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Eritrean Youth for Change TRONDHEIM NORWAY Challenge PFDJ Representative and its Supporters

[youtube][/youtube]           Relevant Link: ድኹም ጎስጋስ ሀግደፍ ብ ትብዓት መንአሰያት ትሮንድሐዕም ፈሺሉ!!!!!!! ሰመርርርርርር ርርርርርርርር







Relevant Link: ድኹም ጎስጋስ ሀግደፍ ብ ትብዓት መንአሰያት ትሮንድሐዕም ፈሺሉ!!!!!!! ሰመርርርርርር ርርርርርርርር

Review overview
  • SINGAPO-ERITREAN January 24, 2012

    I have been saying this for over 25 yrs now, do not try to discuss with wahyotat /weytos ,the only language they understand is humulation. Why do you think they worship COMMANDER DUMU – DUMU ,because he humulates them ,it is like drug addiction.IN ORDER A WAHYO TO RESPECT YOU ,HE HAS TO FEAR YOU .THEY ARE LIKE nig*#”rs from gheto . Well done ypfdj !!!
    ንእሽተይ ሓሪር ናይ ናይሎን ,እዋይ ናይ ናይሎን ፣ እዞም ወይጦታት/ዋህዮታት ፈሺሎም ፣ NORWAY ፈሺሎም !!! ኮቦሮ አይትረስዕ……ቃልሲ ብዘይ ኮቦሮን ድሙ ድሙን ኣይዕምርን´ዩ (I am being retarded on purpose ,so that this mother”#$%*s would understand me.)

  • Abdi January 25, 2012

    What. thugs are they?they got the opportunity to speak to gov’t representatives they should have asked questions and either they win and convince the other gov’t supports to follow them or they understand their mistakes and go back with the majority,sadly you calling them the future youth whom you expect to bring change,i see them worse than the elders who are enjoying the holidays in the resorts of Hawasa.
    They belw up a great opportunity instead the fought each another (knrakheb ena,nefat blah blah blah)but the good thing is they admitted that they were falsely claimed that they were tortured and the females sexually abused by colonels inorder to get the refugee status,which in one side tells us that the bad things have been said about the gov’t are baseless lies .i thank them for this clarification.

    • sol January 25, 2012

      Humilation is the only language the thugs of EPLF understands. Democracy works only where people respect the rights of others. There is no vocabulary of rule of law in EPLF dictionary. A regime and its supporters who jailed people for more than 12 years should not talk about their rights.Andebeean , if you want democracy and right , go back to Eritrea, you will enjoy it as Issias has no friend except power.

      There is totally a shift of

  • michael January 25, 2012

    Now it is clear that,No one can expect a change from some one who doesnt have a discipline or a manner. A man who doesnt have ethics couldnt have a disciplined children.The truth is that a baga bond couldnt lead a country. It is very strange in our eritrean culture to hear a woman is harassed by a group of men who claim for a democracy; A man doesnt fight with the powerless woman in european citys. The real man goes to the jungle.Dont the people have the right to hear anyone and make their own judgement.Everyone has the right of freedom of exprssion. If we dont believe in freedom of expression, we dont believe in it all. Thanku

    • wo@man.male January 25, 2012

      a women is only repected when she care herself like a lady. this women on the audio is siding with the devil and screming like a devil…….she doesn’t deserve to be treated right….then again how did she get harrassed, she was runing her mouth and she will get a reply from people who are seeking an answer from the government body. who said she has to speak for the government? or is she the government? can she answer peoples question?

      • Ahmed saleh January 25, 2012

        Sometimes those type of women with blank mind set surprise you when they talk about issues concerning Eritreans. We may tolerate
        their opinion but these recent young refugees who witnessed the cruelty of higher-ups in the government could take it personal. They
        have a right to get mad on spoiled, immature people with hypocrisy
        who take no responsibility and keep blaming others of HGDF failures.
        The situation back home might be acceptable to some but in reality
        they forgot that their own people are sacrificing when they dispute
        on the price of human lives .

  • CRY FREEDOM January 25, 2012


  • Semhar January 26, 2012

    Gaddafi is dead Isayas is next!
    – His boss (Mubarak of Egypt) is thrown out of power.
    – The international community’s talking peace and carrying big stick [sanctions] is having an effect.
    – The Eritrean people are beginning to realize that there is no point in waiting for the regime to reform itself — that it needs to be overthrow.
    This is the moment we must come together to save our land and our people.

    Let freedom ring in Akeleguzay!
    Let freedom ring in Barka!
    Let freedom ring in Denkel!
    Let freedom ring in Hamasien!
    Let freedom ring in Sahil!
    Let freedom ring in Semhar!
    Let freedom ring in Senhit!
    Let freedom ring in Seraye!

    Let freedom ring in ERITREA!

    Let freedom ring allover Eritrea!
    Let’s LIVE FREE OR DIE with dignity.
    Our martyrs did not die to crown the tyrant.
    We must reclaim our flag, our constitution, Highi Indaba, our land (our original provinces), our people,

    • robel January 26, 2012

      Hi Semhar
      I am on your side when seek for change in Eritrea!
      But when you talk about freedom in one hand and talk about awrajanet !
      please open your mind we don’t need such narrow minded people !
      we will fight for our rights ! but these awrajatat that you try to highlight doesnt exist in Eritrea any more incase you didn’t know !

      • ahmed saleh January 26, 2012

        Thank you, I agree and respect your opinion. We got to get rid off
        that psychological inclination by now.

  • Hasab Rebi January 26, 2012

    Hey, be awre!!!!!!!!!!!
    Someone has ereased/deleted my coments , simply it did not suit to him. let me say it again.
    Some senesless gangsters have attacked to the vetran fighter, zemach in Zürich. Some arrests has been done, and some of the attackers are awaiting deportation.