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  • Adhanom Kifle March 11, 2013

    We love you mothers. Keep on doing teh good work you do.

  • Salih March 11, 2013

    Ethiopian women do not represent Eritrea. AGAME

    • tekeste March 11, 2013

      Brother, let us support the Eritrean people to be freed from the current brutal regime. Let’s not prolong the suffering of our people. Regards,

  • Semere March 14, 2013


    Thank you for your hard work of exposing the evil in our country!
    Allow me to comment why Assenna never said anything on the Resignation of Benedict XVI and Election of the New Pope. These are moral authorities that have a heavy weight in the international community. Remember that Pope Benedict condemned and prayed for the Eritreans refugees in Libya and elsewhere. We have to open up our horizons and avoid been too much closed like the regime of Isayas. This is just a brotherly comment!

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