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Eritrean female pilot seeks political asylum in the Kingdom

Last updated: Sunday, April 21, 2013 1:07 PM Saudi Gazette report JAZAN — An Eritrean female flight lieutenant, who entered the Kingdom two weeks ago to fly back a military Eritrean airplane that landed earlier in the Kingdom,

Last updated: Sunday, April 21, 2013 1:07 PM

Saudi Gazette report

JAZAN — An Eritrean female flight lieutenant, who entered the Kingdom two weeks ago to fly back a military Eritrean airplane that landed earlier in the Kingdom, told Saudi authorities that she did not want to go back to Eritrea, according Jazan Emir’s Office spokesman Ali Zala, Al-Hayat daily reported.

Zala said the lady is a staff member of the Eritrean air forces and was sent by her government to fly back the airplane which an Eritrean pilot flew to the Kingdom earlier and landed at King Abdullah Regional Airport. The pilot and his co-pilot wanted the Kingdom to give them political asylum and authorities took necessary measures at the time.

“When the lady entered Jazan, she immediately expressed her desire to seek political asylum in the Kingdom or facilitate the procedures of her moving to the country where her father lives.”

Her request is being considered by authorities, Zala added.

Review overview
  • Samuel April 21, 2013

    Who is next? it seems everyone is abandon the Dictatorial regime.

  • carmelina April 21, 2013

    sia lodato Dio nostro Signore!Che Dio ti protegga figlia mia

    • belay nega April 21, 2013


      “sia lodato Dio nostro Signore!Che Dio ti protegga figlia mia”



      • Amazing April 23, 2013

        Belay ,

        Quando hai iniziato a leggere una bibbia?

        Ti sembra di sapere tutto, ma ancora difficile da seguire quello che stai dicendo, poveretto!

        • belay nega April 24, 2013

          “Quando hai iniziato a leggere una bibbia?”

          Quando tu hai negato il tuo propio nome “GABRIELLE”

          “Ti sembra di sapere tutto,”


          “ma ancora difficile da seguire quello che stai dicendo”

          Purtroppo non sei un buon intenditore, altrimenti “AL BUON INTENDITORE POCHE PAROLE”

          ” poveretto!”

          Secondo me i poveri sono coloro che ingannano se stessi.Speriamo che la prossima volta non ti vergognerai del tuo propio nome,nonostante che sia fuori moda.

          Addio fratello Gabriele

  • Mohamed April 21, 2013

    I am very sorry that every able eritrean to leave the country. Issayas wants all the native eritreans to leave the country and replace by new immigrants from Tigray. Let us take lesson from Palesinians they have been displaced since Israel founded. The formation of Abay Tigray is in process which will lead to the unification with ethiopia.

    • Hdmo May 3, 2013

      If he thinks like that he become normal because it is possible to get health life with our Ethiopian brothers.
      God bless ERitrea

  • Truly, Truly i say to you April 21, 2013

    You absolutely right brother Mohamed! This asylum or defection cause it should to be seen and examined in other perspective. It is stupidity without knowing the cause to be rejoicing about every Eritrean immigrants. But you stupids what don´t know the secret is, as Isayas self is deliberately and systematically inforcing to those from real Eritreans root whom doesn´t like or trust to see them again, after he used them like condom, he inforcing them to leave, so that like Mohamed above rightly described ” to replace by new immigrants from Tigray” . Isayas (Don Quixote) deliberately as that doing if you want to prove, listen to his former comrade Mesfin Hagos at second part around the 13th minutes to what gave interview. I think from this way unwillingly immigrated and victimized, but after regretted persons Mesfin self is. Though he pretended as if he not regretted. This is why he doesn´t like to expose all Isayas´s evil crime, but rather he choose to open his mouth to defend himself. What a poor guy loser! (Miskin!)

  • Semhar April 22, 2013

    The dictator Isayas is from tembien on his father side, and from Adwa on his mother side.
    He is 100% Ethiopian origin.

    The mad dog Isayas who is from Tembien Ethiopia was sent by Ethiopia to dissolve the Eritrean straggle for independence.

    If you are Eritrean please learn from your fellow Eritreans.

    1980 destroyed ELF,
    1993 he dissolved EPLF. And replaced it by HIGDEF, his followers.
    1993 he took down our Liberation fag and replaced it by his own flag.
    1993 he abolished our historical provinces and replaced them by his own Zorbas.

    1993 he started to dismantle all religions in Eritrea and replaced them by his own believers. (They are serving him rather than to their God).
    1993 he took control of the land and the people in Eritrea.

    It was the law of the land for an Eritrean to own a land to build his house and to have a farming land in his or her parent’s village, for free. This is one of the pillars of Eritrean culture. The mad dog has changed it. Now Eritreans are forced to buy their own land from the mad dog, dictator .

    All these were implemented by force, by dividing and ruling. He made Eritreans fight against their interest, against one another. Fathers betray their wives and mothers betray their husbands and kids. And at the end he jail or kill them all. The perfect example, Naizghi Kiflu, the number one man of the mad dog, after killing many dissent Eritreans now he has been denied by his master the mad dog to be buried in Eritrea, the land of his ancestors.

    • Hdo May 3, 2013

      Dear semhar
      ablolutly you did the case but it is not the agenda of isu but the agenda of arabs.

    • demelas May 3, 2013

      To Semhar
      I appreciated your indicators what makes failure state in Eritrea,however you missed big issue of blood relation. Had it been Isais from tgray is not relevant and wise agenda. Because we know each other there is no any indigenous people except indigenous nature.
      Isu is konwn 100% absolutely from Zban taffat zelanbessa area and tembein abyi adi , yeha adwa from Tigraya. Are you crazy being tigrian he is the only immediate responsible person to lead Eritrea.Being tigryan means by any case he is the gay original who can take the power. Do you know your identity ?are you from the rock or mountain or indigenous tree or else red sea? Think over it you can ask your elders about your identity as my assumption you may be from Gojjam dembia or wello lasta.
      God bless Eritrea

  • To All Eritreans inside and out side Eritrea!
    It has to be remembered that before the operation of FORTO the secretly established Eritrean Miltary Movement has informed Eritreans inside and outside, there could a military qudetat and urged Eritreans to support the movement and the operation.
    Unfortunatly the operation didn’t succeed,because of urgency and lack of coordination.
    Now the right operation is on the pipeline.It is right because most of the taskforce along with the people of Eritrea are ready to undertake the operation.
    The operation will be from july to September.all Eritreans inside Eritrea must take care during this time.
    All diplomats of Eritrea are urged to contact the movement through e –mail to know what to do and donot.
    Isayas afeworki and his 5 juntas are under closer watch from now onwards.
    any Eritrean can contact the Eritrean military movement through the following e-mail to know the updates_:
    we are open to the public because we are confident to accomplish the operation and every thing is under our control.there is nothing to fear.
    Victory for Eritrean people!

    • ahmed saleh April 22, 2013


    • Ahmed April 22, 2013

      Wey seb dekey tbl redio. Emo ezi dea biaf do koynu

  • Sahle Yosieph April 22, 2013

    Eritrea’s are with you, just stay healthy. The dictator days are numbered. We will see you in Asmara, soon.

  • josef April 22, 2013

    Wey gud nezi ilka do 30 ametat tkales 100,000 suwuat tkefl. Kulu gegedifwa ztefee adi.

    • Haji April 23, 2013

      eti 100000 kedmi netzanet eiu – dehri natzanet ke’a le’eli 100000 tefi’uoo alo

    • Hdo May 3, 2013

      You are now on the right truck you have got the failure it was suffering for nothing.