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Briton says he has been fighting alongside militants in Iraq

Abu Abdullah, a 20-year-old British Eritrean man who is a convert to Islam, told BBC Two's Newsnight programme he was "one of the few" British fighters to have fought in Iraq. Read More: BBC- Briton says he

Abu Abdullah, a 20-year-old British Eritrean man who is a convert to Islam, told BBC Two’s Newsnight programme he was “one of the few” British fighters to have fought in Iraq.

Read More: BBC- Briton says he has been fighting alongside militants in Iraq

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  • m August 9, 2014

    i hope soon we will go fight to the dictator

  • ahmed saleh August 9, 2014

    A 20 years old Eritrean brainwashed by some fanatics in the name of religion at strange land for miscalculated .
    strange , unpractical cause . The same old tactic of Al-Qaeda in Afganistan to recruit young men mercenaries into
    useless and unrealistic strategy for modern world to see them pay heavy price for their life .
    I feel sorry for his family and close loved once because sometimes these at young age are unpredictable . Do not
    forget as Eritreans it can happen from any of us family members therefore pray for his parents to give them strength
    because their life won’t be peaceful as used to be especially if the media knows their identity .

    • Yonas Yohannes August 9, 2014

      I appreciate your sympathetic view towards this guy’s parents. But, I suspect he must have a dysfunctional family as to end up being a confused, & with no-identity, and willingly surrender his whole being to the nihilistic, and psychotic Jihadists.
      May be even his mother is just a wanton bitch who forgot how to rear a child in order to dance at Higidef’s festivals, and his dad? Most probably, he did not know a proper & regular father! Just like the many black Americans who would do anything to give meaning to their life, and get recognition. Anything like, converting to an alien religion, and doing senseless acts like posing for a photo with a torso!

  • t August 9, 2014

    I thought killing is the most sin thing to do if u have a fear of GOD or Allah.I Don’t believe Allah is is going to be happy b/c this fool is killing innocent people.If he cares about justies he could go to his country of origin and free his people.

    • ahmed saleh August 9, 2014

      Satan appears in all kind of forms . Those who preach violence in the name of religion are the army of devil .
      The proof is in front of our eyes ; the campaign of killings , destroying and terrorizing their way to paralyze
      own people to create fear . That is why they recruit unsuspecting foreigners inside their land for their sinister
      motives . This kid doesn’t know what he is talking about except to spill the infused corrupted idea in his mind .
      But sadly , war and bloodshed led to real tragedy on innocent civilians lives in that region .

  • abahani August 9, 2014

    I hope he will get what he deserves stipud idiot

  • hji lilay August 9, 2014

    zehzin guday bzuh aynet mot alo emo aykemnayzin miknyatu kab tiyit Israel wey USA entewetse wey entedehane ekua baelom kiqetluwoeyom Arab qendi racist eyom xelim zeyfetwu.

  • mohammedkeren August 9, 2014

    Nothing new. We fought alongside our iraqi brothers even during the gulf war.

    • Abdullah August 9, 2014

      Brother Mohammed keren

      This is different, ISIS are killing and murdering innocent children which is obviously against the teaching of our beloved prophet Mohammed peace and blessing be upon him. It’s the era of technology everything is being clear, we should criticize this people as we criticize the Zionist for killing our brothers in Gaza.

    • Yonas Yohannes August 9, 2014

      Emo beyen de’a wetsaka kab Kuwait ato mohammedkeren? Abti zeben eti zineberu wererti Irakawyan ekwa, hutsa nay Quwait wihitwom eyu. Nisika beyen wetsika? Weys melasi were kitkewin eyu melak mot awtsiuka?

  • Abdullah August 9, 2014

    I’m Muslim alhamdulilah, and i do not believe for what the so called Islamic State is doing under the name of Islam. I’m writing here not to please my Christian brothers and sisters, But for the sake of Allah. Allah said in the Quran 05:32 ”that whoever kills a soul unless for a soul or for corruption [done] in the land – it is as if he had slain mankind entirely. And whoever saves one – it is as if he had saved mankind entirely. And our messengers had certainly come to them with clear proofs. Then indeed many of them, [even] after that, throughout the land, were transgressors” the verse clearly says a ‘SOUL’ WHOMEVER IS HE MUSLIM NON MUSLIM…SO if anyone commit any crime under the name if any religion we can’t blame the religion but the misguided individuals. and the main reason for this Victims of ISIS is the western countries. ..Thanks and peace be upon you all

    • Tamrat Tamrat August 9, 2014

      Do you believe that God said that? You could have saved the world if you say that you believe that Mohamad said it on Quran.

      • Abdullah August 9, 2014

        Yes I believe that Allah said this words in the Quran. Do u have problem with that. This is my opinion or you do not accept another people’s viewpoint like your dictator President
        What’s wrong with what I said ??? Or you have animosity against Islam???
        Is it wrong to refer to the bible to prove for some misunderstanding ?? Please be positive and calm down

        • WediHagher August 9, 2014

          What’s wrong with what I said ??? Or you have animosity against Islam???


          Brother, Tamrat Tamrat is an Ethiopian and an Amhara at that. In that country (aka Christian Island) Muslims are second class citizens. And many Tamrat are not used to hear Muslims speaking about their basic rights. In fact they are known to be good citizens as long as they keep silent.

          • Tamrat Tamrat August 10, 2014

            First and for most i am not amhara! Second the number of christian amhara are Three times more than eritrean muslims. Third what we have to work is to teach People like you not to use religion for what so ever cheap politics you are propagating like you do against me.

    • Tamrat Tamrat August 10, 2014

      Then my second qustion will be is that you or a judge deiceds to take a life of a person on the case of corruption or what ever any human kinds misdeed? Remember you have said that you believe that God said that killing a man is killing all hunan kinds?

      My point is be it Kuran or Bible (i dont see any differnec between them), it is not upto a bliever to decide on who is living or who is dying. God said this God said this is good only for Your private life. Period. When it comes to judging who is living or dying then it will be my concer to. If you dont blieve me look around the world and what is happning in the name of God.

  • Afework T. T. August 9, 2014

    Would he had been Christian follower? I doubt he was not. Look what transformation he has taken- 1:he change his belief is a problem. 2:he is a British Eritrean and crossed his boundaries of belongingness. He is totally confused and in delusion. So as crazy he may try to rectify himself as he did good, but it is empty and devilish. You ashamed to whom you belong, family and community.

    • Abdullah August 9, 2014

      To change his religion is not the question or the case. The problem is what he’s doing now ???

  • WediHagher August 9, 2014

    1:he change his belief is a problem.

    Afework T. T.

    An Eritrean changing his/her religion is not a problem. It’s an age old tradition to respect freedom of religion. That is why we have many Christians whose ancestors have been Muslims and vice versa. At times Christians and Muslims are cousins.

  • WediHagher August 9, 2014

    ISIS is an evil organization. They are committing horrible crimes in the name of Islam.
    The shrines they are demolishing have been there for more than one thousand years, and the communities they are destabilizing are part and parcel of Islamic societies all the time.

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