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  • tesfaldet October 27, 2013

    the only thing wedi tukabo can do is singing on weddings or work as a BUSBOY ceaning tables good luck

    • Kabbire October 27, 2013

      … far better and cleaner than worshiping a leader that sells his own citizens to slavery.

    • kokob October 27, 2013

      oh my God here we go againe tesfaless Lol ….You still running ur mouth…why r u worried about wht wedi tikabo can do or can not do? U need to worrie about ur little head of yours. wedi tikabo is amazingly TALANTED artist get that to your head.

    • ababua October 28, 2013

      YUP! An honest man’s job!

    • Mussie October 28, 2013

      At least he will feel safe and feed his family. What has singing done for him anyways. AH!!

  • kibrom October 27, 2013

    How many of you people know that Isaias, woldeab woldemariam, Yemane Gebremeskel, Yemane Gebreab, Hagos Kishaa, etc fought for Tigray Tigrigna instead of for Eritrean independence alone. TPLF is full ofof 100% Eritreans and 50% on one of their parents side or else by marriage. Their plan was to establish Tigray-Tigrigna state together but when it comes to power that is how disagreement arise between HIDEF and TPLF. Their plan was to recognize eritrea as independence country and to seperate tigray

    • Kabbire October 27, 2013

      Did you write “Tigray-Tigrigna”? Poor Eritrea can not even manage to create Tigre-Tigrigna which is logical given more than 85% of the population.
      Then we experimented alien Arabic to create Arabic-Tigrigna by burning Eritrean languages.
      After all these hallucinations, we managed to create slavery under hgdef and slavery under Arabs. This has been the image of Eritrea in half century.

      • sara October 27, 2013

        pls get lost…….u are confused wdi tigry

      • sara October 27, 2013

        all the ppl u mentiond above they deny their origen so u cant call them tigry or agame .

  • Truly Truly i say to you October 27, 2013

    ውሩይ ደራፋይ ብሌን ኤልያስ መስመር መብራህቱ ንስርዓት ህግደፍ ራሕሪሑዎ። on June written article, on 4th of June i was commented like this:-

    “Do you want to see the real wind of change, i mean like in Washington DC the opposition side like dominated the PFDJ public, more to see PFDJ to be dominated everywhere by the opposition ? Then pray Wedi Tekabo or Tesfay Mehari ( Fihra) to be abandoned. If they depart, we have to well come them with open heart without any critic regardless whom they served before. Finally they are artists not politicians. It is normal in every society to see when artists or musicians seeing serve the ruling regime. I may give you examples older musicians for instance like Tilahun Gessese, Aster Aweke, Neway Debebe in Ethiopian side etc. In Eritrean side like Bereket Mengistab and alike didn´t you see when serving from Haileslase time, during Derg era up to now ? So do you think if in both nations the regime changes, they will stop to serve the coming new regime? Never! They will continue. So why not we try to gain Wedi Tekabo and Fihara more than any higher Ministers or else? Don´t you know their role as have big impact if they left PFDJ? Me i am sure these two singers defection as will have more impact for bringing wind of change, than 10 useless PFDJ ministers like Yemane monkey, Sebhat Efrem or Kisha´s alike defection.”

  • Truly Truly i say to you October 27, 2013

    For my above concern, brother Simerr2012 was giving me answer like this on june 5 he written comment

    “Truly Truly,

    Believe me if Wedi Tikabo and Korchach abandon the regime , Higdef will play the weyane card ..kedmun filitnayom imber Ethiopiawayan nerom kibluna and the rest papagalo tritt higdef will repeat the same thing. I do not think so their defection can have any impact at all. The real change should come with in the country(the military) and with support of the diaspora community from outside. Individuals can make headlines for days only.”

    while my brother Ahmed Saleh in his side responded on June 4 comented was said this,
    “In addition I wish also Wedi Tukhul see him departed from those evils.”
    Because besides Wedi Tikabo the depart of Fihra and Dawit Shilan equally as will have an impact for damage of PFDJ i was been suggested. Now my Pray because listened by God, i am very thankful to my Lord and very pleased, because Wedi Tikabo left the PFDJ. I wish all the best to very talented brilliant Musician Wedi Tikabo. Fihera and Dawit Shilan will be next.

    • kokob October 27, 2013

      yes sir! I agree with you. He is very talented and brilliant musician.

    • Tamrat Tamrat October 27, 2013

      Where are your good for nothin quotations and mythologies?

  • The Truth October 27, 2013

    I’m sorry to break it to the masses but his defection means nothing in the grand scheme of things. He’s a singer, nothing more, nothing less. Easily replaceable given Eritrea has hundreds of new singers popping up ever year or so. Ali Abdu, Mesfin Hagos, etc were bigger fish and one went into hiding, the other has been cast aside. I feel many are trying to reassure themselves but this will do nothing. He will just be another struggling Eritrean dealing with the stresses of living in the Diaspora. Wish him the best of luck and for his own sanity, stay away from Eritrean politics. Doesn’t do anything for you.

    • Erina October 28, 2013

      get lost this is not the right place to spread ur hgdf agenda,ppl woke up to that a long time ago.’stay away from eritrean politics’ that rule applies to selfish ‘eritreans’ who dont give a damn about the ppl and continue to live their life in diaspora and type useless comments on the internet like you do to drag others to ur world of selfishness.btw singers have a big influence on the masses and hgdf uses music to control the ppl ,but too bad for hgdf musicians are fleeing one by one.

  • Eritrawi October 27, 2013

    I just have to agree with the truth on. For what ever reason those who defected from the dictator for the most part they go in to hiding or ask to sign ” tetaese ” letter and they just don’t want to do any thing against this dictator. For sure we have to push for “arbi harnet” every week!!!

  • Tesfit October 27, 2013

    Thanks Assenna for announcing this great news on wedi tekabo choosing to side with the true justice seeking people of Eritrea! I would like to congratulate all Deleyti Fethi/against PFDJ groups and individuals across the globe for exposing the mafia regime lead by DIA. I’d like to congratulate Wedi tikabo for getting the courage to say enough is enough. A naive person might think gaining just one person on your movement would not make a noticeable difference, if any difference at all. Actually, having wedki tikabo on your side makes a huge difference. He is a great song writer and singer of our times. He has a special gift to connect with people thorough his amazing music. I’m proud that he has finally decided to side with the people to be the voice for the voiceless. His decision to defect is timely and it is an inspiration to many include myself. I have personally stopped being part of the silent majority and decided to speak up. I look forward to listen to his interview.

  • sara October 27, 2013

    I love wdi tkabo, he is eritrean. period.
    and I am happy for him that he chose eritrean ppl than this criminal hgdf.

  • Elias October 27, 2013

    Bravo!!!!!!!! Wedi Tkabo
    Hijji Grimm, and wellcome, this is what i expecting
    From you and it is on Wright time you left this regime.
    And thank you again.

  • ahmed saleh October 28, 2013

    Wedi Tikabo said ; ” I am done with HGDF and HGDFwian to be used as your propaganda machine . Now what is
    all about the fuse ? Let him lead his life free from self-guilt . Otherwise he can live comfortable life
    under the regime in Eritrea but he refused to do so out of consciousness of the moral motives out of wrong
    and right to show his integrity .

    • Suleiman Salim October 28, 2013

      ” Let him lead his life free from self-guilt ” !!! ha ha ha!!

      aHmedino, the step that he has taken has nothing do with self-guilt. ‘zi seb’ay ab weSa’i Adi knebr delyu, neta sHaSeret mengedi ( ay bsehara, ay bbaHri) wesidu dma nab weSa’i Adi meSi’u::

      ‘za nay ‘za shikorina gual Ere derfi meriSelka aleKu ktfetwa tesfa ygebr:

      kemzi nbhbey zteserHe qb’at ( painting) kgelSun ktntnun trgum khbun HuK zblu sebat aytKunu::