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Eritrean Opposition Urges Sudan and Egypt to Protect Eritrean Refugees, Expresses Outrage at Isaias Regime’s Complicity in People and Organ Trafficking

Press Release, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, January 16, 2010. The new Eritrean National Council for Democratic Change is outraged by the inhumanity of the government of Eritrea toward suffering Eritrean refugees fleeing repression and torture at

Press Release, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, January 16, 2010. The new Eritrean National Council for Democratic Change is outraged by the inhumanity of the government of Eritrea toward suffering Eritrean refugees fleeing repression and torture at home.

The Executive Office denounces the brutalization and killings of Eritrean refugees in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula by murderous Bedouin organ traffickers. It urged the Egyptian authorities and the United Nations to come to the rescue of the hundreds of detained Eritrean refugees many of whom have been threatened with death and organ extraction unless they paid up to $30,000 per head to their abductors. The council also urged the Egyptian authorities to release the estimated 600 Eritrean refugees in prisons throughout the country.

The Council’s Executive Chairman, Dr. Yusuf Berhanu expresses readiness to work with the Egyptian government and the UN High Commissioner for Refugees in finding third countries willing to resettle the refugees once their freedom is secured.

Dr. Yusuf expresses his dismay at the ruling PFDJ’s greedy and heartless involvement in lucrative human trafficking of its own citizens as corroborated by a UN fact finding group in July last year. He says Eritreans who chose not to risk the shoot-to-kill government directives were paying the authorities exorbitant amounts of money, sometimes as much as $2,000 per head, in exchange for safe border crossing where they are handed over to fellow traffickers waiting on the Sudanese side of the border.

Eritrean intelligence and security officials work hand in hand with rogue, lawless agents on the Sudanese side of the border transporting Eritreans across the vast regions of Sudan, Libya and finally into Egypt’s Sinai where fellow traffickers demand huge sums of money from their relatives and friends in North America, Europe and the Mid East.

According to refugee’s firsthand accounts, after paying their dues to the callous Eritrean regime, many begin their journeys penniless making them vulnerable to blackmail, kidnapping, abuse, rape and death at the hands of traffickers with their dreams melting away in the desert before reaching Israel or Europe.





While thanking Sudan for hosting hundreds of thousands of Eritrean refugees over the years, the Executive Office appeals for an immediate halt of the most deplorable forced deportation of refugees to Eritrea, especially those that are politically active. Deportees are routinely jailed, tortured or killed upon return to Eritrea.

The Executive Office praised the recent visit by UNHCR Chief Antonio Guterres to Eritrean refugee camps in Eastern Sudan where he spoke of the need of finding “lasting solutions for thousands of long-staying Eritrean refugees” in Sudan. The Council also appreciates Mr. Guterres’s deep concern for the trafficking of vulnerable people including asylum seekers many of whom are becoming “victims of trafficking, kidnapping and killing”.


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The Executive Office of the Eritrean National Council for Democratic Change, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Tel: +251 911 78 85 89

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Review overview
  • Selomon January 16, 2012

    Dear Dr. Yusuf !

    As our future representative /president of Eritrea, I had the expectation that you work for the total release of all victim Eritreans that are still suffering under the hands of the traffickers in Egyptian Sinai. Unfortunately as “human beings are the raw matetrial of the [ now pseudo-] politicians” so is it in this moment the sucrifice we see upon our people in Egypt/Sudan.

    My concrete question to you Dr Yusuf, why don’t you try to solve the Sinai problem or why don’t we see any body trying to free the victims at all? What do pretexts bring to the victims? Where does the money paid by the victims and relatives go? One could buy for this amount of money so many machines from china as the Eritrean government did newly!!!!!!!!!!

    Thank you!

  • alex January 16, 2012

    Since PRDF shows no remorse to sufferings of those victims in Siani and other places, Dr.
    Yousuf and all politicians and civic groups are the only one we count on. Please, please try
    to use all power you have to save these poor people. Use your contacts to Afrcan union, Arab
    league, European union and USA to pressure the Egyptian, Palestinian and Israel government to catch and eradicate this criminal activity in their land. If there is something in request we
    will our best to cooperate with you. Thank you.

  • SINGAPO-ERITREAN January 16, 2012

    Dr. YUSUF,
    I truly try to feel the pain our children & fellow citzens are facing , actually that is my only concern . I wanted to shut up like many ,after all I do not know of any close relative of mine in Sinai , but, I can not shut my conscience . I am shouting through my lay man´s poems & at times reversed psychology . I am limited by (literally) deadly long term illnesses & conditions. But I am in America, the land of opportunity . Please fellow citzens , we have responsibility.

  • SINGAPO-ERITREAN January 16, 2012

    “ሃተፍተፍ ኣይኮነን፣መከራ እዩ ዘይወጽእ ሓዘን”

    Sinai ከይደ ኣጣል ክገዝእ
    ቀቢጸ ስኢነ፣ ኣሜሪካይ ክመጽእ
    ብካይሮ ኣቢለ ብLuftnansa ክወጽእ
    ኮላሊት፣ ልቢ፣ ኣብ መዝሓሊ ደም ክነዝዕ
    ሃነን ኣቢሉኒ ፣ ከይበላዕኩዎ ክጎስዕ
    ንኺሎ ክንደይ´ዩ ?ኢለ ካብ መኪናይ ክትስእ
    በደዊን ስሓቑኒ፣ ነብሰይ ክሳዕ ዝጸልእ !!!!!!!
    ስሓቖም ደንጽዩኒ፣እንተመርመርኩ ጉዳዩ
    ለካ፣ ናውቲ ኣካል ኤርትራውያን ዝተሓርደ እዩ
    ልበይ ጠሊሙኒ ንብዓተይ ተዘርዩ …..
    ኣይትብከ ኣጆኻ,ዋጋ ኣይውጽዕን´ዩ
    Check ጥራይ ጽሓፍ,ባንክ ዘለልዮ
    ናብ “ህግደፍ” ዝብል ኣስመራ´ይሽረፍዩ……
    ምስበሉኒ, ባህረርኩ ለካስ ሃተፍተፍ´ዩ !!!!!

    ብሩኻት,ሃተፍተፍ ድዩ,ብሓቂ…??? ንዓኹም ይገድፎ
    መልሱ ።

  • SINGAPO-ERITREAN January 17, 2012

    ኡይ….ክብልየ……ክሳዕ ኤርትራ ይትኣወ
    ሰብ ወጻኢ ብሰንክኹም እንድዩ ሰሎሎ ዝኣተወ
    ኣሜሪካ,ካናዳ,ኤውሮጳ,ስዑዲ…ንስኻትኩም እወ
    ንሳ ኣሕዋታ ተውጽእ,ሰብኣያ ኣሕዋቱ እናመርዓወ
    ደቂ ኤረይ “ውግእ ዶብ” ደሞም ብላሽ ዝተኻዕወ
    ደቅኹም ከተምህሩ,ደቂ ማትኩም ብባሩድ እናጨቀወ
    ህዝብና, ካብ ካምቦ ስደተኛታት ክጭወ
    “!ብዓል $2000 ዶላር ሂበ´ለኹ” ወያነ ኢዱ ክጥወ
    “ነጻነትና” ፈሪሙ,ቡንን በርበረን እኽልን ዝመጽወተ ኣንታ´ወ
    ንኵናት እምበር ንክብረት ኤርትራውያን ገንዘብኩም ዘየርሃወ
    ጁባኹም ድኣ ሕጂ ንምንታይ ተዓጽወ ?????????????

  • SINGAPO-ERITREAN January 17, 2012

    …..“YES, IT IS YOU,YOU & YOU ” PART 2 …

    ወስላታ hypocrates, ኤርትራ ኣብ ባር ክስቶ ኬድኩምሲ …….ብዓል ኣልማዝ ደቂ 18 ,ፈትየካ ኢለናኹም ። Don´t you dare hide your “misatakes” by blaming the president. There would never be a Htler without Germans ,there is no Isaias without us. Oh, I forgot , how about if the other religion came to power ! What about….?ሃገር ከምቲ ናይ ቃኘው ሃገርን ስልጣንን ንበይኖም እንተገበርዎ እቶም ሓደ ! You make me sick !!! ደርግ ብሎታል እኮ ፣”እርስ በራሳቸውም ይሄ ኣውራጃ ያ ኣውራጃ ይላሉ እንዴ ? ፣ ኣሁንስ ጠበው ጠበው ከመርፌ ቀዳዳ ሊጠቡ ነው። እዚ ርእይቶይ ምግላጽ ኣይኮነን፣ የእዊ እየ ዘለኹ። ኡይ …ኡይ ….ሕልና ዘለዎ ኤርትራዊ ዝርኣየ…? በጃኻትኩም ኣሕዋተይ፣ ነብስና ንመርምር ፣ ጌጋና ንእርም፣ ። ነዚ ዘሕዘንናዮ ህዝቢ ንኽሓሶ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Selomon January 17, 2012

      Dear SINGAPOR,

      Your opinion doesn’t hold water. I am in America since 1979. I have a son from during the Gedli-Time. He ist serving in the Eritrean fields till now. This is because I want that my son stays in his fatherland/Homeland where his grandfathers are rooted in and he feels real home!

      But now a cousien of mine left Eitrea and he was caught in Sinai and I must pay $25 000 (together with other relatives), because we couldn’t tolerate feeling/resist his pains/torture inflicted to him by the Bedouins in Guantanamo whose Bosss we all know.

      According to your Hypothesis I belong to the Diaspora countrymen who are responsible that the youth is fleeing the DIA regime. NOOOOOO!

      I would prefer that the youth remain in the country where it belongs to! We Eritreans are not realy happy in strange conutries where we mostly live from social aid/wellfare. How can we persuade our relatives in their warm homeland to leave it and be like we are in a misery life?

      Please rethink your thesis once again, the fabrication you inherited from your DIA. It is only the situation that pushes the youth to leave to nobody’s land as we did it in the Derg-time.

      Thank you for reading and understanding!

  • SINGAPO-ERITREAN January 17, 2012

    ” I have a son from during the Gedli-Time. He ist serving in the Eritrean fields till now. This is because…… I” want” that my son stays in his….” The key phrase is …”I WANT “……it shows you & your son are willing……FREE WILL. I respect that . And I do not think my poem encourages for the youth to flee…The point I was trying to make was we have to take responsibility …INCLUDING FOR YOUR COUSIN….those of us who were cheering the “border war ” …while keeping our kids here . You do not fall under that category . I do belong though on that category ,no matter how little ,I have done my indirect support to the war because I had relatives in the front line . WHILE I AGREE ON THE POINT PEOPLE NEED TO STAY IN THEIR HOME LAND ,PERSONALLY I PREFERE A KIND STEPMOTHER LIKE AMERICA/CANADA/EUROPE THAN A CRUEL GOOD FOR NOTHING “MOTHER” LIKE ERITREA..
    In summarry , i want us to take responsibility for the cruel mistake we made ,instead of sticking it to PAPA ISAIAS .As for you letting your son on the field of Eritrea ,you remind me of Abraham in the bible who did not hesitate to sacrifice his own son for his faith.I am too weak to do that, I am actually thinking of digging up my grandmother & burying her in canada. ….I belive my opinion , not only does hold water ,but also some Dimu-Dimu.
    I respect your decision , I wish others were given that opportunity to decide.
    Your fellow diasporan

  • SINGAPO-ERITREAN January 17, 2012

    I think we have a big misunderstanding…you thought I was defending COMMANDER DIMU-DIMU / president Isaias ,the founder of a bandit group Shaibiya aka MUDADA……that is like accusing Isaias of being democratic….And I thought your son is in the PFDJ´s trenches…. I was being sarcastic of Abraham in the bible…please accept my apology if your son is fighting again the PFDJ thugs. We are responsible by supporting the head thug called Isaias ,with our money . We should accept our responsibility & try to save the people of Eritrea. I say people ,because I do not give a rat´s behind about Eritrea ,a long as our people salvaged . It is by doing what your son is doing ,not by blaming commander DIMU-DIMU.that we can gain respect for our people. I do not believe in that peaseful ressistance crap. Please ,inform me if I miscoted you.I have more respect for a 3rd world garbage dump than to PFDJ:

  • GOOD MAN January 17, 2012

    We all must come together, shout, scream and cry out loud. This is a serious matter. Our youth have been slaved in their home land and when they tried to escape they are caught in human trafficking, which is not acceptable at all. It is immoral and unethical. Why the world communities can’t stop it.

  • kiflom January 18, 2012


    • ahmed saleh January 18, 2012

      You said ” a group which could not better than an individual”. Thai is deep, man.
      DO NOT SAY NO MORE, no comment. I leave others to analyse what you mean.