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Economic Growth Forecast for African Countries to 2012

In the World Economic Outlook October 2009, the International Monetary Fund projected the GDP annual percentage growth for most African countries.  In 2010, the fastest growing African economies are projected to be Republic of Congo

In the World Economic Outlook October 2009, the International Monetary Fund projected the GDP annual percentage growth for most African countries.  In 2010, the fastest growing African economies are projected to be Republic of Congo (12.2%), Angola (9.3%), and Ethiopia (7%).  In 2011, the fastest growing African economies are projected to be Ghana (22.5%), Liberia (9.2%), and Botswana (8.5%).  Angola (8.4%) follows closely behind Botswana in 2011.  In 2012, there are several double-digit growth projections – Botswana (13.8%), Liberia (12.8%), Mauritania (13.1%), Niger (12.9%).

To get further information and explanation for growth patterns, check with the appropriate government department for each country.  Typically, the department of trade or an embassy can provide assistance.

The following table lists the projections for each African country covered by the World Economic Outlook.

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Review overview
  • truly, Truly i say to you November 10, 2011

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    I tell you hundred times,you can blabber as much as you can, but every sensible man knows you that you have not a single truth.

    • Kozami November 11, 2011


      Your attempt to run away could have been the best decision for your troubled soul, albeit inadvertently. You say that “…Isayas the devil and his cult worshipers like you, or the whole population under repression? Specially about those 300,000 youngsters under slavery, about they dieng in Mediterranean sea about those unjust-fully imprisoned… ?”
      Since that you need a good mirror to bring you down from your ivory tower, please study the following words of our heavenly father. Exodus 23:1 “You shall not spread a false report. You shall not join hands with a wicked man to be a malicious witness” Obviously, your soul is sold and you need to find a way to find it back. James 1:26-27 “26-Those who consider themselves religious and yet do not keep a tight rein on their tongues deceive themselves, and their religion is worthless. 27- Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world”

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    • Tsahaye November 11, 2011


      I am not trying to absolve the PFDJ regime from any blame. What I am trying to say is the youth of Eritrea are not leaving their country because of political persecution. They are leaving the country mainly for economic reasons. Sadly, we lack a common factor to effect any change. Those who oppose the regime and have become the barbaric woyane’s tools have done their best to create a gaping wound to our unity. I personally blame most of Eritrea’s endless misery is due to the oppositions. If we had a common vision of how we see Eritrea, the PFDJ regime and unreservedly condemn the barbaric woyane regime in unison, Eritrea would not have been the trophy of one man. People like you have to have the courage and come closer to the center (to the common denominator) to attract and garner the support of most Eritreans.

      • Tsahaye November 11, 2011

        Sorry. PT-1 should be read before PT-2

  • Tsahaye November 11, 2011


    Unfortunately, I see a serious problem in your discourse with Kozami. I have no doubt that you are deeply hurt by the gruesome cruelty of the Bedouins and the harrowing images of Eritrean victims. So does every Eritrean who is watching this Arabian barbarity. But putting all the blames on the PFDJ regime for the organized crimes in the Sinai Desert is very dishonest to say the least. I believe that the exodus of the youth from Eritrea will not stop even if the PFDJ regime terminates the so-called national service tomorrow. Most of the youth are risking their lives because they see people like you and me having a better life in Europe and North America. They see you and me helping our families back home. They see you and me enjoying a luxurious vacation in Eritrea once in a while. I believe these are the main factors that are acting as enticement for the youth to leave the country.

    • Kozami November 11, 2011


      If what you propose had been the case, Eritrea would truly have become a power to reckon with and an oasis of hope in the dark continent. Some people say that when the pressure is on, people often revert to their true form. For the sold out opposition PIA and PFDJ is all that there is to Eritrea and about Eritrea. And this comes as a ‘standard issue’ dispensary from the Woyane’s stock room. Hence they have lost miserably to, even remotely, make their existence known to the Eritrean populace. As you are doing, when one acknowledges Eritrean challenges credibly and holistically, you do not need to recruit people, it is the people who would follow you in dazzling numbers. The reason being that facts are not easy to ignore and alternatives are a hot selling merchandises in such context. Facts and credibility work like gloves in a hand, one without the other is like the boy who cried Wolfe. True to their form, the sell out opposition have no guts to to stand up to principle. Hence the indulge in a self defeating associations in the hope that the sadistic woyane would one day bring home the head in the platter for them to feast on. Little do they know it would be their head at the end of the day that will be served.

  • truly, Truly i say to you November 11, 2011

    Dear Tsehaye somehow I thank you for your moderate understanding. Actually I am not personally specially
    affected because of the situation. But ofcourse like many of other Eritreans part close, part a little bit far of my relatives members this or that way are somehow affected also. I couldn´t imagine if you, kosami or Abdi, which I some how respect and have some understanding about your views are also real Eritreans, that you could be also free from being affected by the situation. Even in this way if you not affect, a single citizen death should to oblige you like me and others. But what I totally disagree is, not like you and your boss said Eritreans are living because of the economic reason,or for picnic, or there is no persecution, but because the hardship of the endless military service, they have no perspective to get the job they like to do, to learn they like to study, to worship in a way their mind accept, because they not get freedom of speech, publicly elect president,functional luck of constitution, rule of low…these are amongst the least,reasons for escaping. If you mean economy why not the,Sudanese, Ethiopians, Kenyans , Ugandans, etc,,like much the number of Eritreans fleeing then? How could someone believe a nation national football team all the time escaping because of economy reason unless their there is a serious hardship inside nation?

  • Tsahaye November 12, 2011


    I also thank you for expressing your opinion with humility and at the same time respecting the opinions of Kozami, Abdi and mine. With the exception of religious and ethnic persecution that amount to genocide and other crimes against humanity, political persecution has never been the reasons for a mass exodus of a society. Nevertheless, economic stress has been the main culprit of mass migration. Devastated by war and erratic rainfalls, Eritrea has become one of the poorest countries in the world. The huge number of Diaspora Eritreans has also given hope to the youth what is possible once they leave the country. The PFDJ regime could have done better to reduce the exodus by limiting national service to one or two years, by allowing private businesses to flourish and by encouraging new graduates to lead their own lives and become entrepreneurs of their own destiny. As to your question of why not the Ethiopians, Sudanese, Ugandans and Kenyans, I say there are as many Ethiopians leaving Ethiopia for economic reasons as there are Eritreans. The other countries are more stable economically, but it does not mean that there is no migration from these countries. Eritreans are automatically accepted as refugees once they leave their country, and this incentive has also exasperated the situation. However, if Eritreans were not to be recognized as refugees once they leave the country, the exodus would not have been as dramatic as we see it nowadays.

  • truly, Truly i say to you November 12, 2011

    Please read the word in line 6 written “living ” instead as “leaving or escaping” thank you

  • truly, Truly i say to you November 12, 2011

    Ok Tshaye, i somehow agreed economy as main reason for escape. But why Eritrean football, bicycle national team members all the time escaping? Even why the nation elite doctors,diplomats, engineers, businessmen, journalists etc.. are you going to tell me these all too escaping because of economical reasons? How your mind accepted to be lead by one not publicly un elected but by self appointed dictator? What about the freedom right of speech? Do you think like we conversation now in Eritrea would it be possible with out the government tracking or crackdown us? Why imprisonment without transparency and normal judicial process? Why mercy for foreigners like Britten but why not for Eritrean heroes? Why not the ratified constitution still now not functioning? Specially why not limitation for national service? why not leave them our youths to join their family and be allowing to study and to work what ever they like inorder to help their poor family by own selves, atleast to those they can only?even to marry ?But in the right time if the nation face a serious threat why not they try to proclaim or to call them back everyone to defend its motherland? These are points which always strikes me, and enforced me not to trust Isayas´s Mafia regime. At last you have to know Ertrean is producing much more refugee than Ethiopians, despite Ethiopia has 84 million populations. These serious points were i expected from you to give me answer.

  • ahmed February 20, 2013

    Content analysis Isaias meeting with Vdaúath
    Horn of Africa Studies Center
    By / Abdullah Ismail Researcher Center
    Lived community Eritrean nearly a month a state of anticipation and anxiety because of the events of one and twenty from January last and that made the country at a crossroads, either slide into chaos, or freedom from dictatorship, or continue Hger tyranny, in contrast, the system might be surprised defiantly from PHG his barn and could not be addressed by frivolously as always, to the knowledge that it will go Brihh, what was in front of him but gloss over and Hannah even keeping quiet, and as this secret unnamed Mastourah views Isaias of the Vdaúath The truth is still vague and failed this panoramic in Tglatha if not more in her thumb, so we will try the following analysis brief encounter conducted by satellite system Eritrean with head of the regime machetes analysis in the letter that exercise system delivery to an audience Eritrean people at home and abroad with a bit of psychological analysis of the psychological state it was in Isaias during the dialogue with him to fathom what is happening in Eritrea.
    Scientists say the sign language that the movement of the body during the speech involuntarily have implications rights can not be controlled, as scholars divide the total impact of the message to ratios as follows:
    1 – 7% of the impact of the message expressed by words.
    2 – and 38% of the impact of the message the audio tone Touselh.
    3 – 55% of the impact of the non-verbal message body language.
    It notes
    First: that the signs concerned were visible on Isaias clearly Speaking to TV Eritrean, and the most important manifestations of this concern that it was a lot of swallow saliva during the event and this case explain the severity of anxiety and lack of confidence, Kmalk the length of time it took to broadcast episode was in the range of quarter The time is a period of time are not commensurate with the size of the event and this is where a signal of unwillingness spokesman and preparers program in length in the modern response to the psychological state controls everyone a desire to conceal the topic raised, and they talk about it except to confirm one thing is denied.
    Second: it was a lot of tilting his head left and right and this is also in the body language explains not believe what he was talking about rights, involuntary movement, which means that the reality was totally against what he was talking about, and here can realize that Vacas extend it more streamlined has stated that They event does not exceed the number of fingers on one hand, but the reality is that the problem was bigger than that where it took solved for nearly a month, then that they did not arrest or trial, not even accountability, which indicates the strength position this group, which he described Isaias Bakulh . Also notable in this context to talk very slowly Unusually, demonstrating that the talk on the subject is not in conformity with the reality in response to an internal desire where the speaker tries to control lest it slip that the word may appear truth.
    Third observation: Escape from the truth and is therefore not to be charged directly to the concerned but accusation was generalized, although that has already are a group of individuals IDF Eritrean This means that the majority of the IDF Eritrean support and blessing of what happened and understand this document security circulated to embassies Eritrean which has hinted that the group have his support, whether on the level of leadership in the Department of Defense or the soldiers and this shows that the Isaias and his face case of rejection surpassed the grassroots level to the military establishment and therefore avoid in his download the military results of what happened, and in contrast, if The situation was otherwise that the insurgency was limited as stated in the hadeeth was accelerated in guiding senior army commanders Baltbra who have this coup attempt and then throwing sweeping stream of false accusations, which is full of Dictionary of the Popular Front through its propaganda organs to be followed by their abuse.
    Note IV: that the Isaias in the meeting were rigid and this situation often occurs from the speaker to work him to meet internal desire for it to appear appearance is strikingly which internal factors can not speaker control, and accompanied also desire to disappear and appear in the case of deflation and this situation was evident in Isaias as منكمشا seemed within his seat.
    Fifth note: fake smile, a condition was more pronounced on Isaias, in his van were few and smile artificial, unlike real smile that lead to move the muscles around the eye The counterfeit show only in the lower part of the face.
    Sixth note: Isaias appeared at the meeting of the Council of Ministers meeting is interested Behndamh Vozrar hands to his shirt buttoning court, which proves that great concern and confusion and lack of time and time is mired in the issues it deems are most important.
    Note G: seemed Isaias in meeting more eager to hear the next question, and answer all the questions were without logical conclusion to answer forcing to stop to receive the following question, while Broadcaster be in a state of alert because he felt no complete answer was not able to request for clarification is forced reluctantly asked the following question .
    Eritrean media failure deservedly
    Meeting revealed the size of the isolation experienced by the system had not been invited to meet with any of the foreign media and news agencies and correspondents of foreign newspapers, and this explains the state of the Iron Curtain that the system imposes on himself and on the Eritrean people, which means he does not trust the policy pursued by. Have shown the events of 21 January that Eritrea today is closer to the state of Albania under Enver Hoxha, which was the world does not know anything about it except its name and the name of its chairman thanks to broadcast, which was broadcast in all languages ​​of the world, but glorifying the sole leader and his departure was not the only ruin, and Eritrea today no better off them and inform them of the day no one knows what is going on only when its head out of the silence to deny the truth in the fourth day. The Eritrean television has failed deservedly did not mention what happened even to meet Isaias, and ended up quietly without analyzing what happened, and the site’s Strategic Studies Center of the Eritrean government, the information which has not been updated in four months.
    What this means no translation of the meeting:
    Of the biggest flaws in the media-oriented policy screening among audiences for his Valvdaúah Eritrean did not translate the meeting into Arabic language or report has also not addressed to the event after the fact Kbr and then analyze what happened hosting specialists, or broadcast a statement on the official but was broadcast Brameh registered to contribute to the uncertainty minor glitches all those concerned with the Eritrean, also did not do so radio Eritrean and Almnauth voice masses even in newscasts and this means that the government Eritrean do not care much of the components, also promotes this act accusations against it of sectarianism and racism, dictatorship, and its approach this be have promoted the charges so as to not worried about the feelings of the majority of its people, and give the message a negative thrust it does not care to know the majority of the people what is happening in their country and this shows that the citizens of others speaking keratinocytes are second-class citizens when this system, also gave this ambiguity negative image of the state of the country and as a den of crime violate where all vices and issued him a fuss and noise loathed them all around and knocking on doors and voices are raised to clarify what is happening Fatal them one who income through a window a small tells them nothing which Ttohmon then closes the window that overlooked them in the face crowd, and in this way can Nassour Popular Front in all media organs where it seemed miserable and lackluster colorless and not taste or flavor. Proved earthquake January 21, beyond a reasonable doubt that inform the Popular Front Media propaganda under the control of President remains after two decades of Omar state Eritrean box stage revolution did not bypass the stage media router that addresses public Eritrean various sects and political components of social.
    What a read of what happened:
    Highlighted message attempted delivery of have events January 21 is that the shoulders are equally divided and there is no leader sole can Batsh how willing and whenever he wants, and the Security Service, who was the force with which he strikes the President and provide him with information may become paralyzed and ineffective, and that power now, however, the army, which His ascendancy became him may be soon الصولة. In the President events have shown the level of weakness and weakness that reached for the first time in its history, did not resort to force and not wise to prevail but because the tool that was used in the oppression has become nibbled soon has become corrupted.
    What happened could consider fumes from the crater before the Big Bang and this is the state defense forces Eritrean that are closer to state of collapse because of what ails the state of great escape in the inside and outside a condition which may lead them to fade and decay can therefore be considered what happened a state of restlessness and dissatisfaction that pervades all ranks without exception.

    To continue:
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