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Dresden police under scrutiny over Eritrean’s death

The violent death an Eritrean asylum-seeker in eastern Germany and initial police denial of foul play has prompted opposition Greens politician Volker Beck to file a judicial obstruction charge against persons unknown. The mayoress of Dresden,

The violent death an Eritrean asylum-seeker in eastern Germany and initial police denial of foul play has prompted opposition Greens politician Volker Beck to file a judicial obstruction charge against persons unknown.

The mayoress of Dresden, Helma Orosz, on Thursday urged the public not to jump to conclusions about the Eritrean found dead outside an apartment building complex on Tuesday morning.

The 20-year-old, identified by authorities only as Khaled I:, was found to have stab wounds in his neck and chest. Police had initially said there was no indication of foul play.

Dresden prosecution spokesman Lorenz Haase said the item used to inflict the wounds had not been found. Traffic videos were being examined. A total of 25 investigators were working on the case.

Investigative blunder?

Volker Beck, the Green party’s public security spokesman in Germany’s federal Bundestag parliament, told the German news portal Mopo24 that initial investigative mistakes surrounding the asylum-seeker’s death must be clarified completely.

“I fail fully to understand the negligent actions of the investigative authorities,” Beck said, referring to apparent delays in securing evidence at the site.

Mopo24 is the website of the Dresden Morgenpost, the newspaper in the capital of the regional state of Saxony.

Beck’s Greens colleagues in Saxony’s regional parliament disclosed on Thurday that they had learned that two swastikas had been smeared on the door of the victim’s jointly sharing flat.

In Berlin, flowers were placed outside Saxony’s liaison bureau (pictured above) in the federal capital.

Asylum-seekers ‘extremely scared’

Saxony state’s integration minister Petra Köpping told the Protestant church news agency EPD that asylum-seekers in Dresden felt “extremely scared.

Out on Dresden’s streets they faced verbal abuse. As evening approached, they were frightened to go out “as soon as it was dark,” she said.

Dresden’s mayoress Orosz said the death prompted many questions, but it was important that there was no speculation in one direction or another while investigations proceeded.

Tensions high amid PEGIDA rallies

For three months, Dresden has been the scene of large anti-foreigner demonstrations organized almost weekly by a purportedly patriotic European and anti-Islam movement PEGIDA.

Its latest rally on Monday drew 25,000 people. Elsewhere in Germany there have been a series of anti-PEGIDA demonstrations emphasizing social tolerance and multiculturalism.

Khaled I. had lived in Dresden since September and was sharing accommodation with seven other asylum-seekers from Eritrea.

The local branch of German workers’ charitable service AWO Saxony, which helps the Eritreans, said in January an attempt was made to kick in the door of their four-room apartment. At the time, AWO filed charges.

10 years since death in police custody

Last week, in a separate case, 700 people demanding official clarification marked the tenth anniversary of the mysterious death of a Sierra Leonean asylum-seeker while in police custody in Dessau, a city in Saxony-Anhalt state.

Oury Jalloh died on January 7, 2005 during a blaze in a custodial cell, which authorities claimed he ignited while restrained on a mattress. A fresh investigation by Dessau prosecutors into the cell fire is continuing after a series of court hearings and legal battles in Saxony-Anhalt’s regional capital of Magdeburg.

The police officer who supervised Jalloh’s custody was fined 10,800 euros ($12,700) in 2012. It became effective last September, when Germany’s highest criminal court, the BHG, rejected the officer’s appeal.

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Review overview
  • Mike January 18, 2015

    Germany, again, with its dark and evil history of racism. Killing innocent Eritreans. A Refugees,that is, from a poor and harmless nation of Eritrea. I hope God will guide the people investigating this heinous crime in a hand of a racist and sick people to bring them to justice.

    Surly, partially it is the result of the evil system in Eritrea, and needs to be blamed, for driving these young Eritreans to flee to place of strange lands.

    Chancellor Angela Merkle – hope you do the right thing here.

    • aba_chegora January 20, 2015

      Mike, what the hell are you trying to say in your broken english? How do you know germmans killed this innocent young man? And if a german killed him, that does not mean the whole germ,an population must be accused of the crime.This young man escaped from eritrea because of the system there and germans gave him sanctuary. We can not and must not accuse the nice german people who have gave asylum to thousand poor eritreans because of one crime/criminal. Bejaka libi giber.

  • Tesfit January 18, 2015

    I wish they fire the officer who rushed to stated there was no indication of foul play. It is a total disgrace to the police department and the profession.

  • Solomon January 18, 2015

    where is the Eritrean Embassy, nothing from their side. When Eritrean is dying they have to engage atleast for humanity reason which I do not expect them to do. They didn’t it before and now they will not.

    • John January 18, 2015

      Why do you have to mention th embassy the guy is an asylum seeker

    • Simon G. January 19, 2015

      What Embassy? Why are you guys keep calling them Eritrean Embassy? I am glad that I am not a diplomat. There should be a brand new name for these idiot and criminal called Eritrean ambassadors. These are not ambassadors but professional assassins and money grabbers. Their only qualification is to be cruel and mischiefs. Once a shifta is always a shifta. Those real fighters were buried alive.

      • Genet-orginal January 19, 2015

        Simon G,
        I agree 100%
        What Embassy?
        Because DIA and his goons are calling it Embassy or calling them ambassadors, we have to see it as such. NO way. DIA’s ambassadors are not Eritrean peopls’ Ambassadors. They are servants of a dictator. Stealing is their main duty. I will tell you a true story. There was this girl who runs away from Eritrea and used to live in East Africa Kenya/Uganda. like any other Eritrean, she lived off of her family support. What was out of the ordinary in her case was, she would get $1,500 a month and some more in between. Her friends/roommats had to ask, who do you have in America who has this much dollars? She replied, “My uncle and he works for the Eritrean Embassy in DC”. I don’t know, if her uncle was sending the stolen money for safe keeping or for her to spend it. I have no idea.
        What Embassy? is right.

        • AHMED SALEH !!! January 19, 2015

          I remember long time ago when an Eritrean died we
          collected enough money to send the coffin back home in respect of his close family members wish.
          We were amazed by the embassy staff cruelty to refuse sign papers because of unpaid mandatory
          2 % tax fee regardless his contribution for EPLF
          in the past . For me was personal blow since we
          were close friends raised in same Asmera area .
          From that day my respect to those men as humans
          took down the hill to bottom . Anytime I see them
          I see blank expression in their face , ” MelAkhu zihademe rughum seb ” .

          • Bus.Zone January 20, 2015

            @AHMED SALEH

            To be Staff member in HEGDF Collection centers you need the flowing qualification.

            1- (Dump) like robot who do not ask any question and do what ever he/she has been told.

            2- semi educated who can read but can not connect dots .

            If you got this Qualifications your welcome

    • tekle January 19, 2015

      ኢዚኦም ፌራታት አምባሳዴራት ድኣኒ ዜይሬብሑ ክብዚኦም ጹቡቅ ስኔቴግባር ምጽባይ ማሌት ካብ ብዓራይ ጼባ ምጽባይ ማሌት ኢዩ፣ ሜሳኪን ቤቴሴቡ ጽንዓት አሃቦም፥ ሓዉናን ዉላድናን ካልድ ካአ ሜንግስቴ ሴማይት ዬዋርሶ፣ፌጣሪ ሓላዊና ይኹን፥

  • Kid January 18, 2015

    Eritrean Embassy? Have you lost your mind! I won’t be surprised if he/she is celebrating.all ER embassies around the globe do not represent the eritrean people never did.they are the extension of DIA and his PFDJ thugs who are sleepless agains Eritrean and Eritreanism.

  • Teclay January 19, 2015

    Sad! may God accept his soul!
    This sad story can be repeated again and again,and one of us can be the next victim.yes .we have to expect right wing movements to flourish as the economy goes down,and the terrorist attack on journalists will give it additional in-plus.
    But before we blame the racists,we have to ask the legitimate question “why were the poor Kahled in Dresden(Germany)?”. He was only 20 which means he was born 1994 after the so called independence. If not for this idiotic Ghedli he could have lived in his ancestors land called Bahre Negash in dignity “እንተ ዘይትንውንወኒ መን መጽደፈኒ”
    And again Kahled died most probably under attack from racists ,but the humiliation of our brothers and sisters passing through in Sinai and generally in the world is much more worse than this accident.Let me close my comment by saying form our wise forefathers saying ” ናይ ሞት ይጽናሕ ናይ ሕልፈት ይበኸ”

  • Tesfaldet January 19, 2015

    This sadistic racially motivated crime indicates that the people of this country (Germany)are still mentally living in the Adolf Hitler era. The United Nations should consider to impose another form of sanction until these racists get into the right track of humanity. one way or another, they will still seek excuses to commit another crime. This young man was killed because of his color, not because of his faith! May God rest his soul in peace! Allah Yirhamu!

  • Genet-orginal January 19, 2015

    This young man, who could be anybody’s brother or son is killed senselessy. That is the legacy of DIA and his goons.
    Young Eritrean, RIP.

  • AHMED SALEH !!! January 19, 2015

    Yes in deed , to see the innocent face of young
    Eritrean pay ultimate price at wrong place and
    at wrong cause hurt his fellow brothers/sisters.
    I hope others take serious consideration for their safety especially night time in cities with known white-extremism activities .