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  • Lula March 5, 2018

    Way to go Tiffany Hadish !

    Give credit to this young African-American whose ancestors decades ago ones lived in Eritrea and Ethiopia. She is very proud to honour, respect and show pride in her mothers and grandmothers respected traditional and the authentic=tic Agazian identity that she knows from a distance.
    The few Eritreans with coconut-heads who are ashamed of their own history, heritage, languages, mebeqol-Adi, ancestors and traditions …. need to learn one or two lessons from this proud African-American young woman. …
    Tiffany, you are teaching the idiots and retards who have disowned their own heritage, languages and identity a big slapping lesson. My hope is they wake up from their slumber of denying their own..

    Don’t worry if some of them start to bark below, as they often do

  • zeregabir March 6, 2018

    I am so much pleased and comforted about you. This is what Eritrean mean, hopefully you will step forward and bring more victory.
    But be carefull from joining Religious groups for they will block you from steping ahead.

  • Y.h March 6, 2018

    Hadish,you are very beutiful Eritrean woman. We are so proud of you for celebrating our Eritrean heritage. I beg you use your fame to advocate freedom and justice in Eritrea.

  • Luwam T/lidet March 6, 2018

    You so beautiful my Eritrean sister. Show the world our beautiful dresses and tradition, God bless you.

  • rezen March 6, 2018

    To: Manager,
    I would be most grateful if you would find appropriate space for my humble concerned opinion. Thank You. rezen
    Arrogance to Face Reality in Hospices
    I am full fledged “Eritrean” who used to recite the lineage of my ancestors up to six generations. My parents used to be proud of me in the presence of guests. This was the norm in every “Eritrean” family. That era of noble humble pride of what WE were — now “gone with the wind” and left barren as if WE had no history and culture. “Eritrea” is now equivalent to a land of savagery, hood looms, lampern who have lost their roots other than insulting people on the free internet. “Eritrea” has been battered by string of colonialists, so much so, that it lost its culture, bearing, pride, and purposefulness to the future.
    Regardless of Eritrea’s inherent resilience and pride, the savagery of colonialism was too much – and too long – to bear. Hence, insidiously rotten culture spread-in and changed the personality of the country, so much so, that it ultimately lost its indigenous name and settled for foreign baptism of “Eritrea”. WE are stuck with it, until – sad to say — the next stage of fragmentation into pieces >>>which is no longer fictitious forecast.
    That was not the end of the sordid history of Eritrea. Eritrea went into war to liberate itself from Ethiopia – so went the convenient fictitious rational for going into 30-year devastating war. Yes, bizarre as it may sound, the devastating war was unleashed among brethren Eritreans, though conveniently camouflaged as ELF and EPLF [Eritrean Liberation Front and Eritrean Peoples Liberation Front, respectively]. Note the exactness of the name with the exception of the word “people” as if the ELF was void of ’people’!!! Anyway, the outcome of the horrendous war was supposed to be against Ethiopia. Eritrea won with heavy price, and became the custodian of the so-called “independence”. But that is not the end.
    Eritreans were devastated to realize that their beloved hero and self-appointed president was no less than the cruellest dictators on Earth. It was the greatest shock in the history of Eritrea that Eritreans had to face. Psychologically. Eritreans were shocked (and still are shocked) so deeply that the entire society found themselves in disarray of what to believe, or not to believe. This is attested by the fact that eighty to ninety (80 to 90 ) opposition parties were established [abroad , of course] for the SAME ONE aim!!! It is a perfect reflection of hopelessly confused society. Unbelievable as it may seem, there were some four to six groups led by highly educated personalities, star-studded by Doctor of Philosophy Degrees (PhD) from Western Universities, for the SAME claimed purpose!!! BUT WE ALL KNOW BETTER. The everlasting standing main inherent problem of Eritrea is religion, region and individual ambition. PERIOD.
    Under the above circumstance, the probability of fragmentation of Eritrea becomes a practical reality. Hence, the Eritrean charade is equivalent to blind arrogance to face reality in hospices THE END .
    Post Script Artificial tantrum and insults are not going to help in the resurrection of Eritrea. Each and every Eritrean must look at his/her self and ask the question that should have been asked a very long time ago. But, alas, It is now ‘Gone With the Wind’ – devastated and all.

  • Lula March 6, 2018

    This one touched my heart. Taken from ET’s website:

    “It touched my entire soul,” Haddish told ET’s Kevin Frazier. “Look, OK, I want to hit her up and ask her what should I wear to the Oscars. Like, I want her to give me advice on everything in life.”
    Haddish then hilariously proceeded to ask Oprah on camera about a potential dress she’s considering for the Oscars. Haddish is presenting at this Sunday’s ceremony.
    “Oprah, should I wear this Eritrean African dress to the Oscars on the red carpet because my daddy from Eritrea, and he passed away,” she said, looking directly into the camera. “And I want to pay respect. I want to show the world. What you think? You think she’s going to call me?”” …