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Review overview
  • Berhe Tensea April 25, 2017

    Thank you for your comments. In Eritrea there was unity for a long time, the only problem were the colonizers who used dived a divide and rule and rule methods, and now being copied by the Tembenis in power who are k harking very hard on it ..

  • Senkam April 29, 2017

    This explanation has risen a lot of important matters we should be fully aware of as individuals, organized group or community and have clear understanding of our problem. Identifying the problem leads to crafting a solution method that addresses that core problem. In our case the problem is: lack of empowerment of the people in creating a structure of institutions that guarantee a functioning system in which a common interest, common destiny and common vision and future are seamlessly tailored as common values of a diverse society. Engineering such a system with the will or consent to agreed upon rules of the society is not as easy as designing it on paper in the current climate. But by no means impossible. .Our current climate is that of division along religious and regional fault lines in the general public in the diaspora. and fixation on power among the opposition group. It looks evident that such problems are the result of lack of this kind of public discussion. Of course the current advances in info tech has only exacerbated our problem because it allowed nearly everyone to be mushroomed as media agency. When you only have only a meager 2-3 % of your population educated it is clear to see how in the wrong time the info explosion has come to us, It even contributes to our division as people tend to heed to people from their place, district or region and religion. This way substance looses its identity. People go for the person instead of the person’s idea. Attachment rules Analysis, This breeds mistrust and culminates in making unity elusive.

    We still have a lot to do. Progress, however, is coming slowly but surely.

  • Berhane April 30, 2017

    Dr. you are fabricating new history, like Isaias, which is totally false, please don´t try to create new identity, which is impossible, Isaias has tried for 26 years, but failed. After all, the Name Eritea is given by colonizers, there was no Eritrea before, where you get These, the Region was totally for 300 years part of Ethiopia/northern part, except for 26 years and the time as said 40years under Italy and 10 years under the Britain, except These there was no a Country as such called Eritrea. Better to the accept the reality and then try Claim the Region as a Country after federation, In that case the Support the idea of what ever the Name is the idependence of Eritrea and the unity of the 9 nationalities. Your views, except the youths of the Eritreans, are an obstacle to the new Change. Ethiopia has never and will never demand any Piece of land from Eritrea, but the cause of no war and no Piece of the dictator of Eritrea. You, you don´t want to accept this reality. In fact Ethiopia has a contributed beyond your Vision to end the war of Liberation and to be concluded as a Country of Eritrea. . .