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Can the following happen in our dear Eritrea? If you say NO, then you are NOT in Africa, with the exception of one or two.  If, on the other hand, you say YES, welcome to the

Can the following happen in our dear Eritrea? If you say NO, then you are NOT in Africa, with the exception of one or two.  If, on the other hand, you say YES, welcome to the reality of Eritrea – far, far, far away from the Eritrea that you knew, admired and loved.

Subject: Burundi orders UN to close Human rights office in Bujumbura, by Africanews, Dec 6, 2018                 []

Commentary, 7 Dec 2018

LET US BE HONEST.                                                                                                                                                               What did the UN Human Rights Organization accomplish for the benefit of the Burundi people? For that matter, what did the ordinary Black African People in totality ever gained anything tangible from the so-called Human Rights Organization?

LET US BE HONEST                                                                                                                                                                     Those mushrooming international organizations were NEVER created for the benefit of the Poor, Backward, Black African People. True, the African Head of States and educated elites may have gained from those organizations in terms of employment and other benefits. But that is a far cry from saying that UN Organizations is of any benefit to the honest, poor, wretched, backward Black African People.

Africa will continue to be the RICH LAND for modern, slick, colonial powers and their partners of indigenous enablers in high places as well as bystanders with Doctor of Philosophy Degree from colonial universities. The rest  — the innocent, poor African – will keep on going in slow agony to ‘liberation’  in six-feet (6ft) deep down in the ground. THE END


PostScript:                                                                                                                                                                                    By the way, at the end of the charade: a) the UN Human Rights building will NOT be demolished;  b) agreements will be reached that makes the Actors happy; and  c) the ordinary people in Bujumbura will keep on existing, without hope nor ambition,  from day to day,  until they get their freedom six feet down under the ground. C’est la vie!

Review overview
  • Hagherawi December 8, 2018

    When Eritrea was desperately in need of international community’s support, the tyrant wanted the UN to go. He wanted Eritreans to live in fear of possible war.
    Although Ethiopia dragged feat on border issues, the presence of UN forces was necessary. It was in the interest of Eritrea to have UN and international law on its side.
    He wanted even the NGOs that were active in demining out. They said: “give us your equipment and we will do it better than anyone else”. Few months later after the NGO left, the mines started killing people again. Another false promise that costs precious Eritrean life.
    If this person in not an enemy then who ?

    • Sol December 9, 2018

      Indeed, an enemy.Since the day he put his cursed legs in the Eritrean field, he systematically revived sectarian and regional strife to only promote his personal sick aspirations while some people thought he is working for the benefit of their religion or region and some other people thought he is against their religion or region. The inner security apparatus of DIA were always bussy on chasing, kidnapping and eliminating those individuals who were/are aware of his real nature and goal.

  • Danilo December 8, 2018

    The question is hard to understand and answers at least for me. Subject BURUNDI expel UN human right office body, in reference to Eritrean situation YES or No could be another matter. Frankly / honestly speaking UN can’t guarantee nor diguarantee unless otherwise. Sorry questioner I can’t help.

    • Danilo December 8, 2018

      In addition however, a dictator isayas from imputation of human rights abuse got a reward immunity selecting him as member if he hands over Eritrea for wellbeing Ethiopia and did.

  • aditekelezan December 8, 2018

    One never hears the chinese who were the poorest of the poor few years ago complain of such nonsense ,neither does one hear the east indians or vetnamese or the Jews who for milleniums faced crap uncomparable to none.The only people that are champions of complainning & excuses are Africans ,African Americans & carribeans. I hope it does not have to do with DNA ?

    • Wedi Hagher December 9, 2018

      The Europeans left most of Africa early sixties. But they were replaced by hand picked local leaders with no experience. A few nationalists like Lumumba were killed. Colonialists left behind power in the hands of individuals loyal to them. People of the continent were traumatized by decades of abuse and neglect. Divided along ethnic lines. Illiteracy, 9 out of 10 unable to read and write. A complete break with colonials past and its ills was necessary. Visionary and nationalist leaders would have made a difference, but Britain and France had big interests could not afford to lose. They continued to rule ex-colonies indirectly. When necessary they staged coups to topple civilians leaders. Five decades later, France still has armies in some African countries. They protect dictators across much of francophone Africa.
      We don’t have to go far to understand what is happening in Africa.
      We are struggling to remove a dictator but the task seems very difficult to accomplish, because we are divided.

      • Tsehaye December 9, 2018

        Dear Wedi Hager,

        You said, “ We are struggling to remove a dictator but the task is very difficult.” Could you elaborate why you think it is “very difficult to accomplish”? I think the right answer to the question could be the only solution to “remove the dictator”. In addition, there are a number of factors that I think made the struggle completely ineffective. Here aee some:
        1. Intolerance to different views. Assenna is a prime example.
        2. Group thinking and cult-like culture within the opposition.
        3. Anonymity – many people are not willing to stand up and stand out with their real names.
        4. Religious issues and regional frictions to some extent.


        • aditekelezan December 10, 2018

          Dear Tsehaye
          Allow me to reply on behalf of the opposition. You see when Eritreans during federation overwhelmingly voted to be re=united with the motherland Ethiooia, they did not know any better. It was just based & documented on 3000 years history. And when in the beggining of 1980 Eritreans wanted to forget gedli & concentrate on their farm ,school & work they did not know any better so gedli had to recruit them forcibly to fight against the repression they never knew they had (ofcourse compared to gedli) & now Eritreans are happy to be part of መደመር , and eating peacefully , well again Eritrean ppl. dont know what is good for them!!!

          • Wedi Hagher December 10, 2018

            “It was just based & documented on 3000 years history. ”

            aditekelezan aka Teclay

            First, Ethiopia is a product of European colonialism. It was occupied briefly by Italians but the British, French and Italians played a big role in helping Menelik conquer and annex the southern lands that ended becoming part of Ethiopia as we know now.
            Look, the Habesha kingdoms in Gonder and Axum were not States. Overwhelming majority of Ethiopians, in particular, the Oromo, the Somali, the Afar, the Sidama etc. do not have anything with the so-called 3000 years of history.
            Ethiopia is almost as old as Eritrea. When we talk about Nation States, there is none in Africa except may be Egypt. African States are all products of European colonialism. Their borders are based on agreements among ex-colonial powers, mainly Britain and France.
            Egypt had a central government 3000 years ago. But even then, whether it was a Nation State or not is debatable, because the that concept is only part of a recent European history after World War I. .
            Therefore, forget about Ethiopia having 3000 years history and related Queen Sheba fairy tails.
            Besides, let me shock you with a less known fact: the Habesha are an Ethiopian minority. The Amhara are 26% and Tigreyans just 6%. All others have nothing to do with what you people keep repeating to yourself : “we Ethiopians have 3000 years old history, so we own Eritrea”.
            Please, please, come to your senses:
            when you talk about history to others keep the fairy tales part out.

          • Tsehaye December 10, 2018

            Dear aditekelezan,

            If your comment was written by me, it would not have lasted a few secods posted. Do you know why your comment is still hanging here? It is because the gatekeeper thinks you are not Eritrean and your ideas do not matter. Did you have the chance to read my confirmation? Unfortunately ምስ ነብሶምን ኣሕዋቶምን ዝጸልኡ ፍጥረት እኮ እዩ እዚ ክላል ጣልያን ጸንቢርና። Please read this before it is deleted😊

  • rezen December 9, 2018

    Let us ‘call a spade a spade’.
    It will save us a lot of energy.
    And no insults to each other on the Internet are going to wash out our inherent problem. In fact, it is a cover-up. for our weakness..
    Let us remember the bitter war between the two FRATERNAL, renowned and gallant Forces in the world: ELF and EPLF. The consequence of that fraternal war was much more than the 30-year fighting against Ethiopia. In short, the fraternal war had nothing to do with the LIBERATION of Eritrea, per se.

    If we accept the shameful irrational cause for that bitter fraternal war, we will be better off in making the LIBERATION WAR a meaningful sacrifice; hence the current formidable and rational struggle to live up to the meaning of liberation – this time against an indigenous DICTATOR.

    THERE IS NO ANY OTHER CHOICE. Either we acknowledge our own problem and concentrate on the Life of the Country, or continue with our hypnotized history of the past one-hundred and thirty (130) years. THE END

    • k.tewolde December 10, 2018

      Yes dear rezen,for those who didn’t go through that dark era of our armed revolution is just like the generation here(USA) who has never been in the Vietnam war,they can’t relate to it.”The consequence of that fraternal war was much more than the 30-year fighting against Ethiopia.”>>>Indeed,it was an intentional and well concocted bloody conspiracy against the Eritrean people by the tyrant and his cohorts to stain our uniforms with our brothers/sisters blood which is haunting us our children and may be generations to come,and affecting how we fight and against who and why….today. (Let us ‘call a spade a spade’.) You can’t sweep that under the rug,you can’t roll and play dead.We have issues to address before we before we can do something meaningful is like husband and wife,if they are not in sync or work as a team the home will go for the birds.