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Eritrea’s Afewerki to visit Khartoum on Thursday

May 6, 2014 (KHARTOUM) – The Eritrean president, Isaias Afewerki, will arrive in Khartoum on Thursday to hold talks with his Sudanese counterpart, Omer Hassan Al-Bashir, to discuss bilateral ties and means for furthering cooperation

May 6, 2014 (KHARTOUM) – The Eritrean president, Isaias Afewerki, will arrive in Khartoum on Thursday to hold talks with his Sudanese counterpart, Omer Hassan Al-Bashir, to discuss bilateral ties and means for furthering cooperation between the two countries.

Sudan’s National Intelligence and Security Services(NISS) director, Mohamed Atta, travelled to Asmara on a one-day secret visit on Tuesday.

Informed sources told the pro-government al-Rayaamdaily newspaper on Tuesday, that Afewerki will be accompanied by several ministers and advisors.

The same sources stressed that a summit between the two presidents will be followed by a ministerial meeting to discuss bilateral relations besides regional and international issues of common concern.

It added that Afewerki’s program of work would include field visits to several projects and large enterprises on top of which is Al-Gaili oil refinery.

Last April, Bashir disclosed during a visit to Sudan’s eastern state of Kassala intends to establish a joint Sudanese-Eritrean force to combat human trafficking and smuggling.

He said that Khartoum would provide Asmara with its fuel needs in order to curb smuggling, underscoring existence of a high level of security coordination between the two countries to control borders and achieve security and stability.

Bashir also called upon the government of Kassala state to carry out its responsibilities in order to achieve the required living standard for the residents along the borders.

The head of neighboring countries’ department at the foreign ministry, Ibrahim Bushra, described ties between Sudan and Eritrea as good, pointing to the repeated mutual visits of the two leaders.

He said that Bashir emphasised Sudan’s relations with Ethiopia do not come at the expense of its ties with any country, in reference to Khartoum’s relations with Asmara.

Bushra added that Bashir had in the past offered to mediate between Eritrea and Ethiopia in order to clear the atmosphere between the two neighboring countries.

He further stressed that Sudan supports the regional campaign led by Eritrea to lift the sanctions imposed upon it by the United States, saying that Sudan suffers from similar sanctions.

Eritrea became an independent state in 1991 after a bloody war of independence with Ethiopia. The two countries fought a border war in 1998-2000 that has killed an estimated 70,000 people.

The two East African adversaries remain at loggerheads since the disputed key town of Badme had been awarded to Eritrea by an international border commission.


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  • Tamrat Tamrat May 8, 2014

    The relation of Sudan and Eritrea has not bring any change on the economy of Eritrea though friendship is better than enemity. What Eritrea needs is a positve relationship With Ethiopia but that relationship must be taken care of by a serious political organiation or People who represent Eritrea. NOT WITH eritrean clueless dictator. The majority of Ethiopians and eritreans have no grudge the moment the border is open buisness will be as usual. What we ethiopian have to do is just to be tolerant when eris boast about the 30 years the africas largest military crasher. You take that away from some eris then they feel that they are no more eritreans.

    And for eris, no more singing and dancing about how you kill Ethiopians. That period 1991-1998 gone for good.

    • HGDEF May 8, 2014

      I disagree with you. The best thing you Ethiopians have to do is leave Eritrean matters to Eritrean. Don’t try to exploit every opportunity and tell us “Look it was a wrong decision that you splited from us”.

      Who sang first about killing the other? I think the first song of that type was “Yefiel Wetete” and then came so many of its types like Akkkkkk Zeraf, Were Beloww, OOOOOOOOOOO Nananana…. You sang about killing us and we sang about killing you. You killed us, we killed you. It was a sad reality we had to get our independence that way. If you guys were peace loving, there was no need for that. We could even be happy with just federation. It was the greed of your for-fathers that lead to this, and don’t try to make it the fault of Eritreans.

      If you were a good thinker, you shouln’t oppose a good relationship between Eritrea and Sudan. One who loves to see peace in the hone of Africa, cannot say “Look don’t go to Sudan, we are the right ones come to us”. The problem with you is you find it hard to accept that Eritrea, whether it thrives or fails, is an independent state. You and your bosses are working day and night to make Eritrea a failed state. Thanks to the US you have managed to create one failed state in the east. You are trying to do this to Eritrea too. You think that is good for you? No. Now You are enjoying the burnning of your neighbor’s house, soon that fire can come to you.

      • Hagherawi May 8, 2014

        “Who sang first about killing the other? I think the first song of that type was “Yefiel Wetete” and then came so many of its types like Akkkkkk Zeraf, Were Beloww, OOOOOOOOOOO Nananana…. You sang about killing us and we sang about killing you. ”


        The Ethiopian Army has terrorized us for 30 long years. They burned villages while people were sleeping and killed innocent civilians whenever lost battles with Tegadelti.

        The sounds of terror I used to hear as child, still resonates in my mind:

        “Embi yale sow
        tiyit agrisow”

        “Ye fiyel wetete libu yabetebet
        na inniwaga bilo le nebr lakelet”

        “yematriba fiel zetegn teweldalech
        lijochuwa yalkalu isuwan timotalech”

        They used to go in a village, take first the men on one side and slaughter them one by one in front of their kids and wives.

        Apologists of Ethiopian occupation and atrocities committed against civilians, like YG will never mention horror stories the population went through for three long decades of death and destruction.

        • Tamrat Tamrat May 8, 2014

          If Your story were true, how come any eritreans left through out the 30 years? But i dont like this kind of discussion because it only hurts those who suffered by that horrible war. But again how come a single eritrean could be find in Ethipia, now? How come the eris trust ehtiopians again and come for shelter in more than 60 thousands? To make Your story more dubious that People leave from the land their supposed ot be free and comming to their Bucher?

          Anyway, Hagerawi, you can still support shabia without wattering Your haterade plants.

          PS: To the majority of Assenna i am not denying individual military’s atrocity towards civilians.

      • Tamrat Tamrat May 8, 2014

        I am talking about the majority of eritrean not a looser like you. The eritreans in ethiopia between 1991-1998 used to do sing openly how they killed Ethiopians. Now they dont. And these eritreans live peacefully With the rest of ethiopians. But for People like you i dont think we have a Place like you.

        Dont let the past criple Your future, Your present is already crippled. As a typical retarded person you read one sentence and translate it in Your paranoid braine. Relax, take Your medicin, if it help listen a couple of songs how you killed Ethiopians then read my Message again. I dont oppose the relation of eri and sudan. InFact i support it. What worried me is Bashir makes a Peace between isayas and Ethiopian. And this is outragiously wrong. And i know exactly what you are doing. You want to protect Your looser leader interest.

        And in Ethiopia there is no more singing kill eritreans. Period. After 23 years you have to learn not to blame us. If you were true you dont see any single eritrean in usa. Whatever you see in Eritrea has nothing to do With us or ethiopia. it is a pure consquence of isaias and shabiia.

        So i rpeat my point even for a looser like you. I am not sure ethiopians will jump to the sky if Eritrea wants to the unity thing. Thap period is over. What i say is how to open the boarder and let the People who can do the buisness do it right. You dont know the eris busiess People do in Ethiopia. Anf if that day comes People like shouldnt be allowed to cross the boarder and if they do must be sent to prison because they are the reason for 100 thousands lose of lives. Moron, pfdj.

        • Hagherawi May 8, 2014

          Look Mr. Tamrat, I don’t have a problem with Weyane. We have more in common than what you probably think. Even when Iseyas spoiled our relationship with them, we both know deep down that we are destined to live like good neighbors in peace, and do business with each other. The problem is you, a few with dubious identity, and your war mongering ideology of Amara supremacy.
          You deny war crimes your army committed against our people.
          Your speak as if Eritreans and other Ethiopians should agree to your terms to live in peace in their own countries. Thanks to Weyane you are now reduced to a ‘Killil’ and forced to share power/resources with all those you treated as slaved for centuries, with peoples you despised their language and culture.

          When the dictator is gone, hopefully soon, we will make peace with Weyane.
          The borders will be open once again, and people will move freely in both directions. For supremacists like you, till you change your attitudes, you should stay away, in Norway or elsewhere. In any case, the imperial dreams that keep you sleepless are dead long ago in the mind of many young Ethiopians. You are living in the past, with which, you failed to come to terms, waiting uncertain future.

          • Tamrat Tamrat May 8, 2014

            Who said you have problem With woyane or not! But that biachy character of you must be removed that is if you like woyane you could do every thing you wish in Ethiopia because you remember what it brouth you in 1998. That periond is gone in 1998. You like the rest of eritreans make friendship With all ehtiopians not on one Group.

            Dont act like a sale out arab slaves. Be yourself. Dont act like Your leader. His friendship With Bashar and Ethiopia have been seen for the last 40 years and nothing good came out of it. This typical arabslave mentality Yours must be cleaned.

            Who is explaining the strong bond between Eritrea ethnic Groups and Ethiopians, YG or you embecil who vomite woyane this woyane that 24/7. Who is closer to afar than afar, you who just simply use Your trivial shabi stinking cheating lines.

            If you compare Our woyane With Your pfdj now you see a 23 years of difference. That change is made not by dancing With the winner but by sacrificing in dmanding what is correct and demanding Our rights. Compare the sacrifice paid in Ethipa in Ethiopia and Eritrea in opposing the rulling party and tell me the result. That bulshit of shabia propaganda ‘amhara’ this amhara that is over. You say you are liberated and still sing the 1960 old song.

          • selamawit2 May 8, 2014

            Dear Hagherawi, Dear Tamrat Tamrat,
            i hope it is ok if i allow myself to butt in your discussion. 😉

            – Respected Brother Hagherawi, i feel very sorry to hear what you had to face as a child and of course i believe you. It is really sad that no of our living generations had a life without traumata. I hope it will change and we will overcom and our souls will heal.
            But we shouldn’t forget that Haileselassie nd Mengistu killed also 100thousands of ethiopians. They were enemie to the eritreans but also to the majority of ethiopians.
            Just check it…We shouldn’t mix the non-democratic x-governments of ethiopia with the ethiopian people!

            – Respected Brother Tamrat Tamrat, i realy liked your first comment. You considered the fact, that peace is only possible if we consider each others “wounds”:
            eritrea as the smaller and probably more “traumatized” neighbor will feel better with a strong military and this should be respected due to the bad experiences we eritreans made.
            on the other side we all must stop to “celebrate” the former killing of our neighbours, which otherwise would be an provocation which would destroy our trying to enable peace…

            i don’t know the songs you two are talking about but as an african who grew up in diaspora i tell you this: (though i can imagine how it came) it sounds so horrible – we should live it/ stop it!!!

            (BtW i addressed you in alphabetic order…)

        • HGDEF May 8, 2014

          Oh! come on! Don’t try to be an angel here. We know you very well. You were not only singing how you were killing Eritreans but also draging the bodies of fighters who died fighting through streets of major towns i Eritrea.

          There is nothing wrong in defending a leader that one believes is the right one. The worst thing is what you are doing here. You are trying to sow hopelessness amoung Eritreans who ever they are. I could have considered you a rational person if you were only attacking supporters of Eritrean government. But your target is the whole Eritreans and Eritreansm. Why don’t you leave Eritrean problem to Eritreans? Don’t you have plenty of problems at home? Isn’t it a weeks memory that more than 50 Ethiopian students were killed by your government?

          Your heart is fool of hatred towards Eritreans and you are here just to tell us how much you hate us. You are contradicting yourself when you say that you don’t care if eri and sudan have good relationship and saying “then sudan cannot be a friend of Ethiopia”. Does this mean either be with us or against us?

          I am very scared because you said that if the border with Ethio opens I am not allowed to go to Ethio. You see, you are filled with hatred and your heart is filled with a feeling of revange. That’s why you are busy insulting Eritreans. Well let the border open first. Then it doesn’t matter who is allowed to get into Ethio or not. But first open your heart to Eritreans before you open your border.

          • Tamrat Tamrat May 8, 2014

            I think you arguing With yourself. First of all you are an eritrean not Eritrea. Second you represent one individual. It has nothing to do With haterade, but People like you should be kecpt in prison for prolongin war. Remeber 1998.

            The saddest thing is Your leadrs also have Your kind of Caliber. Otherwise it was we who populated Our land by 94 million People suppose to come to Eritrea for a better life instead of the other way round. Since Yours and Your leadrs brain refused to grasp reality you have made one of the reachest land called Eritrea to one the misery Places.

            Dont make yourself a slave of the past.

      • Abe May 8, 2014

        You either poorly brainwashed or underage,not born when “Ye Fiyel Wetete ” song was sung. It has nothing to do with Eritrea, it was RED TERROR song, which started with the killing of 61 Ethiopian Ministers and nobles men.

        No one is interested to go back,We are happy with the status quo, let’s keep our relationship at arms length.

        • HGDEF May 8, 2014

          Do you believe that Key shibr didn’t happen in Eritrea too. It was happening in its worst level. In fact the Key shibr never stoped in Eritrea until the downfall of the Derg. It might have taken differen names like Key kokeb. If you were in Asmara in 1990, then you know what happened to the youths who were out one night watching world cup. More than 20 youths were massacared in one night. Who cares about what name the Ethiopians were giving to their killing of Eritreans. But they were murdering Eritreans to the last day of their stay in Eritrea. No one tried to revange on them when they surrendered may 24 1991. There were over 120 000 prisoners of war and were sent home in peace.

          Now people like Tamrat are telling us how good people they are by harboring youth who escape national service. The youth don’t even see Ethiopia as a safe haven, they are just using it as escape route.

          • Tamrat Tamrat May 8, 2014

            A liar never finishs a sentence without contradicting himself. I dont want to discuss any of that war With you because what i am going to answer to you may offend others. You are a worthless liar. As for derg horriblness i can tell you more than Your fictious nonsens. Just for Your Reference there were eritreans who were member of derg and when we suffered they were dancing With the derg and when shabi and woyane came into Power they shifted side the way you did. People like you will always be With the winner. Otherwise any one who experienced derg never never never supports pfdj and isaias.

            You know that you are good when People come to have a shelter or home towards you. What i cant put in Your betong skull is in Ethiopia eritreans are too ethiopians.

            Let me ask you, a simple question:
            If the afar in Eritrea say that they want to succeed and tell pfdj what will happen?

    • TamTam May 8, 2014

      If they do not sing, cheer, boast about how they killed Ethiopians, they have nothing else to cheer about. So, you are being very cruel when you put such a limitation to them. lol

  • solomon May 8, 2014

    Ab khartoum gif zenebe
    Isias kmetse selezkone eyu
    Deki Ertra Isias abzerkom bota
    Kktelun kwaredun mquanom flut eyu.
    Zereba trgum yeblun.
    Ksab hji bezeyka nay Wedi Ali gbrawi sgumti zetewesde yelen.
    Isias keytefe dema selamn ksanetn terekbe
    Malet zebet eyu.


  • tesfaldetabraha May 8, 2014

    this is good news the ajenda of the OPPOSITION & U S A IS GOING TO be history if ERITREA & SUDAN cooperaite in HUMAN TRAFICKING this is going to be bad news for the opposition for propoganda because ERITREAN GOV will hant the smaglers one by one

    • Genet-orginal May 8, 2014

      Didn’t you hear the ransom money is given inside Eritrea, manly in Asmara? What stopped the dictator to hunt down the traffickers now? Why wait for Sudan?

  • tesfaldetabraha May 8, 2014

    one more thing THE LION OF NAKFA is traveling with out any fare because he dont scra from nobody no one mess with the lion

    • Genet-orginal May 8, 2014

      English please English.
      What a moron!

    • selamawit2 May 8, 2014

      tesfaldetabraha lezzay, your master “is traveling with out any fare”???
      did he waste all our money for whisky so that he even coudn’t pay his minibus ticket?
      this guy is really boozy…

  • Abe May 8, 2014

    What a joke,
    They don’t get sick and tired of each other? I guess they have nothing else to do.
    Poor Issayas, he has to drive all the way, no plane and pilot left in Eritrea.

  • HGDEF May 8, 2014


    I am being polite with you and at least try to be polite with me. Not as a sign of respect for me, because I don’t want any respect from you, but to show me that you are a civilized person.

    When it suits you, you are jumping to the past and telling us what we Eritreans did wrong in the past. And when you are confronted about what happened in the past then you trying to say we shouldn’t live in the past.

    Derg was killing individuals in Ethiopia, but it was massacaring villages and towns in Eritrea. There is no comparison. You asked in one of your comments “why never so many Eritreans left their country if Dergi was that cruel?”. Well ask people from the low lands of Eritrea. They migrated in villages not just as individuals like now.

    To answer your question: Don’t confuse things. Eritrea did’t secede from Ethiopia. It was anexed by Ethiopia and struggled to regain its independence.

    • Tamrat Tamrat May 8, 2014

      The probleml With you is you dont want to understand what you read but what you translate what you want to understand.

      You want to twist Things. I did not say eri and sudan do not make friendship. I did not say to you Eritrea suffers because it is separated from Ethiopia.

      What you are trying is to avoid the fact that i say making relation With Eritrea throu isayas is absolutly wrong. Proof 1991-1998.

      When derg was on Power Eritrea was part of Ethiopia. This is the part i hate to say but i have to. In a dictator government when a Group of People get armed themselves and fight i dont think what to expect other than massacar. There is no doubt derg was facist dictator and what shabia has done is part of the cause of the masaccar. As for the fleeing of villagers during derg time then may be you consider ethiopia was only addis.

      And you did avoid my first question and i ask you the second one.

      Wha are pfdj and isayas doing to the afar liberator front right now?
      And thos who support the afar movement do they live in Peace in Eritrea+
      Derg used to say forginers were helping shabia to distablize Ethiopia, what is dictatro pfdj saying as to the foriegners involvement of in Afar affari?

      Wheather you like it or not in the near future afars in Eritrea would be closer to afar in Ethipia than any ethnic Group in Eritrea and the same is true for Afar in Ethiopia would be closer to afar in Eritrea. This is the fact we have to Accept.

      • HGDEF May 9, 2014

        You said this about Beshir: “What worried me is Bashir makes a Peace between isayas and Ethiopian”. I understand this like you are saying Beshire has to choose either Isaias or Ethiopia. You also said “The relation of Sudan and Eritrea has not bring any change on the economy of Eritrea though friendship is better than enemity. What Eritrea needs is a positve relationship With Ethiopia” I see this like you are dicouraging the relationship between Eritrea and Sudan and I don’t expect this from some one who says I am peace loving person.

        Your question about “Afar Liberators”. I think I have answered it. I don’t consider this same as Eritrean struggle for independence. They have raised ethnic issue. whereas Eritrean struggle for independence was a struggle to regain a stolen independence. Eritrean government cannot discuss with a group who have sided with the enemy, no matter what question they raise. This is not the same as what foreigners were supporting Eritrean struggle. These people have sided with a govenment which Eritrea at war with.

        You like the Afar issue more than any other issues in Eritrea or Ethiopia for some reason. We have other similar examples like the Ogaden issue, the Oromo issue the kunama. It is not just afars who are the same people divided by a border. You have somali people divide by a border, we have tigrigna speaking people divided by a border and so on. Border in itself is not a problem if people are prepre to do peace.

    • selamawit2 May 9, 2014

      HGDF, even if your name tells me that i shouldn’t waste my time with, i simply can’t help trying to explain you this:

      Tamrat Tamrat is not “Tezareb” or the the few back-stabbing ethiopian individuals hiding behind the computer and trying to divide two specially bounded neighbors.
      Tamrat Tamrat doesn’t hide his (ethiopian) identity, he doesn’t say the former ethiopians governement didn’t “harm” eritreans – he is honest, open and he differenciates very much!
      I guess you don’t want to understand it but:
      Tamrat Tamrat doesn’t represent the “red terror”, the ethiopian people doesn’t present red terror. red terror was terror to us/our parents an it was terror to them/tehir parents.

      Respected Brother Tamrat Tamrat, here is my advice to you:
      Better you discuss with us (the justice seeker, most user of this forum) – and i am sure we can lift each other and do a lot of constructive things for our people!
      But Tezareb, the man with dozens identities and the other few ones can discuss with tesfaldetabraha, hgdfs ect…Maybe we should put them into a room and lock the door!
      It would be such a funny show – therefore implimenting a peephole to the room is of course a must… 😉

      • Tamrat Tamrat May 9, 2014

        Hi, Selamawit2!

        I am touched by Your comment. Let us make assena where free mind can discuss. From my life experience the well being and well to do Eritrea is the well being of 94 million People. Let me put it from my seflish point of view this way. When isayas went to egyp immidiately the egyptian said they take miltary action, i saw for myself 1998-2000 all over again. And a well to do Eritrea wont have a leader which risks his People for the benefit of others.

        And i appreciate you very well because People like HGDEF brings the worst of me and i have to avoid discussing With them in cyber.

        • selamawit2 May 9, 2014

          Thank You Tamrat Tamrat,

          but i must say that it is me who is very much impressed how differenciated and clear you put your comments. and if we talk about “touched”: i am touched by your emphaty for the eritrean people and for the ethiopian people. Thank you – please, please do not ever lose it!
          B/C EMPHATY is biggest treasure above everything and what brings us forward!

          I am proud of you.

      • HGDEF May 9, 2014

        Thank you for your advice. But you have misunderstood the intension of my discussion with Tamrat. What I asked him in my first comment was to leave Eritrean matters to Eritreans, and at least not try to demoralize Eritreans. It was him who pulled me into the terrors of the past by saying that we Eritrean sang for so many years how we killed Ethiopians. I was forced to give him some examples of the past where Ethiopians were killing Eritreans and singing and dancing and even pulling the bodies around the streets of Eritrean towns. If you think that his comments are constructive, it is upto you. But I believe that this guy has a lot of hatred and revange mentality towards Eritreans. He always reflect this in his comments.

        • Tamrat Tamrat May 9, 2014

          Is this comment of mine which talk about the terror:

          ”The majority of Ethiopians and eritreans have no grudge the moment the border is open buisness will be as usual. What we ethiopian have to do is just to be tolerant when eris boast about the 30 years the africas largest military crasher. You take that away from some eris then they feel that they are no more eritreans.

          And for eris, no more singing and dancing about how you kill Ethiopians. That period 1991-1998 gone for good.”

        • selamawit2 May 9, 2014


          1. You must understand that you appear very twisted saying “not try to demoralize Eritreans” and calling yourself “HGDF”. If there is a slighttest feeling or caring for our people, you should through away your “name”

          2. i just wanted to answer you by quoting exactly the text passages Tamrat Tamrat did. I don’t see anything demoralzing in Tamrat Tamrats comment.
          But the PFDJ is systmatically trying to demoralize and even to destroy eritreans.
          So if you are worried about the situation of eritreans, why do you wear the name of the ones who want to destroy us????

          • HGDEF May 9, 2014

            As an Eritrean I think that it is demoralizing and an insult to be called an Arab slave. If you are happy to be called an Arab slave, congratulations with that. Change your nick from Selamawit2 to Arab slave.

            I have been HGDEF and will remain HGDEF. I am here because I believe that this is an Eritrean site no matter what you believe. I don’t go to Ethiopian sites and discuss Ethiopian politics unlike some Ethiopians here. I wouldn’t care if their comments were constructive. But I don’t think they have constructive comments either from a government supporter point of view or from the opposition people.

            Some people in the opposition have gone too far in opposing of the Eritrean government and would welcome every one who opposes the Eritrean government. If you were a patriotic and dedicated Eritrean, you wouldn’t need Tamrat’s advice to solve your problem. You know Eritrea and Eritrean situation better than he does. And I believe you are concerned about the situation more than he is. He is a hobby man who come here for fun to see Eritreans disagree and satisfy his revange thirsty.

          • MightyEmbasoyra May 9, 2014

            I don’t go to Ethiopian websites because it is just I don’t have any business in Ethiopia. Though, I know them as one of my neighbours. Period. So, we may have something in common on this. However, you commented why some Eritreans go to some extent to get help from Ethiopia; by the same token, what do you have to say those Demhit, Kinijit (which they never believe Eritrea as a country) and others?
            Also, how is that HGDF related to Eritrea? I have to break the news for you but HGDF never believe on Eritrea and they will never believe either. Do you need any proof? Well, just ask what they have done any positive thing for the last 24 yrs beside ruining it.

  • Michael Ghebre May 8, 2014

    The dictator’s visit to Sudan is to make a deal for more deportations.
    Does Isaias Afewerki care about Eritreans? The simple answer is No. He is an enemy of Eritrea. He’s obsessively power hungry and selfish man, who could never think of any life without power. His psychopathic personality and predatory life style is evident in his dictatorial rule. He uses the Eritrean people for stimulation to build his self-esteem in the context of achieving and maintaining power. People who stand in his way are obstacles and have to be eliminated. He is a dangerous man.

    The Eritrean people have been patient for a long time, but their patience was not cowardice. They are waiting for for the moment of truth.

  • Roak May 9, 2014

    Why you him a presidential I am sure you mean eritrean shift so.e.of may say well his a president any way I use to think the same way t took me a long time to understand the meaning of leadership so l am not going to blame because you are still in dark but l hop you will see the light very soon and then you will able to call him with his real name

  • Roak May 9, 2014

    Why you call him a president his real name is eritrean shifts.

  • Tamrat Tamrat May 9, 2014

    myth and facts

    Tigrina People (majority) in Eritrea and tigre People minority in Ethiopia are same People. Fact.

    Both ethnic Groups lead their respective lands. Fact.

    The majority of Ethiopians assume Eritreans as a mono tigringa ethnic Group and dont understand the fuss about of this Deadly relationship between the two Close Family members separated by ‘unmarked’ border. Fact.

    Eritreans before 1993 were activily participating in all aspect of Ethiopian affairs more than tigrians in derg time be it in buisness, transportation, aviation,members of the worker’s party, even Music and football, you name it. Fact.

    Ethiopia had colonized Eritrea. Myth.

    The war on Badme is not the war on Assab. Myth.

    The population of Assab before the war 1998 was a bit more than 300,000 and now is a bit less than 100,000. Fact.

    Isayas did not starte the war in 1998. Myth.

    From unity to separation, from beginning til now the eri-ethio relation is rooted by the blood tie between tigre-tigrinya People. Fact.

    The X-defence minsster of Ethipia had suggested to merge Ehiopian and Eritrean air liens when he was the chaireman of the ethiopian Airlines bord. Fact.

    Meless and Isayas blood related. Myth.

    Meless gave lift for isayas on his trip to New Yourk UN Meeting. Fact.

    Eritrea deported many ethiopians between 1991-1993. Fact.

    Ethiopa deported may eritreans in 1998-2000. Fact.

    Eritreans in Ethiopia are more ethiopians than gambella and Benishangull People in general and any individual who is a member of any opposition party in particular. Fact.

    The refugee camps in Ethioppia are made to destroy the negihbourin countries. Myth.

    Ethiopian economy Growth is just a reflection of NGO’s donation. Myth.