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Either Save Your Self or Sink with It

Either Save Your Self or Sink with It Juba boy As I have cited in my previous article, I don’t like to take sides. I prefer not to be with someone or against anyone in this life. I

Either Save Your Self or Sink with It
Juba boy

As I have cited in my previous article, I don’t like to take sides. I
prefer not to be with someone or against anyone in this life. I am
always neutral and objective. That’s my stand and that is what I have
being trained for, to be objective when reporting and report the facts
as they are.

Other thing I would do is to educate the masses and inform them about
their surroundings, or may be try to influence their thinking and
decisions in life by putting my personal views. I am mainly focused on
my community in South Sudan, the newest nation on the globe.
I don’t care why each of us left home and made his way to SS. My
concerns are rather on our wellbeing here at SS; specifically the
capital, Juba; yesterday, today and tomorrow. We saw a successful
yesterday and somehow keep seeing some success today, but it is up to
God almighty to know what will be tomorrow.  What is up to us is to
predict the probable future of events that could occur in life.

SS is not a lawless state as some of the commentators on my previous
article had said. There is constitution and thus there are a clearly
defined laws and policies. The problem is with the executive bodies,
those so called police, CIDs and so on.  They are not in a position to
perform their duties in the proper manner as they are always
confronted by aliens, who are the backbone of SS economy, of which the
majority is Eritreans. Had the natives were involved in business, all
such executive bodies would be serious with their work. But
unfortunately only few are practicing business while many others
either spends their day working as public servants or enjoying
alcoholic drinks under the shade of trees. I say this has spoiled SS
executive bodies. The situation made them to rush here and there
during day hours with the aim of filling their pockets rather than
trying to implement their government policies. I can’t blame them 100%
for their unpleasant acts as it is the outnumbered influx of aliens to
SS which has intensified the situation.

Capitalism is what is being practiced in SS today. By this I mean free
trade of what sort and the consequence are foreign trade dominance and
domestic idealness. According to me view, capitalism is proofing to be
a failure in poor SS and what the country is urgently in need is a
dictator. That would have for sure saved SS from facing an inevitable
economic collapse and a state failure, if the situation keeps
continuing as it is now.  Capitalism and democracy might work in the
already grown west but not in such poor and new nation, South Sudan.
Believe it or not, no one can save the ship on which I am boarded from
sinking other than a dictator.

We always think that capitalism and democracy will solve all our
problems in Africa. Those two interrelated ideologies have proved to
be impractical in most African countries, and I am witnessing it in
impoverished South Sudan today. To be honest,   if I were the leader
of South Sudan today, I would have no option other than becoming an
authoritarian to insure the most efficient use of meager resources,
silence millions of complaints,  plan long development projects that
might run for decades, or even to insure that my government’s policies
are properly implemented. I would for sure be called a tyrant and
oppressor by my western liberal follows, but who cares. I think
leaders do not simply fold two names in a piece of paper to select one
and find themselves either democrats or authoritarian overnight. Again
it is the ongoing situation that guides. But what SS leaders are
trying to do is a kirar play.

Being a capitalism practitioner but with some sympathy towards
Socialism, I have tried to give an overview of SS prevailing political
economy. I hope that might be helpful for at least predicting the near
future at where we live. As we don’t have the right to save the ship,
we have to save our lives.

Juba boy

Juba boy is businessman who has been living in South Sudan since 2008.

Review overview
  • Hagerawi August 3, 2013

    You are just a propoganist for a dictator… searching a justification for your country’s dictator… who knows you might be one of them, those who profit from the eritrean dictator.

  • asama August 3, 2013

    Jubaboy, dictatorship is not better than democracy. if it was, we would have had a better situation in eritrea.

  • Kalighe August 3, 2013

    The dictatorial regime in Asmara has invested a lot of money in South Sudan, Uganda and Kenya, through trusted individuals. The guy who is supposed to have all the details is hiding in Norway (please assena try to make an interview with him).
    Juba boy thinks when people cannot handle their differences, or are too poor, dictators are good for them. This is not his idea, but it’s the usual PFDJ’s propaganda repeated continuously: if Iseyas is gone, the country will be in danger .. bla .. bla.

    • Leah Negash August 4, 2013

      Topicly Weyane you are Mr Kalighe.Eritrea business are for Eritrea and keep yours.Your culuture must stoped by all means becouse it killes you deeply and surly.You born by Shabaia and are in power thanks for PFDJ.We know why you are angary high over Isaias and his party becouse the croosed your great Tigria dream.

  • sharon August 3, 2013

    I think Jubboy share with Teklemangus and hagoskisha.

  • Belay August 3, 2013

    Juba boy, I don’t think you understand the difference between democracy and a free market economy. Democracy is a political process which involves periodic elections while free market, mixed and command economies refer to the political philosophy and policies of the government at play and which can still function under dictatorships!

  • ab ab August 3, 2013

    Business people like jubaboy are those who woulddo any thing even the worst killing people to make profit. They prefer peoples painfull times to use instead of freedom. Because they could have a big space to spare with dictators and stop others from making business.

    That means he has allrady made a good relation withsome of ss officials and he thinks they can live him all the way if they are there. That’s he is starting to advertise.
    Poor mind. Absolutly idiot.

  • the hidden agenda ? August 3, 2013

    ethiopian government new tool of repression,
    Tullow Oil, the British explorer that found Kenya’s first crude a year ago, is about to find out whether the resources extend into neighboring Ethiopia, a nation dependent on agriculture that’s yet to discover any petroleum. ……states times of Oman.
    As weyane dominated eprdf & pfdj are busydismantling the ethiopian & eritrean identity respectively ,in order to create a new tigringna speaking dominated super power in the horn & beyond ..this is a new tool for weyane to expand the coming new coalition,educating tigrigna eritreans at the expense of amhara & others resources & their counter prtner President Isaias is resettling tigrigna people in other eritrean ethinics land .both of these crazy hidden agenda governments are creating enemity & resentment with other ethnics.
    Eritreans are made to be demoralized on purpose & in ethiopia kilil politics rules…the perceived backbones of ethiopiawinet , amharas are being ethnically cleansed on purpose.

    • Zola2 August 4, 2013

      What a confusion ! Tigrian are playing thier deservedly role in federal Ethiopia. With some oil, things would hopefully be much better. If not we still are hopeful that the country remains peaceful, strong and in due time prosperous, as the trend so far shows. Stop your self created cynicism.

  • ahmed saleh August 4, 2013

    Juba boy
    You contradict yourself by approving dictatorship rule of government in S.Sudan . Reading your previous article , I assumed that you were concerned about the safety of those Eritreans who fled from authoritarian regime inside Eritrea.
    But now you sound more focused on selfish financial interest at the expense of those poor people . If that is your
    wish to see them under dictatorship like Eritreans inside the country , well in this case they have a right not to
    welcome you in their land . Not only that , watch out your back before they cut your throat too .

  • Gelmo Alazar August 4, 2013

    Dear Juba boy:

    I thought you left Eritrea looking for democracy and free market – for your business. If you prefer dictatorship then go back to Eritrea and let us see how you do business there. Brother – in truth dictatorship has never been good to the ordinary people of any country including the businessmen like you. Only the dictator and his inner circle enjoy the suppressive power.