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Eritreans, Sudanese worse affected by Israel’s forced deportation plan

A plan by Israeli authorities to forcibly deport to third countries or jail African migrants will affect predominantly Eritrea and Sudanese migrants in the country. Israel is looking to close its Holot detention center for African

A plan by Israeli authorities to forcibly deport to third countries or jail African migrants will affect predominantly Eritrea and Sudanese migrants in the country.

Israel is looking to close its Holot detention center for African migrants within four months. The center is home to thousands of refugees.

The United Nations refugee agency (UNHCR) in a statement last week said it was seriously concerned about the move under which proposals: “Eritreans and Sudanese asylum-seekers and refugees would be compelled to accept relocation to countries in Africa or face imprisonment in Israel.”

“In light of the intention to see the departure of infiltrators on a large scale to third countries, we may reconsider the need for the continued existence of the Holot facility, as the infiltrators’ departure could come directly from city centers to the third countries,” Israeli authorities are quoted to have said.

It is believed that for Africa, Rwanda and Uganda are the third countries that Israel plans to send the refugees to. An Israeli High Court in August okayed the emigration policy but tasked the government to ensure that deported migrants will be safe with the third countries.

If successful, it will be the first time that such a move has been executed given that earlier attempts by Italy (Libya) and Australia (Malaysia)with third-party countries were dismissed by local courts with the reason that such deportations were inconsistent with international law.

It is believed that over 40,000 African migrants are residing in Israel by close of 2016. The government insists they are largely economic migrants even though most have applied for refugee status and that they are fleeing conflict and persecution back home.

Eritrea is one of the African countries that produces the largest number of refugees and asylum seekers from south of the Sahara. Most young people flee harsh economic conditions back home and the political situation as well.

Source: AfricaNews


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Review overview
  • Danilo November 21, 2017

    Shame to Israel! The land of religion preaching and refugees hope as suppose to be but becoming disappointing place for human kind. Disappointing, unbelievable, and unfortunate that country isolate itself. For us, as eritreans is not even the Halot person save haven too. so what will be the solution? They know the victims.

  • Nahon November 21, 2017

    Rwanda and Uganda have good relations with the ruling junta in Eritrea. The possibility that a minister can sell the refugees back to Eritrea is a real risk. These regimes are very cruel, in their culture human life has no value.
    May God protect my people.

  • Danilo November 21, 2017

    I think we should fight buck the status of refugee is not a solution. ከምደርሆ ቢኣምዑትና ኣይንጻወአት ምበልኩ ግን ኣበይ’ሞ ከዲድ ሑቶ።

    • Danilo November 21, 2017

      Sorry, pls read as we shoud fight back instead of buck. ከምኡ’ውን ኣብ ክንዲ ከዲድ ሑቶ ፡ከቢድ ሕቶ ማለተይ ኢዩ።

  • Amba November 21, 2017

    Our brilliant Ghedli and Sawra used to teach us that “we are Arabic people” and “we are flesh and blood Arabic”. We even burned our own Tigre books and languages in Jebha to Arabize Eritrea. If we are Arabs and Arabic people, why do we go to Israel the land of the Jews?
    We need to kiss the buts of our Arabic masters such as Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Libya, Syria, Qatar, Kuwait … etc … We beed to beg our Arabic masters to provide refuge to our Arabic Eritreans. What! I can not hear you? –
    “They will never accept us even as Arabic slaves? They only accept JelaE and Jelfafs like Oar Al Bashir.”
    I disagree because Arabs love al Eritryin, as brother Dr Yousuf, the Jehadi Imam, he has become a pure Arab..
    Look below how our beloved Arabic people treat Eritreans and many Muslim Malis, Niger’s and the Muslims of Darfur below, as narrated by BBC and and the international news houses. Blacks are still treated like a goat even the Muslim blacks, AKA, “Abeeds” are still auctioned in the Muslim Arab slave markets. That is the reason we became Arabic people. True or false?

    Don’t be surprised if a cheap volunteer “Arabic” entity tried to shout back below to defend his Arabic masters in Libya or Saudi Arabia

  • Amba November 21, 2017

    By Richard Roth, CNN (CNN)Diplomats at a UN Security Council meeting on human trafficking called Tuesday for investigations into slave auctions in Libya following a CNN report last week on the practice.
    “In recent days we have all been horrified by images of African migrants being sold as ‘goods’ in Libya,” said UN Secretary-General António Guterres said. Guterres, former head of the UN agency on refugees, added, “slavery and other such egregious abuses of human rights have no place in the 21st century.”

  • Abel November 21, 2017

    Deport them! Israel is not a Christian nation. It is jews state. They dont believe in Jesus.
    They would have lived peacefully in Dubai or Saudi without fear of deportation. After all, most of the refugees support the dictator issayas.

    • Mihret November 22, 2017

      What prove do you have that most of the poor refugees support the dictator Isaias? Are you also telling us that these poor refugees would have lived peacefully in Dubai or Saudi Arabia without fear of deportation? Unless you are a wealthy and successful businessman Dubai or Saudi Arabia would never allow you to enter their country as a refugee. Are you a paid reporter or advertiser for the Dubai and Saudi royal families? Get real and stop playing with poor peoples and refugees real lives. If you have any healthy Hilina/conscientious you’d be helping the victims.

  • TesfaldetAbraha November 22, 2017

    አስና ሎሚ ዓመት ጠጥዑሙ ተውሪ አለኻ እዚ ድማ፡ጥዑም ወረ

  • simon November 22, 2017

    mergez tegadelo harnet eritrea nihna areb dina aikonan ziweseni hizbi eritra iu ilu ab 1971 werhi 10 ab AR gubaeu demdmuo iu selezi hanti merdaata zebelkum begakum bi TEGADELO HARNET ERITREA gebha kemzi ilom ilkum propaganda inte tigefuwo zibuk neiru nihna ab 2017 ina zelena bezi ab eritrea zelo dictator intai iu mefetihiu inteteblu meheschekum

  • TesfaldetAbraha November 22, 2017

    ሎሚ ዓመት አሰና ከም ዝፈትዋ ትገብር አላ ጥዑም ወረ እንዳ አምጸኤት መስከረም ኮም ሰብ ዝፈትዎ እኮ ኩሉ ፖስት ስለ ትገብር እዩ ከምዚ አሰና ፖስት ገራቶ ዘላ ጥዑም ወረ ምጥራዝ ስደተኛታት ጥዑም ወረ እዩ ካብ ናይ ወያነ ብሐሶት መብልዒ ረዲኤት ዝጥቀመሎም ዘሎ ናይ እስራኤል አት ሊስት ካብ ማእሰርቲ ናብ ካልእ ሰላምዝነብርሉ ምጥራዝ ጽቡቅ እዩ ዘሐጉስ ወረ

    • Danilo November 22, 2017

      Tesfaldet, your comments are ignored by most visitors in assenna post. you probably desperate, illiterate, drunken or sick person. your writing also sounds shallow. Why? Are you talking under gun point or gasping artificial air under tracheotomy? R.I. p