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  • Tefaldet January 30, 2013

    As human being, I feel sorry for the physical and emotional imprisonment of your family, because they are innocent of any crime; particularly your 15 years old daughter. I know how it feels. Thousands of desperate Eritrean families have lost their lives under the same circumstances at various prison cells and dungeons without any free trial. Though it’s too late, now, I bet you understand how the Eritrean families felt when they lost their loved ones. In fact, you are lucky that you haven’t received any call from the Sinai Desert for ransom release fee. Where-ever you are, whether you speak-out or not, Isaias is a ruthless evil-minded dictator and he will take a satanic punishment on all the prisoners that you left them behind including your family. For your information, he is going to regret the day that he gave you the exit visa, because he had an abstruse deep grave for you too. Now I encourage you to apologize to your people and disclose every piece of information that you know about the regime.