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Eritrea rebels say they killed 12 government troops

By Aaron Maasho NAIROBI (Reuters) - Two little known Eritrean rebel groups said on Friday they had killed 12 government soldiers in an early morning attack. The Red Sea Afar Democratic Organisation (RSADO) and the Eritrean National

By Aaron Maasho

NAIROBI (Reuters) – Two little known Eritrean rebel groups said on Friday they had killed 12 government soldiers in an early morning attack.

The Red Sea Afar Democratic Organisation (RSADO) and the Eritrean National Salvation Front said they carried out the raid on Thursday in Kermed, Adi Metras, Ingra Abo, Adi Tela’a and Meshal Akran, all in southern Eritrea.

“The enemy units were engaged for nearly two hours,” the groups claimed in a statement.

“They suffered both human casualties and material losses that included 12 dead and more than 15 wounded, in addition to various types of military hardware.”

The claims were the first since last year when RSADO said it killed 17 intelligence agents and wounded another 37 in an attack on army barracks.

There was no immediate comment from the Eritrean government but authorities in Asmara often dismiss foreign-based opponents as “puppets” acting under the orders of foreign governments.

Eritrea accuses arch-foe Ethiopia of working to destabilise the Red Sea state, while Addis Ababa declared openly in April that it would support Eritrean rebels in a bid to oust President Isaias Afewerki’s administration.

RSADO says its operations are in response to Asmara’s refusal to grant autonomy to the Afar, whose homeland straddles Eritrea, Ethiopia and Djibouti.

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  • HAGERAWI October 21, 2011

    When a dictator refuse to listen to the people to cast the votes then the people they will resort to violence and start calling Afar, Kunama and so on, autonomy even separation from the country.
    to those thinking Eritrea is united under Isayas and hgdef you are wrong. people only trust they family and village on the time of dictators because you have spays recruited by dictators. so the first action is to segregate the ethnic group from the rest, to fight and defend your ethnic group slavery, so the villagers can support you.
    even do I don’t support this military action and division,when people only have one option and that is military action the only trust they own so I see the worst coming to the country if hgdef dose not change it ways, like Libya or somalia.

  • Hagos October 21, 2011


    • The Bee October 21, 2011

      Hagos is laughing himself to death………Why don’t you leave sarcasm to Issyas and engage in honest dialogue?

      • Hagos October 22, 2011

        It is so rubbish report. as you say it I will drive to death my self to my precious country by building a better and bright future of my Elite Eritrean Citizen. But before that no more death come to life. Our Hero Isaias Afewerki also marching to ward victory of reconstruction as he did during the 30 years for independence struggle. You and alike yours are going down ward by reporting form your ancestor ‘AGAME’. You are for sure AGAME or HALF CAST OF AGAME.
        We are Eritreans YPFDJ

  • aderosso October 21, 2011

    why is the The Red Sea Afar Democratic Organisation is considered opposition of Eritrean government.This is a separatist organizational, regardless. Imagine the reaction if some claim the organizations democratic akeluguzai, hamasie, seraye or christian, why is it politically correct for some not others.

  • ahmed Saleh October 21, 2011

    When an authoritarian tries to govern it’s own people with iron fist,
    they create havoc, division, rebellion, and sometimes even civil war.
    To under estimate and discriminate your fellow nationals shows our
    weakness. Hatred is the worst enemy of a society. I urge all Eritreans
    not to jump in conclusion to critisize or condem this group. We have to
    look a way to approach and listen to them. Beleive me they been treated
    unfair for a while, the damage is done, it is our turn to fix it for common interest.

    • aderosso October 21, 2011

      why do I have to support the cause of Afar while we all are bleeding equally under the dictator, is there any one who is immune from the dictator because of his or her ethnic or religious background. NADA.

      • ahmed Saleh October 21, 2011

        This is not new, we have been there and we saw the concequences. We should learn
        from our past experiences. We must treat each other as intelligent beings. It is sad
        news! the reality of life are to be accepted. The search for a solution are ongoing.
        We have to recognize and respect each other and live together peacefully. Calling
        names or down grading people never worked, only love and unity bring peace.

    • sahel October 21, 2011

      For a common interest? what’s that common interest? Did you think the Afar were treated unfairly? how? and when? When was an Afar village rided by Warsay Yikalo and all it’s youth taken to Sawa? this people are never touched or harmed by DIA. It’s the Tigrinya and Tigre ethnic groups who are always forcfully recruited and taken to Sawa. No Afar girl had been forcfully or willingly taken to Sawa while so many others were raped. How can this people clame that they are the most unfairly treated people. Another weakness of the opostion group. Had the oposotion group had rejected all ethinic, religious and lingustic opostion groups, these could never had hapened.

      • ahmed Saleh October 21, 2011

        You said these people never harmed by DIA. If you are concerned Eritrean,
        approach them and listen to their problems and demands. In case of rejecting
        by opposition group, it is not the way to build democratic system. National unity
        is huge and complicated task.

        • aderosso October 22, 2011

          Ahmed Saleh

          The best allies of Isaias are those who claim religion or ethnic group to be recognized as opposition. give me good reason why claim of religion and ethnicity is necessary. We all should learn from the rivary of rabita al islamia and andenet, the result, i leave it to your imagination.

          • Ahmed Saleh October 23, 2011

            You can not compare the history of Andenet And Rabita with this issue. The question
            is not about sovereinty of our country. Their movement starts not long after
            inpendence. If you beleive their idea is based in religion or ethnicity, I advice you
            to do the search to be familliar with their claim. Don’t forget we Eritreans fought
            together united. Since you find out the tactics of HGDF, ask yourself what happened.
            At the moment we were enjoing the fresh air of freedom on 1990’s, their security
            agents were exercising their dirty and unhuman tactics to terrorize people. The whole
            point is, a question to be recognized and to reconsile. Some people escape from
            brutal regime and some they rebel. That is the facts, welcome to freeEritrea.
            The solution is democratic government, put all of them in parliament to rest their case.

  • haben October 21, 2011

    assenna stop lies this rebils they weyane not eritrean picture you are dreaming . we already our ferr dom from shabia fighters.

  • Michael October 21, 2011

    hahhahahahahah huhuhuuhuhu hihihihihihihihihihi

    tdelyeo’mo yznge’akin

    • kemal October 21, 2011


      • sol October 22, 2011

        Lier u are not Afar.

  • Shikor October 21, 2011

    Lie lie lie….ha ha ha h may be killed one camel then multiple into 20th or 30th men. Are u kidding me Gallant shabia retaliated by these trash bandit. I dont think so. Let alone these rats woynie with its tank and jet cannot touch shaibia military. Just lie and lie over and over.

  • Kalu October 21, 2011

    Old tactic of Jebha, this system of propaganda is 40 years old.

  • kozami October 21, 2011

    The lead photograph in the above article is taken in June 2000. It was the a photograph taken by a BBC and was ascribed as that of “Jubilant Eritrean troops show off their weapons after recapturing the western town of Tesseney” by the photographer at the time. Part of the story on the accompanying article by the journalist read as “Journalist Carol Pineau, reporting from the western town of Teseney, visited the battlefield, a flat plain outside Teseney, and said it had clearly “been a big battle.” “We saw lots of dead Ethiopian soldiers,” Pineau said. “The Eritreans say (the battle) was fought all day on Monday, over 12 hours.” Nearby mountains were covered in “the white powder of artillery shells,” Pineau reported from an Eritrean military base where dozens of Ethiopian prisoners of war were being held” Why it has been used in the above article is baffling to say the least!

  • habrom koreda October 21, 2011

    This not a good new bcs we aready lost and extinict so why we did not enough killing each other.we have alot exprience from the past ELF and EPLF. who is beneficary hgdf not only what about the oppistion parties still in power or if at this time we killing believe me few are beneficers thos who live out side eritrea especially those all ways they greedy for power’

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