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Eritrean People’s Pacifism and PFDJ’s Untold Crimes;

Eritrean People's Pacifism and PFDJ's Untold Crimes; (Crimes  against Humanity:) There are several different sorts of pacifism, but they all include the idea that war and violence are unjustifiable, and that conflicts should be settled in a

Eritrean People’s Pacifism and PFDJ’s Untold Crimes;

(Crimes  against Humanity:)

There are several different sorts of pacifism, but they all include the idea that war and violence are unjustifiable, and that conflicts should be settled in a peaceful way (BBC ethics guide)which is noble in the first glance.Our Eritrean pacifism is not different from the rest of the world pacifism.


The Eritrean people have waged a 60 year war against colonialism and abrogation of their federal agreements with a neighbouring African country.This might have been the cause of Apathy and fatigue of war and eventually fear of civil wars.Where does the logic of wait and see comes from? Is it a religous orianted or apathy for war or both?

In the diaspora we have seen advocates for pacifism and things will be solved by themselves theory.They told us using armed struggle as a solution to our servitude and unjust rule by the PFDJ,is act of terrorism because it will cause unwanted death of innocent people. Even round table discussions in Brussels in 2005/2008 and later were condeming the armed struggle against PFDJ unconstitutional rule in Eritrea. They formed alliances like EPDP,Sidri ( a civic group in London) and website.They harrased the many civic and political groups by saying that they were acting unpatriotic to the fatherland and give Ethiopia an excuse to invade Eritrea.Can we catagorize this as a religious or morality pacifism? What is pacifism after all?he word (but not the idea) is only a century old, being first used in 1902 at the 10th International Peace Conference.Even traveling to Addis Abeba was considered as unpatriotic. Then came the newly formed by ex-party members of the EPLF secret organization with a fancy name called Medrek Forum, with the same idiology and similar faces.The have a huge financial capacity and used that to attract people as a bate.You use a bate to hook fish in your fish line and catch it by misleading it with a small piece of fish meat.

People are pacifists for one or some of these reasons:

  • religious faith
  • non-religious belief in the sanctity of life
  • practical belief that war is wasteful and ineffective

Many believe that pacifism is more than opposition to war. They argue that it must include action to promote justice and human rights.

Selective pacifism

Other pacifists believe that it is a matter of degree, and only oppose wars involving weapons of mass destruction – nuclear or chemical and biological weapons – either because of the uniquely Selective pacifism

Other pacifists believe that it is a matter of degree, and only oppose wars involving weapons of mass destruction – nuclear or chemical and biological weapons – either because of the uniquelydevastating consequences of such weapons, or because a war that uses such weapons is not ‘winnable’.

What are the reasons behind our Eritrean diasphora pacifism? Do our diaspora pacifists mean what they preach and will their idea appeal to the common man in the streets of  Asmara or is it really fear of civic wars in Eritrea.No this is more a sympathy to the question of existence for the PFDJ as an indigenous political power and if it is defeated the country will seemingly be without defence and lose of our national identity or lose our sovereinity as a nation-state.In this case we all know that Eritrea has lost its virginity during the 1998-2000 war where every part of PFDJ power house was exposed and left void.Its leaders and war horeos were put in Era Eoro Jail.Most of the independent media journalists were imprisoned or still living in foreign countries.

Our General who is the Minister of Mines (Copper,Gold and Zinc) is telling us in an interview that we should not  bother, that our country is going the wrong path, because the world will change its course and bring a natural change by itself. This is the false hope from the Office of 03, or the misinformation ministry, to give us a pacifist tendency in wait and see for a change to come from outer space.How cruel should our General be to let us wait and be faithful to Isaias and him until they take all the royalty of the mineing companies can offer them and stack it in foreign banks and  pilfer our country without control. He is always in the business of giving false hope to our soldiers including the salary increament, that never  came to happen. This in addition to his typical betrayal to his commerades in the past. His pretention as a religious protestant member of Geza Kenisha and as a messenger to PIA, he acts as if is leading the prayer in the congregation.

PIA,as the terminator told us not to worry about our minerals, so that he will manage the finances and without audit and budget allocation to the country’s economic well being, however he turned the State as a gost nation without youth, able men or women and scarce of food and health care un availble in the country.What can be expected from such a group of  criminals in the eyes of the world community to use a peaceful means of change.

It is a considerate form of struggle, but who would in his/her sound mind believe the change would come soon.It is true we are waging a peaceful appeal to the UN and EU or AU if done,but then we have to be realists again in believing our compatriots to wait for a natural process until every child and person in Eritrea leave his/her country for good.This is the only certainity of change we should be seeing in the future.

Seen is believing,the general filosophy in the developed world but in Eritrea both the President and his henchmen are trying to play their cards by lying to the people and saying It is alright to wait and expect good things will be done. Since 1991 Eritrea has gone a downward path to destruction and no political or economic changes to be recounted.Why then people do not complain to the leaders of  their community.Is there a system that accomodates the people to forward their compaints.These all added up creates a situation of tremendous sufferings and pain.Finally Eritreans are experience a deadly Post Traumatic Distress. For this reason people preffered to be pacifists, because there is no way out of this PTD condition, unless the whole population gets a group therapy.

Thousands of Eritrean young refugees are suffering from such a destructive post traumatic disstress, and we are looking for organizations and institutions to help them through therapeutic sessions if possible to relieve themselves from the stress and quensecontly fear and mistrust to their suroundings. I am sure it is all over Europe and Canada/USA the same problem with our youth.Their terrible experience in the Military Services, crossing the borders and the mediterranean sea has also added salt to their wounds.Libya,Egypt and Israel are also not places to cross and feel safe.Most killings are in these countries who have denied Eritrean refugees from what is expected countries should do.


Wishing every Eritrean a Merry Christimass and A happy New year 2017.I will say Sayanara.


God save our people and nation-state Eritrea.



Review overview
  • k.tewolde November 22, 2016

    I am a proponent of peace,so is the holy bible and so is Koran and many other faiths.But the peaceful approach is conditional that is why David the shepherd boy stood up to the giant Goliad. This party called HGDEF and its mastermind has assumed all the characteristics of Goliad- brutal,savage,pompous,greedy,scandalous,imbecile,shameless robber………it is when he was faced with these irreconcilable characteristics David wielded his sling and defying all the odds he brought the giant down to his knees.At this time,Eritrea doesn’t have a David only the sheep he herded and they are being slaughtered daily to feed the giant. ANYBODY WHO IS TELLING YOU TO DEAL WITH HGDEF PEACEFULLY IS LYING,HE/SHE IS A CAPITULATIONIST,THEY ARE TRYING TO PROLONG YOUR MISERY FOR THEIR SHORT TERM GAIN. PICK UP YOUR SLING THE OPPRESSED MASSES AND START SWINGING AND HIT THE HEAVILY ARMORED GIANT WITH PRECISION AT HIS WEAKEST TARGET,THE RESULT WILL ASTOUND YOU. YOU KNOW WHY,BECAUSE YOU FORGOT THAT YOU HAVE DONE IT BEFORE. IT HAS BEEN AWHILE.

    • Haile November 23, 2016

      You are a con man, that is for sure. You keep changing your lipsticks to deceive innocent readers. How and when did you become a member of a Pentecostal movement preaching about peace, love, forgiveness and master of all other faiths and of the holy bible & Quran?
      What an amazing U-turn, from an ELF fanatic propagandist to a con man preacher and imposter. You must’ve mastered the art of deceiving with no sweats.
      A revolution that makes the means (itself) its terminal end is a revolution devoid of any vision. Without a vision to guide it, a revolution resorts to unnatural means to provide meaning to its goals. As a result, those goals end up being exactly the opposite of what they were supposed to be in their organic forms. “Independence” ends up referring to the land only, as in separation; “democracy” ends up subverting itself in its enduring form; and “unity” could end up meaning “unity at any cost”.

      • k.tewolde November 24, 2016

        Haile ,it takes one to know one my friend.If you have common sense,mine and Z.Hagos’s message compliment each other and there is no Pentacostal or Episcopalian tune to it.You can take your subliminal Hegdefite garbage somewhere.

        • AHMED SALEH !!! November 25, 2016

          People who lack confidence feel unsecure and often repel others while
          truly confident people feel good about themselves and attract others .
          Senseless person has only sharp tongue , bad mouth and point finger
          to cover his arrogance . If he think that he possess wisdom in contrary
          we recognize our foolish weak side .
          To have peace and love is a battle to learn in growing up duration .

      • zeray November 24, 2016

        Haw Haile
        Please ignore k.tewolde aka Khelifa Tahir wedi Komarit Amete berad. He tries hard to look smart but he doesn’t fool us with his criminal barbaric Islamic ELF papagalo fake acts and impressions. He is simply son of whore and he is just trying his best to hide that fact and unashamedly but pathetically playing his muslim gimmicks and propaganda. However, he is a marked savage kurkur Arab slave.

        • Haile November 25, 2016

          Many thanks brother Zeray
          Without delving too much into k.tewoldes profoundly ignorant note, anybody with passing knowledge (not expert knowledge) would figure out his childish and pathetic bigotry and comedian acts/lies.
          I don’t visit assenna that often as it is full of fraudsters like this muslim garbage who is shitting his Islam shit. These losers shouldn’t be allowed to monopolize assenna and corrupt/blackmail ordinary people.
          Swing and miss. K.Tewelde. You are not even close. Crack some real books. Your supposedly big punches are too lightweight. Really.

  • Z, Hagos November 23, 2016

    There is a saying that says, “If your friend is honey, don’t over-suck and finish him.” It is bad luck that our people had to trust such cruel exploiters (Isayas and his generals) and to accept their dominance. What our people should know that what has been surrendered at gun point can only be recovered by force using guns. Unless our people are suffering from delusion, they should not listen to pacifists because pacifism has put our people down on their knees begging for food and all other necessities. Yet, there are out there some people who accept the pacifists’ recommendation of not returning violence with violence because their problem is negligible. But if the problem is about rights and human lives, you don’t have to be too sweet to be over-sucked forever. Malcom X is quoted as saying that, “Sometimes you have to pick up the gun to put the Gun down.”

    • Haile November 23, 2016

      Thank you Z.Hagos, at least you make a lot more sense in your comment without any flip flops and exaggerations. Indeed, we have too many people who are suffering from acute delusions.

  • andom November 25, 2016

    We need to know that desperate pfdj members and blind supporters are in this forum to distuct justice seekers from organizing and taking decisive action against tyrany in asmara which is noe at the verge of its collapse. It does not matter whether one is elf or eplf. What matters is their idea. I always admire k tewelde’s ideas even if i disagree with his ideas. The bottom line however is that no matter what the tyrans tries its demise is closer than any body thinks.

    • zeray November 26, 2016

      Andom or Abdu,
      You seem to be more of a windbag than a worth opponent. I think it is highly likely that you are either a clueless highlander on a coma or simply a Muslim Arab slave whose loyalty is only to the Arabs and their desert entity called Arabia. But here you try to appear in a nationalist disguise. Get a real life you delusional jackass. Do you really call yourself a justice seeker in non-existent opposition of poor Eritrea? Ayitibkey endiyu zebkiyen zelo, indeed!
      “Seb tsewiE tebelkus baAl beles” kondaf komal mahayim hagereseb baAl beles andom”.
      You have low IQ to figure out obvious lies and misinformation in your pathetic and amateur comment. Halewlewun TseiweTsewayin keyebzaHiKha, find your own league that is way down the bottom. Are you wedi Hirkam too like k.tewolde? If you are really missing him then join him in search of his savage evil moslem Arab dog father in the savage barbarian Arab deserts.

      • Nahom November 29, 2016

        selam brothers.
        It kills me when you guys bad mouth each other like this. There is a better way called ‘civil’ to relay your objection or support to the other side of the aisle.
        What surprises me about all this is the writer’s opinions are hijacked and people start swearing, cursing, shitting etc all over the place and bum we are in another ball game. fFeel always sorry for the writers.
        But this can only happen in ASSENNA. the once reputable site has turned in to a battle ground of people who have a lot of time in their hands and ready to shoot anyone who doesn’t support or agree with their opinion.
        slow down and do the right thing, respect your fellow eritrean or anybody else for that matter. It is a matter of opinion.
        Go hit me now.

    • Tekeste November 26, 2016

      andom,you said even if I disagree with k.tewolde ideas, you also said same thing to ahmed saleh
      even if I disagree with you! Do you also disagree with yourself, I mean who do you agree with then? My simple question to you is, are you for real or are you just a new comedian in town? I don’t understand you and may be others don’t understand you too!

  • Ezana November 26, 2016

    PFDJ’s crimes against humanity and against Eritrean people is so huge but with no strong opposition leaders,
    who would bring them to the international courts for their over due punishments? Higdefits have been getting away with murders, abuses, corruptions and cruel imprisnments on our young and on all the population of Eritrea.

  • koubrom December 1, 2016

    The narrative about eritrea has already shifted,
    No more lie the world know the reality in eritrea western diplomat are running to asmara, the regime change agenda in the name of human rights rejected by all nations
    The island of peace endure all the sieges of economic sanction, sellouts so called opposition, ethiopian army assault, international media bias, isolation ,arm embargo ,coi and eritrea is getting stronger and stronger Awat ne hafash

    • meg December 2, 2016

      Assenna is becoming animal zoo, brother Aman what is going on please do something.
      Milky yofres hegi yongis.