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  • sami November 11, 2017

    We would support the innocent angel Christian father but not the ugly savage Arab dog looking jihadi taliban terrorist evil Haji Osama bin Laden who is after Sharia and evil Islamic/Arabic Eritrea. Let him rot and die in prison where he belongs like his other evil muslim Saudi agents/mercenaries Abdella Jaber and Mustafa Nurhussien.
    May the all mighty God give our Patriarch father all the inner strength and health to come out stronger and healthier.

    • Yitbarekh November 11, 2017

      Yes indeed brother Sami, our kind Patriarch father would definitely be rewarded by God as his good loyal servant and messenger of peace. while on the other hand, the trouble maker evil Islamist old devil moslem man haj mujahadeen would only be rewarded his 72 evil moslem virgins in his Islamist hell. I’d offer all financial, moral, or petition support for our Christian father.

      • sami November 11, 2017

        Many thanks brother Yitbarekh, I appreciate your positive input and your unequivocal support to our innocent Patriarch. You see, unfortunately the assenna moderator or owner keeps deleting my organic and truthful (may be sometimes a bit too sexy for assenna’s sheikhs & priests!!) comments without any reason and explanations. I don’t visit their (assenna website) to participate in any of their pathetic popularity, beauty or praising/miwididas contests but only to express my free opinions and views but I suppose they are still from evil ghedli Sahel bush so-called lousy journalists. However, we should continue to encourage and support the assenna staff.

  • Abu Ahmad November 11, 2017

    Unlike your savage comments, we Muslims fight for justice for all, be it a hajji or priest! The patriarch abuna has been imprisoned for many years, savage followers like you guys did not say a word of support in his case until we Muslims knocked on your hard heads!!! Instead of being grateful you spill your venomous heatred filled comments on our platform. Shame to you and Assenna administration for allowing this garbage.

  • Hanoy November 13, 2017

    Our sisters are serving as sex slaves to the GENERALS .Ethiopian and other opposition forces are also destroying the future of our sisters by holing them hostage .

    our youth are desperately living in barracks and trenches serving as PERSONAL BODY GUARDS OF PFDJ.