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COMING SOON – ኣብዚ ቀረባ መዓልታት ስለ ናጽነት ኣካሎም ዝጎደሉ ስንኩላን ተጋደልቲ ኤርትራ ካብ ውሽጢ ሃገር ዝሰደዱልና መልእኽቲ ከነቕርበልኩም ኢና

Review overview
  • Berhe Tensea April 2, 2016

    These heros are in very bad shape . They are living in a very un hospitable, old , and falling apart residential are called Measker Denden.
    The place is unfi teven for animals.
    Eritrea is reserved for Iseyas and few security agents, and killers only.

    • FITHI ynges April 2, 2016

      It is better than WEYANE land

    • AHMED SALEH !!! April 2, 2016

      To hear some of them fled the country to seek refugee in Ethiopia
      speaks the volume . Evil deeds do not discriminate between young ,
      old , gender , strong and weak . It is the ugliest form of human
      characteristics . Our people share the fault to convey wrongs with
      silence disregarding the arrogant and dormant HGDF supporters .
      And to put salt into their injury some Eritreans start to insult
      their life time sacrifices . And I am sure they were admirers of
      Papa Issayas frustrated because he didn’t deliver their selfish
      expectation .

  • Tesfalem April 2, 2016

    Coming soon

  • michael tedla April 3, 2016

    ሱጉምቲ አዩ ዘድሊእምበር አስያስ ዳኣ ሃደ ፈገር ፈራህ couward ምኳኑ ማንም አሪትረዊ ዝስሕቶ የለን ከሙኡውን አቶም ወይጦታት ስሞም ዘይጽሕፉ ካብ ኮሎነል ክሳብ ገነራል ዝተዋህቦም ሓለውቲ አሳያስ ከምኡውን brain washed ypfdj አልፊ ርሲ ጫቒት ዝኾኑ ዓያሹ ታኣኪብኩም አምባኹም ተፈርሱ ከም ዝብሃል አዚኦም ፉሩሳት ከምቲ ኣማኔል አያሱ ዘበሎ አንታይ አዩ አቲ ጸገም ደምበ ትቓሞ ንህዝባ አብ ንድሕን።

  • k.tewolde April 3, 2016

    This is the segment of our people that keeps me up all night sometimes, regardless where they are, inside or outside the country,regardless in which front they sustained their heroic injury, they are our responsibility to take care of.I suggest we put together a trust like ‘THE WOUNDED HERO PROJECT’ and say thanks to them in every possible way. Assenna can take a lead in this one. For HGDEF, they are the undesirables,shame!!!!!!

    • k.tewolde April 3, 2016

      For those of us in diaspora this can be achieved by donating quarterly a one shift’s pay in every trade or discipline that we make a living out of.Let’s make this a reality, let’s put HGDEF to shame.

  • john April 5, 2016

    Respected Eyasu

    Hi I am writing to you with high respected I fallow your comments and writings some time i became nerviness because you did not say any thing about the mistakes done by woyane specially on Eritrean who are in Ethiopia camps , why is that do you trust them generally for example Zerai ghebrekidane hubur it is very simple example for you while he was facing and was in trable he was with EPLF at that he was having a medical Problem and got medication in Mendefera , again while he was with TPLF struggling HE WAS Medicated by Dc Tekeste , But he did not say any thing good even for the co-operation done to him by Eriitreans waiting your Positive response for your knowledge do not think that i am a supporter for a Dictator .

  • gebru April 11, 2016

    hiiii bxot eri hazen ayedlyn nbeges neti gebel megarya ndfealu degim ab hlk tebexihu eyu