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Eritrean gunmen kidnap dozens of Ethiopian gold miners

By Tesfa-Alem Tekle February 20, 2016 (ADDIS ABABA) – A group of Eritrean armed men allegedly carried out mass kidnappings from a region in North Ethiopia bordering the tiny Red Sea nation. Multiple sources toldSudan TribuneSaturday that

By Tesfa-Alem Tekle

February 20, 2016 (ADDIS ABABA) – A group of Eritrean armed men allegedly carried out mass kidnappings from a region in North Ethiopia bordering the tiny Red Sea nation.

Multiple sources toldSudan TribuneSaturday that a group of armed men allegedly dressed in Eritrean army uniforms crossed borders to Ethiopia and forcibly kidnapped over 80 young Ethiopian miners who were mining gold in Tigray regional state

The kidnapping were carried out earlier this month at Kafta-Humera district in Tsirga Girmai locality.

The abducted were among the estimated 400 traditional gold miners who had long been engaged in traditional gold mining activities near the Ethiopia – Eritrea shared border.

When contacted by phone, Hagos Tesfamichael, a gold miner himself, told Sudan Tribune that the gunmen whose numbers were yet to be verified surrounded a group of gold mining workers and threatened to open fire against them if they attempts to escape.

Tesfamichael said he had seen the helpless miners forced to cross the Eritrean territory via Mereb River at gunpoint.

Once they reached at Mereb River in to the Eritrean side, said Tesfamichael, some of the miners considered escaping, but were immediately shot dead.

As a result one was shot dead immediately while many others were wounded, he said.

No group has claimed responsibility for the attack, the first since 2012, when Eritrean soldiers similarly crossed borders to Ethiopia and kidnapped over 100 miners in the region.

The armed men are said to have been speaking Eritrean Tigrigna and are believed to be members of the Eritrean Army or a group allied with the regime in Asmara.

Ethiopia has routinely accused Eritrea of orchestrating a number of cross-border attacks and mass kidnapping using Ethiopian rebels it harbors, an accusation Asmara denies.

Ethiopian officials’ weren’t immediately available for comments over the alleged attacks carried out on its soil.

The Horn of Africa’s nation has previously carried out attacks on targets inside Eritrea to what Addis Ababa says is a proportional measures to Eritrea’s continued aggression including to cross-border kidnappings targeting foreign tourists.

In 1998, the two neighbors fought a two-year long war over their disputed border which has claimed the lives of at least 70,000. The row over their border remains unresolved and forces of both sides regularly engage in lower-scale skirmishes.


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  • Gebru Tekhlay February 22, 2016

    Well ,Now we have a nuclear bomb owners Saudi Arabia and Israel on our side, let’s see weyanes try !

  • Hagherawi February 22, 2016

    Is this true ?

    I am afraid Ethiopia is may be making a case against Eritrea to justify a military action.
    The regime is most brutal on planet, but war started by Ethiopia, may not be the right solution.

  • AHMED SALEH !!! February 22, 2016

    Eritrean accusation toward Ethiopia and Ethiopian accusation toward
    Eritrea . Good news for war mongers to beat drum of hate .

  • Ali February 23, 2016

    Coming from kafta you can not cross Mereb river.It is Setit(tekeze)

  • Genet-orginal February 23, 2016

    This is the work of Tigray dominated Ethiopian Gov. Come on people! Isayas is their brother, but he let them down by renting the Eritrean peoples’ port, Assab to Saudi/Emirati. The Tigray gov in Ethiopian had many opportunity to take their brother DIA out of Eritrea. But they didn’t use it, because he was doing what they want him to do, destroy the fabric of Eritrean society. They used the NO WAR AND NO PEACE to kill the hope and aspiration of young Eritrean. They have been pleased to see young Eritrean hopeless and dying. The minuet they hear the Eritrean port is leased, they are up in arms. Still they don’t want to take out DIA, no they want to kill Eritrean. This latest bogus news is just bogus. It make no sense. DIA kidnapping Tigray people from Ethiopia. Why would he do that? This is the Tigray gov in Ethiopia work and it is a ground for a war. Well they missed the chance to take out DIA from Eritrean, when Mola was having tea with DIA. Why? because they thought The NO WAR AND NO PEACE WILL LAST FOR EVER and kill all young Eritreans, their children are living their lives. Now crating drama of allegedly kidnapping of poor people. Stupid, Stupid, and just Stupid.

  • Alemgena Taye February 24, 2016

    This means Eritrea’s Esayas is in need of Harsh feed back. Sure, he will be smashed soon.

  • daniel February 24, 2016

    Sheme. On you assena radio. To report this story folse story you lussing. Crediplty among Eritrean poeples so you and you master weyane go to hell via. Via oromia. Via oromia via oromia hell to weyane and assena radio

  • R.K. February 24, 2016

    Let us be very careful,if it is true can be a strategy from the Eritrean Dictator

    to create provocation and reaction from Ethiopia. So that he can consolidate one

    more time the support from the Eritrean People and prolong his life in power.

    Finally Eritreans have now opened their eyes and are not going to be fooled


  • Musa Ali February 26, 2016

    Mot yamrat ayit yedmet afincha tashetalech. May be the frustration of achieving nothing is driving the PTSD suffering shifts leader to edge. If war breaks out it will be the end of higdef.