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ERITREA: URGENT NEED FOR NEW MODELS OF STRUGGLE AGAINST TYRANNY – A joint statement by Our Voice and The New Eritrea Movement

Saying that “Eritrea is in an aferkubu situation” has now become a cliché. But, there is some truth in it. Most people will mention the needless impoverishment of the population, absence of civil liberties, no

Saying that “Eritrea is in an aferkubu situation” has now become a cliché. But, there is some truth in it. Most people will mention the needless impoverishment of the population, absence of civil liberties, no freedom of the press, no constitution, no independent judiciary, no parliament, etc. The list is long. To this should be added the loss of so many lives through wars, drowning at sea, deaths in the Sahara Desert or in the hands of the Rashaidas and the Bedouins and in the notorious prisons of EFDJ.

Review overview
  • Simon G October 4, 2017

    Just curious, is Our voice the same as GI? Never heard of The New Eritrea Movement…is this a new group? Wow, how many of these organizations are out there?

    • shilan October 5, 2017

      Wedi ayte G/aneniya bin diQala Hatelaguzay, yes, this is a new group and it is exclusively meant for the pure “dekebat” Hamassein (jeganu deki Hama baAlti sere)!! Stop asking stupid and ridiculous questions as it is NOT applicable to your kind snaky poisonous Hateleguzayat and your other cancerous muslim mercenaries. Just mind on your stinky Hatelaguzay matters in future!!

      • Simon G October 6, 2017

        Shilan ለዛዪ!
        ሓማሴን ‘ሞ እንታይ ይብጸሐካ ንዓኻ? ተምቤን ገጽካ ደኣ!
        How many nick names are you going to use?
        Now I remember our voice from about 2 yrs ago or so. They have been quiet for a while.

      • Neguse October 7, 2017

        SHILAN በጸሐሕፋኻ ንስኻ ሐማሴናይ አይኮንካን። ብአንጻሩ ንኤርትራውያን ክኸፋፍሉ ካብቶም ተረቂቖም አብ ውሽጢ ኤርትራውያን ተዋፊሮም ዘለዉ ሰላዪን መጋጨውን ኢኻ። ኢድካን እግርኻን አክበልና ደቂ ሐንቲ ኤርትራ ኢና።

        • alem October 9, 2017

          Ab hamasiena n seraki seb shilan niblo. Xerfi ember shim seb aykonen.

  • Meretse October 5, 2017

    #Eritrean transportation goes viral.
    ካብ ኮሎኛ….
    ናብ መጽዓኛ
    Poor donkeys be ready for conscription.
    Brother Simon remember ኣቡጊዳ every constant is followed by vowel sequences
    ሀ . . . . . ሆ

    • Meretse October 5, 2017

      My bad! please read consonant not as constant

      • Danilo October 5, 2017

        እቲ ዝገደደ ካብ ምጽዓኛ ናብ ሃመማ ሙኻኑ ኢዩ።በቃ፡ዚዝ how ever , wait and see ወዳን ጉዋላን ክንሪኢ ዕድመን ጥዕናን ይሃበና።

        • Bini October 5, 2017

          You are a noisy/lousy toilet {hamema} yourself always making nonsense comments and the annoying toilet flying insects zizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

          • Danilo October 5, 2017

            Bini ሪኢኻ ሓሚምካ ምሽ ኡሽሽሽሽሽሽ………

          • Bini October 5, 2017

            I think I should use special “filit” or special insects extinguisher to kill or to get rid of the annoying illiterate danilo – hamema insect.

      • Simon G October 6, 2017

        ሓው መረጸ!
        ቆርጫጭ ከየንብባ ‘ዛ ጽሕፍቲ። ስለምንታይሲ ኣብታ “ኣስመራ ዶ ዲሲ” ትብል ደርፉ ዘይእተኹዋ ኢሉ ከይጠዓስ.
        መዋእል ኮይኑ ካብዘይሰምዓ ‘ዛ ቓል!

        • Meretse October 6, 2017

          መጀመርያ መጎሰ ነዞም ሰብ ጥዑም ወረ። ፋሕ ንበል ኢዩ ዝንቀፍ እምበር ንጠራነፍ ዝብል የብዝሓዮ ኢና ክንብል ዘሎና። እንተ ተካኢሉ ከኣ ዓቅምና ነበርክት።
          ብዝተረፈ ሓው ሳይሞን –
          ….ሰሓቅ ቀቲልካኒ
          ደሓን ኣብ ቀጻሊ ኢዱ ክመልእሉ ኢዩ።
          ንሎሚ ግን እቲ ዝተቀረበ መኣዲ ይኣክለና ኢዩ።

          • Simon G October 6, 2017

            Brother Meretse,
            Agree, though I was just curious that we may have reached to the point of like the critical mass of U-235 and so a chain reaction may have been started. New group is created almost at a rate of one/month.

    • shilan October 5, 2017

      Aren’t you congregating with your awate.islam.taliban ELF mendef criminals anymore? You and Suleiman bin G/aneniya al Hatelaguzay may not be “Halal” enough for the taliban/jihadi gangsters!! Well, you could always come back and bore us with your old boring evil ELF Islamic poems! Your ‘poor donkeys be ready for conscription’ should be instead for “poor camels”……….

      • Meretse October 6, 2017

        እማንካ !
        ዳስን ደራሲን
        መላጥን ጋዕስን
        ሰኣሊን ደራፊን
        ኣብ ቅድሚ ደጋፊን
        ገጽ ኢዩ ዘሎዎም
        እምኒ ደርቢካ ግን ኣራንሺ
        ክትረክብ ኣይትጽዓር–
        ከመይሲ ዑንጉለ’ን ኣሎ
        ንኣዒንትካ ሕለየለን
        ሰሰናዩ ንሰናይ ዝሓልም !!”

  • Nahom Solomon October 5, 2017

    Eritrea is indeed like a still born fetus. Think about it; if a mother finds herself with a still born fetus;
    she would be numb, and in complete grief. The doctors, relatives and friends would try to console and
    uplift her spirits. If she however goes irrational and plans buying and arranging things for the “child”; they will
    certainly pass their responsibility to the psychiatric professionals. Things of the sort is occurring in our land,
    however, “rational” folks in a frenzy; talking about the need to implement the shelved constitution, building democracy, creating civic groups; completely blind to the mass emptying of the land, the break-up of the social
    fabric, and the moral collapse of its citizens. Let’s try and keep our sanity.

  • Kalighe October 5, 2017

    Dear “Our Voice and The New Eritrea Movement”

    As you may have noticed, Assenna forum is full of comments that discourage fruitful dialogue among Eritreans. Agents of the regime and some elements of Tigreyan decent are thought to be behind the divisive comments.
    So please send a clear message to reader that states you will take inputs to your article through emails posted at the bottom of the article..

    Thank you

    • Bini October 5, 2017

      Assuming you are an Eritrean and not an agent (dubious & fork-tongued one) of foreigners,
      and if you are asked to help in Eritrea, what job will you be taking to help out?
      You see, all the big talk, big walk, big act and big finger pointing (accusing others) is so easy and so cheap! What really and urgently matters to Eritrean people back home is ACTION, ACTION.

      • Dear Bini,

        With due respect, it must be said that you do not seem to have thoroughly read the document and understood its message.

        What ground have you got to doubt our sincerity? We are proposing a new way of thinking and organizing the opposition first. We shall come to the action you are talking about once we agree on a common vision, strategy and tactics. Above all, we need a unified leadership with the necessaty commitment.

        You are saying that unless we rush into action without clear plans and the organization to put them into action, we are agents of foreign forces.. How absurd!!!

        We are not going to accuse you of being an agent of the regime. All we want you to do is free yourself from poor thinking and unhelpful faul parlance.

        We wish you well..

        • Bini October 5, 2017

          Dear Yonas,
          I never ever doubted or questioned your sincerity or truthfulness, but YES I did doubt and questioned the sincerity and truthfulness of that serial and pathological liar and mischievous so-called fake ‘Kalighe’, that’s all! I never and WILL never accuse you (our voice) of being agents of foreign forces, You misunderstood my honest comment so badly and so inaccurately.

    • Dear All,

      The document we published is not definitive, and we are looking for helpful suggestions to come up with a much improved text that can better address our messy situation. Before plunging into action on the ground in haste, we think it better to first purify our ideas and come up with a powerful proposition that has mass appeal. Moving into action is the easy bit – in our opinion.

      Anyway, anyone who thinks that he/she has helpful ideas can reach us on the e-mail addresses we have provided at the bottom of the article.

      Thank you Lalighe!

    • andom October 8, 2017

      This guy or guys is/are ignorant hgdf members. They can not challenge any body on facts or theory, so they turn on the only thing they know-insulting every body.

  • Dear Nahom,

    It is a serious mistake to think that Eritrea was still born from the outset. It was born alive and had the change to thrive and do exceedingly well. But, unfortunately, it has been hijacked (since you like metaphors) and diverted to suit the wishes of a handful of criminals.

    That is the cause of our tragedy.


  • yohannes October 7, 2017

    This reminder is to assenna, I am observing, lately, that the number of comments to some articles is going up and the quality of what is posted is counter productive. I foresee that if you allow such childish and outright ignorant comments you are undermining the very purpose of raising the awareness of Eritreans of all ages and where ever they may be. So in my humble opinion, I urge you to look into the matter and try to minimise such comments which only expose the ignorance of the people who participate in such a game. I think such comments if allowed to continue, they will act as catalysts to recruit more innocent Eritreans to the trap.

    • andom October 8, 2017

      Assenna seems do not care or are short handed to block or delete those destructive comments if we can call them comments, although they are merely insults. A forum is platform for sharing knowledge, new ideas, history and challenging ideas not pointless insults. If i call everybody arab dog, abeed, jihadi, hatelaguzay-my aim is not to challenge their ideas but provoke and discourage them from discussing what ever issues at hand. If they hated the article posted, they can criticize the article-i do not like some articles posted myself and feel like i wated my time reading them. That is not the case with these one or two who use multiple pen names to insult every one. Who ever they are their goal is obvious- to discourage every one. Although they may succeed in doing that, we live in tightly linked community and mostly we discuss issues outside of this forum. Thus they will not have much success after all. However, assenna will be useless website if these behaviour allowed to continue.

  • Solomon Seyum October 8, 2017

    .There is one and only one reason why most people feign they are not aware of the pace of the long road in which they travel. Who, from either the Rock Rats or the Rug Rats, tell what that reason could be?
    The rationale for the November 15th global leadership mobilization is to be applauded if it were or is a sincere one. At the very least, the client readers will observe and be introduced to an already existing set of Eritrean personalities to replace those whose voices and leadership has gone stale. The public will witness a changing of the guard of sorts within the opposition through the “vote/elections” that may prove, either in the short period of time or longer, effect the changing of the guard in the Eritrean Government. Surely, it is overdue. And the imminent significant changes of the Eritrean-Ethiopian relations necessitates the formal introduction of these “Global Leaders” who already have reserved seat on the negotiations table.
    The strength of the Eritrean Opposition pulse will also be gaged by the effectiveness of the committees and subcommittees to coordinate and organize globally such a pivotal event in a little over a month’s time from the announcement. Only the naive observer would believe this initiative is starting from scratch. On the contrary. The initiative is not as spontaneous as both the naysayers nor the intentionally stealthy/incognito proponents for the new movement would have us to believe. In fact, the would-be elected leaders are already known albeit to a lot smaller circles than the whole populations.
    It is only the formality of being elected representatives that remains in order to legitimize the policy formulations/stands, perhaps an emphatic paradigm shift, this new leadership will be formalizing. That it is a necessity for the purposes of facing unavoidable forthcoming changes as well as several other realities can be ascertained or extrapolated, from this my first verbal, fleeting comment.
    And I shall leave up to 20 or more bullets to be listed for analysis by the discussants, here in forum and beyond, in spite of my having at least 10 which I can list now. Doing so provides all of us in filtering those who are genuinely vested in Eritrea’s victory from those that are not, as well as in changing the culture of feigning or pretending to not be aware of the truth….

    Having said that, I am also aware that the new movement and the Eritrean global leadership selections initiative may very well be another distraction of playing possum while the real politicking and negotiations are already in full effect. Meaning, the announcement, and the paper could be “fake news..” I highly doubt it, and if it is a ruse, then I will argue why it should be the real thing as well as for its dire necessity. The dire necessity of a diverse Eritreans representation on the inevitable Eritrean-Ethiopian roundtable to dialogue should be welcomed by all Eritreans, including by the very well organized and pro PFDJ/Eritrean government discussants/commentators. The Why?

    አቲ ጭርጭር ኣስተዋስ ኦ, ክኢላ ጸሓፍትን, ትሟጎትን, ገጠምትን ብ ኣድንቖት፡ ምስ ውሑድ ቅንኢ ተሓወሶ፡ መረዳአታ ናይቲ ድፋዓት ዖተርቲ መሳርያ ፍሊት ዶ ናፍታ ላምባ ቁማል፡ ዱዱዕ፡ ፍልሖ፡ ቁንጪ፡ ቱኻን፡ ጻጸ ዶ ሃመማ ብጭራስ ካብ ህላዊ ን ኸጥፍኡ …. ኣይፋልኩምን የሕዋት፡ ኣብ ዘተ ፍትሒ አንዳቅረብኩም፡ አታ ዝብለጸት መሳርያ ተገልግል ክትዓትርዋ፡ ጭራ ኢያ፡፡ ናይ ኣቦሓጎትኩምን ኣቦታትኩምን ኣብ ባይቶ ዖዲ ተኣኪቦም ክዝትዩን ክማጎትን፡ ግርማን ምዓርግን አትህብ ምሳንይቶም መሳርያ ጭራ ሙኻና ስከ ዘክሩ፡፡
    Besides, ecology and the necessity for all insects argumentation can also be constructed. Not to mention, the learned and the leadership, as well as the congregation’s purpose or mission, is after all to empower the little people (insinificANTS—symbolism in art.) Also. It wouldn’t be prudent, for groomed and further in grooming future leaders to comence the way forward by adding insult to the very hurt grass which was trampled by the two warring elephants. Yes the introduction of sne Qememawi mesarya ፍሊት: to kill the “መጽዓኛ ሃመማ” and other elminating other polin transfering insects so that the grass and the flowers have not chance of regeneration, is indeed insult to injury.

    Hnziiiiiz Hawkum gnn I welcome it wholeheartedly. The above is not a rant at all, but only my feeble attempt or two taErifa’s worht— KeysaErere enkolo.
    Any how, have your Chira and other fortification for Hnnnnziiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiz’s continuing onslaught billed as:

    The Rug Rats Vs. The Rock Rats


  • andom October 9, 2017

    Many eritreans are so frustrated that they want to see some action. At this point a small concrete action would rally hundreds of thousands eritreans in diaspora around the cause behind the action. Eritreans in eritrea and abroad are really fedup of the aging criminal who is masquerading as president in asmara. A new model of fighting is not a bad idea but has negative canotation that the old method has failed. Eritreans have been challenging the shifta junta in diaspora in all forms and boldly. Many things have been achieved at community levels that include taking control of community centers and churches from the hands of the shifta junta that uses usubat,50% eritreans, non eritreans as agents under the name of pfdj. So what needs to be done is strengthen the fight, add new dimentions and expand organizations to make the fight more effective and potent