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Eritrean Students: Keep the Gained Momentum Going by Staying on the Stormed Streets of Your Cities

The Eritreans’ abidance to the tyrannical laws is based on the Eritrean culture of respect and obedience to the elders.  Otherwise, the obedience is not out of fear.  The Al-Diaa-Islamic school’s board leaders and the

The Eritreans’ abidance to the tyrannical laws is based on the Eritrean culture of respect and obedience to the elders.  Otherwise, the obedience is not out of fear.  The Al-Diaa-Islamic school’s board leaders and the students’ reaction and response to the regime’s contemptuous banning order of the school’s program are examples that Eritreans still have courageous fathers, mothers, youth and children that only await for the right moments and opportunities to speak out and stand up for their rights.

The president of the school’s board leader, Hajji Musa Mohammed Nur, stood like a rock defending the programs of the school that are based on national curriculum (secular values) and religious values.  Only courageous leaders produce courageous leaders and followers who could translate aspirations into reality.  No doubt, Hajji Musa’s speech was behind holding the students and their parents together to make their case by storming the street of Asmara.

In the past, many religious leaders had quietly put themselves in front to confront injustices and, as a result, they were thrown into the dungeons of the tyrant.  But in case of Hajji Musa, the only difference was that, after meeting with the authority, he called teachers and students’ meeting to report that he rejected the regime’s banning order of the school’s programs.   He then confirmed to the attendees that the school would continue to follow mixed program of secular and religious values, no matter what the consequences were.

The guns and empty streets ploy are designs of the tyrant to deny the people to get to know their sons and daughters in the uniforms.  It was this ploy that made many courageous Eritrean fathers, mothers and youth think that taking their cases to the streets could not be carried out.  However, this time, the ploy was smashed.  The will and the conviction to resist tyranny always have been there and they will remain continuing to unite the people in their fight to end injustice and the rule of the jungle in Eritrea.

The Eritrean tyranny, throughout its imposition, has eaten up or eliminated all potential leaders that the Eritrean Revolution produced.  The Eritrean people had hopes and pinned on those eliminated leaders for their (the Eritrean) vision to be turned into reality.  That threat is now on Hajji Musa, who accepted to face the risk of elimination when he decided to stand for the students’ rights to good education.  The good and courageous Hajji confronted and stood on his ground on the face of the draconian threats of “do as told or face death.”  Hajji Musa was powered by the precept that men who model themselves upon their heroes die for their beliefs and principles.  Emphasizing the fact that as soon as a baby is born, pain and death are part of the baby’s life, Hajji Musa expressed their unwavering support for the school’s programs.  Hajji Musa’s strong position, as a leader, proved that standing up for what is right is indispensable to producing young leaders who can carry on the vision and mission of the school more effectively to a success even in the absence of the current school board.

Pledging to do what Hajji Musa did has become the promise of every Eritrean political and religious leader.  Shocked by the flowing promises, commitments and pledges, the pro-tyrant elements who are obsessed with drumming up divisive politics have gone crazy posting nonsense stories and flooding the Eritrean websites with their lies to tarnish Hajji Musa’s image and slow down the momentum.

Who is Supporting and Who is Paying Attention?

All pro-democracy Eritreans are following the news closely and monitoring the way and how things are developing.  Hajj Musa’s stand and the students’ decision to take their case to the streets of Asmara are considered great sacrifices.  The joy and support of the Eritrean people are wide spread.

It is not time to be silent.  The world already told the Eritrean tyrant enough is enough to his forcing of the youth to flee the country.  The UN on its part declared that member countries can no more be led by those who cannot control their destructive behaviors and policies.

The Eritrean tyrant appears to have imprisoned himself in the fears of students ever since he self-appointed himself as the leader of the country.  He was quick to close Asmara University, the only university, when its students did what he feared: Demanded transparency, accountability and people-centered governance.  The always fear-stricken tyrant, this time too, has targeted the only three faith-based schools.  The three targeted schools are known for their highest academic success and promotion of high values and ethic of excellence.

When the Al-Diaa Akhria school board and students protested the regime’s interference in their school’s programs, the tyrant resorted to a direct control order.  The tyrant, as usual, will leave no stone unturned to justify his actions including shooting at innocent kids and students.  The tyrant always holds onto labelling names and falsely accusing his victims.  Like he did it against his lifelong comrades, he is seen now unleashing his blaming words against Hajji Musa and the students to mask his evil politics and actions.

In a world where everyone doesn’t feel like being spied on, the support for the students who stormed the streets of Asmara is loud and openly.  Even more defiant messages against the tyrant are coming from inside Eritrea, reporting of spreading protests in other Eritrean cities.

The Eritrean Diasporas are celebrating the students’ protests in the street of Asmara. Eritrean Diasporas demonstrations are all over the world with the demonstrators’ voices reverberating with slogans and chants in support.  The demonstrators are calling for the release of all religious leaders and political prisoners.

All Eritrean TVs, radios and websites are celebrating the day the light at the end of the Eritrean tunnel that never seemed to ever happen has become a reality when the Eritrean students stormed the streets of Asmara.  Here below are some postings from some members of the Eritrean websites:

<><><><> Z. Hagos of Assessna wrote: “I heard about the demonstration and I didn’t believe what I heard. Now, I see and I believe, thanks to Assenna.  The students of the school were angered by the tyrant’s decision. The anger generated guts in them to take their case to the streets and face the consequences. Standing for their rights necessitated them to fight to stop the usual and every day injustice of the system. They really deserve respect and support of all peace loving Eritreans. Their taking to the street declared the start time to work with all others to achieve what is right and condemn what is wrong.

When the abused people’s anger gets worse, they feel like pushed to get their anger off their chest. That’s what history tells us about what the French people did in 1789 to free all innocent people who were thrown into the state prison by orders of the king. The angry people stormed the Bastille prison in Paris and that day became the first taste of freedom that led to French Revolution.
Oct 31, the Eritrean students’ storming of the streets of Asmara has removed all the fears that controlled the subjects of the tyrant in Eritrea. Once the streets stormed and fears removed, the whistles have blown signaling the end of the tyrant. It is expected all the churches and mosques to jointly storm the fortresses and prisons of the tyrant to free all prisoners and declare end of the oppressive and tyrannical regime in Eritrea

The extreme tyranny against every Eritrean in Eritrea makes the alliance of all religions in Eritrea (Christians and Muslims) necessary in order to stop tyranny in Eritrea and to end all injustice committed against every Eritrean in Eritrea.

Our people should act immediately to put sense into senseless people, like Alem Goitem of Meskerem-dot-net and Semere Tesfai of Awate-dot-com who should be advised not to instigate divisive and civil wars politics.”

<><><><>Tekie Aregawi of Asmarino wrote: “This is the tip of the iceberg to come. How long people can tolerate oppression under a fellow citizen? Few days ago i commented how much dissent there is in eritrea that the ethiopian government political wing ignored for such a long time. 500 people living Eritrea alone can tell the story of etitrea’s poltical landscape. The number of people thrown into prison on daily bases also tells how much opersion there is in eritrea, an opersion at one point sensible people are going to say no more. The army that has become a hand tool of the regime, a Labour force to make money for government officials, started a protest a while back by going to neighbouring countries leaving its post. Eritrean youth tired of unlimited military service had started voting against the regime by moving to ethiopia as a refugee,the list goes on. Isyasi has become another Mengistu Hailmariam to Eritrean people as far as eritrean people life goes. Isaisa has been instrumental to serve Gulf States on the expenses of Eritrean when Gulf States designed an artificial independent state of eritrea separated from ethiopia. It was artificial because eritrean people have common poltical, social,economical, and geographical relation to ethiopians than any other people in rhe region.
Isyas, still today, stands against the vast majority of Eritrean people interest. A guy who run to UN when its military was about to collapse when ethiopia military forces liberated badme advancing to heart of eritrea refused to settle a border issue when it sees that issue has become a tipping point to hang on to stay in power, since the issue can be used to rule the eritrean people by fear. The border issue could have been settled by a strike of a pen but lingering the border issue helps the regime to hang on to power. Since Isaysi has uncontested power the border issues should not take this long to settle. If it was an issue stranding on the way of Isaysi power, the issue could have been resolved soon as Isaysii rushed to opp UN in 1998.
I said what happened in Asmara today is the tip of iceberg because the regime in Asmara violated eritrean right on individual count as well as on national and reginal level.”

<><><><>iSem of Awate-dot-com wrote: “Delighted to inform you that I am in the peaceful demonstration in support of the uprising in Eritrea.
Respectable crowed from all walks of life, old, young, new immigrants, community leaders, beautiful women with their head covered just like the girls in Dia, young women with their long hair with hints of color highlights dangling from side to side as they chanted, ” we are united, we are one people, we support Akiray, release Haj Mussa, we need freedom” have gathered in front of the provincial legislation.
The crowd reiterating their unflinching support to the peaceful demonstration in Asmara demanded the release of Haj Mussa and the patriarch, sons and daughters of Eritrea.
At top of their lungs, they are chanting that fear has been broken and expressed their hope and their opposition to the divisive overtures of the regime, PFDJ is a poison and must be purged from our beloved Eritrea, they repeated.”

The noises of joy are pushing the moral reasons of all Eritrean people inside Eritrea for going to reject tyranny in Eritrea.  Similarly, the Eritrean youth feel now they are capable of accomplishing more of victories in their fight against the tyrannical rule in Eritrea.


Using the Stormed Streets for More Demands

Once the streets are stormed and the encountered people are found to be supporters of the people’s case, the streets become centers for brandishing placards that support people’s demands and denounce crimes or injustice of the regime.  For about 27 years the Eritrean youth were denied the freedom to speak out or the right to organize meetings and protests.  Many youth who were denied freedom of expression had to flee the country and many of them perished in the way to their destinations of temporary freedom.

Up to the time of storming the streets of Asmara, there was imminent threat to voicing concerns or speaking up without fear.  Freedom to voicing for your rights was something banned and punishable by unknown prison term or disappearance.

Although there is no imminent danger of overthrowing the regime by taking cases or demands to the street, the tyrant ordered “big NO” to freedom of assembly.  And, although the tyrant can regulate rather than totally deny freedom of assembly, it appears the reason is that the tyrant doesn’t want to allow the people to find solution to their day to day problems.

Even if a peaceful protest gets wide spread supports inside the country, the right to protest cannot be considered a threat so long there is a culture of listening or desire to discuss the concerns of the people and find solutions.  However, the problem is that the tyrant has committed five pronged attacks on the Eritrean people and he is sleepless.  He has emptied every house of its children, confiscated their monies, denied them good and healthy life, denied them access to healthcare services, and denied them all basic rights.  The game played by the tyrant is a game of no rights, denying any and every thing.  Now, it is time to return with the same game of denial to duties and obligations so long the tyrant is denying rights.

The tyranny in Eritrea is giving the people no choice but to flee the country.  Now, the right of taking “your cases” to the streets is not a crime.  There is no threat from the people in the uniform because they now know that shooting or pulling guns on the demonstrators is like endorsing the imposed tyranny by the unelected dictator.

The regime was devoted to keeping the streets empty because it considered the empty streets as buffer zone between the abuser and the abused.  However, with storming the streets, unlike the past, silence is considered a crime.

With the silence of the people, the criminals were committing crimes against the innocent Eritreans.  Indeed, the silence of the victims is pushing the country on the brink of a failed state.  Since nothing goes well in a government without accountability and transparency, through storming the streets to demand justice and to stop the recurring crimes will contribute in laws being created.  The created laws will impose mutual respect between the public and the law enforcers.

Changes and on-demand rights are products of protests and demonstrations.  Eritreans inside Eritrea should join the world in having the right to take their cases to the streets.  There is no reason also as to why Eritreans enjoy like the other people to bring their cases in the courts when the authority illegally ban them the right to freely exercise the choice of good education, travelling, and obtaining the needed healthcare service.

In support of the students who stormed the streets of Asmara and the courageous Hajji Musa





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Review overview
  • Kalighe November 7, 2017

    Tekie Aregawi of Asmarino wrote: ” Isaisa has been instrumental to serve Gulf States on the expenses of Eritrean when Gulf States designed an artificial independent state of eritrea separated from ethiopia. “.

    Mamino, you may have not noticed that Tekie and many like him who made of Asmarino their home do not recognize Eritrea as a historical political entity like Ethiopia, having every right to be an independent country.

    • k.tewolde November 7, 2017

      I concur Kalighe, your message is timely and on point Mamino,however, you quoting characters who don’t resonate it,besides individuals like brother Z.Hagos.I suggest you stick to the point- your poignant message. Correct me if I am wrong.

  • Z. Hagos November 7, 2017

    Thanks Mamino for adding to my political knowledge that, “Changes and on-demand rights are products of protests and demonstrations.” We know that good governments all over the world respect and serve their people well because it is the people who put them in the government and it the people who vote them out of the government.
    Those in the government, who are nurtured by the false notion that power put them in the government and that no one has the right to judge them, only power put them right. That is why those governments that believe in the people power allow or approves freedom of assembly and demonstrations to know how they are doing and what the people think of them.

  • TesfaldetAbraha November 8, 2017

    You are talking abaut the stupid old man did you know where he is in the conteiner wher he belong