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Review overview
  • Tsehaye January 9, 2016

    If the Eritrean problem was that much simple as this bunch of people think it is, the PFDJ regime would have been long gone and replaced. However, the world has not seen yet a government or system that has been forced out of power by wishy washy and invisible ghosts. The PFDJ is not a shrub. It is bigger than an oak tree. Its meeting halls can still boast to have an audience that is a thousand times bigger than the pitiful and rotten opposition groupies. Stop talking about local assemblies, Baito and office of the chief Executive thing. First and foremost, try to find a solution to the root cause why the oppositions are unable to unite. You are trying to put the cart before the horse, and there is nothing more ridiculous than this. You cannot effect change in Eritrea without uniting Eritreans. The oppositions are the main source of disunity. They are divided along religion lines, ethnicity and regional affiliations. Stop deceiving yourself. Trust me, nobody gives a damn to the tooting megaphone behind your computer screens.

    • Dr Dawit Tsegai, Our Voice January 10, 2016

      Dear Tsehaye,

      Please calm down! Instead of saying that all opposition to the regime is useless, please tell us how we could remove the dictatorship and establish democratic constitutional governance. The regime is sustained not because of its strength but because of our weakness and disunity. We are trying to do something we think will help. How about you, Sir?


      • Asmara Eritrea January 17, 2016

        Dear Dawit – I hope Tsehaye wouldn’t mind me responding. In a word what the so called opposition groups need to do is “Unite”. But that would mean 55 leadership roles will disappear.

        Eritrea forever, death to dictatorship.

    • Hagherawi January 10, 2016

      “The PFDJ is not a shrub. It is bigger than an oak tree. Its meeting halls can still boast to have an audience that is a thousand times bigger than the pitiful and rotten opposition groupies.”


      The PFDJ is a fascist organization. It tries to rally people by preaching hate, cheating people and spreading lies. There are still many who think it’s a national ‘wudib’ like those in pre-independence Eritrea, but its support base is shrinking every day.
      The junta first waged war on all neighbors and now they are at war with the people of Eritrea. Eritrea and its people will prevail.

      • Tsehaye January 11, 2016


        I agree with your statement that the PFDJ is a fascist organization. However, when it comes to preaching hate, the regime does not have a monopoly of it. The opposition groups have equal shares. In fact the single most important factor that has rendered the opposition parties disunited and ineffective is “hate”. The politics of the Islamists or religious extremists within the opposition parties and the ethnic based opposition groupies is purely based on hating the Tigringna people. And why the PFDJ regime has survived to this age is because of the hate-consumed several opposition parties. Do you remember that the opposition groups spent more than four days arguing whether to define the PFDJ regime as a “Tigrigna regime” or not in the last Hawassa conference in Ethiopia? Do remember that the hired the most divisive individuals such as Ali Salem to denigrate and and antagonize the Tigrigna people?

        Hagherawi, there is a Tigrigan adage that goes like this: ሓባእ ቁስሉስ ሓባእ ፈውሱ. The opposition groups are devoid of honesty and integrity. The opposition groupies need to do self-reflection before talking about local assemblies, Baito and office of the chief Executive things which I believe are way beyond their capacities.

        • Hagherawi January 11, 2016

          “The politics of the Islamists or religious extremists within the opposition parties and the ethnic based opposition groupies is purely based on hating the Tigringna people. And why the PFDJ regime has survived to this age is because of the hate-consumed several opposition parties.”


          I have not come across statistics that show who supports more the regime (its social base, as is the case of many African dictatorships). But if you take a look at the big picture starting from early nineties, the regime was and still is more popular among the Tigrignas for some historical reasons. Despite that, it’s totally wrong to assume all Tigrignas support the regime. The regime attracts all opportunist elements from every group in the country. As a large group, the Tigrigna have the highest number of victims of the regime’s wrong policies, as well as, the highest number of such opportunists who want benefit from it at the expense of their people.
          Generalizations are prone to wrong conclusion.
          As for lack of unity among opposition groups, mostly it’s because of mistrust and mutual suspicion.

    • Asmara Eritrea January 17, 2016

      What an excellent piece by Tsehaye! It strikes at the heart of the Eritrean problem i.e. the fragmentation of the so called “opposition groups”. These groups are a waste time and resources who oppose each other rather than the beast at home. At the last count there were apparently 55 different groups – essentially every man and his dog has an “opposition group”. They are a mere self-serving groups, led be people unworthy of the position they hold.

      The mere thought of the opposition groups makes Isiais enjoy his nightly bottle of whiskey even more. Even Isiasi, a brain dead man whom you would not expect to comprehend things, knows that these groups have no hope of removing him from power. Personally and I am not religious at all, I have more faith in the act of God rather than these “opposition groups” of seeing the back of Isiaias.

      Eritrea forever, death to dictatorship.

  • k.tewolde January 10, 2016

    Eritrea has been in crisis for a while now for the ones who notice,referring to the title of the article, what makes this present situation urgent than the hundreds of horrific experiences the Eritrean people has been through? better late than never though.I am full of hope that we can rise from the ashes and carve a better future for our country together.Otherwise,a great read,navigable road map, achievable goal if committed to.Thanks for your relentless pursuit to bring down the disheveled tyrant.

  • Simon G. January 11, 2016

    A problem with PhD guys: too much emphasis on theory. Let engineers be part of your core team. That way, you mail get results.
    N.B: isayas was never an engineer. He was dreaming of becoming one. No offense to non-engineers.

    • Tsehaye January 11, 2016

      Selam Simon G,

      You are very funny. Nevertheless, I have great admiration to people who have attained the highest education (PhD) in their chosen fields. The problem we have is not the PhD guys, but the absence of honesty and humility. Politics is a dirty business, specially when is played by some crooks. I also agree with your idea to some extent that a group of Eritrean engineers would have done a better job solving the intractable Eritrean problem because of the inherent nature of the work they do. Engineers are guided by strict laws and ethics when they provide service to the public. Engineers consider the welfare, health and safety of the public paramount. Public good is at the heart of their profession, and I am sure that if they were given the opportunity to lead the worthless Eritrean orgs, they would have ended Eritrea’s miseries a long time ago.

      • Simon G. January 12, 2016

        Brother Tsehaye,
        I agree with you on the opposition leaders. They are close to become useless. If they were grade students, they would still be 3rd grade students. Why? Because they have failed for more than 20 straight years.
        About those PhD holders though, I some times suspect that I am probably jealous about them because I neither PhD nor BS. It is highly possible.
        For our Voice though, they don’t have to over kill it, because there is no time left at all. It is even worse than the climate change. So, emphasize on the fix. It is way over due.
        Always, with respect.

  • Habte January 11, 2016

    ሓደ ካብቲ ብዙሕ ኣሉታዊ ትሕዝቶ ርእይቶኻ ብዛዕባ Our Voice ከምዚ ዝስዕብ’ዩ።

    “Baito and office of the chief Executive thing. First and foremost, try to find a solution to the root cause why the oppositions are unable to unite”

    ብቐዳምነት Our Voice ካብ ናይ oppositions ፈሊኻ ክትርእዮ ኣለካ። Our Voice ኣባል ናይዘን ውድባት ኤርትራ ስለዘይኮነ ከይጀመረ እንከሎ ከም ነባር oppositions ክትብሎ ዝከኣል ኣይኮነን።
    ብናተይ ርእይቶ Our Voice ሕጂ ይኹን ኣብ ዝሓለፈ እዋናት ኣቕሪቦሞ ዘለዉ ሰፊሕ ትሕዝቶ ዘለዎ እማመ ኣወዳድባ ካብ ታሕቲ ንላዕሊ (Bottom Up) ብጣዕሚ ዝነኣድን ዝድገፍን መፍትሒ ናይዚ ወሪዱና ዘሎ ሽግር ናይ ህዝቢ ኤርትራ’ዩ እንተበልኩ ምግናን ኣይኮንነ።
    ዝኮነ ኰይኑ፡ ብርእይቶኻ ግብራውነት ክህልዎ ከም ዘይክእል ሕውስውስ ኣቢልካ ገሊጽካዮ ኣለኻ።

    ካብ ጉይይ ምውዓል ክሳድ ምሓዝ’ዩ እቲ ዝሓሸ።
    • እስከ ብርእይቶኻ፡ ካብዚ ናይ Our Voice ዝሓሸ ኣማራጺ እንታይ ኣለካ?
    • ሓድነት (Unity) ደጋጊምካ ትጠቅስ ዘለኻ ቃላት’ያ፡ ብናትካ ርእይቶ ሓድነት ህዝቢ ብኸመይ ኣብ ግብሪ ክትፍጽሞ ምኽኣልካ?

    • AHMED SALEH !!! January 12, 2016

      When we bring religious or regional issues in our political discussion,
      we are promoting for the same obstacles that became barriers on our
      struggle that withhold us achieve better workable alternatives . Our voice and others with progressive mission need our support to continue the fight for democratic reform . We can’t conquer negative influences with negative ideas but to destroy negatives require weapons that bear positives thinking force .

  • Truther T. January 12, 2016

    What I find odd is that you speak of manipulation used by the current government, yet you are outlining a clear and detailed plan to do the same, just your agendas, ideologies and motives are different.
    I can only speak for myself, a patriotic Eritrean taking immense pride in the nation and all of its achievements, but at the same time not in denial of its road ahead and it’s many challenges it still faces, I feel my intelligence a little insulted. This is due to the fact you believe that pride and love for a nation is manipulated, that the remembrance of our struggle (still in continuation, taking the Eritrean opposition out of the equation here for a moment) is a tactic, etc.
    Your voice will not speak for everybody, unless you keep it objective in terms of the voices your trying to unite.

  • Genet January 12, 2016

    Our Voices,
    Really! Really intellectuals as you claim to be, you are talking about Issayas’s Genealogy? What is wrong with you? Even we, the grassroots, have moved on from that topic/issue. We are now focusing on how to solve our problems and how to handle our national and international politics that is getting more complicated by the day.

    Focus guys, focus on more important issues that talking about the dead dejazmatchs!!!! My God!

  • fetsum abraham January 12, 2016

    Can u please discuss z issue on z line instead of carried away wiz ur own stuff zat has nothing to do wiz our voice,s input? Discuss z article and offer ur ideas about it instead of wasting ur time on something irrelevant to the articl,s substance. What,s going on here? Cmon men, get for real and concentrate on z matter for a change!!!

  • fetsum abraham January 12, 2016

    To our voice, u got to issue ur articles in tigrigna as well and zer is no good excuse for not doing zat, sorry about my honest opinion. Ur large inclussive mission is stronger zan ur excuses for not communicating wiz z people in z mozer toung. Just do it!!!

    • Tsehaye January 13, 2016


      You have an excellent point. These people are a bunch of highland elites who think communicating in Tigrigna is like going down to the barn and get dirty and stinky. Their ego would not allow that. The truth, however, is that they don’t have a Tigrigna speaking constituency to address to.

      We are often told that half of Eritrea speaks Tigrigna, and if one wants to effect change in the country, there is no other choice but to communicate your mission and goals in the only language the people understand. Like Medrek and its coalition of the willing, the people in the camp of “Our Voice” have their own planet too.

      • AHMED SALEH !!! January 13, 2016

        I think the contents of the article about Issays origin made you irritated to react with
        emotion . You said politics is dirty business but I see you play the same dirty game on
        your side .
        I am not in position to defend ” our voice ” but I expect constructive discussion than
        unnecessary arguments irrelevant to written article . You oppose educated highlanders
        and accuse opposition members with religious inclined criticism like confused person
        lost in between political lines . Either support or oppose that stay bewildered alone in
        the middle of the fight .

        • AHMED SALEH !!! January 14, 2016

          One of this forum articles contributor in English language to criticize
          OUR VOICE because they use same language shows the work of hypocrite
          individuals. You know better not to mix yourself with arrogant people .

          • fetsum abraham January 14, 2016

            Ahmed, i write in english as an individual activist but z voice are far larger zan me and zeir mission all inclusive. I think zey shoud do it in tigrigna as well to reach z majority diaspora expected to form the committees all over z place

  • Hagherawi January 14, 2016

    Regarding English language:

    – Most probably, it’s going to be the [only] official language of Eritrea in future.
    – Translation into Tigrigna, Arabic and other Eritrean languages is not easy.

    So, either help to translate or take it easy.

  • habesha January 18, 2016

    Who are these people “our voice” and why are they hiding behind screen and making public announcement? Nobody can take them seriously. They wasted all these years to earn PHD while our people were in dire situation and now they tell us they want solution now urgently as if isias’s mess and brutality start today. Furthermore these people do not specialise in politics or diplomacy but in another area. They could not find jobs in their PHD area of specialisation so they are trying to mess up with Eritrean politics in the hope that they get leadership job, further more to be a politician you do not need to go to school you just need to be elected that is the western system democracy and it works. If our voice think of grass root movement then let the grass root make the laws, rules first. And a directly elected chairman/woman or baito (assembly) by people and not by representatives. Your problem is you are following the same route as isais and gedli in general. Who elected isais: baito and who elected baito: soldiers and who are the baito: G15 and others , what a mess? You spoke about isias family history which 99% of Eritrean population new this since 1978 which the G15 and others tried hard to keep it secret and who ever spoke about it cost them their dear life. More importantly Isias has sawed his human seeds and implanted in the Eritrean women and by now he might have more than 1000 children born out of him by raping our girls and women. These children are ready to take leadership position either with the government or with the opposition and either way isias is the winner. Isias have children throughout all Eritrea, tribe, religions , ethnic because he raped all Eritrean women through out his life while he send their husbands , brothers and fathers to war and prison. I suggest who ever want to be elected or take leadership we need a DNA test to confirm that we do not have isias junior again simply his attitude of hate to Eritreans will run through his blood line. In short isias children should be banned to run our country no more.