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Congratulatory comment, 17 Aug 2019

Congratulatory comment, 17 Aug 2019                                                              

Congratulatory comment, 17 Aug 2019                                                                                                                                                        It is an excellent, daring, insightful  presentation. In short, Amanuel  said what should have been said a long time ago. He revealed, without mincing words, who issayas Afewerki is, and who he has always been from the very beginning. Amanuel, glaringly and boldly, put it this way >>>  Issayas used Eritreans for his own agenda and never for the interest of Eritrea.

Amanuel didn’t stop there.  He also asked each and all of us ERITREANS to look at ourselves—a cardinal point that every Eritrean must [honestly] ask himself/herself and face the TRUE answer squarely, without camouflage or skirting around.   Indeed, as long as Eritreans refuse to make self-inner analysis, Eritrea will NEVER attain its assumed goal.  But, at the same time, Amanuel magnanimously balanced his critique by pointing out the admirable fact about  Eritrean character  for honesty, openness, defender of TRUTH and dedication to every endeavour [undertakings] in Life.  As Amanuel pointed out, without mincing words,  those characteristics were deliberately abused to disaster by Issayas. >>> yes, a deliberate intention from the very beginning, and no highly experienced, nor highly educated Scholars, with instruments in Human History, were able to detect the character and intention of the single mortal devilish force that was driving an ENTIRE country over the cliff. Let us not, conveniently, forget what Issayas said to his colleague in a moment of relaxed vengeance >>> ክርእየክን  እዬ [1].  He did and his appetite to destroy Eritrea into pieces is still alive in front of eighty to ninety (80 to 90)  opposition groups, with various names, ALL aiming (believe it or not)  for the SAME goal!!! And that gives more stamina to Issayas to choke  Eritrea under his ‘boots’ to lifeless disintegration.

The 1 hr & 14 min  presentation by Amanuel Eyasu, a member of the famous Eritrean Liberation Force himself,  and the creator of Assenna Broadcasting System from London, England is loaded with invaluable commentaries, advice and appeal to Eritreans. It is a critical moment for a decision. Each and every Eritrean must seriously dwell on the sincere and honest advice that Amanuel Eyasu offered in addition to the service that is providing to Eritreans for the exchange of ideas [2] pertaining to the ultimate LIBERTY and JUSTICE for the Eritrean people from whom the cherished goal eluded for time immemorial. We know why!!! Let us not deceive ourselves. Time has already proved that ‘deceiving thyself’ is the first function of deterioration. We are seeing it on OURSELVES >>> ERITREA.

THANK YOU, AMANUEL                                                                                                                                                                                     

Footnote:                                                                                                                                                                                                          [1] page 322,  Eritrea at a Crossroads, by Andebrhan Welde  Giorgis  2014

[2] without insulting each other,  though,  psychologically speaking,  it is a sign  of frustration on our failure to reach the noble goal of FRATERNITY with DIVERSITY.


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