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Eritrean Canadians Denounce Nevsun Resources and Co for Extorting Blood Money from Eritrea by Dealing with Dictatorship

Review overview
  • wedi Forto March 10, 2013

    Congratulations Toronto! Keep it up!

  • fetsum abraham March 11, 2013

    This is a way to go and keep up this one (against the gold money)

  • abab March 11, 2013

    Ambeta abta mobokol wedi ali zkonet ketema afabet zkayed zelo ajewjew hgdef nmfshal tekeribu sle zelo mshet elet 16 nayzi werhi ab leli hgdef metkaeti kjmr eyu. Ab afabet zteakebu hgdef knkesu eyom. Kutsrom zeytefeltu hgdefawyan kea demom metsyu bwdae bzeskahkh gfei kketlom eyu.
    forsa Ambeta..

  • Ahmed March 11, 2013

    guys please you need to understand what you doing. Don’t waste you time . The stock market always keeps on going up and down but it doesn’t mean companies are shutting down. If you take nevsun resource for example if its stock goes down it just means buying opportunity for people like me because that company
    Is already producing cold meaning it is making money not from the stock market but from bisha mine so if you can’t stop it from mining then you are just wasting your time. Let me finishing by asking you , have ever seen any company that is mining in Africa being stopped because of human right issue? I don’t think so but have you?

  • La Verita March 11, 2013

    You are barking at the wrong tree,trying to discourage investment is not right. Nevsun didn’t do it out of compassion but regardless how many fellow country men have found employment,training and have gained experiences because of Nevsun.

  • rora eskindir March 11, 2013

    bravo Toronto! Nevsun is the only way pfdj is using to get much needed hard currency. no nevsun means a death penalty for pfdj. proud of you brothers and sisters. keep up the great work!

    • abab March 12, 2013

      Yes no nevsun no currency means death penalityfor pfdj.