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Eritreans For Change Stage A Successful Anti –Tyranny Demonstration In Giessen, Germany – In Pictures.

In a matter of three days they have organised a massive demonstration, attracting unprecedented number of the youth. The youth have now got their voice back;   The time for change has come slowly but surely, and

In a matter of three days they have organised a massive demonstration, attracting unprecedented number of the youth. The youth have now got their voice back;


The time for change has come slowly but surely, and the tide is moving faster, once fear is BROKEN









The momentum established in New York yesterday, has been maintained In Giessen today. This will happen tomorrow somewhere; surely, the destination is Asmara

Review overview
  • ተ.መድኅን October 4, 2011

    ኣብ ኤርትራ ዘለው መራህቲ ብዓይኒ ሕጊ ሃገር ክመርሁ ዘይግበኦም ዘይሕጋውያን፡ብዓይኒ ሞራል ከኣ ንምምራሕ ዘይበቖኡ ኢዮም።ኤርትራ ከኣ በዞም ሰባት ኣዚኦም ትጠፍእ’ምበር ትለምዕ የላን።
    ገለ ሰባት ኩናት ዝሰኦኣሩ ነጻነት ዘምጽ ኡ ስለዝኾኑ ምምሕዳር ከም ቀሊል ገይሮም ይወስዱዎ።ግን፡ነጻነት ወተሃደራዊ ጸብለልትነት ዘምጸኦ ዓወት’ዩ ተረኺቡ።ኣብዚ ፖለቲካ ተካይዱ ክበሃል ኣይከኣልን፡
    ሓደ ውድብ ምምራሕን ሃደ ህዝቢ ምምራሕን ከኣ ዝተፈላለ ኣብ ርእሺ ምኳኑ፡እቶም ኣብ ቃልሲ ዓብይ ኣስተዋጽ ኦ ዝገበሩ ሰባት’ውን ብ ኢሳያስን ህግደፍን ተሰናቢቶም፡ስልጣን ናይ ብሕቶም ጥራህ ገይሮሞ።እነሆ ኩሎም ገለ ተኣሲሮም፡ገለ ደስኪሎም፡ገለ ናብ ስደት ምስ ኣምርሑ ኤርትራ ካብ ዕለት ናብ ኦለት ንድሕሪት ትምለስ ኣላ።ንሳቶም ግን ናይ ጥፍ ኣት ኦላማ ስለዝተታህዙዎ፡ፋህ ዝብል ዘሎ ህዝቢ ገዲፎም ዝሰርሑዎ መንደቕ፡ዝሰርሑዎ ጽርጊያ፡ዝ ኣተወ እቶት ይጽብጽቡ ኣለው።እዚ ከኣ ቅምጥ ኢሉ፡ ኣወዳድቓ መንግስቱ ይመስል።

  • gasha October 4, 2011

    haben zerai
    tell your dad that he has been timid or opportunists for long time. remember all the trip he had to addis for what purpose can u guess. haben just do your thing study hard and when the time is right you will be able to do good thing for your country.

    • Concerned Eritrawi October 4, 2011

      I am his father; you want to talk man to man; just a joke for you! My child would call your statement silly. Unless the person is your nephew and you know your brother real well, you are assuming, and assumption will make you an ass, excuse my language. You seem to care about his education but not his opinion, if he will be the future then let him exercise his God given freedom and speak his heart, unlike the unfortunate children who are growing in Eritrea with out knowing what it is like to be free and also perishing trying to escape the tyranny

    • Kibret October 5, 2011


      Think of the moment you chose to put the name Gasha. Is it subconscious that you feel estranged/gasha about everything?
      Is it you escape/gasha about reality? Is it that you have been so selfishly destitute of this journey the Eritrean people have so globally and unsoliciited pre and post cold war era survived and came victorious you are new/Gasha to it…..or is it your are so bloated and corrupt as the gift of the defunct and historically defeated, feudalistic bribe of Haileselassie bribe- gasha meret(hectare of land)….. If I have to coin one word that comprises all….you are Gasha to Gasha i.e you find you Gasha/estranged not even strange…..Strange is good….Stranger is welcome…but estranged is a curse.

  • SHAWL MOVEMENT October 4, 2011

    Dear Gasha
    if you go to see PIA and not even ask about your people, priseners, you right to cast your vote, speek with out fear so on.
    you just go there to clap your hans becaouse on zombie ask hours of sleep when the rest of Eritrea youth are with out sleep for 14 years then I dear you to say they are Komaro.

  • gasha October 5, 2011

    how about you why dont you ask? you seem to care? sikilka fentahtah kab akmika nilaeli nike name hizka .

    • GOOD MAN October 5, 2011


      The crowed was excessive, the heat oppressive and the entertainer was bad. The man was inflamed and his throat sounded very sore. I am not sure how the fragile man managed to survive. i think, he should be in his grave than in his present situation.

  • Kalu October 5, 2011

    Tmesghen, Shawel, Mazzaa, Amanuel

    Guys you sound very intelligent people, can you please explain for me what Komariet or Komaro mean is? Please explain for me what part of the society and what was their contribution in our socio- economic growth? This part of our society should be respected than referring as a degrading name. The way you guys using the common name is insulting to our society. Most Komaros were women part of our society engaged in business. They played great role in supporting the society growing economically as small business owners and they were classified as part of the middle class interms of socio economic level. They were advanced in socio- economic knowledge; they grew side by side with teachers, police, correctional officers, private companies and governmental office workers who were most of their clienteles. Being on the side of these clienteles they learned a lot on their life, and became part of the advanced women in our society. They were the core supporters of their family, siblings, their villages, churches. They understood early the benefit of education and send their kids, nephews and nieces to school. There are so many well educated brothers and sisters who are raised by these strong & proud Eritrean citizens. Above all every Eritrean knows as business women with the relationship they had with high rank enemy officials, they were one of the main suppliers secrets of enemy to their national struggle. Please refrain from belittling part of our society.

    • Huluf October 5, 2011


      Stop fooling yoursel…. A komarit is a respctful Eritrean in her own space….but what she is in her model self what most mothers can afford to do is what we are taling about. Each mother compliments her friend another mother telling her you are looking like a Komarit..(if she found time to decor heresel in her busy schedule).

      In today’s world there is a competition in Asmara pushing away our tegadelti(most actually coming from servicing in the middle east in the most culturally taboo experence with money and seducing the who is who in power) …..Guess what they run the March 8 – womans days of stuggle which is global with a bunch of hyneas ….while heroines of the world watch from a distant….you do not believe rewind every tape that happened since 2001 or may be 2003.

      In Europe begining with my cousins each one competes with the other who is going to be seen on EriTV and be talk of the town.
      That is what this amazing stuggle of our women -un compared to any…..mind you not even the Israelis comabt experience is like ours. Yet, PIA and cohorts in the game of survival let these ladies mess with history…those women play the KOMARI look while a komarit in her endeavour will remain respected in our culture. But her model role of entertainemnet which is beautiful is now very well competed by all….opportunistic(those that were partying with the Generals of the Derge, now with our own who is who…..). I challenge you to research…pay attention like your dad and mom taught you….I have no doubt they are no different than mine………………..either you forgot your fundamentals are do not care much who gave you thefundamentals ….mom and dad…the rest is for history and time.

    • Maazza October 5, 2011


      Within the comaro category, there are some most dignified and some less dignified persons like within any other type of group of people. Whatever your activities, the society has an unerring paradigm of holding you in esteem or otherwise. When DIA says kedemti, he is not insulting the whole category of women and even men, scattered all over the middle east and particularly Italy who toilled all their productive lives not only supported their own families but the Struggle as well. I understand DIA means salve-like behavior when he uses it because he would not call adetat who most generously gave their shlmat and a sizeable slice of their income to support Gedli. Unless you take its metaphoric meaning, if you stretch it too much, like you guys are doing with the word comaro, it can be taken to mean all those women and men in that category are slave-like. We all know this is not true! There were all ranges of people in the category, from the most esteemed and to the least, as in any other category.

      When Amanuel uses the word, I give it an analogous type explanation. Business people such as comaros, until such time they stash away some income and acquire a certain economic security with which they re-acquire their stature in the society, may at the beginning of their venture and display a very opportunitic behavior in order to attract clients, for example. Personally, I gave it that interpretation, i.e. the crowd at the Center behaved in an opportunistic manner. Otherwise, as somebody in this forum pointed out, in private, most of them would not think twice to bad-mouth Isayas and criticize Hgdef’s grip of our country. More important, Amanuel Eyasu dose not strike me as a person who would denigrate a category just like that. He will not hesitate to denigrate opportunism and undignified behavior. For instance, if the crowd had displayed sobriety and somberness, to pay homage to the youth drawning in the Mediterranean or dying in the Sinai and Sahara, it would have been more befitting. Sceaming and shouting like the teens do for a rock star and applauding even when he says he sleeps for 9 hours, it portrayed them as a comarit at the beginning of her trade, who does not show her true self in order to attract more clients. They were willingly used as stage performers. What does the world think of us when they see some in its Diaspora behaving like that to meet a leader who is being attacked by the world media for gross human rights violations. Frankly, it was angering and in bad taste. This is not a moment in our history for screaming with joy. I am convinced if everything was done in a serious and somber tone, the word comaro wouldn’t have appeared. It was used to denote opportunism or as the jargon has it a sort of ‘political prostitution’. Just like when DIA says kedemti he is not targetting adettat, by saying comaro, Amanuel was not targetting that category but the behavior it implies.

      Kalu, if you want to take this in bona fide, you are welcome. If, as I suspect, you guys were waiting for months or even years, like crocodiles, to attack Amanuel and believe you now have the chance to put a wedge between him and thousands of the youth who love him, please refrain from doing so. You can not go on underestimating the Eritrean mentality. People are not fools! They know what is Tsbuck and what is Hmack if they are left free to make their own sound judgements.

  • Moses October 5, 2011

    To those of you who are Kedeat like Amanuel and wedi Meharena – we know you are getting some left over food from Meles’s plate. We know that he is paying your air ticket, hotel and Gored Gored in Addis Ghion hotel. Let the PIA visit to New York and the seminar he gave with the true Eritreans be a lesson for you. Had the Eritreans in American and Canada known of the President’s visit at least a month ago the number would be double at least 10,000. Shame on those who are siding with Woyane to stand agains their county and thier people.

  • danny October 5, 2011

    Teme Hawey,

    It is a delight, as always, to read your insight on the Assenna forum. I read your brief account, with utmost interest, of your proud upbringing addressed to yet another brilliant addition to the comments section, our enlightened sister Maaza.

    Isaias does not possess a caliber to fit a responsible family man let alone as a president of a state. His state of mind, his actions and the words he chooses and utters are sources of utmost embarrassment. So he came up with another desperate street language word to describe his tormentors… no surprise there. The more he opens his mouth, the more he gets exposed for what he really is. No amount of PFDJ language is going to turn the tide that is set to wipe the dictatorship in Eritrea once for all… it is just a matter of time from this point on. Let us keep hope alive.

    • Maazza October 5, 2011

      Dear danny,

      Please accept my thanks and a big sisterly hug as a gesture of welcome. Temesgen hawey has already spoiled me by praising me too generously. And now your kind words, I am overwhelmed. What I am doing is releasing repressed anger over the topsy turvey nature of our sad destiny as a people. The primary benefficiary is myself becasue, I confess, doing it feels right. It is when I will be in the streets with a placard that I will merit your endearing compliments.

      As Temesgen says, it is like we know each other.

      Hgdefite militants have much to worry about the way things seem to be going. While they are busy hurling insults right and left, we are busy laying bare the reality of our times as regards our country.


      • danny October 5, 2011

        Dearest Maazza,

        Hugs of thanks back at you. PFDJ’s worst enemy is critical thinking, and critical thinking has been your mantra. Many more thanks should be directed at you for this noble and rear quality of character. I have no doubt you will keep making freedom loving people proud of you a million times over. Keep up the good work sis.

    • Temesgen Medhanie October 5, 2011

      danny hawey,

      Tefi’Ekana endikha qenikha. Again, great to have you back. As my grand mother would have it, “Nay Maazza neger zereba yeb’lun”. She is not only a Tigress but a cerebral as well where the rest of the PFDJ thugs wet their pants till they lose their virility in her well fortified niche. Armed to the teeth with facts, facts and facts we are rendering the PFDJ thugs a wounded animal as they see you and belezet in sight. The end ain’t far. We are almost there. We will not relent. We will fight, fight and fight ’till we bring justice, freedom and prosperity to the one and only Eritrea!!!

      • danny October 6, 2011

        Teme nefsi,

        Yes, all facts are pointing to be PFDJ’s nightmares. Time is favoring for freedom loving people in 2011. I hope this is our spring.

  • blog kredyt October 6, 2011

    I agree with you – 100% +. Thank you for the information

  • yemane October 6, 2011

    this is the result of your independence ,inseady of bleaming weyanie who is killing his owen people do your own homework . anybody who is diging a grave to another he is gonne be there by him self .you thought to give Ethiopia 20 years of civil war ,but you couldn t getrid of the asshole from eri.

  • micheal embaye October 24, 2011

    It is a great is time.the only thing left to do is our is definately svre that he will havethe same fate as GADAFI it is a matter of time!!!