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The Town of Senafe and the surrounding villages are completely devastated by the tragedy of the Mediterranean Sea after overcrowded boats were mysteriously sunk as a result of which 400 Eritreans are believed to have drowned. Sources from the capital of Eritrea, Asmara, indicated that so far, close to 90 families have received the worst news, setting the whole community of the region in mourning. Similarly, Adi Keyih and its vicinity has become another region which has lost many dear sons and daughters.

A group of around 50 Eritreans, all men bar one, yesterday held a peaceful demonstration in front of the Law Courts in Valletta, calling on the Maltese government and international community to help in the evacuation and protection of some 2,000 Eritrean asylum seekers trapped in Tripoli, as the crisis in Libya shows no sign of abating.