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“Eritrean ambassador in Rome: ‘full cooperation on immigration’ ” [Really!]

PFDJ's lazy politics: " JUST GIVE US the MONEY and we will deal with the issue that is worrying you so much!  -  IMMIGRATION." Are you SERIOUS!? This may be a music to the ears

PFDJ’s lazy politics: ” JUST GIVE US the MONEY and we will deal with the issue that is worrying you so much!  –  IMMIGRATION.” Are you SERIOUS!? This may be a music to the ears of the European governments currently led by the gullible Italian politicians; but how on earth could the source of the problem be a solution? Regardless the sum of money that is thrown into its coffers, the evil in Eritrea will only continue doing what it does best – sustaining the hell it has created. Obviously, the exodus of the unfortunate Eritrean youth will never die down because of the wishful thinking of some European politicians who are ready to trade-off  universal and humanitarian principles with domestic, short term political gains. Nevertheless, wasting taxpayers’ money to support an authoritarian regime keen to punish the poor population is nothing short of a double crime that won’t be washed away simply by remorseful and apologetic statements.    

Rome, February 13 (askanews) – (google translation) Eritrea has guaranteed “full cooperation” to Italy and the European Union to deal with the drama of immigration and combat trafficking in human beings, of which “the Eritreans are the main victims.” And ‘as told askanews the Eritrean ambassador in Italy, Fessahazion Pietros, interviewed after the new massacre of migrants in the Mediterranean and in the face of the news of hundreds of Eritreans in Libya waiting to leave for Europe. “We are willing to exchange information and work together because human trafficking is primarily about us,” said the ambassador, recalling the participation of Asmara to launch the process of Khartoum last November in Rome by the part of the 28 Member States EU along with the countries of origin and transit along the migration route of the so-called Horn of Africa. “In Rome, the Eritrean delegation met with the head of European diplomacy, Federica Mogherini, but also members of the Italian government, the Norwegian delegation, Swedish and English,” said the ambassador, referring as all delegations have raised the issue of service leverage indefinitely imposed by the government in Asmara to the situation of “no war, no peace” with Ethiopia for not border demarcation following the war of 1998-2000, and indicated as the main cause of the flight of thousands of Eritreans to the old continent. According to data released last November, UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), were about 37,000 Eritreans in the first 10 months of 2014 have sought refuge in Europe, compared to 13,000 joints in the same period last year. As reported to askanews last November by Foreign Ministry sources, in bilateral meetings had in Rome last November, the Eritrean delegation has expressed its intention to restore the rule which provides 18 months of military service. Intention confirmed by Ambassador Pietros, which however was keen to point out how the meetings of Rome “have also argued that while reintroducing the military service of 18 months, the young people will continue to come to Europe.” “Why do the bottom, the most problematic issue is poverty – said – until there is a development acceptable in Eritrea, there will always be Eritreans fleeing. Eritrea is poor. Our economy is post-war, we poor, we are not giving our young people a job. but we offer free education, from beginning to end. we are making huge efforts, huge investment in our young people, but with a poor economy we are not able to offer young people what they dream. “Pietros also stated that “with all the delegations came to visit Asmara we always raised the issue of immigration, and we have always said the same things, namely that it is important to collaborate, communicate, cooperate to achieve development, especially economic, to avoid that kids see paradise here and hell there. ”

Source: Askanews

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  • Berhe February 14, 2015

    HSBC has some of the million$ stasged by the rulers of the “poor” country. There is no telling where the other billionS are stashed.

  • rezen February 14, 2015

    Subject: “Eritrean ambassador in Rome: ‘full cooperation on immigration’ ” [Really!],By assenna on February 14, 2015

    Commentary: 14 Feb 2015

    This is a perfect example! Well organized oppositions of stature, headed by well qualified scholars in subjects such as: international relation, political science, sociology, law, economics … would have come-in handy to handle the matter with International organizations as well as with individual countries. Alas! that seems to be a mountain that Eritrean scholars CANNOT climb up together, hand in hand, in such a moment of need to defend Eritrea against unscrupulous indigenous government that twists the matter to its own diabolical convenience. Once more, it is a glaring example where Eritrean scholars failed to come to the plate and swing in defence of their own citizens. Never has there been in Eritrean history where a significant modern qualified segment of the society failed to be sensitive to the needs of their own people. History shall remember their pretentious deafness and blindness in the hour of need by their own people!!!

    It would be remiss of me to end my comment here without mentioning the endless and admirable effort of Assenna Foundation and other Website Managements to provide platforms upon which Eritreans can be informed and exchange their opinions, their critiques, their ideas, their grievances with the ultimate aim of re-possessing their lost Eritrea. The websites are doing their share in their chosen profession. What is glaringly lacking is the active support from Eritrean scholars as whole. THE END

  • tamrat tamrat February 14, 2015

    When the west tried to help eritrea it didn’t mean to help the unemployment problem created by hgdef communist policy. The idea was to help eritreans temporarly and with the help of embargo fotce a government or at least a policy change.

    But hgdef won that struggle by bombarding the west by its supporters. It made the opposition minority in Europe. Denmark was the first to understand hgdef first and Norway follows.

    so hgdf suggestions to control the flood of the refugees is not a bluff or or a promise for policy change but it is a promise to stop the flood like it has done against those 13 murdered some two months ago. It is a promise to seal the border and accomplish the slavery conscription if the west contribute money to upgrade hgdef security and the west promise not to mess with hgdef ever. Hgdef may faile eritrea but has gull controll on eritreans home or abroad.

    We have to follow what we are reading in assenna and compare reality. It is not entertainment page here we just simply throw our comments.

  • riko February 15, 2015

    wawwwwwww men, what is the request of the dim Ambassador. Does he know what he is saying? The trafficker going to stop his work if he get some money. The devil is going to Baptist in the Church, who will believe that? Why? Why this proposal?

  • Asmara Eritrea February 15, 2015

    Never give a dictator a penny unless it can chock him to death. Only the end of the dictator will stop the exodus of Eritrean youth from their homeland.

    Eritrea forever

  • Sol February 15, 2015

    Ambassadors of the regime since their last meeting with their boss, are striving hard to convince Western Countries that they restored NS to its normal status of 18 months and the government is improving human rights situation. Back home news about restoration of NS to 18 months is not even whispered.

  • Daniel February 15, 2015

    Geltamat b democracy= demonic-crazy,zsekeru Europawyan adi zeybilom kiterfu yom dihri kurub.

  • nebelbal7 February 15, 2015

    Now a days, the west have abandoned the very fundamental values of post-Cold War which they fought for decades.
    Concern of human right :- free speech, free press, freedom of assembly, etc has been pushed aside for commercial opportunities. The powerless is expressed exactly the way the dictators put it in their own words. The west is ready to listen to the dictators rather than to the powerless. Their striking believe could be—it is much cheaper to deal with one man/woman rather than the population.
    Then what is left? Of course, this a million dollar question and it has no easy answer. Nevertheless trying it will not hurt.
    Imagine, how many times have we heard if the poor needs a change “it must unite and stand together”, I would say countless. If I were asked to put a suggestion I would have said the following, “we all need to back off from living in the past and adopt a new way of understanding about ourselves.

  • Saba February 16, 2015

    “ጭጉራፍሲ ባዕላ ሃሪማ ተእዊ” ዝተባህለ ከምዚ ምስ ኮነ እንድዩ።

  • Yohannes February 18, 2015

    It is horrendous how HIGDEF regime works. They drove thousands of youngsters out of the country through their “National Slavery Service” , sold the general sold people to traffickers and organ snatchers and now they want to make a legal business out of it.

    Their selfishness and cruelty is bound less. It of dire importance and urgent to act and save our people and country from this merciless regime. Raise up for freedom, democracy and justice.