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BBC World Service, Newshour: Life as an Eritrean refugee in Ethiopia

Life in Endabaguna reception centre, where many Eritreans are taken after they cross the border into Ethiopia to escape forced military service and persecution. Ethiopia hosts over 700,000 refugees, more than any other African country. (Photo:

Life in Endabaguna reception centre, where many Eritreans are taken after they cross the border into Ethiopia to escape forced military service and persecution. Ethiopia hosts over 700,000 refugees, more than any other African country.

(Photo: Refugees watch television in Endabaguna reception centre. Credit: Michael Innes/BBC)

Release date: 10 February 2016

Click on the link to listen: BBC: Life as an Eritrean refugee in Ethiopia

Review overview
  • Musa Ali February 14, 2016

    If these 700,000 could raise arms, they could liberate eritrea and the mesakin weledi in one day.

    • Iyasy G. Rufael February 14, 2016

      That is the fundamental problem with Eritrea and Eritreans.

      Musa, what do you mean by “If these 700,000 could raise arms?”. We always want other people to do the job for us. Just because you are in the west does not mean that this issue does not concern you.

      Why do you say “if we rise arms?”.

      That is the only time we can make difference. Let’s be inclusive when we try to find solution. Let’s start from ourselves.

      • Abate February 15, 2016

        How about u? Will u fight? ግርም ደኣ፣ ኣብ ማቻ ኮፍ ኢልካ ንጽጉም ንእሰይ ሞት ምድጋስ!

      • Musa Ali February 15, 2016

        You are right. I totally accept that and do not want to make any excuse. When I opposed the dictator, I felt I was opposing alone and did not have these opportunity. When u are in thousands and trained and young is a bit different than a when u are alone untrained and older if not old. Still not an excuse though. Everybody does have a role to play and the diasporans are not to be blamed. They are contributing tremendously. We need to do a lot more of course. However,The youth is always the leaders for change. The sufferings of the young in Eritrea is way beyond threshold for action in other countries.

        • Msgna February 17, 2016

          Kudos to you Musa. You calmly accepted the criticism from your peers and stood corrected. If more did this we wouldn’t have issues uniting all oppositional entities towards one goal. What you did here is the very thing that will be our salvation against this and any future dictatorial power.

  • Tegadalay February 14, 2016

    Whay are they complain about they say they don’t like to stay in their cauntry they think they can live better in ETHIOPIA

  • Taddesse T Gebremussie February 14, 2016

    What is Eritrea’s problem? The young Eritrea’s needed to pay their lives, most of them are trained soldiers they have gun in their hands, instead looking to be refugee treated like home less 2nd citizen or beggers(LEMENTi) they have to be men for their dignity. Like Zeray Deres who made history for Eritrea’s under Italian colony. Even though Ethiopians trademarks to Ex plot Eritrea’s patriotism for their benefit, the reality is when Ethiopian, Exchanged prisoners with Italy, ZERAY DERES remains in Cazerma Mosolini in Italy, Ethiopia asked questions about ZERAY DERES after Eritrea federation with Ethiopia.
    This Jeneration is stolen all our history, by Ethiopia & Essayas as his Ethiopian ancestors,
    Eritrea’s needed organization of our 7 Awrajas every one of us Eritrea’s trust our villagers then Woreda,go on to AWRAJA.
    SERAYE we are behind Last, let us lead our Eritrea’s needed brothers and sisters. Gual serayet,Gul Abhinit fellow each other to free Eritrea’s from Essays Dictator.Seating, weeping is not the solution.

    • Abate February 15, 2016

      ታደሰ በል ሶፍያ ተስፋማርያም ከይትሰምዓካ፣ ታሪኽ ሓው ኣቡኣ ረሚስካ ዘይኮነ ጽሒፍካ። ኣብ ትሕቲ እቲ ቅርጺ ኣንበሳ (lion of judda) ካብ ኢትዮፕያ ዝተዘመተን ብባንዴራ ኢትዮፕያ ዝላገጹ ዝነበሩ ኢታሊያውያን እኳ እዩ ዘርኣይ ተባዕ ስጉምቲ ዝወሰደ

    • gergish February 16, 2016

      Dear narrow mind Tadesse If the Ethiopians are begeres ,do you any terminology for those who beg from the beggers. You have also said about Zeray DERES who was truly patriot but he Was Ethiopian that why he defeat and fight with the aggression. Eritrean ‘Freedom’ was a conspiracy by Arab by sponsoring people like ‘Weldeab’ the Wedi Axum. And finally you get your dream to be an Arab Slave. You gave your ass, port, lives in Yemen, your nearest neighbor. Pls do not to too much watch your self. Long live to Isayas to dig your ass to export more refugees.

      • AHMED SALEH !!! February 17, 2016

        I think you misunderstood the comments of your cousin Tadesse .
        You did good job to add insults that satisfy his wicked motive .

  • AHMED SALEH !!! February 14, 2016

    Fake Tegadalay
    We showed appreciation for your absence in this forum . And it could be
    wise choice if you take your arrogant attitude to NIHNA NISU house .
    Those young Eritrean refugees have real brothers who feel their pain
    the same way you idiots gave priority to defend HGDF authority lifespan.
    Shameless cowards lack consciousness to sell out their own helpless people . If we put ourselves in position with those unfortunate Eritreans , guess how it feels to experience betrayal by those
    wicked fellow nationals .

  • simon February 15, 2016

    the eritrean poeple the need help from the WORLD communitiy those young genaration they have no place in eritrea

  • Berhe Tensea February 15, 2016

    The world news media are bringing horror stories again and again now. The world community is appalled by sad situation and disasters that continue to confront the Eritrean young people starting from the border and then in the deserts and seas..
    Last week the CBC the largest tv news channel showed sad documentary about the existence of slavery in Eritrea. Many Canadians were shocked to learn that a Canadian company working alongside the slave boss in Africa.
    Few months ago the BBC showed the world a country being emptied of its children where hundred of e Eritrean minors entering Ethiopia on a daily basis.
    The whole world is aware of the sad reality in Eritrea. The only people who seem not care are the ignorant PFDJ supporters due to their retarded mind.
    Eritrea is a failed state with no hope for the future and it is on the verge of falling apart or it is on the cliff for its final doom because people are watching idly and unable to confront the modern day Wube.

  • Kubur February 19, 2016

    The short segment of BBC’s report in this website indicate that ” Ethiopia hosts about 700, 000 refugees”. Those refugees are not all Eritreans . It mean to indicate Ethiopia hosts the highest refugee in all African countries. There might be close to 100, 000 Eritrean refugee in Ethiopia . No reaserch done just estimate from a word of mouth . As to rising arms to over throw the system , I don’t support . We are now in new era ; the era of individualism , internet, globalization , just a few to mention among many things . The era of rebellion , freddom fighters , back in the 50’s , 60’s is gone . No one in this age or era with right mind will rise arms and go fighting . The only system or group that want go back to the old era is the Eritrean government . Sooner or later most refugees they will end up in Europea , North America , May be some in the Middle East . They make or not is another issue ; but at least that is what in their head is . The bottom line they left eritrea because the system doesn’t allow them to do their daily normal life . To empower themselves , consequently help the country . If the system doesn’t allow it , then they have to do it some where . Leave the country help themes and if they can help Thier family . They are tried of guns and rising arms doesn’t cross Thier head . May be the Eritrean government want people to rise arms ? If that happen game on . That is what they like ; chaos . And rising arms will not bring a solution . The system is killing itself and dying .