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Celebrating Independence Day in Birmingham

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  • To All Eritreans inside and out side Eritrea!
    It has to be remembered that before the operation of FORTO the secretly established Eritrean Miltary Movement has informed Eritreans inside and outside, there could a military qudetat and urged Eritreans to support the movement and the operation.
    Unfortunatly the operation didn’t succeed,because of urgency and lack of coordination.
    Now the right operation is on the pipeline.It is right because most of the taskforce along with the people of Eritrea are ready to undertake the operation.
    The operation will be from july to September.all Eritreans inside Eritrea must take care during this time.
    All diplomats of Eritrea are urged to contact the movement through e –mail to know what to do and donot.
    Isayas afeworki and his 5 juntas are under closer watch from now onwards.
    any Eritrean can contact the Eritrean military movement through the following e-mail to know the updates_:
    we are open to the public because we are confident to accomplish the operation and every thing is under our control.there is nothing to fear.
    Victory for Eritrean people!

    • Kokob Abraham April 22, 2013

      God be with you !!! We are on your side !!! let us liberate our people from the suffering from the bandit regime .

      • samuel April 22, 2013

        i am with guys i will do all my best to support the military movement either psychically or financially,i am ready to do what ever i told to do

  • Kokob Abraham April 22, 2013

    Please ignor Higdef ‘s comment . They usually try to demoralise Eritreans by saying agame, woyane, and so on . Ignor them .

  • kidan abrha April 22, 2013

    Good news, i wish you all the best.Birmingham is the strong hold of the eritrean youth, we need to call YPFDJ to join their brothers. This is an opportunity for all Eritreans to meet and discuss the atrocities of Issais and his followers.

  • HOPE LESS ERITREA April 23, 2013

    May 24th is not Eritrean independence day ..but Ethiopia´s.
    Ethiopia got it´s independence from Eritreans abuse …..while ownning almost all private riches,Eritreans in center of Ethiopia ,owners of business, only hired other Eritreans…or even only people from their region..disrespected Ethiopians…all the bars /hotels Eritreans frequented always happened fights arguments & even beating other Ethiopians..specially Amharas.
    Ethiopia allocated so much to Eritrea ..economically & militarily..drainning Ethiopias GDP.So It should be ethiopia celebrating it´s independence from Ethiopia.
    But then you could celebrate the Beauty Eritrean independence brought us .
    slave labor ,Rape by Eritrean Defence Army & by bedouin in the Sinai,the people eating only ones a day,and of course too many Eritrean beggars & prostitutes.
    ENJOY THE RESULT OF OUR INDEPENDENCE DAY.HAPPY SADISTIC DAYBirmingiham.HAPPY RAPE DAY…wow real independence,do not forgetthe song Ereye erena…Adi ingliz koynu meAskerna.

  • Hilna April 23, 2013

    Well done Birmingham
    How it is amaizing issue arising this city has holding 2 major event the one was the 30 March HGDEF YPFDJ AND NOW WITH THE JUSTICE FIGHTERS,

  • Hilna April 23, 2013

    HGDEF were hiding when celebrating their killing and kidnaping people cermony in Birmingham but the JUSTICE FIGHTERS declering their INDEPENDENCE DAY CERMONY OFFICIALLY, It is amazing the government called to hide and the normal public to publicate their cermony. ZEBENYA GRIMBIT MAY NIAKEB KOINU NEGERU.

  • kidane April 23, 2013

    Gahteftef aytbelu meswaeti keykefelka bizereba zirkel awet
    Yelen.ab adi Engliz teshegutkas awet.kkkkkkk

    • Genet April 23, 2013

      Were you sleeping the past 60 years. All Eritrean families paid more than one family members. You shouldn’t wast your time commenting on this issue. Clearly you don’t know what you are talking about.

  • Genet April 23, 2013

    I am glad the time has come for us to celebrate our independence day the way it should be. By praising our martyrs and advocating for our peopel, NOT by worshiping a dictator. For most Eritrean In Diaspora, May 24th has been a dreaded day for quite some times now. The overwhelming guilt of being part of the PFDJ system and being seen as the dictator’s supporter has been suffocating. Witnessing, PFDJ operative makeing our independence day as nothing but money making scheme has been unbearable. I AM GLAD THAT THE TIME HAS COME FOR US (ERITREAN), FINALY WE ARE ABLE TO FIND OUR REAL VOICES.