources tells Inner City Press that “the neighbors” want harsher sanctions on Eritrea than the rest of the African Union can live with. Susan Rice and the US, they say, seems to be siding with “the neighbors.”

One AU source bemoaned, “The Ethiopians and Eritreans, their leaders, they are related… This whole thing, it is a great pain to us.” Another noted, “It is better to talk than fight.”

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  • Tsahaye October 27, 2011

    What they have failed to getting through brute force and the creation of over thirty warlords with countless OOSUBAT, the barbaric woyane regime and its supporters are now frantically trying their level best to destroy Eritrea using the illegal sanction. If anyone loves Eritrea and its people, this is the time to stand up for the nation of heroic martyrs and say NO to the illegal woyane’s and its masters’ conspiracy. A sanction, if passed, will never do any damage to the PFDJ regime. What it will do is it will create a wound that will either get worse or take generations to heal. Those who dream of taking power from the PFDJ regime through the help of the illegal sanction and the barbaric woyane regime need to think twice. If they have lost hope of fighting the PFDJ regime by organizing the Eritrean people, may be it is about time they leave the work of bringing democracy to Eritrea for others. Eritrea, which took so many lives to be liberated, cannot and will not be destroyed by the barbaric woyane regime and its collaborators. Patriotic Eritreans should rise up and say NO to sanctioning Eritrea. Say this loud: lomi zeimekete bdewu kemzmote. Eritrea is not the PFDJ regime; Eritrea is bigger than that; it is the people.

    • Isayas October 28, 2011

      Impose No sanction, but No fly-Zone to protect civilians.

    • Tesfaalem October 28, 2011

      I have never red such an ignorant assessment, you seem to protect the PFDJ behind Eritrean couse please grow up, you are trying to be more nationalist than the rest, you must be one of the EPDP useless bounch.

    • Sami October 28, 2011

      kkkkkkkk..hiji do heyish tselaelae misbeleka azarbuni….I would have been better to ask his oun people to for advice than the security concil as he is trying in vain. a pile of evidence, based on which the sanction will be tightened, has been gathered for more than a year. Even if he is allowed to speak with angel he can change nothing. And this sanction has nothing to do the ordinary people as it is already under despotic regime fr long time. This sanction regime is very targeted to the barbaric HGDEF regime….and also head ach to the blind supporters like u…

    • facts October 28, 2011

      Hi Tsahaye

      I say “agenai” agree with you.It is not about supporting PFDJ/ or not. You seem to understand what is at stake. It is about its people and its hard won “independence”. Eritrea is at a important historical juncture. There are basically three options for every Eritrean at this time:

      1. Stand in unity against this “unjust sanction” well designed by its well known evil enemies such as the Weyane Ethiopia supported by few traitors and their powerful handlers at the UNSC.
      2. Support its enemies who are both the prosecuters & the judges and be part in history like Pilatus to destroy a unique people & nation forever that has endured a lot
      3. Watch idle while history is in the making.
      NB: I am dead sure the the majority of “Real” Eritreans of all walks of life regardless of their political views will choose the first option. As the rest of you are either “naive, selfish and/or ignorant” or Weyane dogs. And my advice is to this group is: Go to college or Read books about your history.
      Talking about history: there were also few Eritrean traitors during the Emp.Haileslasie time, who supported unity with Ethiopia. These gruops are known as Mahber andnet.
      My Q. to U only U Eritreans(not Weyanes) is which option will u choose. Mahber Andnet or Eritrea for Eritreans by Eritreans

      • Tsahaye October 28, 2011


        I agree with you. Many of us are living witnesses to the heroic struggle waged to liberate Eritrea, and it will be a tragic of biblical proportions if we allow the barbaric woyane regime to have its dreams materialize through the mostly fabricated document that is now used to put a tougher sanction against Eritrea. We have never seen a sanction put against a nation that only hurts the ruling elites. Sanctions are meant to cripple the people of a nation. Therefore, we should not have a good night sleep until we see the woyane regime and its masters decide to give up in vain. At the same time, we should not give the PFDJ regime a cashable cheque to rule the nation with an iron fist. As of now, the PFDJ’s track record on human rights and the rule of law is very dismal to say the least.

      • sol October 28, 2011

        We do not want to shake hands with those who have blood in their hands.Had u care about Eritreans and Eritrea, u would have voiced your concern to ur criminal party, where they maimed disabled fighters,kill Okub,sheriefo,Aster,,,,,,and make disappear thousands, and many unaccounted in the hands of PFDJ, why you cry now if u care.Had you guys talk to your party, they would have saved their ads but right now let you guys run here and there, we will see you and ready to witness the demise of little Ghadafi,in the horn.You guys will be history and Issias will be forgotten and we are not even buried him inside Eritrea, but will be buried deep inside Somalia sea

      • Haqqi Nezareb October 28, 2011

        You wrote in the above comment, “NB: I am dead sure the the majority of “Real” Eritreans of all walks of life regardless of their political views will choose the first option” Say What? Not really!!!

        Sanction: YES
        PFDJ: Death

  • mererew October 27, 2011

    a pleasing piece of news!!!!!

    PFDJ is going down the spiral.It is irreversible!!No body can stop this natural death.Death is the next natural order after decaying.As for us-most Eritreans- this is what we feel.As the boat with PFDJ on board sank deeper , the Eritrean sun rises high!…and we sense the warmth and feel the bright future it carried within it…
    Just one more point.Have no doubt on this! We trust our “neighbors” more than the practically tested current alien, brutal and betrayal regime in Eritrea.

    • Maazza October 28, 2011

      Oh mererew, I agree with every bit of word you utter. It is indeed a pleasing piece of news!!!!! It is absolutely doubtful that he wishes to speak to the Security Council because of his concerns for the Eritrean people. It is his own ‘throne’ he is disturbed about. After he lorded it over in the arrogant manner he did, he would now like to speak to Ambassador Susan Rice with some respect, if he were allowed. Never seen anyone who burnt all avenues like there was no tomorrow! It is hard to believe the man is 66 years old when one considers how much diplomacy was sacrificed at the alter of inflexible childish behavior. When doors wide open shut for concrete reasons, you can knock all you want but they remain SHUT. That appears to be the predicament of our self-made president for life.

  • Abrhaley E't'iDne October 27, 2011

    It seems as if it is a century ago but Isayas sided with Meles to kill Eritreans. EPLF + TPLF eliminated ELF. Meles and Isayas might be related and distant cousins and are mean creatures. To be specific, isayas is loose and out of touch and needs to be removed at any cost.
    It is his turn to be eliminated TPLF + X on process to eliminate PFDJ. Hey there is no excuse ….. it is your turn.

  • Bus.Zone October 27, 2011

    You Sound Like Dmsi Hafash in Late 1980s before Independence do you think any one with his/her right mind will buy into that crap.
    you Know well this regime brought us death distraction Like what Darge Did in Eritrea , there are people who willing to defend this regime for reason they know , and others are criminal they have To lose a lots if others in Eritrea been equal to them , The Head of the Bandits knows he is like headless chicken, , Your(( Bogeyman)) Ethiopia that is old Sh** no one will take you seriously bcz Ethiopia is Hosting Eritrean refugee who fled the Hell hole Eritrea, Remember every Oppressor through the history will lad crushing and burn , i do not have to go far to tell you , you have seen what happen to the buffoon Gaddfi

  • Weldit October 27, 2011

    The regime should be punished not for its role in Somalia or Djibouti, but for its brutal crackdown on the Eritrean people.

    • Haqqi Nezareb October 27, 2011

      If the cause of your anguish and anger at Woyanie is the war, I had the same feeling when the war started. I was only being fed the propaganda machines of Issais at that time. In other words I was a zombie like you back then. During the war the Woyanie committed mistakes, the deportation, was one of them. If I was Melles, I would do the same thing. If you remember, during the war these are what your tyrant/dictator was bluffing: the war will be deep in Ethiopia not in Tigrai, we will march to Mekelle in three days, some thing related with reversing natural Sunrise on Badme from the west etc. All these bluffing were used by Ethiopians to justify the deportation. Regarding the deportation Melles admitted that a mistake was done and he said sorry. All this was done in 1998. What are the Woyanie doing to help the Eritrean people now? Here are few of them:
      1. Currently they are hosting about 60,000-70,000 Eritrean refuges in different camps. The number will be more as far as the tyrant is in power
      2. 2. Providing a chance to some of the Eritrean refugees to attend in their Universities and colleges, which are equipped with state of the art technology
      3. The properties confiscated during the war from Eritreans are returned to the owners
      4. Allowing the political and civic society organizations to have a breathing room in Ethiopia

      The Eritrean people are saying loudly “Yes” to sanction and “Death” to the tyrant and his regime.

      • Tsahaye October 27, 2011

        Haqqi Nezareb,

        kan nay woyane luk konka, qursi kahanat abtsih kemtebahalka kabza assena mtsaE abika. nay woyane geben damo kndei ilna knzrzro. geben woyanen mengedi baburn mewedaEta mejemeri imber mewodaEta yeblomn. To detail it all, qotsarit machine kedliyena iyu. ndegezmatch Temesgen Medhanie geben woyane entai iyu iske zerzrelay belo.

        • Weldit October 27, 2011

          geben weyane ni ethiopiawyan ymlket. na’ana zegedsena geben hgdef eyu.
          kem ba’al aster zibela muklulat dekenstyo halewaten atfiewensi nab UN kikeyido entaydo elu yihatit alo.
          at least woyanes tekawimkna elom nburtkuan ab bet maeserti ayehkekwan kemti asha merahina.

        • Haqqi Nezareb October 27, 2011

          Baelka na woyanie amTsika ember nay hegdef gebenat ab lieli hizbi ertra mo tekoTsiru awdeen eyo.

        • Haqqi Nezareb October 27, 2011

          degezmach Temesgen medhanie, Raesi entezykoynu bekale atTsewueni elu eu. Kozami aynegerekan du Raesi Temesgen dea serah ybezhani alo elom erefti wesidom alewu. selam gena kblelka eye. bzuh nzom Raesi Temsgen znafekayom eka tmesl.

          • Tsahaye October 28, 2011

            Haqqi Nezareb,

            I like your sense of humor. I did not know you are also funny. As to giving the title of “raesi” to Temesgen, I think it is too early. He has to work harder and prove he is worthy of the title. As of now, the I think he has no reason to be discontent with the title of degezmatch which is more than enough for the service he has so far rendered to the barbaric woyane regime.

          • Tsahaye October 28, 2011

            Please ignore the word “the” which comes after “As of now, …”.

          • Haqqi Nezareb October 28, 2011


            Temesgen would not mind to add another title (Raesi) on his resume, it makes it look better. Just kidding.

            All the way politics is not good, flavor it with some humor. We Eritreans we need it, because every thing in Eritrea right now does not look good. Remember, at the end of the day, we are all Eritreans and should work together to save it from the regime that is destroying it with vengenence.

    • Maazza October 28, 2011

      Why not for both?

      • Maazza October 28, 2011

        I was referring to Weldit’s post ‘The regime should be punished not for its role in Somalia or Djibouti, but for its brutal crackdown on the Eritrean people.’ when I asked ‘Why not for both?’.

  • Haqqi Nezareb October 27, 2011

    You seem very angry at the looming sanction. The sanction is a smart one because it targets only the coffers of Issaias and his cohorts not the Eritrean people. The Eritrean people are already sanctioned by the filthy regime of Issais.
    Let me ask you this question: why do have so much hatred on Woyanie? Is it personal or related with the last war which was started by Issais? If you still think that the war was not started by Issais, let me refer you to The Ethiopia-Eritrean claim committee ruling:
    “16. Consequently, the Commission holds that Eritrea violated Article 2, paragraph 4, of the Charter of the United Nations by resorting to armed force to attack and occupy Badme, then under peaceful administration by Ethiopia, as well as other territory in the Tahtay Adiabo and Laelay Adiabo Weredas of Ethiopia, in an attack that began on 12 May 1998, and is liable to compensate Ethiopia, for the damages caused by that violation of international law.”

    • Haqqi Nezareb October 27, 2011

      please read my second comments as part 1. to Tsehaye.

  • kozami October 27, 2011


    Your point, aptly made, that a country is greater than its governing entity has been well heeded by almost all of our people at home and abroad. If you remember the Feb 2010, world wide march by Eritreans against the sanction was organized and lead by fellow Eritreans from both the political divide, save telamat. You were also right that it is about people, and I might add that ‘people’ is what the woyane is all against of. During the third offensive, when the barbaric woyane entered some less defended locations of Eritrea (unlike the roasting they gotten in Burie and Tserona) its marauding army happened to be ransacking a small shop owned by an old lady in Tesseney. After taking what they could carry, they had to leave some lentils and sugar merchandises behind. Unable to resist their sadistic tendency, they had to go and mix both the sugar and lentils so that it wouldn’t be usable! Back in 1995, I was listening horrified as one TPLF cadre, in a heated debate, told me that they would be in control of Ethiopia for posterity, as the Amharas, vocally resisting them at the time, were going to get mired in poverty and that they wouldn’t be able to threaten them in a longer run. Imagine, these sadistic junta would go to full length in barbarity to secure its sorry @zz from the eventual demise. Your warning is well heeded fellow Eritrean, and rest assured Eritreans are painfully aware of the facts, save the telamat

    • Tsahaye October 27, 2011


      I totally agree to every word you have said. I have always said that what differentiates the woyane regime from its predecessors is it is pure evil. Imagine if they had the chance to capture Asmara and the other larger Eritrean towns. I have no doubt that its frantic maneuvering to convince the security council to kill Eritrea in slow motion will also fail. As to the aimless traitors, they will live in the shadows of their own shame for rest of their lives.

    • Haqqi Nezareb October 27, 2011


      What happened to your “Dozens” of Mining companies? Now it is timefor these companies to be fretted.

    • Berhe October 28, 2011

      kkkkkkkkkkk..some less defended locations..u r so funny..we have never seen in history dictators admiting their defeat even Gadafi might say to the devil in the hell no body defeated me but I died due to technical reasons- to avoid humiliation infornt of justice.

  • sahel October 28, 2011

    Who cares?
    Who cares about who started the war? who cares about Warsay Yikalo? The Eritrean People are doing the right thing for their privet freedom, for you all people only talk about sanctions and the 10 year old dead war. Who cares about what Meles has done to Eritreans wheather +ve or -Ve? that history too. Who care about us? let the the super powers talk about sanctions and agly politices you do have other things to do? talk about those who deing in Wia, Aderser, Asseb, Enda Sefa, Prima country. I have never ever read any one write about this prisons, or any incidents that happened over there. Have you ever asked any one who came from Eritrea about his past expirence and try to report it? Have you ever heard the weekly incidents of Wia? esspecially every wednesday, have you ever heard about those who died on the way from Wia-Robrobia-Akrur-Adi keyih? Did you have the statistics about how many of them

  • Barentu October 28, 2011

    If Issaias is allowed to plead and beg his flimsy case to the UN in person to avoid the coming tight economic and political sanctions, then all the Horn nations such as Kenya, a victim of al shabab’s kidnappings, and Ethiopia, Djibouti, and Uganda as victims of Eritrean backed terrorism should present their cases, including the IGAD and the AU.
    The IGAD nations should send a stern warning to China and Russia if the Security Council is going to water down the draft. This resolution should be made tight to fit Issaias’ neck right. Just make sure to pull it fast.

    • tesfe October 28, 2011

      long live to eritrea

      • tesfe October 28, 2011

        aye wedi afom sheraerae do elka hakey? ezi kulu gefahfah zibelkayo resiekas ab mlman atika.
        bwegeney bahryatka slezfelt aytegeremkun gn bejaka once shikorina keleka slezreakuka keytemejalahka gele gber oromay asiromlka yom aygedfukan yom.
        sanction not for the country or people it is for u.
        plss plss gdefa eza sltan.

    • Shawel October 28, 2011

      I support the sanctions, just will help finish HGDEF and DIA. what most people worried about the economy the economy is controlled by HGDEF. There are less that 500 people involved in this projects, even do it my harm the 500 employed on this sector. the majority are slaved for nothing, they didn’t even get played enough to eat.

      Appalling Work Conditions at Bisha-Nevsun Mining Project, Eritrea,this my help you!!.

      There is no financial reports about Eritrean finance or economy to the people, we hardly know any thing with this secretive regime only when DIA use it for his propaganda purposes like the one in New York.
      regarding the gold mining the gold will be there, for the next generation to use it wisely, not to use the gold mine to slave the youth of Eritrea, for the benefit of HGDEF.

      No one knows the environmental impact to the aria, the are planing to remove the villages from some aria, the is no independent reporter on the environmental issue or the negative impact to the local inhabitance.

      at the end one day the will wakeup and say Eritrean people owe HGDEF millions while looting the resources of the people.

  • g October 28, 2011

    assenna it is good you block my messages because it lets me use my time wisly however dont you think dawit isack got family members who care about him more than anyone or any eritreans and how about his kids reads your article about him would you like some one to right the death of your mom, your loved one and post it on this web. According to your article you are not sure either anyhow use it for your poletical reasons.

    • guest October 28, 2011


      It is not assena who made the news , assenna just post it from other news agencies. Assenna has nothing to do with this, the news is already circulated in Swedish media, and international media. I do understand what you are saying, but the news is already out and there is no need for assenna to hide the news.

      Even i wish the government officially let them know his situations as it gives at least close Dawit Chapters if he is dead. The family has a right to know the fate of Dawit as it gives them either hope or close the chapter. But i am really sorry how they cope up with this current situation as it always haunt you. So i would like to ask supporters of the regime to ask the regime his and other fate so that it will give them rest at least. It is not good for the children how will be traumatized, and I think the Sewedish government should take the matter seriously and ask the regime about Dawit situations unless it should work along with EU to sue Issias Afeworki and his collaborators to the ICC as genocide against humanity.

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