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  • Semhar December 12, 2011

    Thank you to all Eritreans who participated at the demonstration in Washington DC.
    Eritrea is made, what remains is making Eritreans.
    Thank you for exposing how the mercenary dictator destroys our land, our people and our culture.
    Thank you for exposing the mercenary dictator how he dissolved our heroic national liberation fronts ELF 1982, EPLF 1993.
    Thank you for exposing how this dictator turns us against one another and against all our neighbors (Ethiopia, Sudan, Djibouti, Somalia, Yemen and now Kenya).
    Thank you for exposing how the mercenary dictator killed our heroes, our disable veterans, jailed our parents and our religion leaders and members.
    Thank you for exposing tyrant dictator and his followers!
    This is the moment we must come together to save our land and our people.
    Let freedom ring in Eritrea!
    Let freedom ring in Ethiopia!
    Let freedom ring in Sudan!
    Let freedom ring in Somalia!
    Let freedom ring in Kenya!
    Let freedom all over the world.
    All we need is to have a CONSTITUTION and abide by it.

  • Sam December 12, 2011

    well said my support all the way!!

  • Fetsum Abraham December 12, 2011

    I believe the momentum against dictatorship in eritrea is picking at a steady rate. It will take time but it will happen. The demonstration was great and it was nice to observe that the youth is now trying to take care of its political business more intensly than ever before.

  • sol December 12, 2011

    The momentum of opposing PIA is picking up daily even youth who born and grown up in diaspora are joining the movement.Even some supporter of the regime are turning their face from the regime others even though they do not voice their concern , they are not showing up in the regimes party and festival.But still the regime is doing what ever it can to reverse the situation.

    Besides organizing a lot of seminars for its core members in diaspora, it is organizing a big political training for the members of YPFDJ.In this conference the regime in listed more than 500 youth from all over the world. The workshop is going to be held in Nakfa. The regime already purchased two way tickets for all attendees. The cost of the workshop estimated to be more the 2 million dollar.The training is aimed at diluting the increasing opposition of tge Eritrean diaspora against the regime.

    • Selamawi December 12, 2011

      Those Eritreans who support the ruthless PFDJ leader, are supporting unspeakable abuses of human rights. Under his leadership so many Eritrean have perished…now it is the Nation itself which under threat. Unfortunately you do not seem to be bothered. Surely you will wake up one day and regret your actions or the lack of them.

      It is evident that tide is gathering force against the primitive dictator and his cohorts.

      There is no doubt that the forces of change will win! Let’s just Simmerr!!!


  • Tsahaye December 12, 2011

    The sanction that was meant to pave the road for the barbaric woyane’s invasion of Eritrea, and the sanction that was meant to break the aspiration of Eritreans once for all was “watered down” to have no effect on the economic of the nation and the lives of ordinary Eritreans. Let us all thank God Almighty for helping us defeat the devil now. There is nothing more worthy of a celebration than this victory. The aim of the sanction was not to punish the PFDJ regime but to destroy the nation of countless heroes and heroines. History is a witness to every sanction that was enacted from the Far East in Asia and to the Middle East in Iraq. We have seen the appalling conditions under which the common people live and lived. For those who supported the sanction against Eritrea, history will remember them as such, and for those who stood up like concrete pillars to stop it, history will remember them albeit for a good reason. Sanctions destroy the livelihood of the innocent people not dictators. If democracy is the goal of those who have just returned from the Awassa meeting in Ethiopia, the road to achieve that goal is not by gathering 600 souls who think-alike and talk-alike but by true representation of Eritreans. Reject ethnic and religious politics and condemn woyane’s occupation of Eritritrea’s territory.

    • Selamawi December 12, 2011

      Dear Tsehaye

      The devil is in Asmara. Your PFDJ has no respect for human or divine laws. It has no respect for human life, it has no viable plan to get the nation anywhere good. Their objective is to make Eritrea hell on earth.
      The last time I checked it is the devil who makes life like hell. Had there been a shred of hope in Eritrea we would not have this level of migration under the harshest of conditions. Who do you think is responsible for the predicament we are in? Your PFDJ or the neighbouring countries? Or the western countries? Or God? Or His holiness Abune Antonios (demoted and arrested by PFDJ!) Patriarch of Eritrea?

      I thought barbaric is some one who does not have civilized law, is primitive in the way the think and operate … Your supper man and his PFDJ is the one who dares to lead a nation without any laws or lawyers…
      We all know that the PFDJ has always blamed others for its own weaknesses and it consistently tried to depict others in the negative light when in reality those names suited the PFDJ itself.
      My brother! Be fair and stop defending the indefensible cruel regime called PFDJ. If you like the PFDJ and the Eritrean people, then please advise the regime to substantially change its practices and to abide by the rule of law, and stop strangling the Eritrean people.

    • Abnet Tesfai December 13, 2011

      one question! what adversity would the sanction would impose on the Eritrean people? nothing. the sanction is aimed to weaken the gold mine and 2% tax collected by the monarchy of Eritrea. do you expect the Eritrean will benefit from the these income? never. from the 2% it is never used in any relevant development of the country. and do you expect the revenue of the gold would be used for rebuilding of the country? it would be used to arm the Ethiopian opposition group DEMHIT the OGADIEN, ALSHABAB and so on and so forth. mind please! our gold will be used for unnecessary war.

  • kib December 12, 2011

    If Eritrea got oil US and UN they can take the right action but now since we are poor they don’t care about us. But there is one thing if the really Eritrean got together we can make it the change forget the ruthless Hamasenayt because Ruthless follows Ruthless. Death to PFDJ and his followers

  • Tsahaye December 12, 2011

    Dear Selamawi,

    Let me tell you one thing so that you will have a clear understanding of my political views. The PFDJ is not mine. It has never been and it will never be as long as it remains monopolizing power. I have never defended the regime although my defense for Eritrea is construed as a support for the PFDJ regime by those who base their association on the premise of “if you oppose my views, you are a friend of my enemy”. The PFDJ regime is a regime of dictatorship, but Eritrea is not the regime. That was the reason why I opposed the sanction. Sanctions are meant to destroy a nation and not the regime that rules it. Moreover, the ills of Eritrea cannot only be attributed to the PFD regime. The regime’s longevity up to this date is also due to the destructive opposition groups which have divided Eritreans along religious and ethnic borderlines. Those who have no vested interest in a united and harmonious Eritrea are at the helm of the opposition’s power and their enemy has always been what they often call “the chauvinist Christian highlander”. And with this kind of politics, the PFDJ regime will probably last another 20 years. No matter how wishful the supporters of the opposition groups are, no one can remove the PFDJ regime from power by isolating and insulting highland Eritreans. This is the glittering truth that the self-deceiving people on the opposition side are trying to avoid by putting on sunglasses.

    • ahmed saleh December 13, 2011

      The difference between you and us is, your own concern is on that circle of christians
      and highlanders and we question of Eritrean problem as a nation. But I bet you,
      even though you can be an Eritrean by birth but you never grow within Eritrean
      society. You may grow up in ETHIOPIA , that is why you are paranoid toward other
      ethnic groups. You have a long way to go to be accepted in ERITREAN society brother.
      I have negative experience with your posting which makes me sorry of your intellect.

      • ahmed saleh December 13, 2011

        For your information, we highlanders are the force who would eliminate PDFJ for sure for Eritrean people in general to be free from
        those thugs.

      • Tsahaye December 13, 2011

        ahmed saleh,

        Ethiopia is a mosaic of ethnic harmony. itom ab Awassa zqeneyu ayatatka ekuwa meskiromula. Ab Ethiopia “ane jeberti slezkonku kab kalot Tegaru ztefeleku aliyet iye” zbl yeblan. “ane aslamay iye slezi kulu aslamay bsheria hgi teqeyidu kmrah alowo” zblu religious extremists yeblan. It is a good example of a harmonious society that you and your friends can learn a lot.

        • Natu December 13, 2011

          Aite Tsahaye

          you said “Ethiopia is a mosaic of ethnic harmony.” Can you tell me please what has been changed since the time of Emperor Haileselasie! The 600 Awassa men don’t represent Eritrea. I think you don’t understand the core demand of the Eritrean people yet – democratic rule of law!
          Your friends in Awasa didn’t even address these elementary questions.

          Finally the Eritrea of Eritreans will be freed from DIA and his likes.

          • Tsahaye December 13, 2011


            I am sure you have misunderstood my comment. Yes, those 600 souls don’t represent Eritrea or the majority of Eritreans. In fact, my previous comments would give you some idea about my views. Although for various reasons, those who oppose the PFDJ regime are also demanding for a democratic rule of law. As to what has been changed in Ethiopia since Emperor Haileselasie, I say a lot. Eritrea has become independent, the Derg regime was removed, woyane has taken power in Ethiopia and divide the country in terms of kilils, Addis has grown so much, there is a university in Mekele and the list goes on. Remember, I am not saying the barbaric woyane regime is a democratic one. And if you were counting on the “600” souls who had a wonderful vacation in Awassa, I would say you were truly misled. Anafra qoquwah zeifeltsi aihadanayn. They spent more time fighting for their share of power in the so called congress representation than discussing real issues that matter most to Eritreans.

    • Abnet Tesfai December 13, 2011

      part 1
      you are mixing things like some how clearly undeveloped argument. what do want to correlate the effect of the sanction on the Eritrean people? tell us what clearly the sanctions mean and aimed for. who will carry the burden of the sanction? the monarchy or the people? based on my personally observation the sanction would be good at least to save our gold. that means if the dictator stop to mine it, it will not be depleted so that the next generation may use it. currently the dictator is using the 2% taxes from the diaspora and the gold revenue to finance all opposition groups in the east Africa to destabilize the region while the Eritrean people is starving and depending on few coupon rations.therefore, even though the Americans & allies are not doing the sanction to help the Eritrean people indirectly it may help to stop the dictator from misuse of our resources.

      • Abnet Tesfai December 13, 2011

        part 2
        on your second point I totally agree with you.
        the weak and back warded opposition groups now advocating for democracy and peace in Eritrea are completely useless. and this makes the monarchy to continue in power. as you might have observed the opposition groups political philosophy, they are so ignorant that they are based on religion and region which make them very venerable. but do you know that I like this critical time of Eritrea? because it will help us to know who is who. thanks to the modern technology there is no any secret and plot that can be hide from the public. soon our country will flourish

  • Gaul Mendefa(Rahel) December 13, 2011

    Ahmed Saleh..
    lol… you look like as if you are better than other people…
    i know you how you are weak in mind and sprit.
    you look like u are a dictator and tyrant.
    that says we are better , and we are better than other people..
    how do you say to “Tsehaye” that he grow in Ethiopia, just be smart and dont fool yourself like our dictator regime by saying that whatever you talk is right and don’t try to pretend as if you are the right and better man , by undermining others. you always undermine Ethiopians so that you say that we are BIG BIG…..
    of course as far as you are one of the blood sucker of our people, we will kick your along with the tyrant regime of our country so that we can live a life peacefully with our neighbors and will have democratic Eritrea as a nation.

    • Eritreawit December 13, 2011

      Gal mendefera-
      -Please read the post again.Ahmed Saleh is not HGDF . and we need to take it
      easy about ethiopia they are ok now becuse we have the worest for our government ,

    • Abdi December 13, 2011

      @Gual medefera(arayt beles)
      Yeah come out of your shell agame,Eritreans are better than your backwarded people.and Ahmed meant to say that we Eritreans don’t suffer the discriminations that ethiopians have. Ethiopia is known for such social complex, to remind you”tigre qmalam,gala,amara adgi”are among Ahmed is right Eritrean societies don’t suffer such problems.
      Natki gn”sga hsmti koynatki”and shouted out to defend you Agames can’t be clearer than this so go mind your Agames business and leave Eritrea’s issue to her children.

    • ahmed saleh December 13, 2011

      Gual Mendefera( Rahel)
      What happen with you today, we were cool each other in this forum.
      Before you jump to conclusion why don’t you read my post carefully if
      you think is contradictary. My point to Tzehaye was his out look to other Eritreans through their ethnicity and religion which we are trying to eliminate from our environment. And you are dead wrong to
      say that I dislike Ethiopians, I never said bad things of Ethiopians. For
      your information couple of my best friends are from Addis. So long with respect.

    • Kibrom T. December 14, 2011


      I chose to address you as “Rahel” because you have bastardized both Gual and Mendefera. I am sure this has been pointed out to you before.
      When one is born and raised in Eritrea, there is a feeling and attachment to the place and people like no other. May be this is our problem. This does not in ay way diminish Rahel’s Eritreaness.

      Secondly, take it easy! Tsahaye and Ahmed can handle issues very well. Ahmed is an honorable Eritrean and did not denigrate Ethiopia in any way. Whether you and Tsahaye are Ethiopian-born Eritreans, which seems to be the case, at least you have been on the right side so far. Tsahaye, on the other hand, as articulate as he is, has been wrong on many levels. I hope he recovers in time because Eritrea will be free from Isaias soon.

  • Popular Front for Dictatorship and Jail(PFDJ) December 13, 2011

    you also look like a bee without a king..
    why dont you talk the main point rather than jumping here and there like you master regime?
    why dont you ask why hgdef mendef is supporting alshabab..?
    why dont ask yourself that?
    why AFRICA + Europe+ America+ASia agree on that Eritrea is supporting alshabab from the poor money?
    you dont have brain at all,… you still use the old fashion what hgdef mendef is using..?
    rather than refering to woyane, AMerica,Gabon,Nigeria or china or other countries …
    why dont you ask your head so that why is hgdef jumping here and there..?
    you cannot hide it, you know it the fact but you again try to deny it?
    so to be our nation free… hgdef mendef must but cleansed from the surface of our nation.
    we are not a people who deserves this tyrant,barbaric regime.. we want a nation with a good name and a good leaders…
    sooner or later Isayas and his followers will follow their mastemind Gaddafiiiiiiiiii

    • ahmed saleh December 13, 2011

      I read your last response. You never change your approach, the only thing you come
      with is Jeberti, Aslamay and so on. What a poor soul.

      • Tsahaye December 14, 2011

        ahmed saleh,

        I am glad you read it and I hope you have understood its message. Let me tell you one thing in case you are not aware of it. The source of our problem has never changed since middle of the last century. And I ask you to stop pretentious character from now on. The opposition groups that you dream one day they would replace the PFDJ regime are rotten with woyane’s intervention, ethnic hatred and religious extremism. So don’t be too upset when people like me are adamant to expose them for what they are deep up to their bare bones.

        Could you tell the Eritrean people the names, political affiliations and residence of the 600 souls who spent a couple of weeks in Awassa? Democracy does not flourish in secrecy. We already know there was no single Tigrigna speaking individual from the Sudan, the Middle East and Australia at the Awassa gathering while there are hundreds of thousands of Tigrigna speaking refugees in the Sudan, thousands more in the Middle East and many more in Australia. Why are they denied participating in the meeting? ahmed saleh, Eritreans are familiar with the rules of the opposition’s game. The game is to use the Abyssinians (Tigrigna speaking Eritreans) to destroy the enemy while making sure they don’t get enough representation in the decision making leadership. This is an old game that was invented by the archaic ELF organization.

        • ahmed saleh December 14, 2011

          Okay, first of all clarify yourself why the hell are you too hater, suspicious and paranoid any time you see an Eritrean name from different group than yours. Do you have a reason to put barrier in between us not to reconcile by any means of communicating and understanding toward each other. The way my parents raised me, it looks is different than yours and I guess that is why there is difficulty between us to get a little connected each other. My advise to you is please stop these negative teachings. The leaders of the past and present are not our mentors, the brave men/women who fought heartly for their beloved people must be honored most. So lets pay them back in continuation of the fight for liberty and justice. This way our people in general will Thank you for the love you show.

  • Semhar December 14, 2011

    Thank you to all Eritreans who participated at the demonstration in Washington DC.
    Eritrea is made, what remains is making Eritreans.
    Thank you for exposing how the mercenary dictator destroys our land, our people and our culture.
    Thank you for exposing tyrant dictator and his followers!
    This is the moment we must come together to save our land and our people.
    Let freedom ring in Eritrea!

    • ahmed saleh December 15, 2011

      To update your old mentality of reactionary beliefs, I recommend you to join national service
      just for only one year to see first hand what does mean to be an Eritrean. That is what are
      you are missing my friend.