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Danakali ticks another milestone in Eritrea

PERTH ( – Potash developer Danakali has reached another milestone at its Colluli project, in Eritrea, with the Eritrean Ministry of Land, Water and Environment accepting the finalised social and environmental management plans for the

PERTH ( – Potash developer Danakali has reached another milestone at its Colluli project, in Eritrea, with the Eritrean Ministry of Land, Water and Environment accepting the finalised social and environmental management plans for the project.

Danakali said on Wednesday that the acceptance followed extensive reviews of the management plans in the context of the previously approved social and environmental impact assessment, numerous meetings, and extensive comments provided to and actioned by the Colluli Mining Share Company.

The project is fully permitted following the signing of a mining agreement, and the subsequent award of the requisite mining licences in early 2017.

A 2015 feasibility study estimated that the Stage 1 development of Colluli will require a capital investment of $442-million. The study examined a two-module development with an expected production of 425 000 t/y of sulphate potash for the first five years of operation, increasing to 850 000 t/y for the remainder of the proposed 30-year mine life.

Review overview
  • Asmara Eritrea August 22, 2018

    Strange this Danakali news is ! Despite the optimism the shares were trading only 1.5p above their London Stock Exchange floating price (@ GMT 15:00 hours today). The shares have in fact been heading South in the last few weeks. Why is the $64k question. The answer is slavery and repression!
    Otherwise and given the underlining asset reserves the share should be trading at least 10 times today’s London close.

    Eritrea forever, death to dictatorship.

    • Dawit August 23, 2018

      Wedi Halima savage evil ROOTLESS CANCEROUS muslim Arab slave dog, cut all your fake Hagherawi, Asmara Eritrea muslim gimmicks and get lost to your fucking evil Islamic/muslim websites.

  • Michael Tesfamariam August 22, 2018

    Apart from its inhabitants, Eritrea as a land is one of the most beautiful, potentially rich with attractive weather and strategical location on Earth. Unfortunately, her graces and name is defiled, her resources are plundered and wasted, her friendly weather is disturbed by a bunch of creatures who belong to the hell.

    • Asgedet August 22, 2018

      Haw Michael, you always make good sense unlike the many big heads nonsense exaggerations.

  • AHMED SALEH !!! August 22, 2018

    The sad reality in Eritrea is lack of
    accountabilty . HGDF government
    run the country’s finnancial sector like their own private corporation . .

    • Asmara Eritrea August 23, 2018

      Indeed no accountability in Eritrea because the country is run by people who can barely count to 10!

      Eritrea forever, death to dictatorship.

      • Dawit August 23, 2018

        TEGOMBAHI, HARADI, ROOTLESS CANCEROUS Muslim asshole savage evil Arab slave dog, Wedi fat ugly Halima, kondaf saHsaH tsaHitsaHi biKhofu zisheyin mushmush KELBI aslamay, Saho’s whore snake/rat, goHaf lemani Yemeni nomad saHab gemel, 100 muslim scam bag NEFAHITO, Abdurobo teraAraA, comedian Iraqi Ali, Somali warlord, In short, baAl bizuH poisonous snake meliHas ab Hade mushmush re’isi Saho gimel, how the fuck do you want the counting to 10, in your savage evil Arabic???? Eritrea forever is translated to vicious Islam and Arabic language/flag for ever, your fake death to dictatorship is also translated to death to Christians, btw, did you know that your savage evil peadophile Mohammed beast was also a dictator and a slave trader???????

        • Asmara Eritrea August 24, 2018

          Normally, I don’t respond to people with attitude like yours. But I hate to see my Muslim brothers and sisters insulted in the way you have. I plead to Assenna Foundation moderators to clamp down on such offensive comments. After all, at least 50% of our Eritrean compatriots are Muslims. They deserve as much respect as the Christians and others, including people like me with no faith, do.

          Eritrea forever, death to dictatorship.

  • Hagherawi August 23, 2018

    Dear Amanuel
    It’s indeed strange that you are not even trying to block the individuals who are using your website to insult visitors. When will you stop a guy called Tsehaye whose only activity is insulting people, their religion, ethnicity, culture ..etc.
    Is it because you think insulting, Saho, Arabs, Muslims, Jeberti inconsequential ?
    If are unable to stop him, others will do, just get his IP number from the logs.
    The IP number will be used to identify where he is located and eventually, which some additional help from that country’s Internet Service Providers, he will be exposed.
    Isn’t a shame that we cannot stop a small shifta who works for a BIG shifta to keep people busy replying to his insults instead of discussing something that can be beneficial to them and their country ?
    If you cannot solve this problem please, at least block the comment section of the website.

    • Danilo August 23, 2018

      Of course you are right no need fan of insult. Instead of commenting on current issues we are learning how to insult to degrade our self .therefore, should block him. Otherwise, self restrictionis wise.

      • Lilo August 23, 2018

        As an outsider, what do you think of the human race? How is life in your Islamic Mars?

    • Michael Tesfamariam August 23, 2018

      Are you familiar with the phrase “freedom of speech” OR you still think you are in Eritrea under the callous regime where peoples are intermediated and thrown to jail for simply expressing their mind? This is the kind of barbaric mindset that is impeding any effort for freedom and justice in the country. Sometimes it entice me believe Eritreans deserve the kind of treatment they receive at home. Please try convince yourself once for all that there is no way Amanual or anyone else has the authority to collect individuals IP Address in order to calm your sick ambitions, I believe Amannuel is doing everything he can to let people express their feelings and thoughts for which they are denied by their own government at home. Please grow up or go to somewhere else where you can satisfy your nightmare demand.

      • Ghirmay August 24, 2018

        Brother Michael the great, very well said as usual dear brother.
        It seems sadly that so called free people are scared of freedom of speeches!
        I wonder what are these so called “oppositions” more like comedians are fighting for???
        Could they all be after some hidden agendas and that they all don’t belong to Eritrea?

      • Haregot August 24, 2018

        Mr Michael T/mariam,
        This so tiny nasty insect which it calls itself fancy/flashy multiple names of Asmara Eritrea, Hagherawi, Amanuel, Sol and so on is just bluffing with its tiny muscle!!!!!
        It is just a “tahidid” – gurrrrra of the weakest. He has been going on non-stop about his fake IP Address tahididat – superstition – threats with big ZERO actions. Another talkative.

      • Asmara Eritrea August 24, 2018

        With respect Michael, I do not agree with you. With freedom of speech comes responsibility to resect others. Degrading remarks about others has nothing to do with freedom of speech.

        We have all the right to debate and disagree but in a civilised manner -without calling names as that can only lead to violence.

        Eritrea forever, death to dictatorship.

        • Michael Tesfamariam August 24, 2018

          Well, “degrading remarks” or mocking, insultting people is always part of free speech. As long as you don’t make up lies to accuse someone of wrong doing, which may have some legal implication, it is perfectly fine to offend or be offended within the context free speech. You just can’t pick and choose, the whole idea behind of free speech must be fully interpreted entertained. The concept of speech doesn’t necessarily require you to be right or produce factual evidence in order to express your opinions..

          But, If you ask me whether or not I personally support attacking or vilifying people without any reason, I would say NO! But one should not be denied or exposed to some sort of illegal and criminal acts for simply exercising his or her protected right. It is extremely bad conduct and even illegal to to infiltrate individuals’ computers to access IP Address just because they have said some bad stuffs on the internet. This is just criminal, and shouldn’t be ignored at all.

        • Haben August 24, 2018


          It is impractical to monitor every post, even if one wishes.. Nowdays, most sites employ terrible AI called DiSGUS. This even requires manning the site with moderators. I do not think ASSENNA has the resources to employee moderators. Even DiSGUS has its own limitations. So, you have left with either shutting down the comment section, or leave as it is now. I prefer the latter one, just ignore them. After a while, when everone ignores them, they will quitely disappear from the site.

          • Michael Tesfamariam August 24, 2018

            “Moderator” for what? To block and deny people from expressing their anger and frustrations? How cruel and evil idea is that to punish people from using assenna. com as the one and only one channel to funnel their feelings and thoughts. Please beware this kind of dispicable mindset and intolorant behaviour could be used by despots at home to justify their hostilities against freedom of expression.

  • Dawit August 23, 2018

    Kurdid HARADI Akur aslamay, I hear you are fucking connected to the Police Department — by a pair of handcuffs!
    Do you fucking think we should all be scared to death our “IP numbers would be identified” by your taliban terrorists?
    Your should fucking call yourself a lucky but also a filthy Sudanese criminal garbage jerk sharing the same website with Christian Habesha Tsehaye and the rest of us. Why don’t you fucking just get lost to your taliban killers websites then?

  • k.tewolde August 23, 2018

    Asmara Eritrea came with a solid financial argument to the article posted,look at the sleazy and down right garbage answer he got from Dawit. Folks, I am all for constructive counter argument with substance,however a blatant personal attack and pelting the commentator with profanities which is common in this medium,how do we deal with that besides pleading to those who ((CAN)) take care of it?

    • Dawit August 23, 2018

      Wedi Amete Komarit – Wedi Hirkam scam bag, barbaric evil Islamic ELF mendef whore mouth diKala, who gives a shit about a garbage diKala asshole talkative garbage??? No one is fooled or impressed with your fake bighead “I am all for constructive counter argument with substance” crap, who the fuck are you to dictate what is a constructive or non-constructive arguments?????You are simply a diKala crook and kindney trafficker and fraudster with your savage evil muslim Bedowuin and Rashaidas wishimatatika beasts. Once a crippled ELF beggar wheel chaired crook lemani then always the same old miserable lonely lifelong crippled filthy asshole diKala garbage. In short, Wedi Amete goHaf Wedi Hirkam, just ROT in your diKala vicious Islam HELL.

      • Simon G. August 23, 2018

        እስከ ነዚ በዓል ብዙሕ-ሳጓ ወዲ-ሕርካም ‘ንታይ ምኻኑ ከነብረሃሉ። ግር ዝበሎ መስል

        ን ኢሳያስ ወዲ ሕርካም ትብሎ የምሕረልካ
        ን ሓጎስ ክሻ ወዲ ሕርካም ትብሎ የጥዕመልካ
        ን ይማነ ማንኪ ወዲ ሕርካም ትብሎ የጸብቐልካ
        These people have something in common with you and each other btw
        ን k.tewolde ደኣ

        ወዲ ዶተረ ተወልደ
        ወዲ ኡስታዝ ተወልደ
        ወዲ ምስሌነ ተወልደ
        ወዲ ኣቮካቶ ተወልደ
        ተበልካ ይሓይሽ መስለኒ

        • Dawit August 24, 2018

          Simon G aka Suleiman bin Gereaneniya al HatellaGuzay poisonous snakes shit. Sully nebsi, where do I bloody start with you anta dirbay HatellaGuzay fandiya pig shit??? You see stinky diKala Sully goHaf hatella, in your poisonous snakes HatellaGuzay shit. you CAN’T bloody afford the “Hirkam”!!! Your komal bare foot/bare maAkoru Gereaneniya lemani/beggar father never had the Hirkam in his “Kedad/full of holes cherikam sere” pockets and had to drill your other komal/AstaKh Leteaneniya hooker dog mother without a “Hirkam”. So you and your fucking Arab’s condoms sibling who were deservedly murdered savagely by their own barbaric ELF shefatu/bandits {for being a deQalu HetellaGuzayat snakes} are a lot cheaper garbages than the deKi Hirkam like your k.t asshole shit. Now Sully nebsi Arkey, if you dare to come back then I shall give you more of your latest HatellaGuzay shit medications without any hesitations. Btw, we are still waiting so eagerly for your next classy/spicy/sexy poem in memory of your savage evil Arab condoms murdered {used up and disposed/dumped} siblings, at least if can’t get them a fucking monument in the barbarian Arabs then pay them some respect with your lousy garbage HatellaGuzay poems!!!!

          • Dawit August 24, 2018

            addition ‘as usual’: your Gereaneniya snake HatellaGuzay komal/kondaf father without paying the Hirkam to your Leteaneniya hooker dog mother {not that she deserved the Hirkam – as Leteaneniya was a well known cheap hooker free for all} in stinky poisonous HatellaGuzay.

  • Ghirmay August 24, 2018

    Muslim biggest liar, fake actor and impostor where the hell are you hiding now???
    Come out of your brutal desert hiding holes, you can’t wait for Amanuel to breastfeed you,
    take off your evil moslem hijabs and fake Eritrean nationalist names and come up with your real
    Islam’s identity, don’t you bloody have your own names, language, history and tradition, why are you so twisted shit?

  • Lilo August 24, 2018

    Brothers Dawit, Michael, Haregot and Ghirmay,
    You seem to feed detective Hagherawi with all the information that he needs for his IP addresses, IP numbers investigative works. You lot have to keep praying that detective Hagherawi (detective Clouseau) drops dead soon!
    I suppose I have to keep praying as well that detective Hagherawi/Clouseau doesn’t identify my IP address/number!

    • AHMED SALEH !!! August 24, 2018

      attention genuine justice seekers .
      lilo , dawit , Michael , haregot , ghirmay are wanted illegal immigrants hiding inside
      ERITREANS websites . We appreciate your cooperation to bring them down and to
      send to where they belong .
      Identity crisis begins when somebody want to lead his life in all directions at others
      expense .

  • Simon G. August 24, 2018

    መዘከርታ ንደቂ ሓራክም!
    ኣብ ተምቤን ኣብ ዓድዋ ተወሊድኩም
    ኣብ ኣሰና ተባዚሕኩም
    ዓቕልኹም ድዩ ጸቢብኩም
    ዶ ዋላስ ብጸገም ጎረቤትኩም
    ብሓጎስ ፍንጭሕ ኢልኩም
    እንታይ ክትረኽቡ?
    ኣንታ እንታይ ክትረኽቡ
    ብጸገምና ትሕጎሱ
    ናይ ደስ-ደስ ጻዕዳ ጋቢ ትለብሱ
    ዶ ዋላስ ሓንጎልኩም ለሚሱ?

    ‘ትጸገም ተኾነ
    ከምዝርድኣኒ ኣነ
    ናባኹም’ዩ ተሰልቢጡ
    ሕጂ ናበይ ተዕለብጡ
    ዓይንኹም ተፍጥጡ

    ኤእ! ኢልናኩም ኔርና
    ግን: ኣይረኸብናን ዝሰምዓና

    ኣብ ክንዲ ተቓወምቲ ትሕግዙ
    ምስ ህግደፍ ኮንኩም ትፍንጥሑ
    ኣምሓሩ ኮኑ ኦሮሞ
    ቶም ጋላ ትብልዎም ዘይጸርዩ ብኦሞ
    ግምጥል ኢሎሙኹም
    ከም ኡውን: ደልኩ ደኣ
    ኢሳያስ ሓውኹም
    ምስ ጠለመኩም
    ሙግብባዕ ጀሚርኩም
    ኤእ! ኢድኩም ያ
    ሕጂ ጠሓረኩም ኦሮምያ
    ባቃ No more ኢትዮጵያ
    ኣብ ሓሙሽተ ክትምቀል’ያ
    ኣዘንጊዑኩም ሙሽ ወዲ ዓድኹም ኢሳያስ ነፋሒቶ
    ከመይ ደሓን ኣይእቶ!

    ‘ዚ ተምቤናይ
    ተመን መንደላይ
    ኣጥለቐኩም ባ ናብ ደልሃመት ቃላይ
    ኣብ ሓዘን ኣእተወኩም በዓል ዛህላይ
    በዓል ሽላን ዳዊት ጸሃየ…….በዓቢኡ ተኽላይ
    ገበረኩም ሕራይ!
    ኢድኩም ‘ያ
    ሰሓንዋ ሕጂ ብኦሮምያ
    ምስ ሃይለ ስላሰ ኮንኩም
    ህዝብና ዘጥፋእኩም
    ምስ ሻዕብያ ኮንኩም ኣሕዋትና ዘጥፋእኩም
    ምስ ህግደፍ ኮንኩም
    ሃገርና ዘብረስኩም
    የሕዋት ኢና ናበልኩም
    ህዝብና በቲንኩም
    ዝጠልቀየት ኢድኩም
    ድቕድቕ ኣብ ገዛኹም

    ኣብ ክንዳኹም ይሓዝን
    ስለዘጥፋእኩም መኣዝን
    ናተይ ጸገም ስለ ዘለኒ
    ሓግዘና ኣይትበሉኒ
    ‘ቲ ናትኩም መርገም ከይበጽሓኒ
    መርገምኩምስ መርገኡም ደኣ
    ሕጂ ናብይ ክትሕበኣ
    ግዜ ግዜ ኦሮምያ
    ከኒና ወሲድኩም ደቅሱ
    ንሰላሳ ዓመት ከይትትስኡ
    ግዝኣት ህግደፍን-ህወሓትን ተወዲኡ
    ሓድሽ ምዕራፍ ተኸፊቱ
    ስርዓት ግደፍን-ህወሓትን ክጠፍእ ካብ ሱር-መሰረቱ

    • k.tewolde August 24, 2018

      Tell them Simon,Let them have it,two timing double dipping,left over plate licking,identity crisis ridden outcasts who can’t count 2 generation back with no plot of land to their name to call (ENDA)……don’t get me going!….Simon,you let it cascade like Niagara falls,folks are enjoying the mist.Thanks pal.

      • Simon G. August 24, 2018

        Brother KT:
        ሰሓቕ ሞይተ!!!
        They used to tell us not talk to where we are from. Why? Because:
        1. ውሽጥን ውሻጠን ብዛዕባ መንንትና ኣብ ኦርኒክ ‘ናመዝገቡ ብዛዕባ ዓዲ ኣይትዛረቡ ይብሉና ኔሮም. Why? መንነት ስለዘይብሎም ኣብ ኤርትራ
        2. ብድሕሪ ናጽነት መንነት ዘይብሎም ስለዘድልይዎም

        Why do you think the dissembled the original Awrajas? Because they have nothing to to refer of theirs.

        Now, it became so clear.
        መደናገርቲ: ሰብ ቅልውላው መንነት!

        • k.tewolde August 24, 2018

          Brilliant Simon,it is called gentrification-erasing origins and identity of people.

          • Eyobel August 24, 2018

            If only your empty philosophy and lectures would solve our long complex problems but obviously you are one of the main poor causes.

        • Eyobel August 24, 2018

          If only your empty and desperate poor poems/rhetoric were to defeat a dictator, your main tormentor who is having easy times screwing you indefinitely.

  • Eyobel August 24, 2018

    Once all the negative variables are eliminated, believe that everything would go back to normal.
    What’s “normal” then, especially in Eritrea’s weirdo and twisted world????
    Say a person were to be diagnosed with a second stage malignant melanoma.
    The number one objective is to beat the cancer.
    Along the way, some wrongly prescribed medications might have adverse side effects.
    Now recognizing this fact and removing this wrongly prescribed drugs would put you back to the originally
    concocted plan. That is never to mean overnight to doing so is the patient would be “normal”.
    Do you get my point? Useless poems and empty rhetoric would not remove a brutal dictator destroying a poor nation.

    • Tesmin August 24, 2018

      To remove the brutal dictator is already on course but I wish you with identity crisis be expelled to where ever belong. You guys have no time be wise now ! Before it is too late.