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Eritreans For Change Stage A Successful Anti –Tyranny Demonstration In Giessen, Germany – In Pictures.

In a matter of three days they have organised a massive demonstration, attracting unprecedented number of the youth. The youth have now got their voice back;   The time for change has come slowly but surely, and

In a matter of three days they have organised a massive demonstration, attracting unprecedented number of the youth. The youth have now got their voice back;


The time for change has come slowly but surely, and the tide is moving faster, once fear is BROKEN









The momentum established in New York yesterday, has been maintained In Giessen today. This will happen tomorrow somewhere; surely, the destination is Asmara

Review overview
  • truly, Truly i say to you October 3, 2011

    According Wedi Afom Berie the world famous Nakfa Universtiy finance expert professor,during the interview with VOA man Tewolde W/ Gebrael gave explanation, every American citizen has debt 25,000 dollar . But thank Isayas´s wise leadeshipment every Eritrean citizen is free from any kind of a single cent debt. That is why many Americans are forced to flee from their homeland to the Paradise island, wealthy, Justicful nation of Eritrea to seek better life there, because the life in America is very hard to ordinary citizens specially to those Black, Red Indians,and Hispanic races not only in financial crises butit in racism, poverty,human right violation and lack of justice case too. Wedi Afom Biree is the only honest leader in this world, who works day and night without Salary for 50 years ,who dedicated his whole life only to improve his people life, without choosing any comfort even sometimes with wearing Sandel Shoes like ordinary poor people and who walks without Bodyguard in the street of Asmara.

    If he works without salary and he complains about who bat and forced him to sit in the place that he does not deserve? why he should don´t leave us? I am sure the above information about American debt that he heard and got it from his local bar in Asmara when he drunk Whisky, I doubt even weather to him and his Local Bar street politic special economical advisers the secret is clear or understood the motive, why all the time the world wealthy nations rulers liking to inform their people. I think to be lead with such street politic advisers informed and advised leader to have by itself is a big curse and lost to our nation. That and many others trush tell tell stories was, Tewolde W/ Gebreal simply listening him with out any challenge and liked to transform us as if he got something new to tell or we learn new from great leader professor of Nakfa. I think such journalistic presentation it compromises the personal ability of the person to the one very well knows the socity all kinds of human right amusement as he is a free journalist in free nation. I very really really was disappointed. It was another TV Eri type interview! Sorry Tewolde!

    • Fetawihaki October 3, 2011

      Zemed Iseyas ika mesleni b nay mebekol (abayu Medhin Berad agame iya) kuluwlaw n eritrawyan kesinit ztsiir zelo, aykonelkumin dea iyu imber hirir dea, raayuwom suruyat eritrawyan telaiilom iyom.

      selam kisanet n eritrawyan

    • Maazza October 3, 2011


      For information: Speaking of shoes, the sandals Isayas wears is a designer one and very expensive type and costs around $500. Gullible and/or trusting innocent people believe it is (congo).

      Isayas cloaks his emperor-like nature very ably. After all he grew up enda miess.

      • robel October 6, 2011

        Hi maaza
        even though ur father is my uncle some how? i dont think u have a right to talk what kind of shoes PIA has! try to remeber ur father also. if PIA is Dictator ur father ans all Higidefs were/are dictators.
        so i think all are the same! if possible we don’t need them all.

    • Huluf October 4, 2011

      truly, truly I say to you,

      You and Issyas could not survive one minute without existing in the west…..You send of millions home to sustain exisistence of your family….why do you think PIA is in a panic (Kampla, Guinea…..and after ignoring UN he is like a dog with it’s tail shoved in it’s cracks….wanting to get back to IGAAD)….

      You can mock America and it’s debt, Europe and it’s ageing society etc….but Eritrea could not survie one day if these regions shut down remittance….I can not believe you do not know this. Even an Eritrean nomad and humble farmer is more conscious to this. Stop getting drunk….If we released our stong 300,000 army from deployment it is going to be havoc and PIA knows it…no plans…

      Question for you, what is then keeping you from going home if that is the picture you paint in your intoxicated nationalist fervor -just emotions.

      With respect,

  • truly, Truly i say to you October 3, 2011

    read the last sentence please instead amusement, but abasement. thanks!

    • Fetawihaki October 4, 2011

      sorry for misunderstandig of your comment

    • Huluf October 4, 2011

      truly, truly I say to you,
      In my last response I intended to share with you and when I refrred “you” it should have read instead “You Abdi”. I fully like your assement….I meant to say Abdi and PIA could not last a day without remittance from USA, Europe.

  • Gal Mendefera(Rahel) October 3, 2011

    wow thanks deki adey!
    you are the voice of voiceless people!
    keep it up doing it, sooner or later the dictator is on his way to fall!
    it is big shame for these Eritrean in support of hgdef mendef, they are telling us that
    Eritrea has private media, freedom of speeach, democracy, justice, equalitiy of religion, development….
    even all these denied by the sily mind our PIA
    while many people live in a good country, they support the tyrant, barbarism and dictator isayas.
    for sure ! Eritrea will be more and by far better than with out this tyrant regime.
    thanks people who demonstarte against the tyrant regime of PIA.
    you are the voice of voiceless people of Eritrea

  • Paradiso October 3, 2011

    I have enjoyed this video in you tube, most young Eritrea’s will enjoy it in Eritrea. when the dogs chased the PIA slave Monkey.
    Yemane Monkey was chased by the Eritrean Youth in the Street of New York city with unknown woman.
    Well done guys, we need more men like you!!
    Yemane(Monkey) in New York city – YouTube

  • hit PFDJ October 3, 2011

    according to my observation, more youth are joining the opossition camp, wich is a gear of change .while on the other side you can see only old people with old mentality aplauding isseyas in america,this indicate that isseyas and his followers will perish there with their old fastion. at last a new,friendly, modern and democatic eritrea will emerge.

  • Tzegay October 3, 2011

    It was a wonderfull day. I bleave the time is on our side. We were not only many in numbers, we were also many in generations.The young generation has given as an injection of fresh oxigen. I want to thank the older of us, for keeping the torch of hope, even when they were small in numbers.They knew ” Mengedi haqi’s tiqetin imber aitisiberin”.And what was new is also,people were not afraid to be photographed, which is a sign of the “death of fear” in our new revolution. Awet nihizbi.

  • gasha October 3, 2011

    Take it easy man Amanuel didn’t post his message in this web site it was abdi who copy and paste it from some where else.
    It is good thing for saying sorry for your language using bad words however this is amanuel assenna website who himself wrote an article and he start by name calling the eritrean woman who happen to be inside the meeting he called them “komaro” so you are on the right web site.

    • abdi October 3, 2011


      • Lebam October 5, 2011


        grow, it has been few days since you bloosomed in the heart of our own Amanuel’s land. No service charge and taxes for you because you are a welome Eritrean brother no matter twisted we “think” you are. I use the word “think” with full preparation to the future democratic language, otherwise I know you are Issaya’s unknown Abid.

    • Lebam October 5, 2011


      On behalf of these heroic and wonderful Eritreans that took the battle to streets of New York and Geissen(what is exciting a city I ever hear for the first time and my brethern and sisters opened a front in days), let me share with you a famous proverb from our forefathers….and translation is “A name leads …a candle lights.” so does your assumed name….Gasha -Asha!!

      God bless America, where even our president can get out to the who is who(meaning polular) Pizza Restaurant, escorted by tax payer(including myself) paid Secret Service, while he unashamedely blaming USA trying to get him….It is called Confidence is the name of the died with G-15, and got reincarnated with our young blood in the streets of New York in another restaurant of world class….Wonderful Americans watching the countdown with these brave Eritreans exercising their sole right in America without violence and distrubance to the public to the one who is acclaimed (I want to be respectful now) to be an advisere to our unelected President…..By the way in case you did not know he detests and gets furious when you advise him then(but….he could apply it 10 years later).
      This time my hunch tells me he is running out of time, actually a little late, now that havoc has resurfaced in Mogadisho……Sad, but digushitetu!!

  • abdi October 3, 2011

    Yeah,of course they will appear in the photos as it pushed their asylum claim to be granted,not to mention the opposition’s ID is among the factors which support their claim,but deffinetly then after they granted, nedekhum may wuredula,Aasha ERITRAWI yelen,random truth.
    Btw,Eritrean gov’t does not consider this as Disobedience or oppositions rather he wishes them luck as long as they get what they want,and serve their country by complying to the national duties.
    Sle zi may zhaqonen asylum seeker z amenen hade eu!

    • abdi October 3, 2011

      Me’eremta( as it Pushes )anbbwo

      • Fetawihaki October 4, 2011

        sihfet agame dea men iyu kem kumneger kiwesdo, mearemta sihifka aysihifka kulu hade iyu, wela b english intesahafka ika agame mikanka tifilet hahaha.

        • abdi October 4, 2011

          Tegediskas enka anbibakayo..agame ‘ba aytbel ayatatka key segukha. eta kurkur mukhan keytsena

  • Ahmed October 3, 2011


    your name says that you Somali, are you a paid agent?

    • abdi October 3, 2011

      Surprise surprise still pay 2% let alone to be paid,ousubat trah eyom n genzeb kblu nhzbom ahlifom hzbu! Leysa eritriyun sharif msli,ya 3meel.

    • Temesgen Medhanie October 4, 2011


      You’re probably right. Abdi could as well be a confused Somali dude who grew up in Eritrea where he picked up Tigrigna language here and there. He is as well paying back his dues to Isaias as the latter is baby-sitting the trouble makers in Somalia.

      • abdi October 4, 2011

        Infact you are the highly paid one by goytakha meles to stay online 24/7 misleading the newly migrated generation who don’t know ur black history, just remind you in case meles didn’t, that what you are trying to mislead are eritreans who value their martyrs and won’t accept any solution from your agame lords.but zbei ksab zhalfelu yhnks,and soon you will be left with your agame lords to shining their harambes,if u understand what i mean.

      • Huluf October 5, 2011


        This ain’t Abdi or maiadkomom, hospital people who catered and serviced in a grand business and highland/lowland experience of our beatutiful people in MaiWuai….I literally can tell people I remember by name from when I was 6 years old….so much fun until it got to be the Dergue era and that healthy trip to get the geothermal and geysers of “mai-Wueay” some kilometers behind Gindaa….a temperate beatutiful Eritreran city(I call it city not a town), because it had cosmo-restaurants …the best of the best until the guns went blazng for our freedom sake….we are all Mai Admom Abdi. You are not Abdi nor are you Alah’s Abid.
        Your Abid of the world.

        Hukuf highlander from Asmarino.

  • arcobaleno October 3, 2011

    Shade dass, ich bei euch nicht sein dürfte jungs! Das Volk Eritreas wird euch eines Tages dankbar sein, Ihr habt Geschichte geschrieben. Es ist erfreulich zuzusehen, dass es genug Leute gibt, die genauso wie ich den Diktator und seine Lakaien hassen, wir sollen uns öfter treffen und solche Demonstrationen in allen deutschen Städten organisieren bis der Hund, der sien eigenes Volk, das ihm vertraut und geliebt hat, betrogen und belogen hat, aus der Bühne verschwindet, und genauso wie Saddam in ein Loch für immer verkriecht. WEG MIT DEM HUND UND SENEN KRIECHERN !!!!!!

    • Lebam October 5, 2011

      arcobaleno ,

      Wodi Haw Aboy or gual haw Aboy, I have no clue of the german words you used like you may not the English language.

      But my hear understands what “….wie ich den Diktator und seine Lakaien hassen..” …

      Howver Congragulations/ Ingau Hogosukum/hagosena on a brave and stunning, lightening(bergqi) protest in Germany.

      I just felt to welcome you while many many not understand the language.

      Peace be unto you.