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Eritrea Rejects Allegation It’s Trying to Destabilize Ethiopia

By Nizar Manek 19 March 2018, 06:59 GMT Eritrea’s government rejected allegations by neighboring Ethiopia that it’s trying to destabilize the country after Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn resigned last month. Ethiopia has been struggling to quell sporadic anti-government protests

Eritrea’s government rejected allegations by neighboring Ethiopia that it’s trying to destabilize the country after Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn resigned last month.

Ethiopia has been struggling to quell sporadic anti-government protests over the past two years that have left hundreds of people dead. The government has regularly accused its eastern neighbor of interference in its affairs since the two nations separated in 1993 after decades of armed conflict.

“This false allegation doesn’t merit serious response,” Information Minister Yemane Gebremeskel said Monday in an emailed response to questions. “The regime is desperately trying to deflect attention from its intractable domestic crisis — of its own making — and find external scapegoats.”

The state-owned Ethiopian Broadcasting Corp. on March 17 quoted the country’s police chief as saying Eritrea has “tried to destabilize the peace and security of our country by organizing and sending anti-peace forces to Ethiopia.” The interference has taken place since before and after a state of emergency was declared in the Horn of Africa nation, it said.

Ethiopian Information Minister Negeri Lencho and foreign ministry spokesperson Meles Alem didn’t immediately respond to two text messages and two calls seeking comment.

Source: Bloomberg


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Review overview
  • amanuel March 20, 2018

    Well, the title should be shabia trying to destabilize ethiopia for the regime represents only 10% of us, aka diaspora hgdf suporters only. Fact it supports oromo to be independent and amharas to be dominant thus stabilize ethiopis that way.

    • shilan March 20, 2018

      Wedi Halima savage evil Saho whore snake/rat, mushmush ROOTLESS CANCEROUS Muslim nefaHito, Abdurobo TeraAraA, comedian Iraqi Ali, saHsaH kondaf saHab gimel Yemeni nomad,
      Please tell us what exactly you mean by 10% of “us”????? Are you freaking part of the 10% in your Yemen shitty, 10% in your taliban Afghanistan where you fought against the Soviets, 10% in your savage evil jihadist Libya, Sudan, Somali or your old Welkayit/Shire in Tigray????????
      The people of Oromo, Amara and Tigray have prospered since they dumped you into poor Eritrea..

      • shilan March 20, 2018

        correction: please read as ‘Wolkayit’ and not Welkayit, thanks.

  • rezen March 20, 2018

    Subject: Eritrea Rejects Allegation It’s Trying to Destabilize Ethiopia”, By Nizar Manek, 19 March 2018
    Commentary, 20 Mar 2018

    What else can the Eritrean Government say other than to deny, deny, deny ———
    It is a well-known characteristic that the Dictator of Eritrea is the most revengeful diabolical creature, seemingly, ever since he came to this World. He never recovered from the disgraceful DEFEAT at Badme little war (1981…). Having been the successful and the most worshiped and beloved leader during the thirty-years ‘liberation’ war, it is too much for him to swallow the defeat in a back-yard war. It is not a secrete, but open fact, that Issayas Afewerki Abraha will NEVER stop until he gets his revenge – no matters how many millions of Eritreans and others perish. His ego is worth much more than the lives of Eritreans. His terrified servants too (civil and military forces ) will faithfully discharge their duties of covering the nakedness of the roaring king. Confession: no accusation is intended here upon the mass enablers of the Dictator – though future Justice may [just a faint ‘may’] examine their action in relation to ‘criminal’ activities upon the Eritrean People.

    Where do we go from here? In view of the uncharacteristic, unexpected, embarrassing, hidden behaviour of the proud Eritrean People — from the lowest humble and noble person to the highest educated level– ONLY prayer and the kindness of the Lord, way up in the Sky, will be the salvation of Eritrea. And within that kindness of the Lord may come the bitterest medicine of fracturing Eritrea into pieces and allocating it to various custodians. Eritreans will then live happily ever after with their ever lasting religion and their precious region (ወገንነት)characteristic — but always PROUDLY dreaming of “Paradise Lost.”. WE ARE WHAT WE ARE. THE END

  • Simon March 21, 2018

    In his last local interview it was reported that PIA said, since what he has been doing (supporting anti-peace elements) is bearing fruits, he will continue doing it, SURELY, in an up ward scale meaning he will intensify it both in its magnitude and depth. As an Ethiopian I don’t blame Isaias – he is doing what he is supposed to do as a bitter enemy of a neighbouring country, that he is but I blame our Ethiopian leaders / the half or hybrid ones. I want them to have Ethiopian interests first before they can prop – up anything Eritrean. Don’t get me wrong I’m not and will not be against a peaceful and prosperous Eritrea in any way, shape or form but nothing should be done at the expense of Ethiopia. If it were not for Meles / banda, Isaias would have long been gone back in 2000. If it were not for the hybrid bandas of both tribes – Eritrea would have never ever had achieved its fake independence – Ethiopia would have had Asab for now and for ever. Down with Woyane and viva Isaias

  • Mohamed March 21, 2018

    “And within that kindness of the Lord may come the bitterest medicine of fracturing Eritrea into pieces and allocating it to various custodians.”


    This is what you and all enemies of Eritrea, including Iseyas, hope, but will never happen.

    • Tekeze March 21, 2018

      Mohamed negis, you are not going to make Eritrea a terrorist country like your Somalia & Yemen. The only custodian for our Eritrea should be its old biological mother Ethiopia or Tigray.

      • k.tewolde March 21, 2018

        Is that what you been contemplating? So can you tell me who the stud was who impregnated the mother who gave birth to Eritrea? can’t wait for the answer.

        • Tekeze March 21, 2018

          You tell me first was the butcher killer Ossama BIN LADEN who impregnated your prostitute mother who gave birth to you a homosexual moron? Can’t wait for the answer too. The big and the serious question is would the biological mother re-take her ravaged diseased old daughter? No chance.

          • AHMED SALEH !!! March 21, 2018

            Sreet boy , anta andaf wahd
            why don’t come with your real name ?

          • k.tewolde March 22, 2018

            I wonder who inoculated the beautiful vibrant young daughter with ravaging disease? and you refusing to take her back? don’t worry stud somebody will adopt her,keep spreading your affliction.

  • Danilo March 21, 2018

    Dear commentators, knowing the attitude of both weyenti in Addis and Asmara pretend to be friends and enemy upon the situation they face. their political excellence is no war no peace. For them is very easy to fight and make ሓንካስ peace therefore, they might fight any moment for some time to suppress their opponents. Until the TT project is fully implemented.

    • Yohan March 21, 2018

      Please explain what TT project is as some of us keep reading it but we don’t know what it stands for? Apart from that I agree with the rest of your comment especially the ‘hankas peace’ games.

      • Danilo March 22, 2018

        tigray tigrigni. .

        • Yohan March 23, 2018

          Thank you Danilo and are you one of them TT – Tigray Tigrigni member?

    • k.tewolde March 21, 2018

      Danilo,it already is, come to think of it,the 2 regimes from the same clan are running the show on each side of the artificial border and they are using Badme as bait and switch to stay in power at the expense of the vast downtrodden masses who can’t figure out why after a grueling 26 yrs of liberation their situation is deteriorating and that includes the everyday Tigray people.The nucleus of HGDEF is part and parcel of TPLF masquerading as if they represent the Eritrean ideals and aspirations,on the contrary they are uprooting it everyday. The HGDEF supporters are waiting till the replica of the Axum obelisk is erected with their merging colors in downtown Asmara to figure it out.

      • k.tewolde March 21, 2018

        Conclusion, by then they gonna to be singing to a different national anthem and hoisting a new flag,deja vu?!!!!

  • Lwam March 22, 2018

    The days of the old lunatic visionless despot is numbered .He will have zero legacy and will be buried in un marked grave like Gadhafi or thrown to fishes in red sea like bin laden

    • k.tewolde March 22, 2018

      Lwam,I don’t think even the fish will nibble at his remaining,it will be a repulsive bait.