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  • April 22, 2012

    The PFDJ leader boxed himself and poor Eritrea into a corner and now are begging the UN for mercy. The UN Security Council should not be fooled by PFDJ and Desta’s theatrics. They brought it on themselves and the poor Eritreans are suffering for their foolish actions and mistakes. By the way the crocodile tear Desta was shedding regarding the semi-sanction by the UNSC on the 2% taxes imposed on diaspora Eritreans is continuing with vigor. The only change instituted is they now collect in cash: no check, no money order, no credit card- just cash. They are doing it for visa, passport and other services just cash that is the preferred and only medium of transaction. Way to go thieves– no transparency, no accountability. But more serious is why do Eritreans fall for this devious, illegal money laundry activities of PFDJ. Do not cooperate because those monies are pocketed by the embassy workers, then their bosses and whatever that is left of it is sent to the head mafia to satisfy his hunger for power and hide it foreign banks.

  • Dawit April 22, 2012

    Well said. We have heard many times the Mafia in Asmara ridiculing the United Nations, and the United States. It’s ironic now to see them begging the United Nations.

  • aus 17 April 22, 2012

    why do you beg? Isn’t that only belongs to weyane or tigray? you know today you are one in that matter!!!!
    A degraded leader despises his people, thanks Gud, the whole world knew by now, the only degraded person is president Isayas and his Tenben-boys.

  • sara April 22, 2012

    yes well said, Mr Desta i hope those with fair mind will heed your pleading!!!!!!!!!