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Eritrean Global Solidarity (EGS) Press Release

Press Release Eritrean Global Solidarity (EGS) for Human Right, Justice and Democracy will be conducting a one day Symposium followed by a panel discussion on March 8, 2014 in metro Washington DC on the general

Press Release

Eritrean Global Solidarity (EGS) for Human Right, Justice and Democracy will be conducting a one day Symposium followed by a panel discussion on March 8, 2014 in metro Washington DC on the general theme of: Exploring Possible Scenarios for Eritrean Transition to Democracy.

The Symposium deliberations will be on the following critical issues:

a)  Developing a strategy- a road map and a comparative analysis for pre-transition period

b)  Framing the political and judicial structure of the transition period;

c)   The Role of Eritrean Societies and all stakeholders throughout the stages of the transition periods,

d)   The Mechanics of the government and good neighborliness post transition period,

Due to space availability the symposium is by invitation only. The documents presented in the symposium will be posted on EGS website in the shortest time possible.


March 2, 2014

Review overview
  • dd March 3, 2014

    If the symposium is by invitation only, why the hell are posting it in here then.

    • FitHawi March 3, 2014

      Dear brother/sister dd,
      The reason can be to let the people know discussion is going on on matters which concern them, it is matter of transparency, I guess. You can’t accommodate everyone at every discussion due to number of reasons. We shouldn’t see it negatively.

      • Genet-orginal March 5, 2014

        Name three reasons, why any authentic group for democracy would want to limit access to genuine Erittreans? FYI, the lack of space is not a good reason. They are not telling people, they can send their questions via email. So, where is the transparency? You know, PFDJ also hold meeting and conferences just like that and they tell the world they are holding meeting and sympsiums. Are we going to call that transparency too?

    • rezen March 4, 2014

      dd, I think you are right.
      The reason you get -4 Rating may be (and I am just assuming)because of the words you use: “the hell” !!! Smile and keep on going.

  • Bereket Asghedom March 4, 2014

    Why did u choose March 8?

  • berhane March 4, 2014

    Why you do not join other group. Why you need to have new group. Join EYES..

  • yonas March 4, 2014

    “it is matter of transparency”
    What a joke!! Please do not underestimate our intellgence! What ever the reason the publice is not invited so, there is no challeng from publice. THE MONKEYS DO WHAT EVER THE WANT LIKE siume & Semere

  • selamawit2 March 4, 2014

    Nice name but who is EGS? Who is invited and how did they choose the participants?
    I think this announcement is not very transparent.
    If it is an issue which is important for the public, it should be more informative.

  • Genet-orginal March 5, 2014

    I am with you selamawit2. It is not only “not very transparent” as you said, it is very misleading.
    What is the criteria to participate? I think, I am hearing for the first time from an Eritrean group, who can’t make a meeting open for everyone due to not having enough space. Really? Where do they live? I am tired of nonstop empty press-releases and conferences without any measurable outcomes. What a shame, for those people who are saying, it is about transparency for telling us the sympsium is by inivitation only. What is the transparency here? the sympsium being conducted by invitation only or the fact that they are telling everyone it is not open for anyone?

  • Hitzit March 6, 2014


    The immediate problem now is how to get rid of PFDJ, not wasting on mundane meetings. Action speaks more than wards. Unless you talk how to get rid of the dictatorship first, it is fruitless to conduct meeting after meeting on what to do after the fall of the dictator. Almost every body knows what type of government is needed in Eritrea. Very simple A REPRESENTATIVE GOVERNMENT. What does it mean? People choose their own LEADERS, Legislators, and intern those who were chosen appoint the JUDGES to interpret the laws.

  • Hitzit March 6, 2014

    Advise To EGS>

    You have the right to invite your members only. But your symposium must be open every one on first come first occupy the remaining spaces, if your Association wants to bring change in Eritrea.

  • Yonas Mehari March 6, 2014

    It is Phase One – information gathering symposium. Phase two & three will follow soon for the General Public. Stay tuned!