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“Eritrea: Peace deal could offer hope for reforms, including three key steps, says UN expert” GENEVA (18 September 2018)

Subject: “Eritrea: Peace deal could offer hope for reforms, including three key steps, says UN expert” GENEVA (18 September 2018) – Commentary,  19 Sept 2018 QUOTE: “GENEVA (18 September 2018) – The peace agreement between Eritrea and Ethiopia

Subject: “Eritrea: Peace deal could offer hope for reforms, including three key steps, says UN expert” GENEVA (18 September 2018) –

Commentary,  19 Sept 2018

QUOTE: “GENEVA (18 September 2018) – The peace agreement between Eritrea and Ethiopia raises hopes that human rights will be at the centre of Eritrea’s path towards a society respectful of all fundamental rights, says the UN Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in Eritrea, Sheila B. Keetharuth.” UNQUOTE

With due respect to the United Nations Human Rights Report, the above statement is misleading. Human Rights in Eritrea has nothing to do with the much tooted “peace agreement between Eritrea and Ethiopia” for the simplest glaring situation that Eritrea itself is bordering self-genocide.  Right off the bat, it must be acknowledged with honesty that Issayas Afewerki Abraha, does NOT represent the interest of the ERITREAN PEOPLE. Issayas represents his – and ONLY his — interest in Life.  The Eritrean people never had the formal process of election of president. Issayas anointed himself as president – a derogatory reflection of his attitude towards the entire PEOPLE of Eritrea.  He represents himself as an absolute dictator – no qualms about it.   And the respectable UN Organization accepts the fact with deaf ear and bind eyes. In any case, as still  a matter of fact, the UN has no responsibility to do so. Thus, writing endless and useless recommendations become the norm of the UN bureaucracy through out the world.

Take the three items mentioned in the dissertation of the UN expert i.e. 1st) disappearance of Eritreans in prisons; 2nd)  Implementation of the Eritrean Constitution; and 3rd) exodus of Eritreans  leaving their beloved Eritrea. NOW, let us be HONEST: Do we really need a UN Expert to tell us about what we already know, and grieved about deeply, for twenty- seven years after thirty-year war for LIBERATION?

Let us keep on concentrating on Eritrea by ourselves, for our own benefit. It can be done. It was attested, unequivocally, by the thirty-year war for LIBERATION, which is worth mentioning a thousand times for those who sacrificed their dear LIFE for the unblemished cause.

 it is a glaring fact — that no body can deny — that the self-appointed President is the most ruthless dictator of Eritrea, not less than any of the notorious TYRANTS in World History.  As a consequence, Eritreans are one of the most maligned people on the surface of the Earth by self-crowned leadership, and Honourable Member of the respectable dignified Institution so-called United Nations Organization!!!  It is a mysterious FACT that the UN accommodates ruthless dictators with blind eyes and deaf ears at  the expense of POOR PEOPLE around the Globe.  It was also repeated by the latest charade in Saudi Arabia where Issayas Afewerki Abraha [the Butcher of Eritrea] was honoured and bestowed upon with some sort of necklace which was dangling on his neck. We know the REAL cardinal reason of Saudi Arabia behind the show.  The next stage for Issayas may perhaps be on a pedestal as a recipient of the Nobel Prize — far fetched as it may seem.

In such an atmosphere, the institution and terminology of Human Rights is nothing but a cruel joke against the background of institution as a source of employment for internationally well-paid civil servants around the Globe.   Our own fifty-five (55) years old African Union (or Union of African Organization) is a perfect example where the African people are taken – very bizarre as it may sound – by their own brethren as unavoidable masses of the “Dark” Continent!!!!!!  African Dictators gladly participate in the cheap slogans of FREEDOM, LIBERTY, INDEPENDEBCE, JUSTICE, HAPPINESS, DIGNITY ……… while, of course, amassing wealth and enjoying power for themselves.

Back to Eritrea. In its one hundred-thirty (130) years of history,  Eritrea has NEVER known FREEDOM, though gallantly fought to achieve it against foreign and indigenous obstacles. In the process, unaccountable number of ERITREAN  LIVES were lost – and the country is devastated.

As a result of the cruel history, Eritreans seem to give-up fighting against external enemies BUT CONCENTRATE AGAINST THEMSELVES; thus,  local fighting, based on RELIGION and REGION, becomes the daily side line norms of occupation.  The intensity of local antagonism is so deep that Highly Educated Eritreans, with Ph. D Degrees from Western Universities, are unable to FREE themselves from the sociological cancer of local characteristic. In fact, the shock of all shocks, THEY THEMSELVES become perfect catalysts as attested by about six to eight Groups of Intellectuals claiming to challenge the Dictator [from a safe distance, of course] presumably to bring Freedom, Liberty, Justice to the POOR ERITREAN PEOPLE, RESIDING IN A LAND WHICH BELONGS TO ISSAYAS AFEWERKI ABRAHA. It is the greatest cruel joke – as time proved it.


If Eritrea is to be FREE, the Eritrean people – especially Eritreans who are abroad — must concentrate on one SINGLE goal i.e. to liberate Eritrea from the indigenous dictator – Issayas Afewerki Abraha.  To do so, we DO NOT need to have:

a)      eighty (80) liberation forces, but ONLY ONE ORGANIZATION focused on ONE Agenda; and

b)       ‘toothless’ UN recommendations for action by Issayas  Afewerki Abraha who made it absolutely clear, during the last twenty-seven (27) years  that the destiny of Eritrea is under  his BOOTS.

With the above scenario, would YOU, DEAR ERITREAN READER, believe that ERITREA has the chance to convert its historical DREAM into REALITY?  The question belongs to Eritreans — and Eritreans ONLY.  In any case, fragmented and being under tutelage of foreign countries for over a century, Eritrea requires no ingenuity to be subservient to who ever happens to be its Master. Indeed, it was habitually under colonialism by external and internal forces for seemingly time immemorial.  THE END


Review overview
  • Temesgen September 20, 2018

    What reforms????? Poor Eritreans need food, water supplies, electricity, medical supplies urgently
    and more jobs security and creation than empty reforms. Just basic human needs is wanted in Eritrea.

    • Temesgen September 20, 2018

      Poor and unfortunate Eritreans can’t eat or drink bloody reforms in the 21st century, can they?

    • Michael Tesfamariam September 20, 2018

      ,,,,,,In addition to the priorities you just mentioned, whatever the UNHR says or hopes should never be take seriously. Do you know who runs the organisation? , Venezuela, Ethiopia, United Emirate Arab, Kenya, Kyrgyzstan, Philippines,,,some of the most human right abusers in the world. A perfect combination! That’s is why Eritreans should be able to recognise the fact that this organisation has no significance in improving the humanitarian situation in Eritrea, instead they will continue to micromanage it from remote.

      • Michael Tesfamariam September 20, 2018

        ,,,,It is good idea by the way finally came out to address this absolutely fraud and irresponsible statement by the UNHR. Eritreans if you want to quickly get rid of Issais and his cronies, stop this regional and ethinic based self serving opposition movement, stick to one and only one national mission, that’s removing PFDJ gangs from power and throw them in jail to die without any due process, Eritrea can’t afford to waste public money and resources to look into individual cases. There is no legal or moral justification to let the crime family of hgdf benefit from the long and complicated process of justice.

  • Sol September 20, 2018

    Temesgen, the mafia regime of IA systematically and intentionally derived our people from the daily needs to prolong his brutal rule. When equality, justice and freedom prevail, the basic needs will not be a matter of question because the people are not going to elect a government which is not capable of providing water, electricity, food and education.

  • k.tewolde September 20, 2018

    Hello rezen, history tells us the rise and fall of mighty empires and the kings and emperors who built them with labor of the people,we have witnessed tyrants with gazillion dollars and powerful armies under their command crawl out fegnatura,we were the audience one upon a time when the lion of judah who fed his domesticated beasts a flank steak while tens of thousands of his people died of starvation see his last days in house arrest…….. the same scenario is back again two guys swagging allover the place,posing to the lens of the camera signing away deals which the people have no clue one selling the nation piece by piece,the other accepting with a radiant smile,it is a perpetual historical pattern which puts the everyday people in the loosing end.Every dog has a day my friend needless to say.It is stinking,cold,unfair world we live in where the desperate migrant drawning victims are accused as traitors.

  • ዝበረቐ ጽሓየይ September 21, 2018

    መጻኢ ፕረሲደንት ኣብርሃም ኢሳያስ ኣፈወርቂ እውን ብሉጽ መራሒ ከም ዝኸውን ህዝቢ ኤርትራ ሙሉእ ተስፋ ኣለዎ

  • YONAS September 25, 2018

    This was my dream. My only dream, ever since I witnessed chants, slogans, demonstrations abroad I get sick. Action that counts in life like we did 30y for really outstanding freeeeeeedom. . Absolutely right though Eritrean highly intellectuals spend years most on lecturers, self promotion and action less demonstrations. We need to specify the exact date with high tempo of readiness all over the diaspora , then bring down the devil with help of Eritrea refugees in Sudan and Ethiopia ,,,just simply we chant to remove him,,,,on that date. ! Ideas are worthless unless we act them. REZENE YOU ARE BROVO!! Courageous and clear message -the date before 2019?????