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Eritrean regime’s involvement in the Sinai tragedy

Any one in doubt about the Eritrean regime’s involvement in the Sinai tragedy: read this part from the UN Monitoring group on Somalia and Eritrea report: S/2011/433 Pages: 109/110 J. Human smuggling and trafficking 421. The well-documented exodus

Any one in doubt about the Eritrean regime’s involvement in the Sinai tragedy: read this part from the UN Monitoring group on Somalia and Eritrea report: S/2011/433

Pages: 109/110

J. Human smuggling and trafficking

421. The well-documented exodus of young Eritreans to escape poverty or
obligatory “national service” represents yet another opportunity for corruption and illicit revenue. People smuggling is so pervasive that it could not be possible
without the complicity of Government and party officials, especially military
officers working in the western border zone, which is headed by General Teklai
Kifle “Manjus”. Multiple sources have described to the Monitoring Group how
Eritrean officials collaborate with ethnic Rashaida smugglers to move their human
cargo through the Sudan into Egypt and beyond. This is in most respects the same
network involved in smuggling weapons through to Sinai and into Gaza.

422. According to former Eritrean military officials and international human rights
activists, military officers involved in the practice charge roughly $3,000 a head for
each person exiting Eritrea. Eritreans seeking to leave the country illegally (i.e.
without an exit visa), and who can afford to pay these fees, often choose to do so
rather than risk imprisonment.

423. In some cases, however, smugglers may demand an additional ransom payment
up to $20,000 per head in order to release their charges. An Eritrean directly
involved in smuggling operations into Egypt explained to the Monitoring Group
how family members are required to send the funds via money transfer agencies to
Eritrean officials operating in the Eritrean embassy in Egypt, and in Israel, in order
to secure the release of their relatives.

424. Although the Government of Eritrea prohibits human smuggling, and has
reportedly imprisoned some officials for taking part in it, senior Government and/or
party officials linked to General Kifle’s command profit from the practice.360 The
Monitoring Group has obtained details of a Swiss bank account into which the
proceeds from smuggling have been deposited and has provided the Swiss
authorities with information related to this account, together with the personal and
contact details of the Swiss-based coordinator of this trafficking ring and details of
the coordinator’s Egypt-based associates.

Review overview
  • The Bee November 17, 2011

    Now most Eritreans seem to know and understand who the number one enemy of the Eritrean people is.

    The enemies of Eritrea are those who came up with a system that enslaves Eritreans instead of assuring freedom in their own country. The enemies of Eritrea are those who have created a discouraging environment, where Eritreans long to flee their own country and become refugees of other countries, instead of encouraging and creating an environment where Diaspora Eritreans would want to go back and help build their own country. The enemies are those few Eritrean leaders who have rebelled from their own people and are ruling using their military might. The enemies of Eritrea are those traitors who reside in Diaspora (many live in a civilized democratic countries), and have the audacity, to advocate and justify for an atrocious totalitarian military government of Eritrea.

    Step #1 in dealing with your enemy is to know who your real enemy is. It seems step one is accomplished. We are now on step#2 of Organization stage. For some of the supporters this is the hard truth and you know it. Instead of fighting it why don’t you join your people to build a democratic Eritrea?

  • ጽንብላሊዕ November 17, 2011

    ” ህግደፍ የተማረ- ይግደለኝ ” ምበለ፣ ” If PFDJ is involved in this business, are you so stupid that you were working day and night encouraging the youth to leave their country without knowing that you were not paralyzing PFDJ but assissting them in the business?… ” ሓፍ ዘይብል ጥያቐን ሓታትን፣ ልቡ ከረስርሶ እንካሎ !! ተባረኽክ ኣታ ሕጹብ ወድ-ይከኣሎ።

  • Tsahaye November 17, 2011

    Shocking News! Daniel Tewelde, one of the Commission members was accused of being a PFDJ agent and interrogated for three hours by the Ethiopian security. His computer was confiscated and then handed back to him after thorough investigation. His recorder was snatched from him by one of the Commission members and it is still out of his hands. It is a mystery that shocking news has not been reported by Amanuel Eyasu. The famous Tigrigna saying goes like, “haf keibelas quwaq abela”. It is the beginning and the end of the death of the Commission all at once. Those who never learn from past history are those go back to live in it. Daniel Tewelde is lucky. If the meeting had taken place somewhere in Eritrea or somewhere outside the Ethiopian city, Addis Ababa, he would have faced the same fate like Melake Tekle and many others who were killed trying to make the Eritrean field a better place. Now it is over, and he should leave the country immediately before they kill him and blame his death on a car accident. Folks, if there is anyone who still believes in this archaic and senile opposition leaders, this is your moment to rethink and switch the gears. You better run as far as you possibly can. It is waste of your energy and time not to do so. There are so many other ways the PFDJ regime can be forced to hand over power to the people of Eritrea.

  • awet November 17, 2011

    since day one I know who was behind this tragic crime, Eritrean government ordered some commander to work with the smugglers to make them suffer and gain some benefit from them, but the main reason was not that despite of killing on the borders they decided to extend the killing and suffer outside of Eritrea, so that, for rest of youth that will make them to stop from living the county. do you think this will work no I don’t think so.

  • Semhar November 18, 2011

    To let one mercenary destroy our land, our people and our culture.

    To let one mercenary dissolve our heroic national liberation fronts
    ELF 1980, EPLF 1993.

    To let one mercenary turn us against one another and against all our neighbors, Ethiopia, Sudan, Djibouti, Somalia and Yemen.

    To let the dictator kill our heroes, our disable veterans, jail our parents and our religion leaders and members.

    The dictator must go!
    – His boss (Mubarak of Egypt) is thrown out of power in jail.
    – His adored brother (Gaddafi) was killed like a rat.
    – The international community’s talking peace and carrying big stick [sanctions] is having an effect.
    – The Eritrean people are beginning to realize that there is no point in waiting for the regime to reform itself – that it needs to be overthrown.
    We must apply
    TUNISIA style
    LIBYA style!
    This is the moment we must come together to save our land and our people.

    Let freedom ring in ERITREA!