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Eritreans in Sweden and Scandinavian Countries Show Their Support to the Swedish Media’s Campaign For Freedom of Expression and Democracy in Eritrea – In Pictures

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Review overview
  • henok October 7, 2011

    Good job deki Adey, keep the fire burning!. The other day I was listing interview with PFDJ Eritreans at alenalki TV. One of the guy said, if Sweden is fighting for Dawit Isaak right, how about our right as Sweden citizen we are being harassed by Sweden media. He compare dawit’s 10 years suffering under PFDJ with the media campaign against GOE by Sweden. Don’t the PFDJ supporters know if one of them got arrested by any foreign countries, Sweden will defend them as they are doing for Dawit Isaak.

  • Revolution Continues October 7, 2011

    The revolution that started by the energetic Eritrean Youth can not be stopped. PFDJ is in its 11th hour. It is time to say ‘Enough is Enough’. Keep going ‘deki adey’. The evil regime in Asmara MUST go Now. PFDJ is good for nothing.

    • people October 17, 2011

      just wish. day dreamer

  • Yonathan October 7, 2011

    Stockholm was a very successful but his freinds like Abraham Mahari waiting to make distunction and divide us !!This is not accepteable!!!!! we as ppl are united my cousin`s the daughter of Erimias Papayo has said it all my question is “are you serving the dictator or the ppl who love peace and democracy????”if yes Amanuel “Stop working with this spy!!!”We will never tolerate you!

  • Weldit October 8, 2011

    The ongoing “Occupy Wall-Street” demonstration will be used as a huge propaganda ammunition for dictators around the world.
    PFDJ media will start the ‘we told you so’ episodes….they will mock ‘here you have it democracy with ppl having no jobs and societies vertically divided by classes and races’, PIA will say ‘this is the real America we have been warning the world about for so long although nobody cared to listen to us. We are vindicated and the world better start making use of our wisdoms and our 20/20 vision of the world affairs’

    • huluf October 8, 2011


      You ar right, but it is an illusion they still have remittance coming from New York keeping the people they dictate fed.

  • yohannes October 8, 2011

    All the oppesition , just talking , never take an action, unless you use the model as the dictator , you never come to win.

  • danny October 8, 2011


    How do you define action? The people who oppose the dictatorial, one-man-show regime in Eritrea are voicing their opposition whichever way they can, they are refusing to go to Asmara to become sex tourists, they are against funding the evil regime with their hard earned money, they are convening meetings to discuss and devise a plan. Their action is continuing until the regime is flushed away like a piece Sh*t that it is. Or is action to you is firing guns and artillery tanks? Do you have to see blood of thousands of people spilled on the street to call it action? The dumb-ass PFDJ thugs have ruined the once hopeful country to a pariah state. They have successfully divided its people so that they can trample over the latter’s rights. PFDJ has produced not-so-bright foot soldiers to muff the truth and to cripple the aspirations of the Eritrean people to have a free, just and prosperous state. The produced foot soldiers are unable to understand the idea behind freedom as they are simply followers of a cult group who worship one mad man. But remember, cults don’t have long life spans.

    • g yosef October 8, 2011

      those of you suporting thise regime are as guilty as the regime ,you see your yang brothers & sisters are scatered every where and you DO NOT CARE I am disapointed of my people

  • tesfa October 9, 2011

    let me start by thanking those who use the forum in a civilized manner to share their opinions regardless of their positions. meaza and temesgen medhane are among those who do really contribute to the enrichment of this forum. And let me also express my heartfelt appreciation to amanuel who is working tirelessly and contributing towards the creation of a democratic Eritrea.
    Coming to those who held demostration agains the swedish media, words have no power to express their grave wrongs. How can one go against a media which criticized the gross violation of the basic human rights in the hands of DIA and his inner circle while enjoying the highest level of democratic right in the host nation.
    I can only repeat what those for democratic change said:
    1.”zey kurumtica uxa kortimelu in this case even it can be said dongola kortimelu”
    2. “If Eritrea is really a democratic country what are they doing in Sweden? If they are really fedup of the swedish media, let them try the mouth piece of Isayas”
    It is really disappointing.
    My prediction is that given the swedish schools value for the right to information and free discussion, those little kids of those hypocratic supports DIA will come to realise their parents have been unjust and associates of a tyrant and it is going to be a big challenge to reestablish their credibility. I presume it has already started, and they are beginning to feel the heat.

    • abdi October 9, 2011

      First of all maeza and temesgen are paid agents by woyane and Im not sure whether they are eritreans or not. the eritreans who protested out side the media centre made us proud for defending our country against unfair media..we cant thank them enough for that and keep it up deki erey.
      I doubt ur last paragraph..cos they know and understand that PIA is trustworthy leader who put the country in the right track,god bless him.
      God save our eritrea from those corrupts who didn’t hesitate to put their hands on woyanes hand against Eritrea and eritreans and god knows what the price will be.
      No for those woyane agents,
      YES TO PIA

      • Senait October 12, 2011

        Abdi, you need reality check. If Swedish media are unfair to people like you, you challenge them. Have your facts in black and white and confront them where they are wrong or biased.
        If you try hard to grasp Issaias’ lies & deception in the form of interviews in the last ten years you would not be uttering your non-sense here. Issaias is not only not trustworthy, but a pathological liar and heinous criminal responsible for the murder and disappearances of many finest sons and daughters of Eritrea. You seem to have access to information. Unfortunately, you are not using your gray matter to processs and sift it for good end. I wish you the following Tigrigna saying. መለበምን ኣይግበርካ፡ መለበምን ኣይኽላእካ.

  • aman October 10, 2011

    Hey abdi
    god save eritrea from those corrupts who did not hesitate to put their guns on innocent akalesenkulan[disabled fighters] for voicing their rights.abdi the way you view any body who voiced some thing against PIA and his cronies is woyane, my mate abdi let me tell you something you are imbecile person who shall not comment about eri .do you really know the meaning of unfair not even go there you little twat.

  • Balancing_Act October 13, 2011

    I am witnessing a crack in the blind supporters of the regime in asmara, they ar complaining about media coverage of a prisioner who is jailed without due process and languishing in one of pia dungeons. They don’t want to hear the media coverage the practices of their dictator who imprisons and kills his own citzens, well the Swedish journalists are to be commended for bringing to lite the atrocities commited by PIA and his gangs.