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Colorful Celebration of the 22nd Anniversary of Eritrea’s Independence in Birmingham, UK – May 25th, 2013!&width=200&height=200!&width=200&height=200

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  • Truly, truly i say to you May 28, 2013

    Finlay the oppositions learn the heart beat of the Eritrean society to understand! You guys up to now you were be fooled self for a long, but now you come back to your sense. Please don´t understand me wrongly when i say that i don´t mean you were not with your sense before. Indeed you were! you were worthy before even now with your song and dancing you look more worthy? I tell you a righteous one what ever do, be dancing, singing joking or whatever have full right. Really a righteous one has more sort of sympathy and acceptance even be able dancing than unrighteous one since the motive is right, though we know this time our people and nation is bleeding and our citizens under strong oppression and suffering elsewhere. You people! Did you know the reason despite after all these committing crime by PFDGs, most of our people go behind? It is because PFDJ knew our people love Goila, specially women, this is why they able to attract the majority? But finally like i said the oppositions seem understood it their tactics. So if you want to gain our people´s heart, you have not to come with some sort of serious politic, but with simple guwailla like PFDJ do must be. Trust me if you do that, you will see it in a very short time when tens of thousand women and thousand men follow you. Even i am sure if you open such access most famous artists and musicians like Wedi Tekabo, Fihra, Elsa Kidane or what ever you call them others as also well,will follow you. In this system only you are beat PFDJ and make bankruptcy their public.This is the smartest way our society simply understands, not the same useless unattractive tactic you using before.